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Quick Firefox Tip: Ctrl-Shift-M to merge windows

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If you’re a user of the popular Tab Mix Plus Firefox extension, you might be happy to learn that Ctrl-Shift-M merges open windows into one window with tabs.
For me, that means from now on – whenever I accidentally open a link in a new window rather than a new tab – I can quickly shove it back into place with a swift press of Ctrl-Shift-M. You can tweak the merging options to merge all of your open windows into one or only the current window with the last focused window. This may be old news to some of you, but I was thrilled to stumble onto this one over the weekend. — Adam Pash

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Hotel coffeepot = li’l ole mini meth lab!

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Xeni Jardin:
Over at the Street Use “crude technology” blog, Kevin Kelly says,

According this the local news station in Huntsville Alabama, the ubiquitous cheap Mr. Coffee pot in hotel rooms is often used as a just-in-time makeshift mini-laboratory to make the drug meth.

Ask just about anyone in law enforcement, and they’ll tell you to be careful if you ever brew coffee in a hotel room. “I know enough now that whenever I go to a hotel, regardless of how nice it is, I’ll never use a coffee pot,” said Marshall County District Attorney Steve Marshall.

t color=”red”>Reader comment: Aaron J. Hicks says,
It is interesting to note that apparently the Texas Controlled Substances Act can apparently be interpreted such that an automatic coffee maker is, in fact, illegal under state law. Specifically, section 481.002 notes that certain apparatus are considered “chemical laboratory apparatus,” as follows:

(A) a
condenser; […]

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Compusa to give away free sugar to diabetics

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CompUSA used to be known as a mecca of computer-related items; now it’s more like a Motel 6 with the $44.95-a-night special. Regardless, it seems Microsoft’s Zune must not be a hot item at the retailer, as it’s giving customers purchasing the portable players with a $15 iTunes Music Store gift card!
Now normally this would be absolutely fantastic, except that iTunes Music Store purchases won’t work on the Zune. Way to make your customers feel welcome, CompUSA (and understand the products you’re selling). You might as well give everyone a copy of OS X with the purchase of a new PC. Another slip-up like this and we may have to take you behind the shed to shoot you.
CompUSA knows how to sell Zunes! (LOL) [Mac Rumors]
LMAO marketing morons you gotta love em.

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Deconstructing the Great ATHF Freak Out of 2007

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Mark Frauenfelder:
Dion Dennis, an assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at
Bridgewater State College (MA), has a fascinating analysis of the City of Boston’s ATHF panic attack. It’s the best explanation I’ve read so far.

Official and local media reactions constitute a
classic case of what psychologists call “hostile attributional
syndrome.” In this syndrome, subjects inappropriately react to
neutral stimuli as if such stimuli were signals of real hostility.

First, we can see the historical and hysterical echoes of the 17th
Century Salem witch trials. The two artists, the long-haired, bearded
Belorussian immigrant Berdovsky and his sidekick, Stevens, stand
publicly accused of producing, as defined by Massachusetts General
Law, Chapter 266, Section 102, an “infernal machine.”
(Etymologically, the term “infernal” refers to Hell and the
identities and products of the demons of said residence). So, like
Arthur Miller’s John Proctor, they will undoubtedly be asked to “make
a deal” with official reality, to acknowledge their “infernal”
(demonic) specific intent (as defined by the statute) and, in […]

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The most dangerous job

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“The American people have been told for years that law enforcement work is the most dangerous job in the United States. Since September 11, 2001, this has been shoved down our collective throats: that law enforcement work is the most dangerous job and we must honor them with massive funerals, memorials, speeches and tears (real or fake). Who has the most dangerous occupation in the United States of America?” (02/07/07)
JDP: I’ve always had issues with the veneration of people doing what they chose to. I’ve argued, pretty unsuccessfully in non libertarian circles, that contributions by all of us to hire our killers by proxy is still a contribution to the war, should one be declared any time soon:)

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Even more shocking… (people prefer an understandable lie to the ineffable alternative)

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I just picked up Tuesday’s Guardian to do my clippings (everything is behind), and found an article by George Monbiot, an attack on loony-toon ‘documentary’ Loose Change, almost all of which I agree with. Even when he says: People believe Loose Change because it proposes a closed world: comprehensible, controllable, small. Despite the great evil that runs it, it is more companionable than the chaos that really governs our lives, a world without destination or…

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The Hoohah Monologues changed to please some cupid stunts

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Xeni Jardin:
BoingBoing reader JDO says,

The Atlantic Theater in Atlantic Beach, FL changed their marquee for the “The Vagina Monologues” at the request of a woman who saw it as she drove by the theater with her niece. I prefer “The Snatch Monologues”, “The Bearded Clam Monologues” or even “The Spasm Chasm Monologues”, but my niece won’t see the marquee so I guess my opinion doesn’t count.

Link to blog post. More naming possibilities here.
A local television news station did a segment on this story, and CNN was running it this morning — it’s hilarious, “Daily Show”-grade surreality. Must watch: Link (embedded video in upper right hand corner)

I’d never say cunt in a post.

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Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

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This web 2.0 video is being hyped a lot – don’t worry. Watch it. It’s truly amazing.

Originally posted by Peter from Peter Van Dijck's Guide to Ease, ReBlogged by yatta on Feb 8, 2007 at 12:27 AM

JDP: I\’m not sure what machine is learning, apart from that rather interesting.

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Scrapblog New Release Coming

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Tomorrow, Scrapblog, a hybrid media-sharing and online journal site, will be demoing the new version of their Flash-based online scrapbook application tomorrow at the We Media Conference in Miami. The public version of the new product will be out in March. Co-founder Carlos Garcia let me in for a quick look around at the redesign, though, and I liked what I saw. Scrapblog was already a great product. The new version runs more smoothly, has the look and feel of a proper desktop application, and has incorporated more types of media and editing tools.
The new version has the same drag and drop functionality of the original, but more closely mimics a desktop application by following the same menu bar metaphors along with a full screen option. They have also beefed up the editing features a bit without making it too intensive for the web. Users will be able to […]

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[NSFW] eBay in gearbox sex doll snap shocker

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‘Modded at rear’ but box unaffected
NSFW Any reader looking for a second-hand “Ford/Westfield/locost/kitcar type 9 gearbox” with a bit a added va-va-voom is advised to get down sharpish to this eBay auction where there’s one available right now complete with “standard ratios, short nose” and “shortened gear lever included”.…

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New Mac Ad: Cancel or Allow?

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which side you take, you still know you love the Mac vs. PC commercials. This new one takes a direct hit at Windows Vista and the annoying, suppressive security features that come built in.

There’s also the always-popular tactic of “PCs get viruses, Macs don’t!” being used as well. One of the more creative commercials and a humorous one, too.

Having lived with Vista several days over many installs this nails it.. Mr Anderson, I see you are creating a document

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HOWTO Get out of your Verizon contract for free

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Cory Doctorow:
Want to get out of your Verizon contract for free? Consumerist has a step-by-step, “aggressive” script that looks iron-clad:

Use this aggressive step-by-step script for leaving your Verizon contract early, without paying $175, in under 30 minutes.

No longer will Verizon get to think they can carve their logo in your head for life.

The play turns on Verizon’s recent raise in basic text-messaging rates from $.10 to $.15. We’ve laid out these steps before, but we enjoy Roosh’s confrontational style. He created the script based on previous Consumerist posts and comments. He talked to three different reps in thirty minutes. Within an hour after hanging up, his phone was off.

Read how it’s done, inside…


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YouTube Users Watching Less Television

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Recent research by Harris Interactive suggests that the biggest threat to the future of broadcast television may come from YouTube and other Internet video sources.
Over four in 10 (42%) online U.S. adults say they have watched a video at YouTube, and 14 percent say they visit the site frequently. Almost one in three (32%) of […]

Totally our expericence, cancel cable , stick in hd locally and netflix, there\’s no need for 200 channels of cookie cutter programming.

Originally by info from Podcasting News on February 6, 2007, 11:03pm

Non PC otter talk

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Exams are racist

I am trying to work out how mathematics is racist

Are there questions such as… yo, if I be in da house wit one phat law suit and get 10 mil , and had to hook my main man cochrane up wid a 35% cut how much bling bling do I gets ?

If I have 100 crosses 400 gallons of gasoline +200ft of white material how many southern churches can I terrorise?

Basically it’s more of the responsibility bypass surgery fueled by litigous fucks. Basically you get the leadership you deserve and the schooling and well I think I should sue my school for making me take French exams in French….

CNN employees take short bus to work

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Did the U.S. intelligence community do enough to prevent the 9/11 attacks?

Is their poll at the moment. Shit I would hate to think they were trying 🙂