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Find restaurant secrets at Top Secret Recipes

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Want to make a cherry Slurpee in your own kitchen? How about California Pizza Kitchen’s famous BBQ Chicken Pizza? And homemade Cinnabon for dessert? You can find these recipes and hundreds more at Top Secret Recipes.
The site organizes the recipes by brand, starting with Applebee’s and ending with Z’Tejas Southwestern Grill. In between you’ll find not only restaurants, but also individual foods and drinks: AriZona tea, Bisquick, Mrs. Dash and so on. Each recipe includes comments and user ratings, most of which are overwhelmingly positive. The site promises a new recipe each week, and although there’s no RSS feed for easily tracking them, you can subscribe to a once-weekly e-mail newsletter.
I have to say, browsing this site made me feel like a kid in a Mrs. Fields store (yes, her storied cookie recipe is here). However, while some of the recipes are free, most will set you back 79 cents. […]

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Wanza’s Wicked Temptation , one wild bitch of a hot sauce

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CaJohns Fiery Foods: Wanza’s Wicked Temptation – 5oz.

Enough insanity already,.. there’s a new hot sauce for me, oh that’s bull. I can still see both of them:) I find it hard to explain to people why I like inflicting pain on myself, but it’s my legal high, no running , no adultery ( hard when I’m not married) and this is a hottie Erin will accept:) or a myriad of other vices that cause endorphin rushes, like running , or shoplifting.. why do the former if no one is chasing you? Anyway check out this fun site for more in the world of oral pleasure/pain delivery

More heat

Season Shot – Ammo with flavor. A whole new meaning to peppering a bird.

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Season Shot – Ammo with flavor.

Save time on your next hunting trip by pre seasoning the pheasant.. Watch the trailer, read the info and wonder how many talkshows are going to get fooled:)

I wasn’t being rude I was merely suggesting that you broaden your culinary horizons. “eat a big bowl of dick”

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BBC NEWS | Programmes | From Our Own Correspondent | Beijing’s penis emporium

“Oh yes,” she adds, “the same group also ate an aborted reindeer foetus.”

“eat a big bowl of dick” See I wasn’t being rude I was merely concerned for your health and nutritional well being.

I can’t wait till Tsu’s fried ordure emporium and mortuary opens so “ESAD” can be passed off as casual tourist advice to all of those that annoy me.

Carrot soup a la Gordon “F word” Ramsay

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Slow-cooking – Food & Drink – Times Online

Organic carrots have a superior flavour and are plentiful at the moment. The long slow-cooking in this recipe brings out the natural sweetness, and it can become a winter meal in itself if topped with sour cream and served with plenty of crusty bread.

I’m not usually one for food items that don’t involve some degree of animal cruelty but we can count the chicken stock used here as a minor nod  in that direction.  This recipe , first time,  was seriously good and will certainly be heading for a remake.    < 90 minutes  to make,  takes about that long to find the blender and attachments in the house:D , not particularly  bad for you either   small amount of butter, little bit of cream at the end and  just go ahead and make the damn stuff. It’s way way better than carrot soup has any right to be and Erin doesn’t like it which means more for me:D
Much as I love Emeril, and the recipes, I can’t push sauces at Erin that utilize 3-4 sticks of butter, you read that right, not OZ,  but sticks, no matter how amazing the results. So next up  for me was Gordon Ramsay and that relationship is going quite nicely :..

This worked so well … UK style Indian food at home.

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Damn this worked out so well.

The Curry Secret: Indian Restaurant Cookery at Home (Right Way S.)

Yes it took me a day to make, a lot of onions, blending, separating and the like but curry #1 to roll out of this book was damn good. It’s so good that we need uglier wallpaper and some lager on tap. Despite the attempts to thwart me by tossing out, or hiding my spices really really I succeded in feeding Erin into a state of happiness. I know the answer to the question ” who needs to buy a 10lbs bag of onions? ”

Onwards and upwards . As a side note for self preparedness I’ve been storing Trader Joes foil packed indian meals , these things are pretty cheap and have a 2-3 year shelf life. I.e you can have 2 months of meals set back for under $120 including the rice. Variety is an issue but in relation to being dependent on the clowns that served and protected so well in Nola I can stand a few repeats.