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NFW Autopilot. By George it’s a great watch.

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watch pillowI’ve always had a hankering for materials related to aircraft. Our family has an airfield and oddly enough,apart from the undercarriage at the door were most of you would have a old tractor, wagon wheel or similarly atavistic piece harking back to a different time, there’s little in the way of flight memorabilia.  Sounds like a poorly constructed segue-way but it’s not one I shall waste.

One readily accessed bromide is that of customer service being better in the olden days. That is was more personal  and alas those days are gone due to the pace of modern life and no one having the time

To which I say bollocks! That’s bollocks to my continual attempts to reference time while I’m really looking to show off the new timepiece and the excellent service I received from the company that sold it to me NFW Watches.

First let’s get started on how I came to know about their existence.

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