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hey iPhone video can we hear you now? Owle Bubo lends an ear and a stabilizing hand.

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Anyone that improves sound capture, stability and control of the main function of a camera ( the amount of lighting getting in) are friends of mine, at least in the Facebook sense.

Owle, not a Pixar sequel, is an acronym for Optical Widgets for Life Enhancement  housing that allows you to add additional lenses, an inbuilt mic,add lighting and stability to your iPhone 3gs which markedly improves real time video gathering  while remaining hand held portable. Why write what you can see

It’s pretty obvious  how much the viewer stands to benefit from this platform ,YEP  that’s the viewer. Local company too   : )

I’ve often thought of the iPhone as being a glorified controller that just happens to make phone calls.

If you have to capture concerts please buy a damn mic, recorder ANYTHING other than your stupid phone.

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This is to the tech crowd, the geeks e.g the people that should know better.

everything I’m seeing from the Pax08 concert has such poor sound /
video that it’s a complete waste of time and energy yet this crap is
getting 4 and 5 stars. Here’s where it bugs me. The crappy sound
and video in a sane world would be “mediated” by the crowd and given
an appropriate rating but it seems that it’s totally broken in the
cases of geek centric clips. Self recognition doesn’t = ****/*****
stars dumb ******/*******

You are today’s equivalent of the
idiots in sports stadiums with their GN14 flashes trying to reach out
all the way to center field. Either drop the money on a reasonable
recorder or just leave it in your pocket.

Quark’s inside the Hilton, Vegas ( closing Sept 1 )

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Nice scenery , customer service taught by Klingons. The drinks where really nicely thought out, kicked like an arcturian megadonkey and were,surprisingly, priced ,fairly. Shame the bar has to go as it was one of the better “imagineering” that’s functional E.g it looks more real than many things in Vegas that try to emulate the real world.

quarks vegas

quarks vegas,
originally uploaded by haltse.

Oh damn it sucks that this place is closing . They mix some strong ass drinks..

Nice decor.

Will the iPhone kill anything other than common sense?

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I’m going to start posting items from my work blog onto this one since I get more exposure here.

A couple of items appeared on my  reader in close proximity that  suggested that iPhone isn’t just a neat phone but it’s also the future of handheld gaming and the death of terrestrial radio.

It’s also the death of common sense least for  the current incarnation of the iPhone. Which network is going to have the ability to support that many real times streams?  If you don’t have immediacy it’s not radio.  Sure you can  DL the playlist  1st over night then just add in the  hosts  locally  may work, but  why bother  what are we trying to achieve here?   Replication of radio? Why if it’s so bad, would we want to?

Apples  target… 10 million  phones.

Yep that kills radio’s    more than 1 unit per person.   > 300 million.
that kills  Nintendo’s ( just one  companies) 20 million  DS base.

It doesn’t even kill XM/ Sirius  merge  with  17.3 million paying users.  It’s a bit late to walk by the  bleeding corpse of radio  and get your friend to take a picture of you standing with your foot on its chest.  That’s the perception of radio anyway.   Sadly it doesn’t jibe with these results.

Radio reaches more than 235 million listeners over the course of the week according to the RADAR 97 June 2008 Radio Listening Estimates. (link)

20 times more people than  Apple expect to sell phones to. Radio  Two controls,  no computer needed to keep it in sync  and oh battery life can be in weeks/ month range.

As to handheld gaming?  Would you  pay  $70 a month for your kid to play games on it?  Beggars belief really that it’s being seriously considered as a question. 

Can we start using the iPhone to do excellent iPhone  related things rather than trying to recreate the old world?

Mike Schmidt Comedy – “40 year old boy” Podcast listening recommendation

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One of the original cast  for Now never funny, er Never not funny ( buy  season 1 disk it’s really good  )started a podcast sixteen episodes back.   I forgot to mention it to people.    If you don’t like casual vulgarity , talk of violence towards those that deserve it .

If things like

“I’d stick my dick in a fence just to get it away from Lucy “ 

re Lucille Ball   in  a made  up piece re “the joker”" Cesare Romero  trying to hit on Desi.  His mind doesn’t just wander, it books cruises and  circumnavigates the Earth. 

The show iss deeper than this of course but  I’m  trying to make the point that  if you believe that truth can only  be found in civil company with no naughty words then  please avoid this and go back to your Marmaduke comic collection


Mike Schmidt Comedy – Podcast

We’re nearly there. Reivers of Reality is about to be launched.

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We’ve talked about it,  threatened it  and I’ve been living with the peer embarrassment of assisting many people get their podcasts up and running  yet not having a regular outlet of my own.

The good news is Creddy is now interested in following through with a  2-3 times a week < 20  min show  “Reivers of reality”  which is not a misspelling and a deliberately  arcane choice.   Reivers are  from the area of the Scottish borders from which I originate and are raiders, pirates, rustlers and a few other   less savory behaviors which I assure you we don’t partake in.    Why now?     Basically there’s not enough exposure for our world view. Even in  groups that are meant to  have a reality  based outlook the ability to  go of gods in the  form of the State and the man upstairs seems to be sorely lacking.     Oh and we need friends too as well as stocking up on the enemies list.  🙂

So expect a few shaky weeks until we get used to this …

Who says Commies are not cool? Can we has nootralty?

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Here is an interesting problem with podcasting, and many other forms of social media.  One might almost call it a beggar’s banquet when you consider that we’re a very large party with millions of people who’ve all chipped in their contributions yet somehow the waiters are not getting a tip.Even worse than that the bill is short.

Bandwidth is “expensive” roughly $90 a terabyte give or take a few bucks depending on how large a user of it that you are .There aren’t many services that for a nominal fee will allow you to consume “infinite” resources hedged against the vast majority off their users using a minimal amount but that’s where the net has ended up ( at least the marketing of it has done so)

Ergo it should be obvious that the vast majority are subsidizing the top of the pyramid yet by an “amazing”  coincidence those are the ones  agitating for such noble and egalitarian causes such as net neutrality you know that’s were the evil corporations limit access based on the idea that if they do not recuperate the cost of providing the service then that service and indeed the company will no longer exist.

Which is a victory for whom exactly?

Nearly every business has already built in the costs associated with the percentage of bad customers, internal theft and things that just go wrong but somehow that’s meant to fall to the whims of people that are basically saying give me a free  pass or we won’t give you business ( I’d agree to that)   sadly they are saying give us a free pass or we’ll force you to do so… lovely.

I have never been a fan of the term net neutrality and feel that it’s all too often used to obfuscate the issues that occur at carrier or network level where the network owners prevent rival services from even connecting or being allowed to exist against the terms and conditions that they wish to sell their access on

Drop the N letter . ever not funny? Never not funny has a line up change.

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Been a long run.  My favorite  entertainment podcast  “Never not funny” has  had a change in lineup which  has  , and I know it’s  unfair maybe to judge the first show after the affair as being representative of where it’s going , eviscerated the joy the show held for me.  Oddly enough the dynamic I enjoyed the most  that from the dearly departed Mike Schmidt  and Jimmy Pardo  whose ironic  bumper sticker now seems sadly prescient. I needed the real world  “crunchiness”  of Mike  juxtaposed against the   Hollywood “phony”   with a straight man  thrown in to really  show how good those two were.. Sigh…   

I think a lesson  from Episode 59 should be   in the immortal ( not yet anyway) words of Stephen Lynch “I’d never say cunt to an audience”

Still I recommend  you buy the CD compiled from the first 20 shows /it rocks.


Weak end and recording fun ( yeah finally I’m producing podcasts)

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Ok  let me first dispense with the maladies.  After a shot at the Dr’s and a  pill ( singulair) and a nose spray  to free up my nose I woke up SORE the day after to which I attributed to Erin 🙂 Sadly that wasn’t the case and over the next few days  nearly every muscle when  resistance is applied to it hurts.  Couldn’t open dishwasher,  get in a couple  of doors in the house  lift  coffee pot without both hands etc.. Less than happy.. Thankfully I am getting my grip back. 

Losing my grip.  Nearly did that last night.   I was helping out a friend that has a book coming out   record a podcast / vidcast. So I thought . The c0-author brought along a camera person that has no camera, no back up and  eschewed my  rather much better 3ccdDV  to shoot on D8, I shit you  not. ( i’ve nothing against d8 other than I don’t have a fucking deck to import it with)   Using onboard sound. That was enough fun  but NO   he had a vision!   Handheld camera for the hour, compressors HATE hand held , did I mention my cam as OIS?, and then ran out of the only tape.  

Sometimes you know the most interesting thing is the subject matter and not those creating it 🙂    For my part I mic’ed up the two people with lavalier mics and  used the Zoom h4 to record and what a nice job it did too. The Zoom is a pain in the ass in the field , I had everything set up , then boom battery warning came on,  replaced those but all the settings had defaulted.Anyway a separate article on that follows. Hands are once again tired.

A chroma keyed massacre. Project away. Vlogging a dead horse.