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Filson another company trading on customer service of days past while selling single-use hats

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A one and done, single use sunhats $65 , total bargain. NOT! Ok you may argue that these hats are great, have lasted you years and maybe you just got a bad one, Thank you , that’s my point it seems odd that Filson would gain a reputation for an item that’s not inexpensive , you have to go out your way to purchase and it’s sold with the knowledge that you’re buying a hat for the long haul.

The following comes from the Filson Site

We guarantee every item made by Filson. No more, no less. We believe in our products and stand by the quality of workmanship, craftsmanship and materials in each one. We guarantee the lifetime of each item against failure or damage in its intended usage.

One could be mistaken if after reading the above you came away with the impression that if you bought a $65 Summer Packer Hat, , from them and it failed the first time you get wet you’d have some kind of recourse?

Apparently not, because items of fit are excluded from their guarantee or satisfaction warranty after 90 days. Here’s the problem I live in Arizona, not known for its rain.It’s quite possible to wear a hat, ostensibly bought for the sun protection, and not get it wet for a very long time because it can go over 90 days without rain.

The first time it rained the hat shrank and no longer fit by 2-3 sizes. I consider that a failure. Filson does not. So what we have above is a guarantee that I would consider being not worth a crap. My wife sought out this product based on the reviews of the company and their reputation from days past. Seemingly we’re back to the 90 days standard , least we can do warranty. They talk a big customer service game but arguing that a water resistant hat that shrinks the first time it gets wet is something that does not fit:

It was intended usage, it was damaged , it did fail. A bit like Filson’s customer service. Even funnier my wife bought it direct from them and they claimed no records of this exist. Ultimately it didn’t matter as we needed a receipt from within the past 90 days.

What’s in the customer service (otter)box? Or why “by default” isn’t a customer service ethos.

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Element update. stuck in the middle with you. Catch 22 , if the honda has a recall we can look, if it doesn’t it can’t be faulty ( Allstate’s logic)

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Exhaust remidies for time-being with Honda cust care.   They say that they won’t comment on it, send a person to look or in general car unless the insurance company  claims the part is defective.  The dealer, Arrowhead Honda thinks the same which leaves me in the “good hands” of Allstate.

Allstate so far have proven to be useless. E.G they say that with0ut a recall on 09 there’s no reported brake issues.  Despite the fact I am a paying customer of theirs for years   we’re not, apparently, capable of reporting a dead braking system without warning.  Ergo they won’t investigate which was the case of our last phone call.

We’ve lost a lot of money , or will via the deductibe and increased rates, the car is now a salvage,  the car will lose money when we sell it. We have  failed to get anything remotely like the peace-of-mind that buying a low-milage certified vehicle.

Apparently no one wants to sell me their otter art. Wholesale annoyance.

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Over the past three weeks I have been trying to get my Otterman Empire store  stocked. Primarily I’m looking for American, hand made  wherever possible art , any medium,any type of otter .  To date only one of the US  companies approached  re wholesale prices have contacted me, they  received  an order and then have failed to get back to me with final shipping cost/ ship date.

I.E.,  I have nothing new in stock.









End of the year Mini Bash or how to lose a sale by pissing off a customer.

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Dear Mini,

I’m following up on an incident we had with our Mini Cooper S this month and the manner in which it was handled.

While you have the records in the customer service system I will briefly go over the issue. My wife left her key atop a gas pump and drove off. The car gave no warning and 20 miles later it was unable to start ,finally realizing that it didn’t have a key.

The manual states that it will not start without the key being inside it. The dealer, the phone line and the manager this was eventually escalated too all accept that the car starts with the key outside the car. The Mini helpline email address was not helpful (incident 1-1641681520) and referred us to the dealer. The dealer had referred us to Mini so I called.

The first helpline operator I spoke with suggested I read the manual. I did, again, and it says, in unambiguous terms ,that this shouldn’t happen.

He didn’t meet my expectations of customer service ,having run helplines of this nature I’m pretty critical, then again being made to feel like it’s my fault for not knowing how the car operates does that to me. Maybe you can pull the tape and listen?


I called back, had a productive E.G., the antithesis of my first contact and  I was passed onto Anthony. I relayed my concerns that what is apparently a commonly known fact at Mini wasn’t passed on to the owners. The car starts with the transponder several feet away contrary to the manual. He correctly asked what I wanted from this process. I wanted Mini to consider replacing the key or providing it at cost due to what I consider a serious flaw in the implementation of the comfort access feature. The car gave no audible or visual warning that the key wasn’t within range as she drove off.

Anthony got back to us within a couple of days to tell us that Mini would not consider a free key or any consideration re this incident. I thanked him for trying and noted that it seemed very strange and puzzling that a good faith offer from Mini allowing me to buy a key at cost was unavailable to me. To be turned from advocate to adversary over what I see as your product failing to work as described is frustrating. Yes my wife made a mistake but it’s one that should not have been possible had the car functioned per the manual. This was during the day thankfully but it could have been so much worse than losing the $300 for the new key.

I thought that maybe Mini semi-believed it’s motoring family shtick but came away feeling very much chastened by Mini N Scottsdale and the initial phone call to the mini hotline for daring to have a problem with the car. Tack on your poor email response and I have to say that I’ve been underwhelmed by your public facing service.

How does it harm Mini to help us? I know that we liked the Mini so much I sold a great car I really liked to get it. I planned on selling our second one when the Countryman was released but now that’s very unlikely to occur. I’d still like to talk about this because I am curious as to why a key safety feature of your vehicle would deviate so far from the manual’s description.


Mini Cooper kept mum. So what if our manual is incorrect. no keys for you

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Alas the possibility that a car company could do anything other than suck at customer relations remains as rare as rocking-horse poop.While everyone understands our position and regrets they can’t do more  the fact is the Mini Cooper manual says that the car can’t start without the keys in it.

Mini dealers and the Mini helpline say it can.  Ergo you lost they key and you need to buy a new one.  No one is concerned that the car starts without a key in it which is rather alarming. It’s not alarming the car didn’t give a warning that there was no key.

So what we have here is  a car that can be started sans keys  in the car. It looks like any elevation of the key greatly increases the distance at which the car can be unlocked and driven away and the sun roof is likely a big factor. So for fun some experiments will follow.

P.S. Letting us buy the key at cost was rejected. Ok  so for the sake of losing NO money. Result. That’s one less 2012 Clubman sold plus  way more public noise about their customer relations being poor.  Nice going  Mini.

This family thing, it’s a brand.  while they hadn’t fooled me with their story I would have expected they’d at least pretend that they were able to do anything than quote manuals ( incorrectly ) 😛  to me.

PPS Anthony’s managers  You have no fucking brains. Seriously  what the hell makes it in your interest to deny a reasonable request ( key replacement at cost) based on your erroneous manual which   some telephone dick told me to go read and understand.  What happened to, ah  I see that’s in error , let me find out rather than being a total  cock about it?

an Inconvenient access truth. More about mini cooper s FOB :

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First they tell me to read the manual,  you know cos I’m not as cute,or as fast, as a Mini and am more likely to be in error. Well let’s look around page 24-25 ( close to it)

mini manual

Is there any doubt here that the car should not start when the  key is not in the car, when the key is  five feet away from the car?  Well the helpline , I eventually got to a manager, and asked them to consider that they could be owe me a new key / serious price break on the $300 item because their car is not working as stated. 

That was a few days ago.  

An interesting time with the Mini Cooper’s “convenience” key

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The last car we bought was a Mini Cooper S which I see as the car that makes up for all the regular Minis I drove,you know the ones with a fixed L shaped seat, rusting sills, 10” wheels  sliding mirrors, no heater worth a damn etc.

The “new” car ,a 2007 Cooper S, came with a remote key and what’s called a convenience feature in which you do not have to put your key into the slot to start it. E.G.,It can stay in your pocket , your bag or attached to a purse.

Common belief is that the car won’t start without the key being inside the car.  Sadly , as we found out this weekend, that is not the case.  My wife left her purse atop the pump, got in ,  door closed, started car and drove off.   ( ended up having to get a ride then break into the house)

The car gave zero warning that key wasn’t within the car and  20 miles later, car turned off and couldn’t start it again.

No keys , no movement , no nothing!   This is not the behavior I want from a car so I called the local Mini dealer, 2 days after they failed to return my wife’s call , to find out what the parameters of the  keyless start are.  I also sent a note to Mini asking the same.

So far nothing from Mini and an unhelpful  “you’re the only one in 3000-4000 customers to have this problem.”  from the dealer  and an offer to look at it which I will have to take them up  on.

I really want to know why the car wont let you lock it with the key inside, assumption that it knows where the key is in relation to the car, yet will let it drive off without one being present. Surely that’s not that  hard a question for the  people that sell it/ make it?  

   Couple that to the Airbag system that can be harmed just by moving your seat back and it looks like the  LUCAS lord of darkness joke re the state of UK auto electrical  systems has jumped over into the BMW made Mini.

I knew Bell Honda was full of gas. Say no to N2 refills and other overblown upgrades.

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If there’s one thing that bugs me more on not knowing enough about the physical world it’s those people that try to sell you a service, product or in the case of carbon credits a total line of bullshit.  Bell Honda appear to follow this model of customer service. Their ploy, based on  their reliance, that your ignorance of the subject will be such that you’ll gladly pay a premium to have N2 fill your tires.

They try to up sell you on nitrogen which has nominal to NO practical value when fitted to your average car. I had read anecdotally that Honda were not a fan of the practice and I send a tweet to see if I could get a reference for this. 


There you go.  I’ve been to this dealer twice and while the service was done quickly,the waiting area is clean, nice wifi,play area and coffee  It’s only been after the usual chat re, “service this to Honda’s requirements to keep the extended warranty valid”How they then want to add injector cleaning agents, N2 and suggest a transmission flush on a < 30k car, a 30k MANUAL car is beyond me. Despite declining the injector cleaning they billed me for it anyway and took money of the air filter instead. They must have some kind of weird  bonus structure going there but a 30k car that’s performing well does not need it. 

Needless to say I’ll be using another dealership  for future warranty work.

Crappiest marketing of the week Sam’s club for Windows 7

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What you are looking at is the subject line from a mail that I received this weekend


There’s a slight issue with that subject line which one could charitably call a willing attempt to deceive,to appear fraudulent or maybe even to be an outright lie.

The price refers to you already having Windows 7, aka Windows 7 starter edition.

How can you upgrade to 7 by already  having 7? This is such a trivial thing that it pains me that they would even try this line out. Upgrades –from- $78 or Upgrades –to- $78 are still speaking in weasel-words but  at least it’s supportable on logical and grammatical grounds.


Follow up. Several weeks have passed.   I’m a member so I  wrote them a  letter which they didn’t respond to. Well that’s one membership that’s not getting renewed.

As much as I hate DRM, Disney’s found a way to make it SUCK More. Pay them more, and you still can’t watch the fucking movie.

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It’s amazing that the genius of Pixar’s use of technology can by waylaid by such a dogmatic adherence to treating their customers as pirates via by way of Disney’s distribution .I’m referring to the digital copies,that we pay extra for, not  coming with the requisite codes to enable us to use them. From what I’ve read online we have to prov that we bought the disk,mess around with the mail , yes the real mail with stamps and white van, and wait for them to decide if we’re believable or not before graciously allowing us to use that which we paid for.

We’ve bought every Pixar movie on release date, seen every movie on release date and have spent an embarrassing amount of money on Cars , and other movie, memorabilia for our son. This  bullshit has sufficiently damaged my view of things Disney to the point that Kennedy Space Center rather than Disneyworld is looking like the preferred destination for our son’s 4th birthday.

Irony?  They think we’re thieves yet we paid for an item that’s not present and in a sane world circumstances wouldn’t the company responsible for the error apologize for the oversight rather than make the public jump through a pile of hoops? Customer Discussions: Wall-e missing digital copy code!!!

You would think that people that sell $4k recorders would answer their mail: Update

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Was called this morning and the part’s on it’s way. The response time from the last mail was excellent.  It’s a mystery why the same form just vanished into the ether.   Woo hoo  my power issues, at least for equipment , are nearly solved

You would think that people that sell $4k recorders would answer their mail

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Three mails in a month to the US distributor of Fostex via their online support form have led to zero response.  No obvious phone number. Oddly the UK distributor has the item and a phone number.

Welcome to Fostex USA

You’re welcome to it.Looks like the Sound Devices line will be getting serious consideration when the time comes to upgrade.  

I’m sure that I’m about to use irony correctly. Fred Pryor infomercial, er seminars.

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How to Communicate with Tact & Professionalism —

I’ve been in a training seminar two days this weeks with the below goal in mind.

“Become a polished, persuasive communicator and express your thoughts and ideas with clarity and diplomacy”

The diplomacy part likely occurred during my single restroom break,three minutes long, on the second day.

While I’ll address the material covered by the class in a future post I have concerns with the intrusiveness of marketing within the curriculum.

Anyone that’s read Professor Cialdini’s book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (Collins Business Essentials),or Rushkoff’s Coercion may have been amused, as I was, that a seminar designed to teach you more effective methods of persuasive communication seemed to be using similar techniques to sell future conferences, audiobooks and training subscriptions.

I have no problem with selling during the breaks, displays within the room ,fliers in the course material. What I’d like is for them to restrict this solely to those areas.  In what  could be considered a mildly coercive environment the ethics of  this practice are questionable. Cheaper dictionaries refer to coercion only in terms of physical force and I can see my usage of this term being confusing in that light.I’m referring to an environment that is engineered to trigger as many of the six principles of influence within the first few hours.

  • Social proof.(people come forward to buy in breaks)
  • Scarcity.  (have to order by end of seminar)
  • Authority (The obvious one:)
  • liking. (Dr was likable, really good at what he does)
  • Commitment and consistency ( writing in the prices, and additions to the advert in the same format the rest of the class takes)
  • Reciprocation(Starts out with hey, schedule runs to 1630 but can get you out by 1600, next day 1530) To many that’s doing them a favor)

I can live with all the above, I may even be misinterpreting the above weapons of persuasion. Twenty minutes were taken up with Evelyn Wood’s speed reading course,and many other products,in the time preceding lunch on day one which to me seemed rather inconsistent with the stated goals. 

Looks like I’m not the only one with this concern.

  I seriously recommend both books to anyone that engages in commerce , eg every adult, in the USA.


Was I yelping or just going ouch? Change of lifestyle notification.

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A phrase my father uses, a lot, in connection with me is “you’d start a row in an empty house”. Lately it seems that I require slightly more people, tables ,drink and a kitchen but ,alas, the propensity to argue is still there.  I prefer  not to complain at the point of service ,unless it’s something that could be easily rectified at the time, because it really bugs the wife.  Either I don’t go far enough ,or  more likely I am not exactly pleasant when I start complaining. Try serving my kid shitty food you will get shitty attitude. Once an eatery gets comfortable with being able to send out undercooked, salty,incorrect or hazardous food it’s too late to take it up with the onsite management that  allow these things to happen.

Here are two of our most recent outings

Lone Star Steak house visit 

The Yard house visit ( I gave away the gift cert)

I don’t enjoy paying for this feeling but it’s nowhere near as the frustration that comes from “ we’re sorry you didn’t like”  or “we’re sorry you feel that way”   there’s rarely anyone that is sorry that we served you fuzzy food. No harm, no foul.  Just our time, our moods and good will.You know nothing of value.

The change

  • No more chain meals when we’re in the home town. Breakfast is exempt.
  • Buying a new table for the kitchen and a couple of items to make food production easier.
  • Using the money saved to eat at better locations less frequently.

A parable from the Principia Discordia follows after the cut that could explain how we let ourselves fall into traps like this.

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