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It used to be called childhood. Now it’s a movement:) Introduce some controlled danger to your young ones.

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That these items are considered dangerous is a sad indictment of the USA. I grew up on a farm.with guns, chainsaws, poison, tractors and animals that can take out a five year old, That’s before you consider  Scottish winters and food. 🙂  Anyway it’s entertaining and hopefully it inspires a family to build a potato gun this weekend:)

Hey teacher , and your Doctor friends, leave us kids alone.

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Attention , Attention  let’s take a walk off Huxley’s island and hang out in the  Delta parking lot while we peruse the news from today’s feelies.

It’s odd that in the interest of homogeneity any deviation to the plan is not seen as indicative of the plan’s viability.  Usually within an institution this means continue   acting the same way  as the remit that lead to your creation suggests. Regardless of what new facts and information appear view everything as a threat to your traditional role.  ( which for public education aren’t that long established) 

This quote doesn’t look at the positive aspects for such behavior  , just how it affects the status quo.

Hence, children who watch a lot of television may become less tolerant of slower-paced and more mundane tasks, such as school work,” he wrote.

Who really has the problem the children or the schools?  It shouldn’t be too hard to notice that visually we don’t see the same as our forebears, think in the same manner or remotely have the same life experiences so why is what we’re going right now, RIGHT  for later?  The work related part?  This is akin to blaming your customers for not using your application “properly”  

Attention problems linked to early TV viewing – Kids & Parenting –

Butte-heads Florence student suspended for sketching guns

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They don’t know art, but they know what they don’t like. Welcome to magical thinking  state education style.  Voodoo safety for the brain dead enacted by adults, ok  people that have the same height and weight as adults, that are a product of the same system.  Can we please put the thought crime away?   

The eighth-grader at Florence’s Walker Butte K-8 school was suspended for three days on Friday for drawing images of a gun.

Our tax money of course provides an apologist for such actions

Cline said the cartoon content warranted suspension “because it is the intent of the district to provide a safe environment in which to learn.”

Intent maybe  but execution?  oops I bet using that word will have LEO at my door for making threats since they clearly have NO ability to distinguish the map from the territory.

Florence student suspended for sketching guns

Chandler school appears to be run by hoplophobic and unaccountable knuckleheads. Yet another ZERO intelligence policy.

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Chandler boy suspended for sketching gun |

Soon the ability to spell gun will be double plus bad and lead to your removal from the flock.  An inanimate object rendered in 2d is now considered reason to remove a child with no apparent discipline issues ( even by these totalitarian jack offs standards)  is enough to remove you from school for five days. Five days of  missing such insightful comments and analysis such as this  seems more like a reward than punishment.

Chandler district spokesman Terry Locke said the school is not allowed
to discuss students’ discipline records. However, he said the sketch
was “absolutely considered a threat,” and threatening words or pictures
are punished.

I absolutely consider this spokesman’s words a threat  to common sense and my blood pressure. I wish the punishment is for the school district to be  sued , lose the money to pay for such  apologists> Which won’t happen pr slime will always be around to say the loss was a victory.Since when did the head staff of school’s need a mediator to make clear and concise explanations of their  actions public?  Damn I hope no one  tries to render Caesar’s  downfall in art class or it’s off the Sherrif Joe’s for re education…

It speaks for itself that they don’t speak for themselves, not even one on one , or with those concerned…lovely ,today’s lesson?  arrogance.

Paula Mosteller said she has been unable to reach the school’s principal, Karen Martin, or the vice principal, Dave Constance, since Monday to talk about the suspension. Martin and Constance did not return several phone calls to the school for comment.

Boo hoo cry me a river Abusive lenders upset at other abusive lenders (One’s the government, the other regulated by…

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Having seen to much BS re how the DOE handles people with student loan issues, allows them to be sold , and resold and  so on  , often adding about  $1500 in transfer fees  I  find it hard to believe that private companies are any worse than the state sanctioned  “abuse” that goes on.  Guess who the state uses to chase up the delinquencies on their safe happy loans? 

Of course it makes for better citizens if you have so much debt that escape from mainstream  cube or office decay looks impossible , you may need the state to save you from ..well you’re the state;) yourself.   You don’t need a degree and $50k in debt to work that one out.

NY official: Private college loans marked by abuses –

Rampant abuses by lenders have followed a boom in higher-priced college loans not guaranteed by the government, and lax federal oversight has made the situation worse, New York’s attorney general said Wednesday.

Seemingly you are your brothers keeper. More tin pot dictators engage in extortion and keep high school diplomas

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In the why  our kid won’t go state schools department is yet another case of idiots ruining it for everyone. You can decide which side the idiots are on. Seemingly the person walking across a stage is responsible for the  conduct of the audience and can be penalized for it. Er why not penalize those disrupting it?.  I’m not sure if not getting the paper is  worth a fuss or if they are literally holding years worth of achievement to ransom. In the former big whoop  print your own at home. If the latter then it’s probably more disruptive than any over excited family  cheering for their kids.

 The state education board doesn’t support the tin pot dictators of district 205 either,  people  surprised  ” a total mystery” said one that family would do that to their kids.  Not one of the  educated  people  seems to think it possible that a great way to sink a  rival would be a few hoots at their graduation.. nice  blaming the victim is the hallmark of any good socialist accountability scheme:D  The next step is accepting guilt and doing their bidding and thanking them for being so generous.

Cheering ban costs five students their H.S. diplomas –

School officials said they will hear students and parents out if they appeal. Meanwhile, the school said the five students can still get their diplomas by completing eight hours of public service work, answering phones, sorting books or doing other chores for the district, situated about 150 miles southwest of Chicago.


Parent’s are outraged? Hardly I don’t see anyone reported as assaulting these morons.. Teaches fake school shooting.

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One has to wonder at the sickness afflicting these people to inflict terror on children that would  result in arrest and, likely  jail time, should one of their pupils have produced a fictional account.   Shame the parents  couldn’t call up the people involved, tell them a loved one was murdered and…  l 

How funny would that be?  On the bright side  I hope some parents reevaluate the suitability of the state  for their children’s  wellbeing. 

BBC NEWS | Americas | US teachers stage mock gun attack

Teachers at a US school have been criticised after staging a fake gun attack during a class trip, telling children it was not a drill.

Posting to Myspace on an Apple by a teacher can cost you a degree.

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School’s out .. of it’s mind

It seems that paying money to Millersville University of Pennsylvania   and passing your courses isn’t what counts, but may character does?  Seemingly public photos of cups of mass destruction and pirate hats is enough cause for these pinheads  to deny a student teacher her final degree because it doesn’t fall within the realms of professional as according to   the ( and oh what little )Powers that be  over at MUP 

Sadly she’s only suing for 75k, should be more  ,way more. 

 Ok now how do I make this post about ME , ah there we are.  Here’s why I don’t hide my non belief,  anger at companies,  political hacks and the like  because it’s not worth it.  Am I at risk of reducing my hiring opportunities ( not that I am planning a move I like my blog/ podcast creation team thanks you very much)  in the future .. possibly but it’s ok  Sadly  I am all in the favour of assholes to hold asshole opinions and had the ASSHOLES at MUP  stated that publically wearing a party hat while holding a drink would result in the non award of your teaching cert then my objection would have been far less other than to  comment on it.  

If colleges start to hunt myspace/ facebook for pics of people they want to exclude this could all get so very interesting since I have yet to reconcile this bit of logic 

You are under 21

the country they are in lets you drink at 18

yet some people would hold you to  the law here  it’s like.. we don’t even own ourselves which may be a good place to start teaching how this apalling situation came to pass:)

Kindergarten Girl Handcuffed, Arrested, . I liked it better when pigs went oink

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Kindergarten Girl Handcuffed, Arrested At Fla. School – News

The kindergartner was booked in the Highland County jail and was charged with a felony and two misdemeanors.

Six year olds can be charged with felonies , interesting. It used to be that pigs went oink.. now it’s “you have the right” oh fuck that rights there has to be some questioning of a teacher that needs to have a man with a gun physically restrain a 6 year old way after the incident that allegedly occurred. e.g this wasn’t a berserker at risk to others or themselves this was adults , adults that we pay to run a school for behaviorally challenged kids , ( more detaill over here, acting in a manner that would seem to preclude their being around kids deciding that they wanted to show her whose the boss. If you can’t best a child and you’re career is helping, HA HA, kids you ought to consider a job, sadly the ideal job seems to require a time machine and a uniform change.

So initially why is the obedience to authority such a key point in the spate of kid arrests , handcuffing and tasing of pre teens? E.g most of these stem from you won’t do what we say therefore we will compel you , physically to obey, resist and we’ll throw in jail. What a great lesson.

SIX SIX SIX What’s next we start Kidmo and start potty crime trials?

Those who can , Do.Those who can’t teach and those that are c#nts adminstrate schools.

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Classically Liberal: Vagina gets girls suspended from school.

Another look at why public school is an education in itself:)

Now of you want an indication of exactly how moronic this alleged
educator is consider this. Principal Moron says the girls were not
suspended for saying the word “vagina”. Oh, no, not at all. They were
suspended for not obeying his order to not say the word vagina. To
quote the head moron himself: “the girls were punished not because of
what they said but because they disobeyed orders not to say it.” That
is not censorship, he says, but insubordination. And this man is in
charge of people teaching children! This man shouldn’t even be a
janitor at a school.

Note I didn’t call him names  I am merely quoting an article  about a pompous asshole:)

The ‘Value’ of Public Schooling… Cui Bono?

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Usually not a question you’ll hear. Ok I’m totally out of my league here. I never went to a US school , met a lot of you that have though:) Outside of professional settings the level of outright proud ignorance astounds me, I’m not claiming to be less ignorant, just not as proud.

The ‘Value’ of Public Schooling by Jacob G. Hornberger

That is the real value of military boot camp – it very quickly eliminates all notions of individuality within the human being and makes him feel that conformity and obedience are the only acceptable states of mind.

In principle, the public-schooling system is no different, although government officials have a much longer period of time – 12 years – in which to accomplish the same task – produce mindsets of conformity and obedience.

I’m rather in favour of Dobhie avoiding many of the lessons they want to teach, eat,drink and piss to a clock , sounds lovely. Yet the tiniest nagging doubt re producing a child ill suited to a sheep pen is worrying me. Not a lot but still it’s a one shot deal.

We don’t need more edukashun like this.. US more years, worse results

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Interesting article based on the lie that  the state is the best way to educate your children, and get free day care to boot.   The state has been educating the US population for a long time and the results  , to most people that are honest, are not impressive.  So the solution is obviously more schooling, more money and more people to adminster those funds.   

These are your voters,   people that can write taught by those who can’t think.

School District denies PBG student was choked over dress code violation.

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District denies PBG student was choked

Chamberlin said he was trying to get Herndon to leave the locker area and, when he placed a right hand on her arm to escort her out, she hit him in the chest, according to the report. Here’s some video showing the evil outfit.
The high school senior explained the incident differently to police, stating that Chamberlin pulled her by the shirt and asked her to leave, but when she refused, Chamberlin grabbed her by the arms, the report states.

More he said, she said but one has to ask what possible reason there is for physically escorting ( allegedly by lifting her)  a student  from a locker room for not being in compliance with a dress code?  It looks like ,as with most prohibitions in this society, that the negative effects of the alleged misbehaviors are far less damaging than the insensitive and often bone-headed enforcement of them.  School claims she battered him ..  Well I hope  evidence is on her side since  this is yet another  item that’s ridiculous.  Even if she were the need for immediate physical action seems highly unnecessary.  Overcharging by the guilty party is something the state rocks at so the felony charge being referred  is usually a  “don’t fuck with us, leave or we’ll really ruin your life” move.

Girl charged after wetting pants in confrontation ( Special Ed says you’ve got PEe YAY you’ve got pee)

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Girl charged after wetting pants in confrontation DANVILLE, Pa. – A 12-year-old special education student was charged with disorderly conduct after authorities said she deliberately wet her pants at school.

Duckworth did not return calls for comment. School Superintendent Steve Keifer said only that police are generally called in only after “all other alternatives are exhausted.” Police told the girl’s parents they could probably avoid a fine if they agree to have the girl do community service.

Note that they have to agree on the grounds that she’s guilty because they say so. They’ve got to prove more continence, er intent, than I think they can away with.  Ok now to the rant.  Another asshole action by people defending the calling of the cops.  This is a school that can’t handle a child saying  no, they call men with guns and handcuffs who for some reason didn’t go into the teaching or social work profession and I contend there’s a really good reason for that .:)   Then again  secure places to warehouse children seems to get more results than the educational job the district is doing.

The War On Toddlerism ( show me were the bad state fucked with you )

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The War On Toddlerism

Post from Info wars that highlights many of the incidents I’ve blogged in the last year. Zero tolerance = Zero thought and give the  lackeys that joyfully enforce the rules have a problem in that area it’s best that they just get everything in black and white.  It’s not  the nutballs with the mad religion that’s doing this to us, er, I mean it’s not THOSE ones it’s “OUR” ones.  Nearly everyone of these stories as  two or three quotes  from the epsilon parking lot claiming that it’s good that the kid was  suspended, handcuffed  or tased    in many cases  for acting like a kid.   The US population is incredibly dismissive of innocence as a defense and it starts earlier and earlier.