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Apparently there’s no heard-immunity for communication skills.

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Over the past months I have made fewer posts than usual.There are several reasons for this but mostly it’s been negative reinforcement that anything that I write only gathers negative comments based on the formatting,length and typos rather than on the merits of the ideas contained within.
Via Robert Anton Wilson’s creations “Hagbard Celine” I believe truth often comes from fictional sources, cartoons and even cereal packets,is the belief that communication is only possible between equals and is contained within the explanation of  his second law
  "Accurate communication is only possible in a non-punishing situation."

How many situations like that arise? 
That may explain the planet a  little better but it’s not helping me.  The question that I would like to have answered is this.At which point do I benefit from everyone else’s communication skills? E.G.; it seems like addressing the correct audience is a one-way-street.
In other words I […]

Pretty new things

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Trying out a new theme. Apart from a double gravatar in the comment section all “seems” well.

Please let me know if you see anything weird!

MSM takes another swipe at new media. Those swines!

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Seemingly the people that missed the lack of WMD’s, the mortgage, credit and soon to be commercial real estate crisis need you to think that they are still the gatekeepers of the truth.  The real story may be that gaining your health information from 140 characters  rather than one media corporation  can be just as inaccurate. Put it this way they let anti-vaxxers onto CNN prime time as well as any fad diet a bo toxed twig that acted is hawking this week.

Swine flu creates controversy on Twitter –

December Round up Go Daddy party, blogging and moobies!

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My Personal blogging has been quite light over the past months. I’ve found that most of the items I want to “chip in” is sated by  commenting on them  via Google Reader  and  quite frankly there are better written  blogs on every subject apart from that niche category..  “what does an internal exile  that escaped Scotland to come to the USA think about the weird customs ,practices and beliefs of his adopted nation”   which is , regardless of grammatical heresies ,  the authoritative  source for what I believe that I believe at the moment.     It may look like a list of things  Hal thinks are stupid especially when voted upon but  I assure you that the 18 , 26, and 30 year old me didn’t keep the same list so the next time you  batter someone on the head with an opinion     keep it around  a  decade or two and see if that idea really stands up.  Where I am not in error, though these are rare and happy events,   relates to  illogical ideas.  E.g when people ask me to keep something the same but change it  I don’t see how any restatement of their request can lead to a “happy” answer.  

At the moment these are things that interest me.

Mobile web,     the kind of world that emerges when  resources are too costly to move people to and from places of work,education  as a matter of course,  educating our toddler, thinking of alternate ways to make a scrapyard profitable and dare I say green?     Locating items which are truly innovative and not just this year’s restatement of the past with  a couple of features , aka  the marketing departments mega pixel effect were more is better, cough bullshit.

Go Daddy Christmas party.

Last night  saw Joan Jett at  the companies  Christmas Party, aka Go Daddy.   We got home around 1am and bought her last CD,   Sinner by Joan Jett  which made up for  the other two acts Sinbad  ,  the last syllable is devastatingly accurate,   and 38 Special ( I was ignorant of their oeuvre ) and  I had to leave my own   38 special at home  this being a work event and there being drink and all:) 

We also had to forgo hearing Patrick Lauder    sing the national anthem at the Coyotes vs Redwings game , for which is were we would have been  barring the party, but instead  had  Lillian Garcia   sing which , no offence to Patrick,  is physically prettier but   he wins out on overall delivery 🙂   Still Lilian was really good  and way better than the  usual  histrionic warbling  and  3 or four notes when one would do  from singers that may have  the impression that singing the song’s more about their performance.   Yep I’m glad nowadays when the longest held note contest is a separate event:D.  

That’s  all very cool  but what’s even  better is the message  given by our CEO, Founder and lover of things two wheeled and  European  , Bob Parsons who,  after riding  up to the podium on a Ducati let us know that we  had our best year ever,  are  not an example of the kind of company, institution that  promoted dud loans, built too many car or houses.  The company gives a lot of time  , via staff, and money   to charities and this is the annoying part coming up. Since when do you have to justify success in the USA?    Understand I am not getting at those justifying but the people asking the question in the first place. 

 Many companies curtailed their  parties because of the   business climate and  to them , I say  hum bloody bollocks bug to you.   The number of staff to  cater, provide entertainment, services etc   that’s money going to real businesses, same with the shoes,    clothing and other accessories.   The money that the staff won    guess were most of that is going too?       I don’t often post on work related items because  it’s a difficult balance  to not come across as a gushing fan boy  which as anyone that knows me  would find hard to reconcile with my  cynical daily demeanor.  The latter is a relative scale   , seriously in the UK  I was pretty much on the optimistic side:)     So celebrating two thousand people, their families  and the charities, venders and stores  that benefit from Go Daddy’s existence  is something that should NEVER be apologized for at any time  and certainly cheered my holiday up.The laser and fireworks finale would have been  perfect toddler material but it pleased my inner toddler greatly will post some pics as they come in.


[The views expressed on this website/weblog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of Go Daddy Software, Inc.]

Oh I nearly forgot..   moobies!

Part 3. Further annoyance with "it is what it is"

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I posted on the phrase on my other blog that I would like to extirpate this phrase  from the English language or at least the workplace. Rather than do an original one I’m running a semi ok off  post.  I’d prefer people would say ” it’s this way because”  which gives an indication that they’ve looked at the issue rather than just accepted it on a prima facie interest.

“it is what is is” 

Today I heard it several more times and  it didn’t have a calming effect , quel surprise? I needed to look further into what irks me so much about this new catch all.

It is what it is” means what it means. Depending on context, it can be a statement of resignation or of defiance, but in neither case does it connote the optimistic good humor of “It’s all good.” If anything, it expresses the absence of emotion, the abdication of feeling. Although it seems to imply value-neutrality, that misses the point; it’s not so much that something is neither good nor bad, but rather that its quality simply isn’t relevant, that it’s not worth the energy to make a value judgment.

To put it another way — it doesn’t matter what you think about it because you can’t do anything about it anyway. It was in this spirit that Al Gore invoked the phrase after winning the popular vote and possibly the electoral tally as well: “I strongly disagreed with the Supreme Court decision and the way in which they interpreted and applied the law. But I respect the rule of law, so it is what it is.”

Flak Magazine: It’s All Good vs. It Is What It Is, 06.11.03


Radar, Oh really ? It is what it is… Welcome to tautology Thursday.

One of the colloquial phrases, ok  maybe it’s not just AZ but I hear it more here, that’s been annoying me is the Popeye school of    “it is  what it is” as a cover all for  ill conceived, poorly implemented or ineffable solutions that have wandered onto the radar.This verbal chaff that’s tossed up in the air , rather than  fixing a location onto the problem , obscures the problem and by the time all the flakes have landed , or given up and go home,  there’s still the small matter of a  missile  bearing down on you. As a bonus there’s now less time and fewer options to react with.  

tautology – Definitions from
1. (logic) a statement that is necessarily true; “the statement ‘he is brave or he is not brave’ is a tautology”

brandstreaming yet another nightmare that needs to find a way to Room 101.

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Like most things in life, the universe and what’s still being called social media ,  you can pull up some aphorism from some Greek that’s been dead for  over two millenia to anchor your point to.   Do no harm isn’t a bad one,  and it’s  a lot easier to pull off than do no evil   yet neither are as compelling , or succinct as Wil Wheaton’s   “don’t be a dick”  as an almost libertarian reduction of the non aggression principle into  the vernacular.    (Sadly his writings on politics really don’t ultimately follow this   but   let’s not get into that) 

In short  it’s  a set of  rules  for the relationship between creators, promoters and fans  around  Sci Fi / Fantasy conventions which can be extrapolated to  most commercial  interactions. E.G   Are we customers, consumers, data points  or people that  want to get things done?

When you have a “voice” for a corporation engaged in social media  maybe it’s a good idea to think about the above because the mode of address you choose in 3/4 cases is going to be wrong

Can a corporation really be your friend?   Does this  construct sound real?   X is out buying yummy things  his  company make  ,  Y is out  watching their Movie  etc  Does this sound remotely like a relationship your engaged in?    If it doesn’t it’s for the obvious reason that it ISN’T. 

I love dealing with people from companies,  hate dealing with  company names that have a rotating cast of interchangeable  responses that would make Turing dance with glee. I can’t tell them apart from a machine or human either. 

Wer in ur boahdroomz wutchin yu wit intrst

*invisible pink unicorn  peace be unto her hooves.

Iphone wordpress

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Input a post on the iPhone wordpress

Or read Galt’s speech ?

The latter. Seems quicker

Not a lot here? Try the veal it’s delicious.

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Well I’m doing a few things. These are awaiting the site re design but it’s on the back burner as Creddy adds on more customers. I’m thoroughly fed up with mainstream media which is nothing in relation to the disdain I have for the new media that feeds entirely on the former’s output. Politically, meh, given that the “Libertarian party” has turned into the worst kind of political opportunists with their enabling of Bob Barr as a candidate for freedom so I can’t really use them as something that approaches the idea that you can vote yourself a better future. ( you can’t but hey it’s little baby steps) Basically people like being looked after while maintaining the illusion that they aren’t.

Instead been Reviewing on Yelp , far more interesting interaction with people that leads to real world benefits. Yep my thoughts on how to organize society are completely irrelevant to most people. Been racking up time with Scrabble, reading books , Bonk being the most interesting

The most I can be trusted with is reviewing wings and Irish bars:)

Cliff’s got a new blog: An exhortation to start that business you’ve always wanted to.

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Clifford, owner of Mobile HID ,  left a well paid ( ok  he may say otherwise;)  position to work on one of his ventures. Naturally  he wants to drag us all along. Check out his new  blog over at Clifford which gets off to a good start with a wake up call to those living in the cubes with aspirations to do something about it. 

However, I would actually like to challenge you to really think about your job. If you did not have a manager who gave you goals/tasks, what would you do?

A popular answer I’m sure would be “nothing”, however, one must make a living somehow and afford a roof over their head and food on the table so one cannot just do “nothing”.

Discoveries and Epiphanies

Scribe Fire. Bye Bye / quick notes. A vlog, a malady and a bike magazine.

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That does it. One more crashed out post. I’m through with Scribefire.

11 years into the mass adoption of the Internet and we still can’t get the basics rights. You know not losing data:(

The post I lost. Bike review, My newest malady ( Gout) and a suggestion to go watch which is a Vlog about the art of motorcycle maintenance, zen may be optional since it comes from my homeland. Still I have always found most American media on motorcycles to be lacking. Way too many nice reviews and seems to not reflect the kind of high jinks that Performance Bikes in the UK gets up to. E.g if the bike is dangerous piece of crap it’s called such. The same bike in the USA is of course just fine.

It’s 2k8 and there’s no KLF song to rage against this year. Damn.

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Happy new year, at least one of  the many calenders that are out there. I prefer the dragons and fireworks
myself to  the irony of the “timeless”  Dick Clark looking like didn’t go down
to Georgia, but over to Switzerland instead and lost a watch building contest
with “Old Harry”, but I digress. Let’s start out 2008 with a positive message. 

I am positive that elections are a great excuse to get more people blog, vlog
, ne demagogue  this upcoming  election with a torrent of user generated content
seeded by MSM sources ( Oh dear I’ve gone negative early… )


I join the long list of amatuers. Cop busts 70 year old for grass ( the lawn arm of the law)

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After seeing two very different movies on the effect of wishing the world was other than it is,  both had the same tragic ending, dead kids I was quite down,  people often say it’s unimaginable to think about their offspring dying but sadly I have a very good imagination  and  damn I’m down this week.

 I had at work today re what I enjoy about blogging it turns out it’s the headlines  nearly all the puns and jokes I’m proud of are  stuck in the titles which suggests that most of the time I’d be better off twittering a link.

That’s not going to happen there’s still the mediocre part of me that will keep on doing this till every copy of “the cult of the amateur” ends up in a Fahrenheit 451 scenario and   the personification of the book immolated while bagpipe music  is heard nearby.

Little angry there:) Then  these gems come up so it’s back to my vigil in a wilderness of mirrors and another misguided attempt by the lawn arm of the law…

Daily Herald – Orem woman arrested, injured in lawn dispute

Perry said she learned a lesson as well.

“Be kinder. Be gentler. If the policeman tells you to stand on your head, do it,” she said.

What a nice lesson.  Actually it’s sadly a necessary and sane lesson , one that my lawyer friend is very keen on people following.  Being right , and  injured, isn’t much good and the time to address such ass hattery is after the fact. Challenging a law enforcement officer is  akin to coating your private parts in honey and wandering into a Bear’s den  shouting HONEY! I’m home   it’s not going to turn out well.

Taser’s aren’t just for Xmas they’re  for  8-80   and while I’ve changed my mind on the devices considerably I’m still worried about the operators behind them than the relative risks of being shot. Phoenix New times which is about the only investigative writing I’ve seen worth a crap in the Valley has a good series on them  and  like most technology there are good and bad uses for it. When it goes bad… it’s   “Why the fuck aren’t people out in the streets bad?”  then I look out our County sherrif ( Joe  Arpaio ) and realized that  if the FCC allowed it   we’d have prisoner’s being  abused for entertainment  on our local news channel. Ok  let me get this in proportion it’s not the one  cop that held the taser down for 84 seconds is nowhere near as scary as the support system that claimed that he was not wrong  in doing so.


Cleaning up. Changed hosts, lost a year..:D

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A frustrating time migrating a blog from my old host ICD soft to was had by all, ok was had by me:) Since the max fileupload  in the php.ini  is 2mb and the DB max upload is 2mb from the same limitation  I had the split WordPress’ backup into pieces and then load them independently . In short 2005 will be back soon:)

Meantime the odd missing link/ image is being chased down but I have work to do getting another blog out the door rather than this one.. 🙂

Campus killer’s purchases apparently within gun laws – CNN apparently not into telling truth. Why Too much non crime is a bad thing.

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Campus killer’s purchases apparently within gun laws

Source: Campus killer’s purchases apparently within gun laws –

I’ve written CNN many times over the years re their disregard for facts when it comes to the legal carrying, description and misuse of firearms they consistently  get it wrong to the point that  it’s not an accident.   Here’s a post   and comment series that’s quite interesting. Firstly  it’s a crime to lie on the form 4473 which you must fill out when buying a firearm , new or used, from a licensed dealer.   Then again so is homicide,  see just how useful our paper tigers are?  

 I think we’ve created so much  “crime” in the US that doesn’t rely on the need for there to be a  victim, or damages incurred that   resources are expended on controlling those that ordinarily would be of no inconvenience to the general population but are used to  demonstrate who’s in charge”   A good post on this  can be found here .  As much as I like annoying objectivists   the originator  Rand had some  great things to say on this subject  one of the most famous from  Atlas Shrugged being,

“Did you really think that we want those laws to be observed?”, said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against — then you’ll know that this is not the age for beautiful gestures. We’re after power and we mean it. You fellows were pikers, but we know the real trick, and you’d better get wise to it. There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power that any government has is to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted — and you create a nation of law-breakers — and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Rearden, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”


Put it this way  the local  Sheriff charges  about $70 to  book and  $130 a day to house  those arrested by other departments  for most crimes that result in  fines or action that cost way less than  the  system to arrest, process , try , pay for juries / judges  and the people then enforce the judgements.  The above quote seems rather ominous now?

I’m not sure I’m getting value for money  when there’s no one aggrieved. I don’t buy that  a victimless crime is a precursor to  serious crimes either.  Everyone at some time has HAD to speed  or was caught unaware  by a change in conditions yet we can avoid shoplifting, assault and fraud since  it’s in most people’s interests to not harm others , who wants to live in a world where you have to guard your  family , food, water  etc every minute of every day ?  ( You still should be ready to   but it’s thankfully not needed in most countries that have reached the Civ stage of telephone system:) note I don’t include  guarding against the state that’s another thing altogether )  

A chroma keyed massacre. Project away. Vlogging a dead horse.

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 Ok so it may be a departure to comment on this from work ( Yes I actually crossposted this for a change) but when it directly wanders into the area I have a great deal of interesting in  Vlogging and Social media  the asinine statements by the talking heads ( they may ask  themselves  how did we get here? )  to camera commenting on the generation and presentation of  media  was some of the most unintentionally hilarious TV I have seen in a long time.   Questions like,  who worked the camera   were asked even though   it’s obvious that  a shelf, a tripod and  wait a minute the clue that he leans to the camera to stop recording MAY just indicate what’s going on.  Don’t even get me started on what they are getting wrong re firearms and the surrounding laws. 


Ok leaving MSM and wandering back to the MSB ( main stream blogosphere) I’ve seen a few entries, best summed up by this one, that  such a link is even considered between a technology and this event seems to be clutching at straws or

I said we hadn’t foreseen this use of the technology because, as utopians, we tend to look for the good stuff. I liked to think I had a balanced view, and could see where bloggers weren’t doing good, but I hadn’t seriously considered our tools used to further such a bad cause. 

What’s next? Isn’t it obvious — the latest and greatest stuff, Ustream, Twitter and mass murder. When you see a suicide bomber with a camera strapped to his or her head, you’ll know that the bad has caught up with the good.  


Source: Cho-TV, day 2 (Scripting News)

I can’t think that this would ever be a reasonable way to think and live your life trying to work out .  What cause is being advanced here that   couldn’t be leveled at the station  covering Oswald’s murder by Jack Ruby?  Maybe Zapruder was a nascent vlogger ?   Could  bic  and moleskine  wouldn’t be complicit in had  he been more into  good penmanship?  Were the murderers of Daniel Pearl vlogging?   Hopefully my argument ad absurdum is bugging you as much as it did for me to type it.

 I don’t buy this red herring  which is  reflected in my title   which ,I hope ,shows that   way too many groups are taking the foreground events and contextualizing , ne compositing it,  to fit  their own interests, agendas or regular subject matter. ( like I’m doing 😉 )  

To date  it doesn’t appear that  the murderer posted it to the myriad of  video sites,  blogs, a personal webpage of did anything other than use OLD methods  ( relatively in the case of Quicktime)   to MAIL  material.  Gee   let’s go after Franklin now for touting the post office not knowing the evil it could be used for….   His methods were akin to a PR agency which  may tell Bill Hicks fans more than they need to know