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how to use a bobby pin – Unexpected #1 result on search

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“how to use a bobby pin”

Source: how to use a bobby pin – Google Search

 Ok this was an innocent request .. the result however is rather unexpected. 🙂 Looks like the Pen is  Mightier;)

Another item were I am late to the party Guitar Hero –

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Get ready to ROCK!!! with Guitar Hero – The Official site of Guitar Hero for the PlayStation®2

I have never claimed to be able to play the guitar, bass in particular, though I do own one. I’m now wondering why the time to improve the scores on guitar hero are not as enjoyable with the real instrument. I need a hybrid:) Game that can take the feed back from the notes played on a real fretboard.

Gamewise I live 2 years in the past.  Day of defeat,  Grand theft auto 2 , mario sunshine  etc all  purchased long after the dust has settled for 1/4 their original price , at least 1/4 🙂 Until Erin introduced a plastic controller to the ps2 shaped  like a guitar, 5 buttons  for notes, strumming, a whammy bar and a near little senser that detects when the thing is vertical.    It’s like Klax with sound. Notes stream towards you , hold down the matching notes on the fret and as they pass  strum the guitar.
Time passes.
Ok this rocks,  I’d never play dance dance revolution which would seem to be “the geh”  but give me 36″ of plastic to hide behind and it all seems ok..the Anna Nicole effect to prance about. Sadly Erin is way better than I am presently.. damn  .