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Vacation 2006 Hawaii _ Transport Outback and Sebring Convertible

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I’ve already dealt with the “joy” of commercial air travel So let’s start from the ground up. We took Supershuttle to and from the airport which lead to the classic “cabbie” personality that the UK sends up as the atypical man on the street, the mobile philosopher prone to considered opinions like “it’s your darkies innit?” or “hangin’ too good for ’em” Maybe driving a public hire vehicle provides an insight into the world’s cultures that the general population are ill afforded by paying attention in school? Service was on time for pickup , annoyingly delayed for return trip.

On arrival we found that the hotel didn’t have a shuttle ( or many of the other things that the site claimed) ,that rental co’s can’t pick you up from the airport and that hailing a cab would be the best choice. Cab = limo which is not that bad a way to start off your trip:) price = same as a cab. First duty to was to secure the rental car from Enterprise which was meant to be either a Maxima or a Charger yet turned into a Subaru Outback.

When I last considered a car purchase, a moment of economic weakness and insanity that should be avoided , the Outback was high on the list of purchase options. The reason I didn’t get one is twofold. I’m not happy with the fuel efficiency and price took it too close to a diesel jeep when you take the “incentives” masses on the Jeep side / none on the Subaru at the time I made the best choice and bought neither:D Anyway I didn’t really drive on vacation so most of my observations are from the passenger seat. Apart from a tire destructively blowing out, the difference between pssssssssssssssss flump and bang,whoosh scrape the car was great. Sadly the tire can’t have blown out since it was new ( claims enterprise) the jack can’t have collapsed under the weight of the car ( not just collapse but snap in half) so how we ended up stuck in a remote area for 2 hours in the blazing heat till we could secure a working jack ( 5 trucks had none) is beyond me.
positives: Solid, good pick up in city traffic, tight turning circle (really usefull for the Oahu car parks) rugged interior with many practical storage opportunities that actually are usable rather than cute.. VW beetle owners will recognise the latter problem.

Negatives: supplied jack is dangerous and unsuited to the task, spare wheel is not full size,

All in all this vehicle rocks, I know of two people that had nasty accidents within these , one from the side and one head-on in both cases heavier vehicles smashed the shit out of the Subarus and they walked away. (your accident may vary:D )

After the tire destructed we limped it back on the donut where we were given an “upgrade” to a Sebring convertible. The only feature of this car is that it’s a convertible. Underpowered, massive turning circle, blind spots a plenty with the roof up, utterly shitty traction trying to get up out the parking garage, crappy suspension on anything other than a smooth surface. It’s cheap, obviously so, and without the top coming down would be returned as a piece of shit. It’s an upgrade from walking.. not much else. There are far nice convertibles out there for a reasonable price now that it’s maybe time to put this one to sleep.

Parking near Waikiki? Sucks. Hotels charge 10-15 a night for non guaranteed parking, i.e you may have to use the lot next door, or the one next to that. Most of the parking lots are not well suited to anything other than a medium sized car but that doesn’t deter the people with suv’s:) truth be told you may not need a car for most of the “attractions” i.e if you want to be shown the island rather than discover it most of the  companies pick you up, supply the gear/ food, and drop you back off.   Though I would suggest walking after many of the exceedingly keen meals, if possible.

Like all tourist holes Waikiki is  full of people that can’t ride scooters that hire them regardless,  watch out  you may miss one of these annoying gits;)   On the whole roads are good,  they get a little more interesting in the North but  the worst hazard really appears to be the  low low roofs on the underground parking and the “fuck the suv”  width of these.. ( wow I hope this picks up soon.. It’s sending me to sleep:)

Vacation 2006 Hawaii , Oahu . Reviews, abuse and out of the way places to store the bodies of ticket touts

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Hawaii’s Official Tourism Site — Travel info for your Hawaii vacation

Rather than post that I’m headed out for an extended period please come by and take all the possessions here’s the announcement. This year’s vacation, one I thought I would never take, was a trip to the Islands , though we only set foot on one, of Hawaii. Rather than jump into a linear “Galt’s length” piece I’m breaking it all up into little chunks the kind of little chunks I want to produce every time I see TSA staff.

So without further ado here’s the big picture.

We left Sept 7th and returned on the 15th , direct flights both ways,the threat level was elevated ,which I am sure is a mauvy shade of pinky russet, resulting in the BS treatment I’ve railed against for years (prior to 911 too) were the state infantalises adults for their own protection. No shoes, no belt sounds like prison, checks for toe-nail bombs? and our current favorite no liquids ( I do wonder what what occur if you tried to get a block of ice through). Even though Tatp and I really suggest you wander over to a recent Garrison Keilor piece

..This way, if some guy in a burnoose sets up a chemistry lab in row 24 and mixes hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid and acetone in a big beaker that is packed in 15 pounds of dry ice to keep it cool, and cooks up some triacetone triperoxide, or TATP, the passengers will be able, in the several hours it will take him to make the deadly explosive, to bring him under control, assuming the fumes haven’t knocked Ahmed out…

which nicely illustrates the assinine nature of liquid free flight. My cpap machine was swabbed for explosives , our luggage opened and not securely repacked and the condescending bitch on the way out of Hawaii just added to my overall animosity at these “guardians of freedom”. Suggestion: let the airlines decide what security they need.

Note I never am anything other than respectful to them in person they just seem to forget that it’s a two way street. Flying sucks more than it used to. The inability to get a drink when you want one is laughable, you have to buy your food onboard (since you can’t really bring on anything that has a paste or liquid on it ) and this time they ran out early. I mean really early not only do these ass clowns have a natural monopoly , a TSA enforced monopoly atop that they had enough food for under half the plane. At $5 a sandwich, cheaper than Starbucks, you would think an industry with serious issues making money without a Gov subsidy wouldn’t miss such an obvious stream.

Anyway nothing new in all of the above, just the price of doing business.

Coming up :

reviews: Subaru outback, Chrysler Sebring and general driving.