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Sanyo HD100. A curious camcorder because it takes a dump on an entire line.

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SANYO :: Digital Cameras :: VPC-HD100 High-Definition Camcorder

When I was in need of a quick pocket camera to go on vacation I stumbled on this at Walmart,the camera seems to be exclusive to them, for a considerable sum under the usual selling price.  A few days before I bought a cheap point and shoot Panasonic which also has a video function.

No matter how much I read about the acceptable nature of crappy sound and video online the garbage coming out of my sanyo hd100r  would seem to be taking the piss.  Why even make such a lo-end piece of crap  at the risk of poisoning your brand?  ( Thankfully I paid nowhere near the msrp but it’s not hard to see why.. ) 

It’s autofocus hunts for faces like Cheney and then pulls the trigger at the incorrect time. It’s hideous at capturing indoors without a spare nightsun(the lights you get on the bottom of helicopters) and it’s not so hot with movement during daylight.  It’s garbage.  The panasonic tz5 on the other hand does 720, it’s HD, can focus ,and works in lower light and it’s a  point and shoot camera that does video. The Sanyo is a video camera that can do stills, er no it can’t since they too suck.
Why even compete at the crappy end? There’s nothing here that makes me want to try a better Sanyo, all they’ve done is out crapped the market at a higher price than Aiptek.

A close Call with some Dick Cheese.A two concert weekend.

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We saw Marian Call on Saturday night perform a full set. The show was to benefit Wild horse Ranch Rescue in Gilbert. For once it’s a charity I can get behind as you can see the work they do, and the effects of it  in person, or horse if you want to be picky.

For the entrance charge of $20 we got a ceramic bowl, filled with our choice of chili or minestrone , a Marian Call CD and the concert itself. This is what’s known as a bargain.

I would like to be the first to say that objectivity is hard for me with regards to talented women with red hair. ( Don’t worry Tori you’re safe I just expanded the category to living in USA, not living in USA)

Hearing “100 easy ways to lose a man” live was an unexpected treat as it’s probably the best use of her voice when not singing her own work.

I rather cheekily , I hope not dickishly, suggested about her new song “Karaoke” that “Jonathan Coulton called and would like the song back” but it’s really good  and had the kind of comedic build up that I love within some of his songs. A duet would rock because I think the voices would mix really well  without someone needing to  fit paul and storm with tighter underwear:)

The new road song was really good and I am totally spacing on the name of the guitarist that accompanies her but damn he’s good.  This was an awesome evening that even I’m not going to take the time to poke fun at the more surreal aspects of the evening at least tonight;)

The Cheeseman he cometh

Creddy and myself are big fans of the work of Mark Jonathan Davis  and his best known creation Richard Cheese  “Tomorrow’s standards today”  While I’m not a fan of the venue or the way the VIP tickets were handled it was like every other Cheese show we’ve been to. Musically awesome ( I could watch “Bobby Ricotta” goof around all night) with the real show being the audience participation between a set we’ve seen 2.5 times prior.

Guess what when he comes back later in the year we’ll be there too.

Given the star wars geekery from  his other works and the pseudonymous singer I’m still surprised that the audience has yet to be invited out for milk and wookies.

An idea : Would the correct term for an older cougar be sabre-toothed tiger?

Bring out yer dead. Mary Roach tries to Spook us!

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This is a fluffier book than Bonk or Stiff both grounded in a reality that’s going to be a lot harder to nail in a book about research into the afterlife.

Amongst other things Roach takes a look at ectoplasm, EVP that’s the people that listen to noise and claim to hear things, past lives,attends a class in the UK on how to be a medium. She also looks at the science of testing “psychics” like DuBois and other cold readers that are cynical ,delusional or both ( my bias). That blunt an answer is something this book isn’t going to provide for you but it’s probably a good thing that she’s not attempting to do that.

She’s a very entertaining writer,her footnotes amusing,and there’s real science to follow up on. I just didn’t learn as much as her prior works since it’s hard to accumulate a body of evidence for life after death when all we have is evidence of bodies.

Doogie Howser WMD aka Dr Horrible’s sing along blog

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Fans of things Whedonesque  have got a lot to be thankful for.  This show may be instructive on proving that  Unions still have a use 🙂 That point is  that whenever a sea change in technology ,be it media or  improvements to manufacturing , education ( yeah right)  they  are always present in the role of societal Canute.   I will grant you their role had value back in the early days but    in the latter half of the 20C it’s been all about maintaining their power from that point  on , the organization  uber alles.  I digress but this show is a product of the WGA  strike and rumblings on  who gets paid  what  in relation to online content from both sag and aftra.  There’s a great post on that here from the closest thing to an objectivist I think you’ll find in media ( I saw closest as I am agnostic about their existence;)  

Anyway this is a mini web series , three episodes, and other than  note that anyone I know  already has this , so , so   who the hell am I telling?   Frak that .  

Think live action Venture brothers with a tad of Pinky  tossed in.  Seeing Captain Mal, er Hammer  again  rocks as the “good “  guy that wants to take the heroine  on a tour of a VW’s rear , you know somewhere uncomfortable was great. It’s not like most web shows , ephemeral to the power of mayfly   , you truly can  watch  and sing along more times that may be healthful:)   Don’t be horrible,  buy this , don’t rip it off as I want to see more, more more!

Review of my “quick” lunch today at Black Angus near metro center.

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I swear my fellow diners at hospital canteens look in better shape than
the mass that “meats” for late lunch at this location. This wasn’t
just a gray tide but a few human buoys had popped in too. Please
withhold the ” don’t be so judgmental” holier than though attitude ,
this is a review after all.

Lately I have been working
remotely ( or remotely working) on the Friday so I’ve been going out
on Fridays for lunch since it’s all “new” to me. The same places that
I eat out at in the evening often have vastly different characters
during the day and this Black Angus throws it into sharp relief. For
example at night I have never been served stale bread.

Have a
wide range of ages , group sizes and noise levels and there’s some
life in the place. Chilis that just opened up nearby and seems to have
kidnapped the life leaving a quiet, genteel even , location that
would be more fitting in the deep south when you don’t have anything
better to do. So far this is the only local place that exceeded my

Food’s ok , fitting with the price range and the
burgers are well appointed, cooked to request and relatively
tasteful. Fries tepid and it feels likelike the minimums you have to
do to keep the blue rinse and Caddy driving class happy is all they
are about. The only thing hip about this place is the replacement

Coffee seems to have been held on life support and
brought out when some unsuspecting fool that refuses to believe in
coffee only being a morning drug. Usually the surroundings don’t bug
me but it felt like the Hometown Buffet , which I can live with until
you give me stale bread past it’s sell by date which I fear may a
fitting epitaph for this place within daylight hours

More reviews over at Yelp.

Everyone’s a Wall-e: In the UK wally means idiot:D

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I can see a JoCo song  / mashup for this little guy.   But I digress.

It’s really going to be the future soon.  Wall-E  is one future but let’s me just say that  I have nothing to add to the   97% rating that he’s enjoying over there on Rotten Tomatoes.

Why this movie works for me.

Wall-E has more character than the prior Pixar incarnations because you come to him pure, he doesn’t need to fit into car shape, rat shape, fish shape or any of the pre existing personalities from the toy box. 700 years of exposure to our ephemera and the worst that happen to him is show tunes. ( maybe the right wing folks had a point;) )   Wall-e  being seen as  antithetic  to the humans that made him is a point made in many  reviews  has been annoying me.

I  have to be simplistic here and claim that the  US division of thought  falls into right /left wing ideologies ( basically the same fundamental idiocy that reaches divergent conclusions on how it’s best to steal from others for their own benefit, a setup you may  know  better as democracy.) 

This movie has been seen as  a massively pro environment/ anti capitalist movie  by both ends of the moebius strip  so I find myself on familiar ground  in the contrarian position that both sides are wrong.

So in my usual  Socratic ( that means avoiding having to actually solve shit;) )  manner  I have some questions and observations about both side.

1) How is this movie anti capitalist?  The  monopoly position is not practically achievable in capitalism without the intervention of the state and BnL didn’t get that way without help.

2)  How is Wall-e not a reflection on those that created him, how can we be the bad guys in this piece?   Humans  made it to  space,  they made a fricking society that looks pretty close to socialism ( cradle to grave all needs met)  and it pretty much looked like what the  left has wanted to sell us for decades.  They also tried to solve the problem. 

3) The bit I really don’t like.   Farming. We get to the stars  I  and the idea that  we circumvent millennia of improvements to go back to  nature. As if to think that  farming is a default human condition.

I was brought up on a farm have a non romantic view of animals(  unlike the Welsh) and have managed to escape the daily need to hunt food, shelter and the myriad other niceties of living pre dentistry , pre anesthesia  and pre Tetris.  The environment, would it help to call it location? in Wall-e is a background and necessary for his existence, character development.  Basically the framework isn’t built to hang your ideas of the world on and  both sides do this movie a disservice by trying.

To end on a rant.

People that find this liberal really need to get a dictionary and perspective. The root of conservative means what again? It’s more than a greeny trope and can just as easily be seen as an indictment on a socialized system that keeps people stupid , fat and reliant on the state ( corp) from cradle to grave. Seriously politics are what’s stopping most of you from enjoying one of the more touching love stories/ characters in the last few years.

Why bother saving our place on this planet if this is the kind of thought that we’re preserving?

Wanted: Review. Not everyone’s a Wall-e this is more Rat- a-kablooey

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Ah yes I remember this game, Mikrogen’s “everyone’s a wally” but not everyone this weekend was a Wall*e as Wanted took down some serious money too.

Interview with director on ,Daywatch, his prior movie {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”Wanted “}”videoUri”:{“value”:””}}}

Streets of NY: Follow up: The one in which we get our order:)

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In a prior post  I related a fun non dining experience we had at a local restaurant.  Well I chatted with the franchise office and  their expectations  re what happened.      Found out the troublesome waitress had left   and that they acknowledged the  staffing/ management issues which they  had corrected but the changes were yet to be evident. Anyway  they invited us to have the meal we tried to get prior.  Usually when we get shafted this bad we’ve told people that  no amount of free food is going to cut it,  e.g   we’re just letting them know why we’re leaving.   This time I acquiesced since , we like their pizza. I’ve been to  2 more of their stores regularly ,dinner and lunch,  and this was  hopefully an aberration. 

Well the good news is the meal was  very good.  Pizza rocks,  wings are desperately average with nothing to recommend them but their fries were good and the kid loved them.  So  far so good.  I updated my prior scathing review but will   go a couple of times   paid before making up my mind. 

Beowulf king of the Britains .. er well it’s kind of like that except the performance is as convincing as coconut horse hooves.

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Written in less time than it took  Marillion’s  Grendel to play.. about 17 minutes.

Two movies with heavy CGI that I’ve been “forced” to watch at the behest of ,what’s occasionally referred to as my better half  contained Lara Crotch, I mean Angelina Jolie and both left me annoyed.  I could have watched  “no country for old men” but no ,  3d or not 3d that was the offer.  Wrong Joel E (than)  sadly. Apart from that monstrous pun  let’s ready to diss this Dane.

Grendel… supper’s ready. *

Technically I liked it, best dragon yet,  though there’s a tendency towards too many “oo loook pointy” moments.Drawing attention to the 3D detracts from the movie,if you have to remind me it’s in 3d then somethings gone wrong in the story department. Oh and if we’re really going to innovate  drop the suspense shots that telegraph what’s going to happen. geez, just add a fucking double take for the character’s as Grendel bursts into Heorot.

In short the first half can be summed up as Happpy, drinky ,maudlin , screamy , Shouty, schemy, lusty, sleepy , fighty,  repeat.  Intersperse with a rapper’s vocab on how cool you are,  and that you are indeed Beowulf.  Usual look into man’s failings, who is  really a monster are present , but it’s like watching a video game cut scene that you’d be  pressing triangle furiously on to skip the dialog and get to the kick ass dragon ending.

Keeping on the  theme  Beauty and the beast here’s a couple of reviews that  may help.

From the  Flick Filosopher

:: :: Reviews (xhtml)

*I had four cars named Grendel. My road home was along country lanes and the numbers of rabbits mowed down by my earth rim walker ( mostly accidentally )  led to the name.

I think I need a review ultimatum.. Bourne’s visual tourettes is no substitute for putting on a show.

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Hell’s donkey’s.

It’s not Run Jason Run since thankfully it’s linear and there’s no need to relive it another two times( unless you had the misfortune to see the prequels)

The first above 90% review on Rotten Tomatoes that I disagree with. That this is called intelligent thriller would seem to suggest a population too stupid to not keep voting for wars ( that would mean by voting either side) oh wait I’d better stop.:D

Smart? I’m sorry but pointing out that most trained killers volunteer for this is hardly intelligent, it’s a gee duh! Then again most of the country believes that doing so is the highest civic good. Smart? There’s a reason Quis custodiet ipsos custodes isn’t exactly a revelation.

Visual flair does not equal unlocking a tripod and whip panning the audience into oblivion. There’s a scene, a continuous take with Tony Jaa that show’s exactly what’s possible and yes the impacts lost on You Tube but I really can’t stand violence choppy , fragmented and then it’s carried over into cars. The Director must not have seen the amazing work on “Children of men” and decided that the real world is shaky, really shaky. It’s like trying to watch a hammer work out it’s relationship to a nail.

The Bourne Ultimatum – Rotten Tomatoes

24 24 hours a day I wanna be infected MS catches a cold with Live Onecare

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Looks like this thing couldn’t catch a cold in the artic while wearing a wet woolen bra and an icicle dildo…

Microsoft OneCare Bombs Out In Antivirus Test – WinPlanet Windows Software Reviews

Microsoft’s Windows Live OneCare antivirus software came in dead last in an evaluation of 17 antivirus programs in the AV Comparatives Web site’s bi-annual software roundup. It runs its on-demand tests every February and August to test how well antivirus software detects known threats.

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock – Mine’s dead at 5 years and it didn’t go out quietly.

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My alarm woke me up this morning.  That’s not exactly a statement that’s interesting , surprising or makes you want to read further so I suppose I should add more detail . My alarm woke me up at 220am  , was set for 525 ,  and not with the alleged super loud tone  it can produce  but the sound of a relay unable to decide which direction to go in life and rapidly clicking like a preteen with headphones playing at their xbox.

 I would tell you the exact time of death  but for reasons that should be obvious   I had no clock.

So ends the most expensive alarm clock I have ever purchased and the ONLY  one that has died on me. The tone generated by this thing, along with the flashing light, wasn’t so much an awakening  it was rude.   I hate alarm clocks , all of you,  you’re bastards  the idea that we still have to arrange ourselves  into work patterns based on  last centuries needs pisses me off but seems unavoidable the lower, or higher up the chain you get.  

Link to Sonic Boom Alarm Clock – loud alarm clock with optional bed vibrator and lamp flasher

R.T. O’Sullivan’s “hot” wing blarney , missing food the usual great AZ service we’ve gome to expect

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R.T. O’Sullivan’s
Chicken Wings Plain, BBQ, Teriyaki, Mild, Medium, Hot, Death or HELL !(no returns on HELL) Served with celery and ranch dressing.

I think I get it, they are being ironic… Because if you get what you want it’s not hell!. Today we stopped in at , like most Irish theme bars in the USA, R.T. O’Sullivans in Glendale. The thought of an Irish bar without cider is as laughable as a French bar sans wine or a burger joint that doesn’t have a coke but would you like a nice green tea? No apple cider in stock , please perry, aka pear cider is fine but it’s not frickin’ cider and there seems to be some reality problems with bars here. NM , ok I do mind but I will let that lie for a future podcast. The wings, HELL , HELL-o I thought I was meant to be in mortal danger here. Seemingly a sauce mild enough to douche with is their idea of hell.. mine is paying $8 to be sorely disappointed, again. Gets better they totally forgot to bring out Erin’s main course .. she’s not happy since the Friday night another restaurant ,A bbq one in Scottsdale forgot her sandwich with her order of …a sandwich.. Today was ok I had enough cider to cushion the effects of a pissed Erin;)

Podcast related to the above

Superbowl advertising.. Hit me with it..

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I am not surprised that Dolphin stadium doesn’t have a roof since the Superbowl ads sucked so much that it would have imploded any dome.  Seemingly we’re going back to traditional values which means  cut any hint of sex, bring on the violence. The heart attack  was particularly nauseating , what ‘King idiots thought that evoking a mugging  is in anyway useful to preventative meds?  I’m just glad they are not involved with the colon since the mind boggles at the shit they would have come up with.

Slap happy..

Bud had two ass(ault) headed items with a tossing a  real rock in Rock, paper ,scissors  and  so on through a swathe of disinteresting, if technically accomplished ads.

Only4  gave us a reaction

Blockbuster : mouse

Jack: Vegetarian

Carlos:   no speak English

Snickers taking the term “fudgepacker to a new limit : Kiss

and the why they  hell did they bother:

That’s the most interesting thing you can do with Jessica Simpson?

The car ads pedestrian, soft drinks forgettable and in Sprites case I can tell real humor from the idea deficient offerings , O calories = O power to think.    All in all a fuck you very much to Ms Jackson’s tit for ruining yet another Superbowl..

general this and that ; maps, guns, bad movie, stuff

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Firstly  Live Earth from MS has replaced google’s version  as my favorite for entirely parochial reasons namely…… 

This is my parents airfield and scrapyard in Scotland with a really good resolution.  Hell some of the ones taken by the microlight 2000ft up aren’t as nice.  Soon a map to all of the places I can recall living in.

Last night:  A night at the Museum.. everything comes to life, apart from the acting ability, the character development , the ability to not telegraph physical humour  or go for the most obvious sight gags or  humor on the lowest shelf. 

Tonight: Range, and it’s obvious that my skills have deteriorated badly from 1-2 times a weeks.   I’m just going to bite, er ,the bullet and return to a weekly basis of 100 9mm’s  and 100 45’s and 50 357’s  which means a lot more lunches in the workplaces discount section.

Work’s been sullen the last 2 days re the untimely demise of an employee under the most senseless circumstances,  sadly  I  fit in with a Heinlen quote re the nature of man and   Jubal  didn’t seem to be offering it as a compliment.

“Man is the animal that laughs”

It’s usually all I have left,  it’s my way with dealing with life , universe and everything yet .At the time I most have to respect other’s insanity re their man in the sky providing  “sense”   which is a one way street.