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Ramblings from my phone

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the iPhone as a sci fi prop or in my case Agit prop:)

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 Repost from Work blog. Mobile web is something I am about to become boring on.  I really would like to remake Apple’s 1984 commercial in a similar vein with the projectile of choice being mobile handsets.

This is my iPhone There are many like it but this one is mine*. My iPhone is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I master my life. My iphone, without me is useless as it can’t hold a charge too long . Without my iPhone, I am useless and have to ask strangers for directions and risk poor restaurants and ….

I read a lot of speculative fiction , a lot of fantasy and  enough horror to know that I don’t need to read anything original on what happens when squishy meets,  hard, soft,sharp, fast or a myriad other inventive and leg crossing endings to books.   I digress.   The point is that in my hand the iPhone , and it’s ilk, provides me  with many of the ideas I read about in Clarke, Asimov and  a few others in my youth.   Yet so many  people want to recreate the desktop world  to walk around with.  

We all can see what’s there , ok  creationists can’t ,  but  sifting the invisible from the non existent is a fun task  and one which  makes me interested enough to stay awake for a while. 

*actually it’s my employers.

Iphone wordpress

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Input a post on the iPhone wordpress

Or read Galt’s speech ?

The latter. Seems quicker

iPhone, nah I bet no one else is talking about this.

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My Me 2.0 post

No rush  the I phone is coming out in the summer which is a cruel and heartless trick to play on the Q using public. Apple , though I have not seen anything other than the site (I’ll watch the keynote at home later in QT)  but the thought that’s made “no thought just do it”  an apparent reality is gratifying. I’ve not been having that great a day with technology  as it is.  

So the rumored Apple phone and Widescreen iPod just happen to be in the same body, add in a fully featured browser a top OSX and what we have here is technolust writ large. ( so much so I am not even going to indulge in carrier bashing)

K this phone has a glass cockpit , it’s just touchy touchy  and if Smith had dialed for help , say from a scriptwriter, in I Robot this iPhone would not have looked out of place.   They’ve taken one of the oldest actions  flipping through a rolodex or your record collection and brought it into gestures that  look natural.    The phone’s  “aware” of it’s orientation and function and changes the display accordingly, disables features you shouldn’t hit when on a call, moves to landscape mode at the same time you tilt it 

Whoopee a camera.. I’m a real downer on these since the kind of results you can get out of the space a lens has to go in  invariably sucks. I have a really neat Sony with Zeiss optics that you can see chromatic aberration on and it’s a GOOD dedicated camera of it’s kind costing more than the iPhone so  please just stop with the cameras  it’s the  “new digital clock on a smaller item” that seemed to sum up Japanese innovation in the 70’s 🙂

Connections?  Frankly I don’t care about the phone section at all. While the  iPhone uses quad-band GSM and  Cingular’s EDGE network, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 2.0  leave enough options to make this useful around the home  as a player, vid and organizer if someone can hack skype into it I am so there.

Storage, OMG  a mobile device that doesn’t come hobbled  with 64mb or 128mb  but a reasonable 4 or 8gb. Given Apple’s penchant for doubling the size of these in the first few iterations I’m not too concerned.

As for iTV  I need a raise, I need some kind of plan where pre tax  Apple purchases can be taken of my salary.. like a 401k  but maybe a 1024Mb?

What’s even cooler is Erin   was suitably geeked and cooing in all the right places : I had no sleep,   blocked head, unblocked bottom and  I need some sanity nap