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Come see the violence inherent in the system.. Sadly not a funny sketch

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Having seen too many  cases  of “if you don’t do anything wrong you have nothing to worry about”  I   encourage you to read this. Law enforcement has over taken the concept of peace officer.  Any interaction can quickly go wrong  if you forget  whose really the boss so disgression being the better part of valor and all there’s practically nothing to do about it but stay inside  keep the yard tidy:)

Unwarranted Violence by William Norman Grigg

Under existing judicial precedents, a police officer cannot be held criminally or civilly liable for failing to come to the aid of an individual citizen whose person and property are under criminal attack. However, police agencies across the country routinely discipline police officers who fail to fill their quota of traffic citations.

This may at first glance seem to be a spurious comparison. But consider it in light of the principle of opportunity cost as applied to the time budget of the typical patrol officer: Should he organize his time in such a way that he can be available to help a victim of violent crime, or in the best way to take advantage of “hot spots” for traffic violators, thereby making his quota and enhancing his prospects for lucrative overtime?

A given officer can be in only one place at a given time, after all, and each hour spent trolling for inattentive drivers represents an hour taken away from the task of “serving and protecting” the local population.

San Diego getaway: Sea World ( concentration park) immigration check points and other wonderful things by the sea shore

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Random jumble of thoughts from the weekend.

Erin and myself spent the last few days in San Diego, California.  While ostensibly for my birthday, which was in August, it was a family vacation.  Our aim was to take our progeny Dobhran to meet the Pacific Ocean as well as take in the Sea world park.  The journey to California was mostly uneventful and relatively close to the posted speed limit.  One thing that was annoying, an immigration checkpoint, an internal border checkpoint  the kind much beloved in every other country that’s not the USA ( if you’ve watched the movies from the ww2 and cold war era a point that was made quite clear) Had the same on the way back though this time with drug sniffing dogs..   thanks I like my family  being treated like suspects  it reminds me of the visit to Sea World,  Search the backpacks and then make you go through a scanner and provide a biometric from your fingerprint , er WTF  we just gave them over $100 for the privilege of entering their park and this is how they treat their guests.

Usual libertarian excuse follows.

They are perfectly within their rights to do so  just as we are to not attend. Sadly that would have  required a degree of respect from their side showing this to be the case prior to taking the money.  

I did write Sea world asking them how long they retained the information from the scans and what was stored with them alongside the general question of why they feel the need to do this.  It will be interesting to see if I even get a reply.

I also think the sea world has quite literally jumped the shark in terms of being anything other than an entertainment than educational establishment.  It seems that the trend in aquariums and zoos in general is to tell you   fairly little about the animal themselves and provide explicit detail on how  man is fucking up the planet I’m not sure that’s the correct way to go about this. Honestly, if people have a better understanding of ecology and to quote to Dirk gently.  “The fundamental interconnectedness of all things” we wouldn’t need a bully pulpit to tell us about our failings.  When we could be concentrating on the animal’s success in getting this far.

Hotels and parking

Erin found a hotel using Priceline which got us a good deal for the class of establishment.  We were staying in one major failing, however Priceline  fails to take into account the ancillary charges, such as parking, which was billed at over $16 a day.  Paying for parking in San Diego sucks, oh wait I’m assuming you found some to park in, but we did find a nice little loophole. By parking at the mall, close to a Ben & Jerry’s store, we could go eat in the gas light district and then return for the car several hours later and validate our parking by buying something from Ben & Jerry’s. Technically this is getting free parking, but that is not as cool as getting free ice cream. 

Next up.

The Food and the sea.

The divx mindset and circuit city loss prevention. Another case of stupid businesses attacking their customers.

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It’s that old DIVX mindset ( a competing lower quality  DVD system that nearly took out Circuit City due to their stunning hubris) is alive and well.  In short treating your customer’s as thieves is not going to be a winning strategy where we have the choice.  More on that in a moment.

I’ve written on this,   before  since it’s been one of the most annoying  dissonances I have between being in the USA where the idea of freedom is more appreciated than , holy fuck! we didn’t mean you to actuallyuse it!!!  and often I decline the offer to have my purchases made in line of sight from the checkout to the door  re examined..

Here’s another  fun account from one guy that is the new  “man bites dog”  e.g   “cops arrest the person being victimized”


Me: “Is there a problem?”
Joe: “I need to examine your bag and receipt before letting you leave this parking lot.”
Me: “I paid for the contents in this bag. Are you accusing me of stealing?”
Joe: “I’m not accusing you of anything, but I’m allowed by law to look through your bag when you leave.”
Me: “Which law states that? Name the law that gives you the right to examine my bag when I leave a Circuit City.”

Except that the law doesn’t.    He calls the police to have the store staff allow them to leave , legally, and is arrested for failing to  obey what looks like another , I don’t want to say illegal request since the cop can ask him to do anything, request to produce a driving licence etc.. when he’s not  driving. but you don’t need to. That’s what the law seems to state, doesn’t matter for all practical purposes the law = $45k a year law enforcers ( not peace officers ) at the application end.

In short the fiction that we’re better than the “commies” unt “nazis” because you don’t need papers to move around is just that  fictional. Have you tried to even  get in to a social security office these days?   With a kid, which they search, you they search plus you can’t have your phone,  mp3 player, drinks, food or other items your baby may need to be amused. This hostility towards “customers”  isn’t unrelated to the people that , after years of training at school to be good citizens,  are willing to  jump through any hoop demanded by those with a badge, be it federal, state or now a nametag asking you to inquire about their 0% for 18  months offer.

Either design the stores so that there’s no way out  or  , and since you really hate us going over to a Soviet model may be better,  just let us check boxes on forms we fill out on the way round your store,  we pay for it, you hand it over.

There’s nothing but display  this way you’ll see that most of your shrinkage is from your staff, and your staff’s friends. 

Onto the larger point the depressingly  large number of people decrying his actions.Why ? Other than point them out to be the complacent slugs they are what harm is he causing?   Less than the good I suspect that will come out of this. 

Ok on the customer choice part.  CC is a bad example  you can get around it, easily the town that sends  their cops out to arrest the law abiding (least seems that way to me) a much bigger question and one that most people don’t want to examine. It’s just SOOOO much easier , and reassuring to their ability to sleep, to blame it not on the activist than to come to the conclusion of just how little freedom they really have. 

I join the long list of amatuers. Cop busts 70 year old for grass ( the lawn arm of the law)

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After seeing two very different movies on the effect of wishing the world was other than it is,  both had the same tragic ending, dead kids I was quite down,  people often say it’s unimaginable to think about their offspring dying but sadly I have a very good imagination  and  damn I’m down this week.

 I had at work today re what I enjoy about blogging it turns out it’s the headlines  nearly all the puns and jokes I’m proud of are  stuck in the titles which suggests that most of the time I’d be better off twittering a link.

That’s not going to happen there’s still the mediocre part of me that will keep on doing this till every copy of “the cult of the amateur” ends up in a Fahrenheit 451 scenario and   the personification of the book immolated while bagpipe music  is heard nearby.

Little angry there:) Then  these gems come up so it’s back to my vigil in a wilderness of mirrors and another misguided attempt by the lawn arm of the law…

Daily Herald – Orem woman arrested, injured in lawn dispute

Perry said she learned a lesson as well.

“Be kinder. Be gentler. If the policeman tells you to stand on your head, do it,” she said.

What a nice lesson.  Actually it’s sadly a necessary and sane lesson , one that my lawyer friend is very keen on people following.  Being right , and  injured, isn’t much good and the time to address such ass hattery is after the fact. Challenging a law enforcement officer is  akin to coating your private parts in honey and wandering into a Bear’s den  shouting HONEY! I’m home   it’s not going to turn out well.

Taser’s aren’t just for Xmas they’re  for  8-80   and while I’ve changed my mind on the devices considerably I’m still worried about the operators behind them than the relative risks of being shot. Phoenix New times which is about the only investigative writing I’ve seen worth a crap in the Valley has a good series on them  and  like most technology there are good and bad uses for it. When it goes bad… it’s   “Why the fuck aren’t people out in the streets bad?”  then I look out our County sherrif ( Joe  Arpaio ) and realized that  if the FCC allowed it   we’d have prisoner’s being  abused for entertainment  on our local news channel. Ok  let me get this in proportion it’s not the one  cop that held the taser down for 84 seconds is nowhere near as scary as the support system that claimed that he was not wrong  in doing so.


The religion of peace meets protection by the state.. One can only guess at the results

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Seemingly the special units are needed because the average day to day policeman in the UK  has no interest in upholding their oath, boy do I know that feeling:)   These fucks need to either get out of the 15thC  or come up with their own version of the Springer show to resolve these matters.

Special units to crack down on honour killing | Society |

The changes come after Banaz Mahmod, a 20-year-old Kurd, was murdered by her father and uncle because they disapproved of her boyfriend who was not a strict Muslim and was not of their tribe.

She was found dumped in a suitcase, with the shoelace used to kill her around her neck. She had repeatedly told police her family were trying to kill her. In one instance where she had escaped from her father, she was not taken seriously, and described as melodramatic and manipulative by an officer who interviewed her.

Water .. water everywhere? and not a brain to think. More TSA Bullshit for daring to fly while parent

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On the whole people still are incredulous that I have a problem flying with the little one,

Update As usual all is not what it seems and here’s a post from Bruce Scneier’s blog with the “rest of the story…” I’m still not on the TSA’s side since most cases of BS only occur after a situation is created by “security theater” and ultimately a defense of “oh now look what you made us do” isn’t going to fly, much like anyone that has the nerve to challenge their “public” servants. In otherwords they can both be jerks:D

The incident started when Monica, who left the Secret Service to raise a family, was stopped while going through airport security because there was water in her son’s sippy cup. The sippy cup was seized by TSA. Monica wanted the cup back because the sippy cup was the only way her son would drink — and it was a long flight between Washington, DC and Reno, Nevada where she was going for a family reunion. If you’ve ever had a toddler you understand about sippy cups.

The good news is crap like this keeps happening and may lead to something really interesting in the future.These TSA people are community members too, I mean they have power in one little area of the world but hey there’s nothing that says we need to interact with them at any other time:) You know fix their cars, repair their house make really nice food:) More people have been terrorised , and if you don’t think that a threat to being tossed in jail and having your kid removed isn’t terrorism you have problems I can’t address presently, by these “experts” that have next to no accountability and yet 200 people will stand idly by and watch this abuse just grateful it’s not them.. Shit film this turn it into black and white and you could use this as a propaganda film against the enemy.. amazing what can go wrong in sixty years.. amazing.

Kindergarten Girl Handcuffed, Arrested, . I liked it better when pigs went oink

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Kindergarten Girl Handcuffed, Arrested At Fla. School – News

The kindergartner was booked in the Highland County jail and was charged with a felony and two misdemeanors.

Six year olds can be charged with felonies , interesting. It used to be that pigs went oink.. now it’s “you have the right” oh fuck that rights there has to be some questioning of a teacher that needs to have a man with a gun physically restrain a 6 year old way after the incident that allegedly occurred. e.g this wasn’t a berserker at risk to others or themselves this was adults , adults that we pay to run a school for behaviorally challenged kids , ( more detaill over here, acting in a manner that would seem to preclude their being around kids deciding that they wanted to show her whose the boss. If you can’t best a child and you’re career is helping, HA HA, kids you ought to consider a job, sadly the ideal job seems to require a time machine and a uniform change.

So initially why is the obedience to authority such a key point in the spate of kid arrests , handcuffing and tasing of pre teens? E.g most of these stem from you won’t do what we say therefore we will compel you , physically to obey, resist and we’ll throw in jail. What a great lesson.

SIX SIX SIX What’s next we start Kidmo and start potty crime trials?

The thing is the Old have less to lose, JBT’ tasers a honking Grandma

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It’s not control, it’s punishment   their chance to get back for all the ones they “know did it, just ..”   There’s no age that people in this country seem to think is immune from the “if you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to  fear, 11 year olds, 69  year olds   ,the 79’s they just shoot after making shit  up though in Atlanta there’s the tiniest bit of hope that those reponsible will do serious time in a pound them in the ass prison full of the  people they put there , time for Alanis to write another paragraph there I think .  Be nice if they could get the hell out of the way and go back to peace officers,   anything that doesn’t harm another is not a crime between adults of whatever legal age their society sets, ( though 21  for drink is nuts but  that’s ok it worked so well there’s no DUI problem, not after all this time, all these years,  nope the enforcement gets more frenzied and longer every year, sure they stop 1000 people but at the risk of using stats that I can’t back up with a link ,  the efficiency level of a dragnet , all stop versus ,selective   enforcement is pathetic.  IE 4% overall versus a much higher turnover when they go after, JESUS  I’ve had an idea  those exhibiting behaviour that would  give em that tenous probably cause that the court room theatre is their to play out.

 Sadly that’s not good enough for those risking their lives to light up the elderly, I mean to  patronize and annoy, er serve and protect.  

Rape victim is jailed on old warrant – And then , Insult to injury has a religious face.

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Rape victim is jailed on old warrant –

TAMPA, Florida (AP) — A college student who told police she had been raped was jailed for two days after officers found an old warrant accusing her of failing to pay restitution for a 2003 theft arrest.

While she was behind bars, a jail worker refused to give her a second dose of the morning-after contraceptive pill because of the worker’s religious convictions, the college student’s attorney said.

This is horrible on so many levels. The unimaginative response of the police is barely worth notice since it’s exactly the kind of shit you see day in/day out that one has to question the few bad apples argument.

Nope I am going to waste my time condemning the religious fucktard that seemed to think their role in the grand scheme of things is to look at WWJD and think, hey he’d lock her the fuck up for having the audacity to be raped and then deny her the free will that so many Christians love to tout as their acceptance of eternal damnation as a fair punishment. What if this person religious person’s believes included no medicine since it thwarts their god’s will? Oh wait no one would believe something that crazy, not like it’s sane like invisible men in the sky with an interest in your wellbeing.. your bestest pal that would sacrifice his only child ( rumor is the alimony to Eostre was cutting into so he had the Romans off him to make it look like an accident) just so you could treat a person in need in about the most despicable way possible without raping her again.

Why are the press claiming religious and then pointedly neglecting the enlightened sect that We were talking about abortion earlier tonight, but sadly It’s not retroactive, no seriously the problem I have is that all these people claiming it’s a holocaust, murder of the innocents the greatest crime etc are standing by and doing fuck all about it so one has to wonder how serious people are. Come on entertain us. Nail yourself to a cross in front of clinics, immolate for the infants! or even better call the cops and I’m sure they will be happy to taser you for your GAWD

This entry brought to you by anger transference from my day and the letters F U C and K and the number 23.