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Another Naked attempt at theft : Porn operators get dp’ed while the rest of us are downloaded upon: proposed Cali Fornication

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Now there’s always some insane plan by an elected “Daddy” for the people. While the article doesn’t give the bill number, AB 1956 and AB 2914, which is about par for the lazy ass press it was a wider attempt to grab cash than merely go after pron. The want beer, movie downloads, music downloads and just about anything that they don’t like. I hate this since the worse CA becomes the more people move here, bitched about the services they had in Ca then try to enact the same stupid measures here. The only obscenity is that putrid jizz stains like the congressman here has been allowed into that position by the people in the state. That he’s apparently willing to make up shit re the cost of policing suggests a somewhat “justifies the means” method is truly frightening.

News: Sex-shop owners fighting proposed 25 percent tax | tax, adult, strip, bill, business –

Sex shops and strip clubs would have to pay an extra 25 percent tax on their sales and services under a proposed state law meant to offset the costs of allowing such businesses into a community.

Here’s a better article , one that HAS, the bill numbers in it.

With all due respect M’aam One can bite me.

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 There’s one thing that I  can’t stand which is that there’s way more than one thing. There’s a myriad of things that I won’t stand for and in the truest sense of the phrase monarchy is one of them.

  Listen. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.

Loyalty oaths for kids are sad, really sad.  For adults it’s even worse as they should know better.  Despite the names changing to fit political expediency at the time ( Gee the British Royals changing their name  to something a lot less German) or the US pledge of allegiance which  added in the phrase “under god” in 1956 really are a part of the zeitgeist.    The obligation isn’t bi-directional  and  when you look at it from practical effects.     FED is your lord,   Tax payers are vassals and the difference between the two  is  better bookkeeping.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Pupils ‘to take allegiance oath’

If children refuse to take part, he added, “are they then going to be told or taught that they are somehow less British or less loyal or less patriotic?”  (   Seems to work that way out here in the colonies)