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Scribe Fire. Bye Bye / quick notes. A vlog, a malady and a bike magazine.

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That does it. One more crashed out post. I’m through with Scribefire.

11 years into the mass adoption of the Internet and we still can’t get the basics rights. You know not losing data:(

The post I lost. Bike review, My newest malady ( Gout) and a suggestion to go watch which is a Vlog about the art of motorcycle maintenance, zen may be optional since it comes from my homeland. Still I have always found most American media on motorcycles to be lacking. Way too many nice reviews and seems to not reflect the kind of high jinks that Performance Bikes in the UK gets up to. E.g if the bike is dangerous piece of crap it’s called such. The same bike in the USA is of course just fine.

Sierra missed? How real was the phantom menace of Locke in this bloggy horror word show?

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BBC NEWS | Technology | Blog death threats spark debate

Thought I would start out on the BBC since there’s about as much chance of a balanced treatment of this story as the President converting to Islam and setting all the calendars back to 16C. There’s nothing a nascent media form likes to do more than sit around discussing itself. Here’s the latest in a Golgafrincham like B’arking up the wrong tree which involves an old fashioned Feud between Kathy Sierra ( in her own words) and one of the accused Chris Locke So pull up a rubber ducky…

Tempest in a teapot seems to be the case but once you have an “unsympathetic” figure , Locke, whose charm to me has always been his robust dialog and his oh my god refusal to capitulate to the outrage from many bloggers that have wholeheartedly taken the allegations, or at least the version they read to be truth.The bigger the name the shriller the outrage that something they care so deeply about could be tarnished by the web being used for something other than the forces of good, e.g. good being employed talking to my friends about how cool they are and how much money they will make by solving the users need to have real time positioning of Pizza delivery tied to the current price of cheddar futures in 3d with real time updates to your phone:D

What it seems like is that people have taken the bad behaviour , real or perceived as real ,and then used it gauge themselves a few points below it.In real terms causing the same kind of unfounded hostility that sparked this whole match. ( if I read one more idiot claim that violence towards women is especially heinous .. ignorant fucks violence against anyone not directly initiating force against you is wrong but it’s nice that they “care”. )

The part where it comes down to .. we need a code of ethics , there’s a right way to blog and ….aarg expect a slough of chicklets,badges and car ribbons to appear based on this incident as well as more gatekeeper’s to make sure we’re doing it right.

All things that I find myself taking the contrarian position on since ignoring the main parties involved the followers are about as intolerant , ain’t it always the way, as the issue they purportedly march against it looks like we already have a defacto code in place where anything other than complete obeisance to the mob is considered an admission of guilt. He’s a witch burn him, burn him.

Out of all the threads/blogs on this matter this one illustrates the arguments involved and some of the personalities I’ve obliquely referenced above and hey some defense for Rageboy just to keep you amused.

Sorry about the feed mess:)

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Well I have been trying to find a site that lets me post to my main blog all the items that are interesting to me yet I’m not going to post fully on, it’s my web Me too Oh look what I found filter.

Normal service will resume soon.,

Blogging Services (106 sites) : Web 2.0 Directory : eConsultant []

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Original post by haltse and software by Elliott Back

just rants..

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I can’t cite the source yet but this one is too good to pass up. 4 men in a bar where arguing about whether they would be going to heaven or hell. One produced a shotgun and was going to find out, brief scuffle and oops, dead person and one wounded.

Trapped miners. Hey I was wrong, this happens so rarely that I’m almost breaking out the crystals and getting myself a power pyramid. I’m happy they are safe. I am not happy that the media bestows the appellation hero on anyone now that seems to live, or die, or in fact does anything out of the ordinary. As ever I’m totally pissed at this being seen as further proof that prayer works, geez if this fucks would get a little creative and think to ask IN ADVANCE to avoid being trapped under a pile of rocks maybe this could all be avoided? Maybe we could get a team of prayer warriors to work out just how many people praying for how long could save an area how large it would not only lead to a new branch of “deiomatics ” but if found to be a renewable source of energy we could even power cars., Anyone that has owned a Ford Ranger has likely invoked some higher power* to get the fucker to start on a warm day ..

Also why was the last occasion the “Busch” twins decided to try and get a drink so poorly publicized? heck it escaped me until I heard a comedian ( the oh so talented thunderbird model Greg Proops) rip into them. Advert time. You can get a year of Proop dogs’ abuse at the world at Anyone that likes audio books will love this site. Put it this way It’s about a quarter of the price than buying on cassette or CD.

Oh referals under haltse would not hurt 😉

*note in my case the higher power was a repair shop in GA.

37… Clerks

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Another weekend in the frying pan. The place where it’s hard not to get involved in consumerism when you have an AC habit to feed. Plans for today, Feed Cakey, she just shed and is on the lookout for the next meal. Make holes in paper remotely , and probably go watch 90 mins of dick and fart jokes , no not visiting friends 🙂 , going to see Austin Powers. Reviews have pointed out the puerile and sophomoric nature of the jokes… Well Duh!!!