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Weak end and recording fun ( yeah finally I’m producing podcasts)

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Ok  let me first dispense with the maladies.  After a shot at the Dr’s and a  pill ( singulair) and a nose spray  to free up my nose I woke up SORE the day after to which I attributed to Erin 🙂 Sadly that wasn’t the case and over the next few days  nearly every muscle when  resistance is applied to it hurts.  Couldn’t open dishwasher,  get in a couple  of doors in the house  lift  coffee pot without both hands etc.. Less than happy.. Thankfully I am getting my grip back. 

Losing my grip.  Nearly did that last night.   I was helping out a friend that has a book coming out   record a podcast / vidcast. So I thought . The c0-author brought along a camera person that has no camera, no back up and  eschewed my  rather much better 3ccdDV  to shoot on D8, I shit you  not. ( i’ve nothing against d8 other than I don’t have a fucking deck to import it with)   Using onboard sound. That was enough fun  but NO   he had a vision!   Handheld camera for the hour, compressors HATE hand held , did I mention my cam as OIS?, and then ran out of the only tape.  

Sometimes you know the most interesting thing is the subject matter and not those creating it 🙂    For my part I mic’ed up the two people with lavalier mics and  used the Zoom h4 to record and what a nice job it did too. The Zoom is a pain in the ass in the field , I had everything set up , then boom battery warning came on,  replaced those but all the settings had defaulted.Anyway a separate article on that follows. Hands are once again tired.

Seasons greetings from Dobhran and his keepers

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kiss my bitter ass

Do you believe in peace? Bitch!

Ok so the Tori reference is lost on most of you but take a look at the servers side of the table. Tipping is an emotive issue for many, just like illegal immigrants ,yet most of the more annoying people I know with an opinion on both subjects are the cheap bastards that take advantage of both situations. Let’s just say that I tip well but my garden and car are a mess.
I bet you didn’t know we’re at war with the hospitality industry did you 😉

By the way there’s a special area in my hell for anyone that tips a waitress with a Christian tract that looks like a dollar..

So Close

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Nope it’s not just the title of a rather interesting “chixploitation” Martial arts /matrix HK mov it was a good review of my day at work.. I feel like I am living in a Slartibartfast “joke”

The movie is well worth the two hours , if Asian females kicking ass appeals , Yes the story is ridiculous, the physics implausible, but it wouldn’t have taken these women a sequel to Kill Bill!

Tonight was a fun night, attended my monthly AA meeting, yep I’ve been spirit free for .. ever:) So a group of non theists gather with like minded individuals for a few hours a month to laugh at the 80 plus percent of people that are seemingly losing the “War on Christmas” to us when we don’t have a god in that race .

Mostly the topic revolved around Google and their perceived, and in others opinon unassailable ,hegemony over the web: This goes back to an earlier discussion I had on a friends blog with regards to a movie called “Epic 2015” which was a brief history of the web to present day and projecting forward to the year 2015 where Google trumps old media and we all live happily ever after in an EFF approved “E-Topia”

I don’t buy it, sadly the reference escapes me I’m not sure if I got the thought from a Searls’ post or comments spawning from the recent discussion on “Saving the net” but maybe I’ll back fill that info when it crosses my mind again .. Google is not an efficient way of buying advertisements. That doesn’t mean that their CPM isn’t a better bang for the buck than other forms of media it certainly seems to be ..It’s just not given that this is a sustainable model.

On a gut level I can tell you that adverts in my Gmail, and on many of the sites I visit are totally irrelevant. When I do get a hit, the hit’s are for people I have heard about. So maybe I shop in a weird manner? Is it axiomatic Google will solve that step? Maybe we should search on Altavista for the answer:D The point I don’t have the time to make properly 🙂 When more efficient ways to advertise appear you need less of it, put away the shotgun and pull out the laser rifle. Advertising to eyeballs is out.. Try engaging our brains.

In the can’t wait for Santa Department..

Get Back in the Box : Innovation from the Inside Out

Feeling pleased

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Yes at long last I have managed to breakthrough a personal barrier. Mr Cz and I have been engaged in a psychological war now for at least 3 months. Today though:) I showed the little fucker whose boss. 10 yards, using cheap ammo all the shots made it into the 8 or better, Actually one 8 , five tens and 4 nines.. Does happy dance. Followed up with another few magazines and all in all today was a good day lead directiing, changed the Bug’s oil then came home.

That for me is productive:)


Clint Eastwood is full of shit!!!

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Nah he’s not. I just needed a catchy title, much as I enjoy the films of Mr Eastwood I would like to state for the record that you can’t accurately drop 6 rounds from a 44 mag on target in the manner demonstrated within his fine ouevre of Dirty Harry and associated pictures. Yes today was one of those days where extreme action had to be taken on the range. Not only was I feeling like a love sick Vogon captain but sadly I had no one to order out off air-locks.

Yeah so I bought myself the equivalent of a Miata in practicality terms, though people seem less likely to laugh at it for some reason? 🙂 Anyway my depression was lifted by an afternoon bossing little bits of paper around remotely.

Who-Song and Larry’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina should you ever be in Portland is capable of not only providing decent Tequila and Mexican munchies it is to day the only time that wacky entertaining waiting staff actually worked, while neither may be the pinnacle of culture this place should be Video taped and sent to every TGI, TJ o pootertoots and Chili’s with a warning to not to attempt anything amusing until they get this good!. Saxaphone and 2 guitars are the accompianment to the live guacamole preperation that takes place table side, sung along to the tune of Woolly Bully with some harranguing of the neighbouring Chart house customers over the fence. If you want a quiet meal in this place I suggest you reconsider 🙂