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Main stream tedia bashing post. Pit bull attacks kid internet to blame.

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It would be nice if every crime, malady or take this story from what I consider the bottom tier of reporting  US Local reporting at the city level.This story is on a national feed based solely on the mechanism that allowed people to purchase the dog that went on a biting spree.

The real story is that had this been sold from a classified in the newspaper’s owned by the TV station it would have gone unheralded. Just  about everything you see reported against CL is from the people that didn’t just have their lunch stolen but turned up at the grocery store to find a black smoking hole.

CL has it’s faults but were they are indistinguishable from say the same advert on a supermarket notice board or, and I know this would be a rare one ,from a paid classified ad in a newspaper it shouldn’t be the headline of the story.

Sanyo HD100. A curious camcorder because it takes a dump on an entire line.

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SANYO :: Digital Cameras :: VPC-HD100 High-Definition Camcorder

When I was in need of a quick pocket camera to go on vacation I stumbled on this at Walmart,the camera seems to be exclusive to them, for a considerable sum under the usual selling price.  A few days before I bought a cheap point and shoot Panasonic which also has a video function.

No matter how much I read about the acceptable nature of crappy sound and video online the garbage coming out of my sanyo hd100r  would seem to be taking the piss.  Why even make such a lo-end piece of crap  at the risk of poisoning your brand?  ( Thankfully I paid nowhere near the msrp but it’s not hard to see why.. ) 

It’s autofocus hunts for faces like Cheney and then pulls the trigger at the incorrect time. It’s hideous at capturing indoors without a spare nightsun(the lights you get on the bottom of helicopters) and it’s not so hot with movement during daylight.  It’s garbage.  The panasonic tz5 on the other hand does 720, it’s HD, can focus ,and works in lower light and it’s a  point and shoot camera that does video. The Sanyo is a video camera that can do stills, er no it can’t since they too suck.
Why even compete at the crappy end? There’s nothing here that makes me want to try a better Sanyo, all they’ve done is out crapped the market at a higher price than Aiptek.

As much as I hate DRM, Disney’s found a way to make it SUCK More. Pay them more, and you still can’t watch the fucking movie.

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It’s amazing that the genius of Pixar’s use of technology can by waylaid by such a dogmatic adherence to treating their customers as pirates via by way of Disney’s distribution .I’m referring to the digital copies,that we pay extra for, not  coming with the requisite codes to enable us to use them. From what I’ve read online we have to prov that we bought the disk,mess around with the mail , yes the real mail with stamps and white van, and wait for them to decide if we’re believable or not before graciously allowing us to use that which we paid for.

We’ve bought every Pixar movie on release date, seen every movie on release date and have spent an embarrassing amount of money on Cars , and other movie, memorabilia for our son. This  bullshit has sufficiently damaged my view of things Disney to the point that Kennedy Space Center rather than Disneyworld is looking like the preferred destination for our son’s 4th birthday.

Irony?  They think we’re thieves yet we paid for an item that’s not present and in a sane world circumstances wouldn’t the company responsible for the error apologize for the oversight rather than make the public jump through a pile of hoops? Customer Discussions: Wall-e missing digital copy code!!!

Me Me MEme it’s all about me! That’s maybe what the social engineers want you to think.

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The porn-star name meme cometh.

That people like to help people and will give out all kinds of information that they shouldn’t is fairly well established. What’s not so well established, at least by the common usage of marketing and SMD types is the term “viral meme” which has been denigrated to include just about any tell a friend promotion or user generated content that’s been slapped together.

For once the term viral meme may be appropriate in the case of the porn star name meme that’s going the rounds on Twitter.

Security Alert: Twitter Porn Names Scam – PC World

It could be simple human error, but it’s also possible that this security hole is an example of truly sneaky social engineering.

In short people are being asked to provide  biographical data such as the name of the street they grew up on,your mother’s maiden name, place of birth or your favorite pet for the grand payoff of concatenating your porn star name for you to post proudly to Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you think this ephemera will soon be forgotten. Except that it wont be.

A virus, ( let’s leave Mimi out of this for now) can’t reproduce itself and to survive it transmits it’s message  using the resources of the host cell or in this case the message that wraps it up.   Seriously would you just send that out onto the web if you had no payoff? 

Memes are ideas, concepts, beliefs and thoughts that are transmitted verbally or by repeated action and can move through a ‘culture’ in a manner similar to a virus.

Do you see why most items masquerading as “viral marketing” are bullshit?  You know what the marketer wants and are often better able to identify it than they are:) That’s not viral it’s an ugly bug that needs to be squashed once and for all.

MSM takes another swipe at new media. Those swines!

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Seemingly the people that missed the lack of WMD’s, the mortgage, credit and soon to be commercial real estate crisis need you to think that they are still the gatekeepers of the truth.  The real story may be that gaining your health information from 140 characters  rather than one media corporation  can be just as inaccurate. Put it this way they let anti-vaxxers onto CNN prime time as well as any fad diet a bo toxed twig that acted is hawking this week.

Swine flu creates controversy on Twitter –

Daily show’s Stewart in baby – candy altercation. Related charges of hunting fish in a barrel still pending.

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Better Living through Software » Blog Archive » Jon Stewart is an Ass

I’m a contrarian by nature so it comes as no shock that while I make no secret that I enjoyed the Cramer train wreck as entertainment I wasn’t a huge fan of the message that was sent.I’ve heard this message echoed back in the office that the Daily Show is about the only place to get real news. Really 🙂  Here’s a more realistic evaluation from “Better living through software”  blog.

If it took a Jon Stewart show for you to realize that Cramer is a clown, you are not the sharpest pencil in the box, and you have no right to feel smug.

You can see it in the comments on the original post,that people seriously believe that this is a credible venue for news/analysis. Throughout this mess no one seriously has questioned why 401k’s  exist in the first place.Talk about benefits, entitlements are a real distraction from the main issue. We were forced into 401k’s, to use professional money managers , hah! and to pay for the retirement of others or pay a penalty for arranging our own security.  Until we get back to basics on why we need an intercessionary relationship between our labor and future security it doesn’t matter who plays piggy in the middle.

Don’t tell mom the babysitter’s making shit up. 4 year olds armed and a little dangerous

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I’m calling fanciful bullshit on this one.   

That must be a really light and small shotgun because I’ve had experience being  young with them.  A four year old that  holds that kind of grudge is ,  well sorry. I’d like to know more about these witnesses because the idea of a 4 year old  shouldering and aiming  a  20g that’s not a youth size is pretty   frigging suspicious, that there are many teens present.. Let’s just say  the reports elsewhere claim  a 4 year old ,  got mad,  got a shell,  got a gun , put them together and boom.  

Let’s  see how this  turns out:)

breaking news – national news – world news –

JACKSON, Ohio (AP) — Police say an angry 4-year-old Ohio boy grabbed a gun from a closet and shot his baby sitter. Nathan Beavers, 18, was hospitalized Sunday with minor wounds to his arm and side after the shotgun attack. Police say another teen was also injured.

More crap on the unimportant crap. The e-how rather than the why of Indian terrorist attack

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I know the name , least what’s widely believed to be,  of the first "murderer" that was outrun by radio  Dr Crippen. People like to tie the new  with the  very very old  but usually it’s in the other direction E.g  look at how these infernal machines are aiding those with malice in their mainframe to carry out. 
Would driving a  car get the same attention?  How about using a camera? Is it more newsworthy if it’s silver halide or CCD that captures the  image?   Radio type   or something else?    Oo let’s scare people with  VOIP  not only  does it not let 911 know where you are (rtfm)  it’s now enabling decades old dispute in a new manner that’s just so so so hard to have envisioned prior to its adoption.
VOIP is not the challenge  it’s made out to be here.  Impossible?  Impossible to intercept    surely some mistake unless there’s a whole load of forgetting about India’s tussle with Rim. India wanted to monitor the Blackberry network and got that concession.
I’m also  rather  less impressed with stories on how  highly trained they are.  I must  be missing something here since shooting a passive crowd    and lobbing grenades  at the same time in different locations doesn’t seem to be on my list of hard to conceive plots. 

"Definitely they were trained,” said a masked officer of the force.

”Not everybody can fire AK-series weapons.

”Using such weapons and explosives, it is obvious they were trained somewhere.

Do you have a spare 10 minutes?   Ak’s are famous for their robustness when used by  irregulars, nades, baseball!  as for the explosives I  have no idea but they always kept me away from that safe  Oddly enough the  reporting in realtime that provided this alleged  edge is not considered to be an inappropriate use of technology.. weird that.
Mumbai terrorists’ most powerful weapon: VoIP phones | Computerworld Blogs

The Times reports that the handlers were communicting with the attackers using VoIP phones that made it difficult, if not impossible, for the Indian authorities to intercept the calls, or even know they were taking place.
Here’s how the Times explains it:…

Is it just my memory that lasts longer than 30 second commercials? Bloomberg is vocal the responsibilities of public figures that are not elected:)

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Don’t get me wrong there has to be consequences  for carrying a loaded firearm into a nightclub that is discharged. Like a hole in the leg, pain and maybe the end of your athletic career. Still that’s not good enough  we really have to show em:)  Shame that the  same zeal doesn’t apply to those that enforce the laws

Hospital suspends worker who failed to report NFL star’s gunshot –

Bloomberg, who has long fought against illegal gun ownership, said public figures “make their living because of their visibility. They are the role models for our kids, and if we don’t prosecute them, to the fullest extent of the law, I don’t know who on Earth we would. It makes a sham, a mockery of the law.”

One word answer…..


Someone with Brainnns tackles the problem of sprinting zombies

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I really enjoyed Sean of the Dead and wasn’t disappointed by hot fuzz either   so it’s nice to see that a pretty good case is made for those lacking in  “dead cred”    a la Michael Jackson  leaving   zombies the hell alone.     Tis a fun read. No mention of Joco though..

Simon Pegg on why the undead should never be allowed to run | Media | The Guardian

I know it is absurd to debate the rules of a reality that does not exist, but this genuinely irks me. You cannot kill a vampire with an MDF stake; werewolves can’t fly; zombies do not run. It’s a misconception, a bastardisation that diminishes a classic movie monster.

Didn’t Eris warn you ? This time she’s taking the Mickey

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Video – Breaking News Videos from

I knew we’ were f’ed but this is ridiculous. Bush will come on economy.

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It’s so hard to pick a side when both should lose.

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Seemingly poor manners in public are worth millions. This sad story has the arguably most doable preacher’s wife ( Look I tried to put it delicately but the competition isn’t that great) of a Texas mega church accused of impoliteness to a flying waitress*. She was fined $3k back in 2006 so we can assume something valid happened but to the point where someone launches multi million dollar claim? For loss of faith? Love to see how you attach a monetary value to that because I’d like to know. I’d like to write the check for that part. $0.00

Witness: Mega-preacher’s wife threw tantrum –

Her psychiatrist, Shayna Lee, testified that Brown has suffered depression and post-traumatic stress disorder because of the incident. She also felt disrespected in her role as a leader and as a black woman and had her faith affected, Lee said.

Position of leadership? Black woman? How the hell is she diminished , especially the latter, to the point were a real financial loss occurred? This is just two grown women acting like brats. The christian thing to do would be to smite each others family and just leave it at that:)

Doogie Howser WMD aka Dr Horrible’s sing along blog

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Fans of things Whedonesque  have got a lot to be thankful for.  This show may be instructive on proving that  Unions still have a use 🙂 That point is  that whenever a sea change in technology ,be it media or  improvements to manufacturing , education ( yeah right)  they  are always present in the role of societal Canute.   I will grant you their role had value back in the early days but    in the latter half of the 20C it’s been all about maintaining their power from that point  on , the organization  uber alles.  I digress but this show is a product of the WGA  strike and rumblings on  who gets paid  what  in relation to online content from both sag and aftra.  There’s a great post on that here from the closest thing to an objectivist I think you’ll find in media ( I saw closest as I am agnostic about their existence;)  

Anyway this is a mini web series , three episodes, and other than  note that anyone I know  already has this , so , so   who the hell am I telling?   Frak that .  

Think live action Venture brothers with a tad of Pinky  tossed in.  Seeing Captain Mal, er Hammer  again  rocks as the “good “  guy that wants to take the heroine  on a tour of a VW’s rear , you know somewhere uncomfortable was great. It’s not like most web shows , ephemeral to the power of mayfly   , you truly can  watch  and sing along more times that may be healthful:)   Don’t be horrible,  buy this , don’t rip it off as I want to see more, more more!

Prescott neighbors fighting water tank, cell tower and reality. Pulls out For the children, Terrorists and other BS reasons

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I love the nimby crowd, the people that  want to save the world but..  are too busy to even save themselves from coming off as people  that had  an entirely reasonable objection to the construction but just couldn’t leave it at that.  Oh no we have to make this into something  bigger. Something stupid.

We were planning a move to Prescott   or Payson , somewhere with a P at least,and it’s nice to see that  they have the same proportion of nuts that Phoenix has.

Reasons not to have water in the desert.

• The metal tank might collapse in an earthquake or be blown up by terrorists. (  seismically unlikely , not impossible. I can’t see the houses being unharmed by any  quake that takes out the tank) Terrorists?  Oh get bent. The “real”  terrorists are too busy running speed cameras and checking lawns for improper  growth.

• A youth camp below the tank could be inundated, with kids dying. (that’s one big tank to have water high enough to drown kids)

• Homeowner insurance in the area doesn’t cover flood damage.( then buy some, it can RAIN you know. )

• Cellphone transmitters emit dangerous radio waves. ( prove it )

• The antenna cluster might be hit by aircraft or require an unsightly beacon to warn pilots. (  yeah  another  20 ft or so makes the difference)

• Increased water pressure could burst pipes in local homes. ( maybe, a tiny amount, but  aren’t the homes  built to code? 😉

• Use of explosives could crack residential walls. ( depends where they are)

• The whole thing will obscure “viewsheds,” places with scenic or historic value. ( like? )

Prescott neighbors fighting water tank, cell tower

As you can  see mostly  BS reasons. The article is great and you can get gems such as this.

“It’s proven that our property values will decline 30 percent if that 85-foot cell tower goes up. . . . I got that on the Internet.”

Yeah  well there’s lots of things you can  get online including unsolicited abuse. Bullshit 100%  craptastically  untrue.

I love that the people that pay the state are at war with them and have to pay the price in taxes to the city whose  attorneys fight against you..  It’s cool , fricking cool you have to admire how good this system is  .. for those that run it:D