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Slow-mo Dobh meets Casio’s time expansion machine

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Trying an embed from a video service I work on.

There’s no sound , feel free to whistle along.

hey iPhone video can we hear you now? Owle solves two large issues re iPhone video.

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Anyone that improves sound capture, stability and control of the main function of a camera ( the amount of lighting getting in) are friends of mine, at least in the Facebook sense.

Owle, not a Pixar sequel, is an acronym for Optical Widgets for Life Enhancement  housing that allows you to add additional lenses, an inbuilt mic,add lighting and stability to your iPhone 3gs which markedly improves real time video gathering  while remaining hand held portable. Why write what you can see

It’s pretty obvious  how much the viewer stands to benefit from this platform ,YEP  that’s the viewer. Local company too   : )

I’ve often thought of the iPhone as being a glorified controller that just happens to make phone calls.

Goodnight Burbank .. Good morning Abigail’s X-rated Teen diary

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I’m hoping the title’s enough to draw you in.  Tired of  scripted manipulation of your emotions passed off as real?  Check out this heartbreaking condition Abigail is dealing with and I hope to hell soon that there’s a cure 🙂

Abigails X-Rated Teen Diary » Home Page

Sp eh! ce the final frontier. Galacticast Sci Fi news, parodies and comic books , videogames and other visual geekery

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Ze Frank and THE Frank  totally priceless.  GALACTICAST presents The Ducky Horror Picture Show

Just one of the many well executed parodies from the duo that comprise Galacticast.     This is yet another way not paying for cable has led to some fun new material which unfettered by  focus group, fcc, and budget( you sometimes get way more creative  without an fx budget )  is consistently funny  to the point that SNL  and Mad TV  should teleport themselves into the nearest star out of embarrassment. 

A scottish comedian not called Billy , bollocks you say..

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St Patrick’s Day Secrets Revealed

Actually not too bad on the whole though way too kind to the Irish for my bigoted tastes in this piece. Besides if it’s not Scottish, it’s crap. 😉