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oh my a bad case of wind. Ducati Multistrada mirror falls off in use.

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Took the bikes out the other day. I’m currently on a Ducati Multistrada S which is meant to be suitably impressive. I don’t think they got their reputation from their mirrors though. ( I’ll get into the pulsing braking at low speed and the impressive heat generation under my cans, from the cans later but not never the insanely bad handling in sidewinds)

The wind. The stock mirror was broken from the bike at under 100mph by wind, nothing hit me the bloody thing just sheared off and flopped atop my right hand, you know the braking and accelerating one, causing interesting moments. Will be a fun chat with dealer on Monday

No Country for Old Men and a new bike.

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Other than a full endorsement to go see this movie I seriously suggest you don’t read any  reviews until doing so but  if  you must you may as well start here.  It’s  the palate cleanser one needed after Grendel’s outing and the people leaving “No Country…”  well let’s just say the ending is exactly the type I enjoy , ergo most hate for reasons I’m not going to get into this week. No Country for Old Men (review)

Here’s the thing about Joel and Ethan Coen: they can make anything, absolutely anything, intensely profound and deeply weird — and weirdly deep — and cruelly magnificent all at the same time.

Additionally I have swapped rides from cruiser to sports tourer.   I’ve gone retro with a 96 Kwak GPZ1100 which I have to say is  at 3.5 on my scale of five for motorcycle speed

really fast
eep inducingly fast
brown trousers time fast
Insanely fast  ( a la sausage creature)

On the way  home I had two cop cars tailing me.  I think I passed that truck just a tad too fast,   after they saw that I spotted, slowed and  drove saintly for a couple of miles they went on their merry way.  

 So good bike, good movie and a pretty good meal. 🙂

I love timing

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 Fun day,   took the Meanie to work ( that’s a 1600 V twin Kawasaki that’s really not nearly as mean as they make out)   and since it was  one of the  Employee appreciation days  ,  we break around midday to  either go bowling, movie, eat and sometimes two out of the three. Today was bowling and while  the the team I was with had a great first round we dumped the second set.    Usually after these  events people wander home early , or on time if you start at 0700,  so I took a trip to see a BMW F800s that was for sale  and to get a trade in price for one. Walk in the door,  my boss is standing there  with…  the very bike I’d came to see already in the bag so no F800 for me.  I was also looking for trousers since tending to Creddy’s  road rash has made me appreciate non sucky gear even more than previously.

I am  selling the  Meanie,  it’s a great  short distance  bike, you know  cruising 40-50 miles, stop , drink, yap,  repeat   but it’s not me. It’s stable , really stable at speed , sounds amazing and tis so shiny that la gazza ladra is after it. 

 I’m   stuck in two camps  I love speed and I love comfort  and on the whole prefer to leave the chain behind and go  shaft  which most of my bikes have had.   I’ve had a chain  come off and whip round just missing leg and one  come off when cornering on a roundabout and lock the rear wheel  (since I’ve since had a kid the accident didn’t do any perm damage. The 1st   i can attribute to  poor maintenance ( hey I was  12)  the second  was just dumb luck ( bad type)  so here we have the F800 which appears to fulfill my  long distance, speedy and stoppy sensations and not cost an arm and a leg plus they had an offer in OCT for low finance for the very model that they won’t have in for a bit. Still I’ll get to see “my” bike at work 

BMW Motorcycles: Bikes: F 800 S

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The trip to Baghdad on a meanie (that’s AZ Baghdad)

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One of the amusing things about Americans

is their belief that geography is a strong point of theirs as long as you’re restricted to world superpowers of which they consider the number to be one.  And guess who is considered to be a superpower?  Last week Erin, myself and a group of motorcyclists took a drive up to Baghdad , the one in Arizona, in a bid to better understand how our motorcycles perform while obeying all posted speed limits.

This being my first time out on the cruiser outside of the city or the freeway system and it was quite interesting to have more than one corner going in one direction slowly.  It is also interesting to see how much one forgets over a decade  and what used to be a no brainer, e.g  act don’t think  is now sadly being retarded by ego trying to keep itself in one collected place…  Oddly that the nearer death we are the more we think there’s to lose and thus try to avoid it further..  Ok the fat ass, I mean Meanstreak really does brake , steer and pull out of hilly twisty corners way better than something that size should be able to, it’s not the most comfy thing to date but we did about 300 miles that day and woke up without new aches the day after but I am getting ahead of ourselves  here.

There really is a café in Baghdad.

Talk about your captive audiences.  One of the things that Erin and myself have often talked about is running a small café  e.g  a breakfast and lunch establishment in a small remote town and then coming up with a rather interesting menu that would not be expected in such a location.  The miners café in Baghdad does not require much through a review  other than to say that the food did not make us sick.  And it’s amazing what you can buy at Sam’s Club when you have a catering business. In other words, this was the kind of meal being phoned in by people who would probably rather be doing things other than serving meals.  Yet, looking around the town I was puzzled by what that could possibly be. Seriously, and proving that many true word is spoken in jest.  The best part about Baghdad is the road in which by happy coincidence is also the road out.

All in all it was fun riding with the group for the first time and we will do it again if we can trick someone into looking after our wonderful child

Next to security theater the next thing I detest is Auto purchase theater. Our attempt to buy a motorcycle at Town and Country Motorsports.

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This isn’t car purchase theater but it involves wheels and salespeople so it’s about the same thing.  Erin’s convinced that the way to save money on her commute is to acquire a motorcycle and reap the lovely lovely  rewards of 50mpg returns for the gas dollar.  It’s also massively hot outside and for some reason she wants to be a speedy baked potato.   So that being said let’s look at the bikes that fit her and he short inside seam.

Suzuki Sv650, Katana, GS500  and Kawasaki’s 650 ninja ( just ask it) and everything else  would need  a drop kit or surgery for her to work.  So  we kinda have a limited range of choice and these are mostly good sensible choices.  The Gs500 is a little too sedate and  it’s   the kind of woman you’d sleep with if none of your friends found out.   In the end the SV has the best features/ price mix and we found one at  Town & Country Motorsports on Arizona Ave in Chandler. Last years model discounted $1700 and  all in all it was worth having a discussion on whether we buy it or not. ( I want to ride it too and my last bike was in the same class and a boat load  of fun)   We went to lunch, called the dealer and this is where it started to go downhill.  Wouldn’t give a price over the phone which to me is just odd.  “Hey I want to bring a cashiers check / cash to buy a bike  how much?” Sorry   can’t tell us..  unless we go back..

We went back.  The out the door price on the bike priced at $4499 on the floor was $6150  which included the usual doc fee poop  delivery and then setup fee.  Too high, so buying theater starts.  They want to see that I have a credit card so they can show it to their boss to show we’re into buying the bike.. HA fucking HA  Sorry I called them on mind games, referenced a book on the subject and suggested that we forgo the bullshit and  give an answer to our offer.  Well the offer we made was +$100 for home delivery  ( we’re both sitting our licenses in July , in the heat because  you can add Scots and wherever the fuck Erin’s from  to the list of things out in the midday sun.)  Offer came back as accepted as the price that had delivery included   to one, that didn’t and I think we had to clarify that that point with them. At this time   the game was over,  and the salesguy told that for the sake of $100 they’d lost the sale and that we’re leaving.  Erin rather enjoyed the look on his face because I’ve  just fucking had it with people that can’t deal honestly with me.  By all means tell us that it’s not reasonable offer and  either sell us something else or part on good terms , we may be back to buy something larger, faster more expensive:D  Idiots. 

But no , somehow the idea that  I can’t find out what the price is , nor the finance options or sample figures for  payments/time of loan is piss poor customer service and I can only surmise that bike shops are not hurting for sales.