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What’s in the customer service (otter)box? Or why “by default” isn’t a customer service ethos.

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Slow-mo Dobh meets Casio’s time expansion machine

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Trying an embed from a video service I work on.

There’s no sound , feel free to whistle along.

Yet another CL scam and why I hate affiliate programs that don’t vet their agents.

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There should be a show were people that fight computer crime use guns, baseball bats and other implements of destruction on the detritus that try to scam the populace.

I’m selling a car,trying to,presently on Craigslist which leads to the kind of interactions with people I’d rather not have. People that are possibly worse to deal with than car sales types.

Apart from the usual people that want to buy the car for $1000 less than posted without even looking it over, those that want to come tell you why it’s crap and that they don’t like the brand, those that want to buy it for a college student and expect a six year old car to carry the kind of guarantee that a new one would etc  and  the most interesting?  A ,can I politely say, less than  mentally capable person that doesn’t –even- have a driving license showing up at the door at 2130 ( 9 30  at night for those of you that can’t add twelve) unannounced that we didn’t give the address out to which is kind of spooky. Not a fan of this guy to say the least.

I still have the car and some information on a new scheme/scam.  Person mails me, asks some info and to arrange to see car.I send it. They then say oh prior to me coming out can I get some idea of the auto insurance via this site.  Auto insurance tips dot com,but the link went to tamiesunshine144 .blogspot . com and then redirected with the affiliate ID to the insurance site.  E.G., trolling for affiliate commissions.

CL is turning in Ebay and it’s usefulness is only possible when using a third party to search it when you are looking for something specific though as a means of exposing yourself to jerks it’s first class.

hey iPhone video can we hear you now? Owle solves two large issues re iPhone video.

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Anyone that improves sound capture, stability and control of the main function of a camera ( the amount of lighting getting in) are friends of mine, at least in the Facebook sense.

Owle, not a Pixar sequel, is an acronym for Optical Widgets for Life Enhancement  housing that allows you to add additional lenses, an inbuilt mic,add lighting and stability to your iPhone 3gs which markedly improves real time video gathering  while remaining hand held portable. Why write what you can see

It’s pretty obvious  how much the viewer stands to benefit from this platform ,YEP  that’s the viewer. Local company too   : )

I’ve often thought of the iPhone as being a glorified controller that just happens to make phone calls.

An amusing title. Akamai is bringing “HD” to the iPhone. How would we know?

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Today’s “O’Really moment”

Akamai Technologies is extending its content delivery network to the Apple iPhone as it introduces the Akamai HD Network, a system for streaming high-definition live and on-demand video to a variety of devices. Source.

It’s been said twice in the comments over at Mashable that HD streaming to a device that cannot render HD is a bit of a non starter. It’s not been said with a Douglas Adams line from Dr Who.   May as well get started then.

“The concept is simply staggering. Pointless, but staggering” 

Actually it’s not that staggering. While there’s a case for streaming HD it’s maybe better if the end device could actually  utilize it.The  iPhone’s can not and is  likely been mentioned just to fulfill the buzzworthy compliant criteria of the release.

The iPhone’s max output currently is 640 x480,the screen resolution of the device itself is  is 480 x 320.  HD is usually considered to be 720 or above but realistically anything under x2 ( 960) the resolution is really stretching the term and  even the mighty 3GS currently falls far short of either mark without an external screen and short of the mark with one.

Thankfully a better post than I can justify the time in writing,without need to claim lack-of-talent, appears over on the streaming media blog. with the main thrust of the argument coming from the Workflowed blog.

Akamai… long as it’s above 700 kbps and starts as an HD source, it can be considered HD. So the house of cards of the iPhone claims in the rollout of the Akamai HD Network rests on HD ‘quality’ that’s below that of today’s average standard-definition stream

And in my unrefined language.

 Just because you start out with a HD source doesn’t make that which you receive HD. If I were to hold my cell phone to the speaker for you to hear the song would you be happy with the term CD quality being used to describe it? If I have ATT iPhone it’s unlikely the call would last long enough to finish this experiment. That’s the second part. Even running at 640×480 with 2.5Mbps , back to those iPhone specs again, you are still not HD and are still exceeding what you could likely extract from ATT on your iPhone. 

In short Penn and Teller don’t need to do a show about this claim because it’s prima fascia  Bullshit!

Want HD Video on the iPhone? Akamai Is Making it Possible

Disney update: Wall-e code secured

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Came back to a code for Wall-e in my inbox. Thankfully the plane we flew on has video on demand in the back of the seats leading to a fairly quiet kid trip ( barring the waiting around in lounges) 


I still think that Disney should  let us make copies that doesn’t rely on a separate item being within the package or better yet, just forget about the codes. It’s way easier for anyone to get the illegal version to their player than begging permission. Sad but unavoidably true.

Bits from my recent trip to Scotland

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Cash or Credit.

Since I left it appears that most debit / credit transactions occur with a chip embedded in the card. This means that the US cards don’t work unless the operator is smart enough to swipe it. Even when told to we had a huge failure rate with various store staff looking bewildered and more than one calling their supervisor. This is a colossal pain in the ass and I usually used cash whenever possible ( Saves on the stupid conversion rates too, seriously banks you should be dead, act like it. )



If you need to do grocery shopping there are many  “”bag free”  towns, sadly that doesn’t apply to the women;), and you have to purchase each bag. That’s fair enough except some people take it as an affront that you haven’t had the foresight to know just when you would be going shopping and how many you would need.  The religion of environmentalism allows the masses to spot the sinners and then stone them with glances.


Service, is lame. Slow, and I don’t mean respectfully slow. The drinks always go dry, the check isn’t often an automatic consequence of


These people have soda coolers, sorry they appearance of soda coolers as they chill the contents to about 3 degrees below the ambient room temperature.


This is weird but in a prior post I identified Ikea’s customers as being the rudest, least respectful of children and  possessing abominable car parking manners. E.G, When they have any event on to get a free breakfast,cheap pan or the like it’s knock the kid out the way time.( that’s why they wont let you carry guns I bet;) )

Ikea in Scotland. Same fucking behavior what in the name of flat-packed hell is going on here?  Interestingly they have vodka for sale and I was able to have a pear cider with my tray meal.

More in a bit.

Weasels in suits. Pathetic business weanies can’t compete so bring along their friends.

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Gavin Patterson, believes the need for his company to make money from the efforts of another company entitles him to use the police powers of the state so that he can resale television? This is about as immoral as it gets. The mafia at least have the decency to solve their own issues

Sky TV built the market for satellite TV in the UK, ass punched the woefully lacking BSB and merged with them. Then they made a mistake, getting big. See the UK spirit isn’t that of Dunkirk and stoicism under pressure  any more than the majority of the US is of freedom loving  don’t tread on me types.  It’s wanting other people to give you things for free and acting like a mob the moment it doesn’t go your way.

BBC NEWS | Business | Sky may have to share TV channels

The proposal to force Sky to wholesale its content is welcome, but we now need Ofcom to step up the pace and to enforce this rigorously,” said Gavin Patterson, chief executive of BT Retail.

Tweetards my ongoing attempt to make a recursive name to spotlight the act of social media douchebaggery.

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Retweeting – the
Douchebags – of
Social media

Me Me MEme it’s all about me! That’s maybe what the social engineers want you to think.

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The porn-star name meme cometh.

That people like to help people and will give out all kinds of information that they shouldn’t is fairly well established. What’s not so well established, at least by the common usage of marketing and SMD types is the term “viral meme” which has been denigrated to include just about any tell a friend promotion or user generated content that’s been slapped together.

For once the term viral meme may be appropriate in the case of the porn star name meme that’s going the rounds on Twitter.

Security Alert: Twitter Porn Names Scam – PC World

It could be simple human error, but it’s also possible that this security hole is an example of truly sneaky social engineering.

In short people are being asked to provide  biographical data such as the name of the street they grew up on,your mother’s maiden name, place of birth or your favorite pet for the grand payoff of concatenating your porn star name for you to post proudly to Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you think this ephemera will soon be forgotten. Except that it wont be.

A virus, ( let’s leave Mimi out of this for now) can’t reproduce itself and to survive it transmits it’s message  using the resources of the host cell or in this case the message that wraps it up.   Seriously would you just send that out onto the web if you had no payoff? 

Memes are ideas, concepts, beliefs and thoughts that are transmitted verbally or by repeated action and can move through a ‘culture’ in a manner similar to a virus.

Do you see why most items masquerading as “viral marketing” are bullshit?  You know what the marketer wants and are often better able to identify it than they are:) That’s not viral it’s an ugly bug that needs to be squashed once and for all.

A close Call with some Dick Cheese.A two concert weekend.

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We saw Marian Call on Saturday night perform a full set. The show was to benefit Wild horse Ranch Rescue in Gilbert. For once it’s a charity I can get behind as you can see the work they do, and the effects of it  in person, or horse if you want to be picky.

For the entrance charge of $20 we got a ceramic bowl, filled with our choice of chili or minestrone , a Marian Call CD and the concert itself. This is what’s known as a bargain.

I would like to be the first to say that objectivity is hard for me with regards to talented women with red hair. ( Don’t worry Tori you’re safe I just expanded the category to living in USA, not living in USA)

Hearing “100 easy ways to lose a man” live was an unexpected treat as it’s probably the best use of her voice when not singing her own work.

I rather cheekily , I hope not dickishly, suggested about her new song “Karaoke” that “Jonathan Coulton called and would like the song back” but it’s really good  and had the kind of comedic build up that I love within some of his songs. A duet would rock because I think the voices would mix really well  without someone needing to  fit paul and storm with tighter underwear:)

The new road song was really good and I am totally spacing on the name of the guitarist that accompanies her but damn he’s good.  This was an awesome evening that even I’m not going to take the time to poke fun at the more surreal aspects of the evening at least tonight;)

The Cheeseman he cometh

Creddy and myself are big fans of the work of Mark Jonathan Davis  and his best known creation Richard Cheese  “Tomorrow’s standards today”  While I’m not a fan of the venue or the way the VIP tickets were handled it was like every other Cheese show we’ve been to. Musically awesome ( I could watch “Bobby Ricotta” goof around all night) with the real show being the audience participation between a set we’ve seen 2.5 times prior.

Guess what when he comes back later in the year we’ll be there too.

Given the star wars geekery from  his other works and the pseudonymous singer I’m still surprised that the audience has yet to be invited out for milk and wookies.

An idea : Would the correct term for an older cougar be sabre-toothed tiger?

MSM takes another swipe at new media. Those swines!

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Seemingly the people that missed the lack of WMD’s, the mortgage, credit and soon to be commercial real estate crisis need you to think that they are still the gatekeepers of the truth.  The real story may be that gaining your health information from 140 characters  rather than one media corporation  can be just as inaccurate. Put it this way they let anti-vaxxers onto CNN prime time as well as any fad diet a bo toxed twig that acted is hawking this week.

Swine flu creates controversy on Twitter –

Dr Stephen’s here. Lynch adds another album of the kind of wrong that would make Boost mobile blush.

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Singing comedian  usually a phrase that should send you running in terror. Not this guy.

By now you will know if you want to go buy his new stuff:)

Stephen Lynch 3 Ballons

Daily show’s Stewart in baby – candy altercation. Related charges of hunting fish in a barrel still pending.

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Better Living through Software » Blog Archive » Jon Stewart is an Ass

I’m a contrarian by nature so it comes as no shock that while I make no secret that I enjoyed the Cramer train wreck as entertainment I wasn’t a huge fan of the message that was sent.I’ve heard this message echoed back in the office that the Daily Show is about the only place to get real news. Really 🙂  Here’s a more realistic evaluation from “Better living through software”  blog.

If it took a Jon Stewart show for you to realize that Cramer is a clown, you are not the sharpest pencil in the box, and you have no right to feel smug.

You can see it in the comments on the original post,that people seriously believe that this is a credible venue for news/analysis. Throughout this mess no one seriously has questioned why 401k’s  exist in the first place.Talk about benefits, entitlements are a real distraction from the main issue. We were forced into 401k’s, to use professional money managers , hah! and to pay for the retirement of others or pay a penalty for arranging our own security.  Until we get back to basics on why we need an intercessionary relationship between our labor and future security it doesn’t matter who plays piggy in the middle.

Someone with Brainnns tackles the problem of sprinting zombies

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I really enjoyed Sean of the Dead and wasn’t disappointed by hot fuzz either   so it’s nice to see that a pretty good case is made for those lacking in  “dead cred”    a la Michael Jackson  leaving   zombies the hell alone.     Tis a fun read. No mention of Joco though..

Simon Pegg on why the undead should never be allowed to run | Media | The Guardian

I know it is absurd to debate the rules of a reality that does not exist, but this genuinely irks me. You cannot kill a vampire with an MDF stake; werewolves can’t fly; zombies do not run. It’s a misconception, a bastardisation that diminishes a classic movie monster.