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Usually I wouldn’t bring up anything related to local news that only effects those involved , I’ve never been a fan of the devaluation of the term tragedy which should involve a personal failing or trait leading to the demise of you or the things you were trying to save  but hey language evolves  but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.  What’s interesting is the  idea that a person committing a crime is  culpable for the fate of those that  profit from the coverage of such crimes.  It’s also an unpopular idea which is why I’m interested in it and had I the recall to pull the part from Chuang Tsu’s  story about the robber and the emperor there’s be a good point about  pursuit  of good/ bad  artificially shortening life  ( given the way work’s been going I can certainly testify to that)

A guy called  Jones steals a car  and two of the choppers following the chase collide.

2 news copters collide over Phoenix; 4 killed

The home was then surrounded by police. Shortly after 3 p.m., Jones
surrendered to police without incident.
When asked if Jones could be held criminally liable for the deaths of
the men on the two aircraft, Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris said
forcefully, “Yes.”

I’m curious as to how they are going to achieve this and how many steps removed you have to be to escape justice.  Next time a car crashes on the road can we charge the  driver for causing a rubber necker to rear ends another car?  


Today I took the bike out  for my first spin.  I’m 80% ok with it but it just isn’t as smooth or comfy as the last one I had  plus I picked the shittiest day to drive it re  101 traffic being crawl for 10 miles which is no fun on any bike.  The Speedo is grossly inaccurate ,laughably so and it’s a know fault on them  which is odd, how hard that bit to get right?   Anyway it brakes well, don’t ask how I know this, are  very good and it was a Scion XB that changed lanes, changed back then came to a  stop that proved this..

Still feeling off, icky throat, sore head and  today was the first day in a few  that I  woke without the equivalent of a hangover ( even though no drink)  

WTF you mean I have to sit my licence

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WTF you mean I have to sit my licence

WTF you mean I have to sit my licence,
originally uploaded by haltse.

He was in such a good mood tonight was the wee one. He was not in a good mood when he had to depart the bike I think he knows this thing is fun already.