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oh my a bad case of wind. Ducati Multistrada mirror falls off in use.

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Took the bikes out the other day. I’m currently on a Ducati Multistrada S which is meant to be suitably impressive. I don’t think they got their reputation from their mirrors though. ( I’ll get into the pulsing braking at low speed and the impressive heat generation under my cans, from the cans later but not never the insanely bad handling in sidewinds)

The wind. The stock mirror was broken from the bike at under 100mph by wind, nothing hit me the bloody thing just sheared off and flopped atop my right hand, you know the braking and accelerating one, causing interesting moments. Will be a fun chat with dealer on Monday

Some news: Another general post.

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I sold the GPZ1100 tonight. This was one of the bikes from my semi youth that I wanted to own , ok I REALLY wanted a ZZR1100 which was the Hayabusa of its day and is still faster 0-60 than a Scot asked to pay for dinner. Odd sale too. The new owner hasn’t ridden in a long while and I tried lightly suggesting that this is not the ideal bike to reacquaint yourself with cycling in dense traffic like Phoenix. So I hope he really took the info to heart about the training and waiting to get legal prior to taking it out since it was a pretty nice bike prior to sale. Hell the only reason I am passing it along is garage space and the small issue of having another amazing bike to ride:)

Other news? At last I joined the iPod crowd with… an old micro:) Audio books are back in my life without having to rip them from Audible to play on my own system( Hopefully Amazon solve that BS soon I would like to listen to what I paid for on my own choice of hardware, not theirs. First up is “Altered Carbon” which is sci fi and is so far rather good. I have this interest in how prevailing morality , hah!, will be affected when death can be sidestepped , identity tied to a body is fleeting and we stop relying on idiots to keep us safe.

Scribe Fire. Bye Bye / quick notes. A vlog, a malady and a bike magazine.

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That does it. One more crashed out post. I’m through with Scribefire.

11 years into the mass adoption of the Internet and we still can’t get the basics rights. You know not losing data:(

The post I lost. Bike review, My newest malady ( Gout) and a suggestion to go watch which is a Vlog about the art of motorcycle maintenance, zen may be optional since it comes from my homeland. Still I have always found most American media on motorcycles to be lacking. Way too many nice reviews and seems to not reflect the kind of high jinks that Performance Bikes in the UK gets up to. E.g if the bike is dangerous piece of crap it’s called such. The same bike in the USA is of course just fine.

Now would anyone like to point me towards a Suzuki VX800 ,BMW K or XBR500

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We’ve gone bi. Now this will require some new gear, leather,straps and things affixed to our heads that make it hard to swallow, least that’s Erin’s excuse.My modular retractable helmet ( told you it’s better not to be circumcised ) doesn’t have that limitation.

I mean bi wheeled.

Why the confusion? Well if you pay to wear protective gear and submit yourself to the AZ sun two days in a row you’re pretty much heading towards masochism but at least happy news . Erin and myself both passed our motorcycle license and can wander off to our DOT and get a little M added to the ticket which says we can have fun while leaning at odd angles..