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The trip to Baghdad on a meanie (that’s AZ Baghdad)

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One of the amusing things about Americans

is their belief that geography is a strong point of theirs as long as you’re restricted to world superpowers of which they consider the number to be one.  And guess who is considered to be a superpower?  Last week Erin, myself and a group of motorcyclists took a drive up to Baghdad , the one in Arizona, in a bid to better understand how our motorcycles perform while obeying all posted speed limits.

This being my first time out on the cruiser outside of the city or the freeway system and it was quite interesting to have more than one corner going in one direction slowly.  It is also interesting to see how much one forgets over a decade  and what used to be a no brainer, e.g  act don’t think  is now sadly being retarded by ego trying to keep itself in one collected place…  Oddly that the nearer death we are the more we think there’s to lose and thus try to avoid it further..  Ok the fat ass, I mean Meanstreak really does brake , steer and pull out of hilly twisty corners way better than something that size should be able to, it’s not the most comfy thing to date but we did about 300 miles that day and woke up without new aches the day after but I am getting ahead of ourselves  here.

There really is a café in Baghdad.

Talk about your captive audiences.  One of the things that Erin and myself have often talked about is running a small café  e.g  a breakfast and lunch establishment in a small remote town and then coming up with a rather interesting menu that would not be expected in such a location.  The miners café in Baghdad does not require much through a review  other than to say that the food did not make us sick.  And it’s amazing what you can buy at Sam’s Club when you have a catering business. In other words, this was the kind of meal being phoned in by people who would probably rather be doing things other than serving meals.  Yet, looking around the town I was puzzled by what that could possibly be. Seriously, and proving that many true word is spoken in jest.  The best part about Baghdad is the road in which by happy coincidence is also the road out.

All in all it was fun riding with the group for the first time and we will do it again if we can trick someone into looking after our wonderful child