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Streets of NY: Follow up: The one in which we get our order:)

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In a prior post  I related a fun non dining experience we had at a local restaurant.  Well I chatted with the franchise office and  their expectations  re what happened.      Found out the troublesome waitress had left   and that they acknowledged the  staffing/ management issues which they  had corrected but the changes were yet to be evident. Anyway  they invited us to have the meal we tried to get prior.  Usually when we get shafted this bad we’ve told people that  no amount of free food is going to cut it,  e.g   we’re just letting them know why we’re leaving.   This time I acquiesced since , we like their pizza. I’ve been to  2 more of their stores regularly ,dinner and lunch,  and this was  hopefully an aberration. 

Well the good news is the meal was  very good.  Pizza rocks,  wings are desperately average with nothing to recommend them but their fries were good and the kid loved them.  So  far so good.  I updated my prior scathing review but will   go a couple of times   paid before making up my mind. 

Texting-while-driving ban passed in Phoenix (Seemingly more laws are better than enforcing existing ones)

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Let’s take a look at the quality of thought possessed by our alleged servants in the Phoenix city council this gem about the recent ban on “texting while driving”, despite an existing law against distracted driving and yet another state one making its way through.

“We’re legislating common sense,” Councilman Doug Lingner said.”

Then why does it need a law?

Cynical point 1:

This law is “needed” since the money goes to Phoenix while enforcing a general law on distracted driving wouldn’t be as advantageous financially, I mean the people just.. oh wait I mean 3.9% of the eligible voters of Phoenix just inflicted another tax rise to pay for 500 additional police which one hopes will catch most of those “do gooders” with a nice fine 😉 Secondly I don’t for a second believe that those additional officers will ever see the street and the money will go to something shiny that no one uses.

Cynical point 2:

As usual those super humans that have state jobs , like those that enforce the new law ,are… EXEMPT… in the state version. The same reason most of us have to prove we’re not on drugs while state legislators do not , what a lovely country you lost.

Texting-while-driving ban passed

Cynical point 3:

There is no way an officer can tell if you are engaging in legal ( dialing the phone) versus illegal activity and this law is merely a pretext to  allow the police to pull over anyone to start their “fishing expedition” 

Note that the newspaper of record doesn’t tell you the bill’s name or contents in either case.