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Posted In General by haltse Sunday November 19, 2017

Moved hosts after many years.

1/2 the price, hopefully not x 2 the issues:)

T.A.N.S.T.A.A.G.L. There ain’t no such thing as a ghostpepper lunch .

Posted In General,reality by haltse Wednesday December 16, 2015

This week I’ve been Jacked around by blazin chicken and  friend-zoned by Wendy ghost pepper fries.  You could be mistaken, or a bloody-fool,  in thinking that you’re about to get a rush of heat that comes close to a vindaloo or Thai-hot curry.  I continue to live in hope though it appears heat is the new bacon of the fast-food world and is more a marketing niche than an attempt to placate the hotheads amongst us.

There is an upside though. A nation full of people that  think they have experienced the heat of a ghost pepper have yet to experience  the heat of a ghost pepper:) So this Christmas season I suggest you rustle up something truly memorable for them out of the most there’s so many of them but I’ve always had great service from Extreme Foods and   most years I get this Box of heat which  is a random selection of their products and probably will melt their faces, rear-ends and driveways 🙂

Element Follow up

Posted In General by haltse Wednesday August 31, 2011

We’re pretty much up shit creek with the Element. The insurance co had no real interest in pursuing our claim and have labelled it 100% our fault. They can 100% get bent and I will not be renewing with them after two crappy experiences with Allstate.House insurance was good but the Auto section were perfunctory didn’t remotely give the idea that we’re not considered to blame and while I don’t mind them thinking it, try not to let us know, k?

So we have a report from the codes saying the AVS / ABS failed to connect but they said it was post crash, we say bs it’s pre , and the cause. All I think we can do is wait for more people to suffer this and then join in the bashing.

As I have said this was the second Honda certified car we had that wasn’t deserving of the title. Honda were ZERO help. They really don’t care about how the owner views them and that’s the last car from them , the last motorbike from them and the last product that contains one of their engines. So they don’t care they know they lost a customer already so why invest in keeping us happy ?

Does a post with biscuits show up

Posted In General by Monday August 29, 2011

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Posted In General by Thursday July 14, 2011

We came to replace the Mini which was a fun car to drive and own for the most part. After you get rid of the run-flats it’s propensity to chew tires isn’t as expensive as it once was. Got a pretty decent trade in price on it too. We didn’t buy another Mini re the  treatment we received documented in this ,Minimum CS , and other posts as a result of a loss re the car not working in the way the manual said it would.  Way to go Mini and BMW bought something else x 2 that directly compete in your class.

Apparently no one wants to sell me their otter art. Wholesale annoyance.

Posted In Bad CS,General by Haltse Monday May 2, 2011

Over the past three weeks I have been trying to get my Otterman Empire store  stocked. Primarily I’m looking for American, hand made  wherever possible art , any medium,any type of otter .  To date only one of the US  companies approached  re wholesale prices have contacted me, they  received  an order and then have failed to get back to me with final shipping cost/ ship date.

I.E.,  I have nothing new in stock.









A little video item

Posted In General by Wednesday April 13, 2011

Test post

Arizona otter of the day.

Posted In General by Wednesday February 16, 2011


Originally uploaded by mariancall.

Ah Dobh and the original “otter” This otter was stolen from the cinema in Phoenix after he forgot it and wasn’t there on the way back. Yeah I know they pay the cleaning staff little but, hey , bastards

This was his first concert , in a backyard in the Phoenix heat, with Marian Call which is about as good as any first concert memory you’re going to have.

Where the Mini key saga rests today.

Posted In General by Monday January 31, 2011
I have been quiet blogwise for quite some time but I followed up on my personal blog  re Mini’s manual being incorrect and their reluctance to do anything about it.   I wonder if Small Claims court for the loss of the remote is even possible? 

Mini Cooper kept mum. So what if our manual is incorrect. no keys for you

And then 
End of the year Mini Bash or how to lose a sale by pissing off a customer.

clap clap clap

Posted In General by Haltse Thursday December 2, 2010
clap clap clap

clap clap clap,
originally uploaded by Angela Pardo.

Today’s otter of the day comes from Moss Landing near where I used to live in CA and an excellent place to catch rafting otters.

Terribly short test

Posted In General by Haltse Wednesday October 27, 2010

Sorry about that usually I take this off to the side but I am in a hurry

Mini Cooper kept mum. So what if our manual is incorrect. no keys for you

Posted In Anarchy from the UK,Arizona,Bad CS,General by Haltse Wednesday October 20, 2010

Alas the possibility that a car company could do anything other than suck at customer relations remains as rare as rocking-horse poop.While everyone understands our position and regrets they can’t do more  the fact is the Mini Cooper manual says that the car can’t start without the keys in it.

Mini dealers and the Mini helpline say it can.  Ergo you lost they key and you need to buy a new one.  No one is concerned that the car starts without a key in it which is rather alarming. It’s not alarming the car didn’t give a warning that there was no key.

So what we have here is  a car that can be started sans keys  in the car. It looks like any elevation of the key greatly increases the distance at which the car can be unlocked and driven away and the sun roof is likely a big factor. So for fun some experiments will follow.

P.S. Letting us buy the key at cost was rejected. Ok  so for the sake of losing NO money. Result. That’s one less 2012 Clubman sold plus  way more public noise about their customer relations being poor.  Nice going  Mini.

This family thing, it’s a brand.  while they hadn’t fooled me with their story I would have expected they’d at least pretend that they were able to do anything than quote manuals ( incorrectly ) 😛  to me.

PPS Anthony’s managers  You have no fucking brains. Seriously  what the hell makes it in your interest to deny a reasonable request ( key replacement at cost) based on your erroneous manual which   some telephone dick told me to go read and understand.  What happened to, ah  I see that’s in error , let me find out rather than being a total  cock about it?

an Inconvenient access truth. More about mini cooper s FOB :

Posted In Arizona,Bad CS,General by Haltse Monday October 18, 2010

First they tell me to read the manual,  you know cos I’m not as cute,or as fast, as a Mini and am more likely to be in error. Well let’s look around page 24-25 ( close to it)

mini manual

Is there any doubt here that the car should not start when the  key is not in the car, when the key is  five feet away from the car?  Well the helpline , I eventually got to a manager, and asked them to consider that they could be owe me a new key / serious price break on the $300 item because their car is not working as stated. 

That was a few days ago.  

An interesting time with the Mini Cooper’s “convenience” key

Posted In Arizona,Bad CS,General by Haltse Wednesday October 13, 2010

The last car we bought was a Mini Cooper S which I see as the car that makes up for all the regular Minis I drove,you know the ones with a fixed L shaped seat, rusting sills, 10” wheels  sliding mirrors, no heater worth a damn etc.

The “new” car ,a 2007 Cooper S, came with a remote key and what’s called a convenience feature in which you do not have to put your key into the slot to start it. E.G.,It can stay in your pocket , your bag or attached to a purse.

Common belief is that the car won’t start without the key being inside the car.  Sadly , as we found out this weekend, that is not the case.  My wife left her purse atop the pump, got in ,  door closed, started car and drove off.   ( ended up having to get a ride then break into the house)

The car gave zero warning that key wasn’t within the car and  20 miles later, car turned off and couldn’t start it again.

No keys , no movement , no nothing!   This is not the behavior I want from a car so I called the local Mini dealer, 2 days after they failed to return my wife’s call , to find out what the parameters of the  keyless start are.  I also sent a note to Mini asking the same.

So far nothing from Mini and an unhelpful  “you’re the only one in 3000-4000 customers to have this problem.”  from the dealer  and an offer to look at it which I will have to take them up  on.

I really want to know why the car wont let you lock it with the key inside, assumption that it knows where the key is in relation to the car, yet will let it drive off without one being present. Surely that’s not that  hard a question for the  people that sell it/ make it?  

   Couple that to the Airbag system that can be harmed just by moving your seat back and it looks like the  LUCAS lord of darkness joke re the state of UK auto electrical  systems has jumped over into the BMW made Mini.

Yes there are things that have fallen down the memory hole

Posted In General by Haltse Thursday August 26, 2010

Posts are missing yes.While the legal process moves forward nothing relating to the joy that was the end of June will be posted


In the meantime…



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