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My irresponsible victimless crime rants.

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Today’s tilting at windmills comes from the UK.  There are two lessons here the most obvious one is “ don’t talk to the police it can rarely, and most likely never,help”    This bright bulb 


Here’s the ITN  story  and  here’s the part I Hate  

Judge Terence Maher told Ferenci that he had carried out "lunatic and grossly irresponsible maneuvers at considerable speed," according to CNN affiliate ITN.

And yet where’s the victim ?   I don’t give a rat’s ass about the  potential victims I want to see a real damage , to real people then  hit the  people with real consequences.   


The UK has turned into one big nanny state with  effete “ jobs worth’s”  trawling the nice and easily identifiable  rather than  going to discover anything that really improves the lives of the citizens.   This is a “free”  country that’s going as far as  setting up a    requirement that  your cell phone is registered

Everyone who buys a mobile telephone will be forced to register their identity on a national database under government plans to extend massively the powers of state surveillance.

Yes,  some bloody  defender against Hitler  we turned out to be.    This blows as  we have land in  Scotland  and the  idea of  trying to deal with people that have this mindset is one I don’t relish.     Also  someone needs to tell them that you can use phones bought in other countries on the local  networks, hah ha  like they care. It’s not about “furriners” it’s about control.  Children of Men   meet the UK    I seriously doubt V is going to be organizing much of anything there:)

CNN needs to get it’s head out of it’s ass humans being stupid is not news. re Large Hadron Collider

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This line from an article, front page, main story , about the Large Hadron Collider annoys me. Firstly Mainly as it has to justify why research is useful to us which is kinda scary. We’re reading this new SOLELY as a result of our research and understanding about how most of the ‘verse holds together in a tolerably predictable manner. Can they please maybe deal with us all becoming Fannie Mae stock holders? K thx bai. – Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News

Skeptics fear it will lead to the Earth’s demise

Acknowledging a rule is more important than keeping it.

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This is an interesting one.   Oh wait it’s not. This is exactly what the education system they are working within creates so the surprivse is , well, a surprise.  Can a Quaker  truly  maintain their ideology of  non violence  and still be working for the state?   This otter say  not a chance.
There’s a fun comment  on page two highlighting the oddity that remedial  math is being taught to college students. What the hell  were they doing the first 12 years?

Quaker teacher fired for changing loyalty oath

 If she’d just signed the oath, the campus would have been more than willing to continue her employment.”

Get used to that statement in many guises. 

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No solicitations sign led to no sale sign.

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I was going to order  no solicitation signs from this company, just to make it REALLY obvious to a company or two  nearby  that persist in dropping crap on the drive despite it being against the city ordinance to do so.  Screw the city part  it’s my property and they have zero right to foist the task of cleaning up their shit on me because they are too cheap to use traditional media or too stupid to work out Adsense or Craigslist.

While looking around the site after adding the no solicitations ones to the cart I came across their no weapons signs.  Given the former I appreciate private businesses owning their own property and being able to refuse anyone , or anyone plus and object they disapprove. When I see one I  don’t frequent that business. I love such clear and unambiguous signs and respect their wishes ,not because I legally have to, but because it’s their property and their desire.  Only  Frys electronics has escaped this ban to date because it’s sadly the only place in Phoenix I can find these parts on the same day.

So I sent them a polite letter. ( excerpt)

With regards to the concealed carry signs I find their assertions that  people are safer because of this and that people with a concealed weapons  permit( ccw) are an inherent danger do not reflect my experience nor that of the 37 or so states that have allowed concealed carry.Incidents involving legal ccw possessors are so low, on all crimes,that suggesting otherwise is an oversight or something else?  I don’t wish  you to change your messages  just providing information on why my family will be sourcing these signs from another company.

No shouting, no swearing just info to a company on why it lost a sale that it never knew about until now. It’s worth trying with any company. Your success rate may be low   I’ve only had one success but that’s one more than  not trying.
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Arizona DUI taskforce sees a raise in arrests with the toughest DUI laws in the USA.Enforcement under the influence of media?

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One of my more reckless discussions is that of questioning how effective DUI  and other drug laws are when enforced.  Is the cure worse than the disease?  While many of these questions are   not  designed to provoke or offend  ( I assure you the theological stuff is )  and   are  training wheels for my arguments which  usually I’m 90 percent sure I can justify  to myself.  I’m just trying to get to the other 9%. ( I have to leave 1% open  after all)

Statewide holiday task force reports 2,828 DUI arrests

“A total of 2,828 DUI arrests were made during a statewide holiday
drunken-driving task force …. 6 percent more than the 2,663 arrests
during a comparable period in 2006.”,”
In the latest effort, authorities stopped 36,901 drivers and issued
11,361 citations for traffic offenses other than driving under the
influence, Mulleneaux said.”

Here we go again. In Arizona about 7%  of those stopped are charged DUI  93%  are not.  Despite figures showing that  police looking for dui via traditional patrols is more effective than the roadblocks and assorted gimmicks it just doesn’t play as well to the cameras.   From Tennessee. Roving patrols took about 19 hours per drunk based on observed behavior.  Checkpoints based on the suspicion that you are driving a car on the road the checkpoint is on took 29 hours. 

Sadly roving patrols aren’t as photogenic as a checkpoint. They don’t tell the people that aren’t infringing just what they are doing about dui , but making them wait, stop and interact with the nice officer  certainly  gets that point across.

I am not saying these checkpoints are not stopping people from driving, study after study shows they have an effect … but  at the expense of more effective methods.  About 10%  of the people arrested for DUI are caught at checkpoints during the holiday crackdowns then why not stop the  PR crap and actually get down to the effective keeping of the peace?

This is not a local phenomena.  Check out the experiences in  Florida, Ohio and an aggregate of studies conducted.  Same message from state to state.It’s not about their effectiveness as primary enforcement it’s the appearance to be seen to act rather than acting effectively that’s annoying me.  While you shouldn’t be trading safety for security it would be nice at least if we were getting what we thought

So please don’t pretend you care about DUI yet insist we need to haul over anyone making a trip just to get 7% of those stopped. Oh and the 4th amendment you have to toss out too for your safety at the expense of the rest I’d rather keep. 7% arrested doesn’t equal convicted either. The real numbers could be a lot less

K? Thx Bai.