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The UK disease that seems to be catching on in the USA: Everyone’s a victim.

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BBC NEWS | Business | 850 jobs go at Mini car factory

The UK has a cradle to grave welfare state that may, arguably look after the body, but the real damage is done to the mind.

“I’ve worked here for three-and-a-half years and now I’m being sacked for no reason. I’ve been used.”

What else did they think they were doing? Of course they were used that’s the whole bloody point. Rather than being people that are in , at least illusory, control  of their lives the opposite seems to be the mindset.  

I knew we’ were f’ed but this is ridiculous. Bush will come on economy.

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Socialist cars what the Volk is that all about.

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Last night I was at a meeting of our  libertarian atheist ( motorcycle)  group and the talk was about  growing up in communist Hungary.  I’ve more thoughts on this later but suffice to say  that Scotland was not remotely as restrictive  as Hungary but the underpinning  thought that society can be planned as some kind of ideological exercise  leads to really really crappy automobiles.   ( Lada , Skoda  and the infamous E. German  Trabant.   What’s  even more amusing is that  when the Scots tried building cars  something not a millions unreliable miles away was born.   Note that the  cars were being built in Scotland as a result of the  UK gov only  lending money to  the  car makers if they set up the factories  in a place where the jobs were politically advantageous, not that made sense,  hence you have parts  made in  Scotland , driven a few hundred miles to have work done on them and then returned. That’s  pretty much what happens when  markets are mandated inefficient BS happens.

This  from Wikipedia

The Glaswegian workforce who were all recruited from the shipbuilding industry were also not versed in the intricacies of motor vehicle assembly, and Imp build quality and reliability suffered. They also brought with them their militant left-wing values, and as a result strike action and industrial disputes were a rule rather than an exception. In 1964 there were 31 stoppages and only a third of the plant capacity was realised – 50,000 rather than 150,000. On the other hand the Imp was seen as a “Scottish car” and was popular north of the border.

All I can say is that the Imps sold a shit lot of Datsuns ( Nissan)  as people were getting tired of having to bump start their relatives at the end of visits.  I’m surprised at how well loved the cars seem to have become  and put that down to the UK diet of deranged moo cows. 🙂

Hillman Imp – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Doogie Howser WMD aka Dr Horrible’s sing along blog

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Fans of things Whedonesque  have got a lot to be thankful for.  This show may be instructive on proving that  Unions still have a use 🙂 That point is  that whenever a sea change in technology ,be it media or  improvements to manufacturing , education ( yeah right)  they  are always present in the role of societal Canute.   I will grant you their role had value back in the early days but    in the latter half of the 20C it’s been all about maintaining their power from that point  on , the organization  uber alles.  I digress but this show is a product of the WGA  strike and rumblings on  who gets paid  what  in relation to online content from both sag and aftra.  There’s a great post on that here from the closest thing to an objectivist I think you’ll find in media ( I saw closest as I am agnostic about their existence;)  

Anyway this is a mini web series , three episodes, and other than  note that anyone I know  already has this , so , so   who the hell am I telling?   Frak that .  

Think live action Venture brothers with a tad of Pinky  tossed in.  Seeing Captain Mal, er Hammer  again  rocks as the “good “  guy that wants to take the heroine  on a tour of a VW’s rear , you know somewhere uncomfortable was great. It’s not like most web shows , ephemeral to the power of mayfly   , you truly can  watch  and sing along more times that may be healthful:)   Don’t be horrible,  buy this , don’t rip it off as I want to see more, more more!

Hit-and-run victim left in street without help "claimed" –

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Read the whole thing.  Even  with the later facts that came in CNN  keeps a misleading headline and it seems that cursory scan would leave you with a massively different view if you hit  para 4 that negates much of story.

As to the Police chief a little reading on group psychology e.g  the bystander effect
,something he SHOULD  be aware of ,would  have prevented  a statement that is rather unfortunate.Consider how much of policing in a large city relies on knowledge of groups  and human nature  and  to have your head protector denounce you all as immoral.  Nice going,real nice. 

capital city’s biggest newspaper blaring "SO INHUMANE" on the front page and the police chief lamenting: "We no longer have a moral compass."

"We have no regard for each other," said Chief

Or apparently for waiting till more facts come in.  

Hit-and-run victim left in street without help –

Randomness and mental scatterings.

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I’m wondering if any guide to influencing people is effective if they’ve already gained many years experience of you. I’m wondering if you start pushing their influence and compliance buttons how well they spot it? Do we really have to play the game of crafting onion requests to have people agree to the what looks like a concession but hey, that’s what we wanted you to think anyway. Maybe that’s why APS keep asking for insane increases to make us all happy when instead of screwing us they use lube first.

So here I am reading in parallel Tom Robbins Still Life with the  woodpecker( 5th time round, a book on influence the psychology of persuasion by Robert Cialdini , a book on how organizations are inherently evil,Calculated  chaos by Butler Shaffer and have just finished The invisibles book, kissing Mr Quimper, by Grant Morrison. Is it any I wonder how I can’t finish a sentence around people without trailing off?

It’s hard to rein in new applications of information in the short term which sadly is about the only timespan most American’s work on. They miss the here and now because they are so fucking anxious for it to arrive that they miss it going by. ADD makes perfect sense here I think Rushkoff’s take on this being an adaptive strategy to the messages hitting you daily is closer to the truth than would be convenient for those making a living from the effects of it.

Ok since this is a dump post.

People that haven’t read Violent Acres are missing out.

Penn Jillette has started vlogging over at rather than link directly check out the header on the referring blog is worthy of your consideration.

And this defense of liberty by yeah I say this for humor value “Canadian” since freedom to me isn’t border related but cultural. Via Ernunnos but then every damn blog I read the day after;) This would have been awesome had it been a scripted show. That it’s reality , Alberta a Canadian one ,made my Sunday. We’re talking about beating out Summer Glau kicking ass in the Sarah Connor chronicles too. I’m watching hockey, getting intellectual stimulation from Canadians, other than Bear Naked Ladies ,and listening to a CBC series called how to think about science. I’m stuck in the land of the hot dog between a rock hard tortilla and a Tim Horton’s place.