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Turning into y for yawndetta.

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Just in case I don’t pass approval  with this one. Here’s the reply to the last comment which has yet to be approved.

I don’t use drugs. ( I’m just not opposed to those that do) Strike 1:
I was “attacking” your incorrect ideas  and not the person holding
them.   I’m very much anti state.All the woes you try to lay at my
feet are caused by them. Yeah  I’m sorry I made such  a mess in the inner city.

I’m not even from the USA  your  presumption of privilege based on
some atavistic fantasy of my family lording it over the poor  is your
second strike.

Lastly I’m an anarcho capitalist. If you must hate me  at least do it
for the right reasons.

So rather than being pleasant and discussing ideas lets talk about
your claim to love mankind and help them when you can’t even take an
obvious case like Anton-wilson  and apply   his philosophy correctly,
regardless of wether you agreed with it or not.

Thank you, I can  do without you, and your friends, modeling society
for me when you can’t apparently control your anger at the world
without attacking a commenter on your blog that holds a contrary

You have no idea which non profits I assist, no idea which causes I
lend technical assistance to  and no basis in reality for your claims
that I am oblivious to severe structural issues within my adopted
nation.  We just don’t agree on remedy that’s all.

That’s the problem with  collective solutions you can’t see
individuals and  have decided to take me for that which I am not.   A
key lesson that RAW had to offer and one which is never going to take
with someone stuck in the Fnords  of  gender, race  or  perceived

Good Times and Bad Times in Lost America: An interesting tidbit about Robert Anton Wilson—he despised democracy

Oh damn it looks like I have gone and made a friend:) Socialist calls me out as a white priviliged stoner!

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It’s been a while since a comment  of mine made somebody’s  day.  Hell it made such an impression that  I got my very on post: Seemingly the best way to deal with individuals is to lump them into one group you can dismiss as  “them”   My “themness” is based on my colour , income and advocacy for individual rights in the form of allowing people to  control what they put into their body. Oddly many of the same people that hate the latter idea are way too happy when it’s regulating things that come out of a body. I digress.  Where I think he’s wrong is that it’s statism that’s the enemy regardless on how you get their  by vote or by violence.  ( Really the first is a thin proxy for the latter)  It’s the collective, the large group the kind of people that have  left thoughts from thoughts that should have been left back in the 20th C. The Century that more people died at the hands of the state, any state  than  any time prior. 

Good Times and Bad Times in Lost America

Here’s an interesting interchange between a commenter and myself coming from the post where I pointed out that Robert Anton Wilson very clearly denounced democracy as having caused more casualties than Nazism and Stalinism combined.