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I knew Bell Honda was full of gas. Say no to N2 refills and other overblown upgrades.

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If there’s one thing that bugs me more on not knowing enough about the physical world it’s those people that try to sell you a service, product or in the case of carbon credits a total line of bullshit.  Bell Honda appear to follow this model of customer service. Their ploy, based on  their reliance, that your ignorance of the subject will be such that you’ll gladly pay a premium to have N2 fill your tires.

They try to up sell you on nitrogen which has nominal to NO practical value when fitted to your average car. I had read anecdotally that Honda were not a fan of the practice and I send a tweet to see if I could get a reference for this. 


There you go.  I’ve been to this dealer twice and while the service was done quickly,the waiting area is clean, nice wifi,play area and coffee  It’s only been after the usual chat re, “service this to Honda’s requirements to keep the extended warranty valid”How they then want to add injector cleaning agents, N2 and suggest a transmission flush on a < 30k car, a 30k MANUAL car is beyond me. Despite declining the injector cleaning they billed me for it anyway and took money of the air filter instead. They must have some kind of weird  bonus structure going there but a 30k car that’s performing well does not need it. 

Needless to say I’ll be using another dealership  for future warranty work.

Was I yelping or just going ouch? Change of lifestyle notification.

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A phrase my father uses, a lot, in connection with me is “you’d start a row in an empty house”. Lately it seems that I require slightly more people, tables ,drink and a kitchen but ,alas, the propensity to argue is still there.  I prefer  not to complain at the point of service ,unless it’s something that could be easily rectified at the time, because it really bugs the wife.  Either I don’t go far enough ,or  more likely I am not exactly pleasant when I start complaining. Try serving my kid shitty food you will get shitty attitude. Once an eatery gets comfortable with being able to send out undercooked, salty,incorrect or hazardous food it’s too late to take it up with the onsite management that  allow these things to happen.

Here are two of our most recent outings

Lone Star Steak house visit 

The Yard house visit ( I gave away the gift cert)

I don’t enjoy paying for this feeling but it’s nowhere near as the frustration that comes from “ we’re sorry you didn’t like”  or “we’re sorry you feel that way”   there’s rarely anyone that is sorry that we served you fuzzy food. No harm, no foul.  Just our time, our moods and good will.You know nothing of value.

The change

  • No more chain meals when we’re in the home town. Breakfast is exempt.
  • Buying a new table for the kitchen and a couple of items to make food production easier.
  • Using the money saved to eat at better locations less frequently.

A parable from the Principia Discordia follows after the cut that could explain how we let ourselves fall into traps like this.

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I’m not saying that the Joker’s right but.. I understand. Cell phones in Harkins Theatres

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Batman was wonderful. I’ll get to him later. What was piss poor, as nearly all of our visits to the theaters are nowadays is the constant distraction of people texting and talking on the phone.

It’s so bad I have to ask them to stop. I don’t like to. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a embarrassment thing it’s a real worry that someone’s asshole boyfriend, husband or even worse parents will cause a scene which turns ugly and I can’t afford ugly.

I can usually live with it, Batman is 2 hours 30 and tonight I just couldn’t. So these rude asses are bad enough. The theaters are worse. I’ve been pretty loyal to Harkins since they don’t have no firearms signs and their popcorn adornments are great. They don’t seem to be a stingy on the light and soundproofing as the AMC ones out on the periphery ( THX my ass) On the occasions I’ve complained it’s been more annoying than just walking out.

They claim policy is walk 5 mins in , then 15 mins at the start to intervene with people on their phones. Er no, I had 3 “fireflies” in my sight nearly the entire time, then the calls. These people take money to provide an experience that we’re getting close to , in all but time, doing in the home. To our mind no one checked, or if they did it was cursory. I think I’m tired of paying a premium for a shitty service. Why has no theater chain created a tier of guaranteed interuption free cell phone removed clients? It should pay for itself all the people I’ve talked to go to less movies than they want to based on the climate at most theaters. I’ll let you know if we get any response out of Harkins. As you can see from their contact page email is not an option 🙁

Harkins Theatres – Contact Harkins

Review of my “quick” lunch today at Black Angus near metro center.

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I swear my fellow diners at hospital canteens look in better shape than
the mass that “meats” for late lunch at this location. This wasn’t
just a gray tide but a few human buoys had popped in too. Please
withhold the ” don’t be so judgmental” holier than though attitude ,
this is a review after all.

Lately I have been working
remotely ( or remotely working) on the Friday so I’ve been going out
on Fridays for lunch since it’s all “new” to me. The same places that
I eat out at in the evening often have vastly different characters
during the day and this Black Angus throws it into sharp relief. For
example at night I have never been served stale bread.

Have a
wide range of ages , group sizes and noise levels and there’s some
life in the place. Chilis that just opened up nearby and seems to have
kidnapped the life leaving a quiet, genteel even , location that
would be more fitting in the deep south when you don’t have anything
better to do. So far this is the only local place that exceeded my

Food’s ok , fitting with the price range and the
burgers are well appointed, cooked to request and relatively
tasteful. Fries tepid and it feels likelike the minimums you have to
do to keep the blue rinse and Caddy driving class happy is all they
are about. The only thing hip about this place is the replacement

Coffee seems to have been held on life support and
brought out when some unsuspecting fool that refuses to believe in
coffee only being a morning drug. Usually the surroundings don’t bug
me but it felt like the Hometown Buffet , which I can live with until
you give me stale bread past it’s sell by date which I fear may a
fitting epitaph for this place within daylight hours

More reviews over at Yelp.

Never buy a house with an old pool, trust a home inspection and more things that annoy me tonight.

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Streets of New York 5843 W. Thunderbird : They made for a Mother of a service . AVOID!

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This franchise decided that on a Mother’s day that having two front of house staff, one on his third day is acceptable staffing for a busy period. They had no milk, there was no coffee, we had to get our own silverware, petition for menu and then go get our sugar ( this is all small stuff but when you realize that’s what we pay for it becomes annoying,)

Finally get an order in and the order was not matching the description. Their garlic pizza has Alfredo sauce, this one came with tomato which doesn’t agree with Erin. So let’s ask them to change it. Oops they say we don’t have Alfredo sauce either. At this point I was just fed up and asked to see someone.

It went badly , seemingly we should know that their pizza when ordered by the slice is always tomato and that the waiter told us otherwise , and that we believed him, is something we should basically accept and eat. The story changed to say we do have the sauce but that it’s not available by the slice. No effort made to correct it and by the time she decided to argue with my wife it was a case of I’ll pay for the drinks, salad we had and leave. She said ok , then turned round and in front of the other customers basically said , no , why don’t you just go, or you can go now. Either way it was about as unprofessional as I’ve seen.

I understand two staff will get stressed trying to handle this but the management put them into that position . They know they don’t have staff, they know to order enough milk, ( not like Fry’s grocery isn’t next door) and they can’t make coffee? ) They should know never to berate the customer for requesting an item to match that on the menu. All in all until an under new management sign appears or their franchisee is kicked into shape I’d avoid dining in at this place

Streets of New York :: Pizza • Pasta • Subs