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New Media expo yet olde thyme sales techniques from one vender.

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I don’t go to enough conferences to know if this is standard operating procedure but at NME there was a kind of E-vampire that haunts the periphery of their stand trying to snag badge id’s on the way by. As in stepping in front, oh have we.. while doing it anyway.

Then they call you. They call you when ill, won’t take I’m ill for an answer and to add insult to injury send out a confirmation that you’ve agreed to a vid conference later in the day. What an appalling way to do business Veotag

Ignoring the circumstances in how the info was acquired the follow up was about as unprofessional an act as one can get. A communications company that can’t listen is a waste of time.

Viva that place we left 300 miles behind. Upcoming posts on Vegas and the New Media expo.

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Back from Las Vegas and the New Media Expo 2008 which was held at the convention center near the Hilton.

So I have a wad of posts, some with pics, some with vids and most of them  without which I will fill in with Flickr and  other sources were people have shared them.

Here’s the hit list.

Eatery reviews.

Show Reviews.

People/ Keynotes/ Companies

More company thoughts and a review of the overall show. I also have a rant brewing about the people that believe possession of a recording device means their position at a concert is somehow more valid than the other people that bought tickets.

Oh and I think I have found the best ginger beer in the USA to date which comes from the Jackson Hole soda company in Wyoming. Idris is still my favorite mass produced ginger beer but pretty flat by the time it gets here.  Jackson Hole are planning on  making one of my other favorites , an orange cream. More on this to come.