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Guitar Center does not welcome your business if you have a CCW that’s ok others do:)

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Ah well that’s another store I can’t shop in. Guitar center got back to me confirming the  comically cheap  no weapons sign wasn’t just a store policy but a company one. On the bright side I did spend the money at Sam Ash and look forward to buying the kids birthday present there. There’s one a couple of miles away  from the Guitar Center  on Cactus road 🙂 For five years I have managed to shop in that store and  no one  noticed ( that’s the point of concealed after all)     Frankly this isn’t a great sacrifice they don’t get more than $2k from me most years, indirectly I’ve sold a lot more  from recommendations but hey  what’s important is their liability.  Just remember to  sue them should you be injured when their piece of paper doesn’t  mean a damn thing to criminals.   Added them to CCwhere which is a site that  users can submit  PRO  and anti carry stores.   

Dear John P#####,
Due to liability issues Guitar Center has a no weapon policy that includes all store staff and customers. The only people that are aloud to carry are people that are occupationally required to by their profession.
I would like to apologize for any inconvenience, and appreciate you giving us the opportunity to remedy this for you.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions or concerns. We appreciate you choosing
Chase L******
Night Team Leader

Guitars, Musical Instruments, and Musical Equipment from Guitar Center

This in a  neighborhood were the local   Red Lobster has off duty cops there to walk you to your car.  Yep the kind of place you would be happy to take  $2k of equipment out, not 🙂 

A political camp and A poor experience at the gun shop

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I have realized that a good exercise for any political philosophy  would be to see  how well it works on the camping scale.  I’ve just been through that this weekend with Creddy.   

Simple Idea.    People say in advance what they are going to do , what they will bring.

We had the Sat AM breakfast which meant that Friday night we’d not have to do anything other than eat.   I wish.  You see just because someone makes an offer to do a meal  you shouldn’t expect them to have the pots, pans and ,er , oh  the  goddamn stove available to do it.   Luckily we brought two, why? let’s just say we have a  pretty good handle on  this kind of thing and spent more money on a stove and gas to accommodate a shortfall that came up earlier. I doubt it will be repeated unless we’re doing all the food / cooking since buying at the last minute is way too costly on a few people. 

Additionally we  ended up doing extra cooking that negated the entire point of organizing it. E.g we rest on the meals we’re not doing, ha!  


A disappointing  trip to J G guns in Prescott.  We used to love driving up there for food at one of the local eateries, buy ye olde  gun, come back happy.

Over the last year though it ceased being fun and the counter on a Saturday seemed to be more competition than commerce. 

Creddy has a full post over here and while we thought that she was being ignored at the show in Phoenix a year back this one was far more obvious. I can’t think of a single person with a passing interest in guns that  we’ve not told about the store, e.g it being worth the drive, but those days have come to an end.

I don’t know a lot about the older 9mm Smith / Wesson autos  so her asking what differences in the  model numbers they had was perfectly valid since, er that’s their job to know. DA?  DAO?   Mag disconnect?   Sorry but you only get to pull off a “superior”  we know more about guns than you attitude when you back it up with something.Anyway see her post for the rest of this it’s quite annoying.

next Up Wanted! 

More heckles from the small packet of in flight peanut gallery ( koch at the pun)

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Well at least they’ve managed to work out that sans human interaction the pistol didn’t fire itself. I’m not going to speculate on how it occurred , I have my own Occam moment of having fired tens of thousands of rounds but having 3 go off unintended ( one was a malfunction of hardware, the other two totally operator error) says that there’s a chance that the policies in place are not sane ones. E.g Why the donald duck would you want to even handle / touch a firearm that’s peacefully napping.

The bullet left the plane at 8000 ft which at least saves the Mythbusters from having to show that gunfire on a plan doesn’t equal instant death spiral.Shame as Jamie does seem to enjoy that part:D

Pilot suspended after firing gun in cockpit –

TSA declined to give details about how the gun discharged, but the agency is investigating whether the pilot was handling the gun as directed in policies.

Accidentally? Yeah right. I wonder if her was seeing snakes ? Pilot discharges pistol in cockpit.

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Oh this will be a fun excuse . This is accidental in the same way that ” oops I slipped and my dick fell in the baby sitter”

Pilot accidentally fires gun in cockpit – The Denver Post

“It’s was too premature to speculate” on sanctions against the pilot or airline, she said.

Why I’ve been quiet. DC Gun case and local idiot media. Until now:D

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Supreme Court hears arguments on gun ownership –

Firstly CNN’s title on the above story is about gun rights. Guns are not sentient. They basically have no rights , nor can have rights bestowed upon them. So framing the argument in this manner is asinine but expected.

Now onto the local media. Or as Penn puts it best… “and then there’s these assholes”

Note this is a report by the investigators at Phoenix’s ABC affiliate , the “real” reporters that do more than take an autocue to the eyeball while looking cute (ish) The problem is this. The question about “kids carrying guns” MM let’s check the law.

You have to be 21 to purchase a handgun/ carry concealed in AZ.

If this law went through NO KIDS would be carrying anything. These are the people that are meant to safeguard us from duplicitious lying fucks and expose hidden agendas? Well if they want a story, and help save the environment they don’t need to look too far.

Twenty one is not a kid. If you believe otherwise you have to be kidding, right?

No solicitations sign led to no sale sign.

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I was going to order  no solicitation signs from this company, just to make it REALLY obvious to a company or two  nearby  that persist in dropping crap on the drive despite it being against the city ordinance to do so.  Screw the city part  it’s my property and they have zero right to foist the task of cleaning up their shit on me because they are too cheap to use traditional media or too stupid to work out Adsense or Craigslist.

While looking around the site after adding the no solicitations ones to the cart I came across their no weapons signs.  Given the former I appreciate private businesses owning their own property and being able to refuse anyone , or anyone plus and object they disapprove. When I see one I  don’t frequent that business. I love such clear and unambiguous signs and respect their wishes ,not because I legally have to, but because it’s their property and their desire.  Only  Frys electronics has escaped this ban to date because it’s sadly the only place in Phoenix I can find these parts on the same day.

So I sent them a polite letter. ( excerpt)

With regards to the concealed carry signs I find their assertions that  people are safer because of this and that people with a concealed weapons  permit( ccw) are an inherent danger do not reflect my experience nor that of the 37 or so states that have allowed concealed carry.Incidents involving legal ccw possessors are so low, on all crimes,that suggesting otherwise is an oversight or something else?  I don’t wish  you to change your messages  just providing information on why my family will be sourcing these signs from another company.

No shouting, no swearing just info to a company on why it lost a sale that it never knew about until now. It’s worth trying with any company. Your success rate may be low   I’ve only had one success but that’s one more than  not trying.
No Weapons Signs & No Gun Signs – Most Affordable Security Notice Signs

Kindergarten state: Governer Schwarzenegger signs handgun microstamping bill legislating the impractical for the joy of appearing to do something.

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There has to be some special level of heck for people that carry out the worst kind of    “good Samaritan”  act  where it looks like they are helping the guy that’s  on the ground up but what you didn’t see  was them beat him up in the first place.  These are the people that D.A.R.E to spend money forcibly removed from you to educate the kids you’re too stupid to teach.. and given that you allow this charade to continue  one has to admire their ability to read the public’s need for daddy to make it all better.  

 Kindergarten state.

The bill requires all new  semi-auto pistols to mark the cases ejected from them to the degree that they can identify the pistol from the casing.  The bad news is that it won’t have any effect. The police are exempt, odd that, why would such a trivial, non invasive and even better for your guns long term reliability be deleterious to good policing?   Oh because if people steal the gun the police are worried that it was traced back to them which given the number of pistols, rifles and other assorted toys lost by US law enforcement  ,that’s one branch.   You can  remove the identifying marks easily, cheaply and  who cares if it’s illegal when the gun was going to be used in a crime anyway?   Nope the idea here is to remove as many suppliers from the market as possible and I can only hope that the manufacturers do a Barret and refuse to supply the state agencies with the weapons they seem to have a need for that far outweighs that of their titular masters ( ok I kid but it still sounds good) 
Some reasonable objections

Criminals could collect cartridges from firing ranges and strew them at crime scenes, implicating innocent citizens,

 Sen. Dennis Hollingsworth, R-Temecula.   Well that’s one problem,  that  the reliability of the method, even  when working properly, isn’t sufficiently developed to pass legislation on is another.BBA ( Big Bahstud Ahnuld) must just have been ignorant of the findings of the study  that the state commissioned… Sucker, crap, we’re the suckers.

Schwarzenegger signs handgun “microstamp” bill

“While I appreciate and understand that this technology is not without limitations, I am signing this bill to provide law enforcement with an additional tool for solving crimes committed with semi-automatic handguns in California,” Schwarzenegger said in a statement.

Why’s this not on basic cable. Splode TV

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At last . You Tube with more emphasis on projectiles emerging from the tubes. It’s educational too🙂

Videos of guns, bombs, explosions, and bullets |

Amazing for once the drug “warriors” are held to account Atlanta Police charged with murder

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I wish they had pointed out that this wasn’t a drug raid, for that the occur there would need to be drugs. The charges do tell a more realistic story though. I’m glad one of them will fight the charges  since  I’m really interested in their justification

Atlanta police officers charged in killing of woman, 88 –

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — Three Atlanta, Georgia, police officers were indicted Thursday — two on felony murder charges — in the shooting death of an elderly woman during a botched drug raid on Thanksgiving eve.

The police argue self defense, er  no  you can’t instigate an action   ,e.g kicking down a house door late at night, and then  absolve yourself in this manner.  

Tuttle, Buttle  it looks like Brazil made it through the silvered side of the art  /life mirror.  All those in favour of such routine enforcement of victim less crimes well,  if  mistakes have to happen,  I hope it’s in your house. 

Too few peace officers
Too much law enforcement. 

You can get anything you want at the media restaurant , apart from perspective..

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While the MSM  lays siege to Virginia Tech  and the surrounding environs  I’m not even going to get into the speculation  re motivation, mental well being or why the Boomtown rats get an honorable mention.  

Normally the NEWS business is a weird contrast with “OLDS” as in anniversaries   are big for them , 1 year ago , 5 years ago   a decade etc where they can dredge up the past  yet neatly they are  also avoiding the present. 

And now is where I make myself the usual unpopular fart in the spacesuit comments. Firstly this is not the largest  massacre in US history and a quick search  can show this up,  even if you want to restrict it to firearms as the predominant  means  you would be wrong there too.  Note  the majority occurred before ANY pet cause about  media and video game violence, godlessness ( most you will find were facilitated by a “healthful” dose of religiosity)  that the ghouls are touting  presently   given the chance to stick their bromides on any media surface they will stick to.

This level of violence when perpetrated  within the US is news,  when enacted by the weapons we pay to be used  overseas it’s  , well it’s a noble effort  to which our children can aspire to.   business as usual in Iraq today , 170 dead ,  120 in one car bombing which isn’t even enough to move the  local news. 

  Cognitive dissonance leads to odd behaviors, toss in a love of the psychotropic stunting of the population for profit and we have here a problem so large that  the most dangerous cure   is thinking that there’s really a cure that can be applied globally.  

Given that so many of the “power(less to stop this) that be” are at pains to  point out that there’s NO way they could have foreseen, no one could have guessed  so that’s them off the hook?  Bollocks it is. Knowing that they couldn’t protect people they still removed the ability to defend yourselves on their grounds because feeling safe is important, being safe is someone else’s department.  I just read that of those that died at the school only  2 of them did so before the cops arrived.   There is no duty to protect the public , the Supreme court has held that to be the case several times.  So who does that leave responsible for their safety… MIRROR ANYONE?

Thing is people did foresee, they didn’t guess they used logic to point out that guaranteeing a safe zone greatly increases the success rate of carrying out such an atrocity.  It’s not a hardware problem….

Virginia Tech- My Brief take on why dial 911 and die wasn’t only a great title.

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Virginia Tech security questioned – Massacre at Virginia Tech –
“We obviously can’t have an armed guard in front of every classroom every day of the year,” he said.

Knowing that when the college forbid legal carrying of firearms people couldn’t protect themselves . Shame they proudly touted their no guns on campus policy last year as this image By Oleg Volk points out. Yes it’s shocking but necessary to point out that those people in charge of your safety see this as a one way street. Don’t kid yourself that Brady , VPC etc haven’t already started to use this for their ends.

Sunday, er Monday weekend roundup..

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Friday..   Weird day in general.   Toddler’s in many locations   some just have driving licences and  vote..:) 

Satday.. Home with the little one. Took him out to buy brakes and parts for the F(uck) ( Ford Truck) and  on the whole had a pleasant Dobh day. in the evening  take and bake pizza with 

Sunday. Erin had to go interview( practical test) at work which took out our only day together.  Placed Dobh with the grandparents and took off for the range. OMFG I can’t shoot anymore.. not one gun  I used to go weekly, sometimes more, and worked my way up to pretty tight groups with everything I owned.. now.  well they would ruin a person’s day  but  … I wonder if I need to look more closely at the old adage  “beware the man with only one gun , he probably knows how to use it:)   In the meantime I need practice.

Then we had lunch at the Skeptical Chymist in Scottsdale ( yep part of the Scottsdale Triangle  which Erin  ,  an Irish name meaning peace ( very funny joke ha ha)  wished to go along. They are seemingly THE place to celebrate the upcoming St Patricks’s  day ( I shit you not that’s on their flyer)    Ok  I wanted to try out the Irish Breakfast which claims to  have black pudding and whitepudding.  How did I find them?   well they were under the bacon THE SINGLE SLICE of bacon  which  surprised me   

All day Irish Breakfast…

Bacon rasher, sausage, black and white pudding, baked beans, two eggs, grilled tomato and toasted wheaten bread. Not a meal for light eaters.

I should have read it more carefully it really is in the singular.   ( they missed out the beans too:( )  This was not a lot of food by US or Irish standards and maybe my hopes were raised but the white pudding had  one bites worth and the black pudding two.  Lesson learned  Menu = blarney.   I was so fecked off I wanted to give out to them   but, they have draught cider and I had a couple and that was nice enough to make me forget about it.  In the past the foods been ok ( Like you can get great food in Ireland, ok  I seemingly can’t 😉 )  but this was one a mighty letdown..   

Saw. “This movie is not yet rated”  which  has suspected shows up the MPAA to be a bunch of jerks, lying jerks and  well you get the picture. It’s a little too heavy on the casual link between  violence on screen and reality which  is a large failing of anyone arguing against censorship  when advocating that maybe they should restrict other people and we can all be equally repressed:)  On the whole though good work  and a very interesting, often hilarious documentary.

Lastly bargain AC DC  all the videos  under nine bucks  at Sam’s club..  Who says that Rock and roll ain’t noise polution 🙂

Again , why do I carry a gun?

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 It’s amusing the kind of conversation I can have in my car re guns. Ie. that thing safe,  it’s not going to go off and…

…. while this chat is taking place while 4 controlled explosions are occurring in my metal shopping cart at 40mph  a mere 3.5 feet from his head.  It’s amazing how people treat machines that they are familiar within in relation to those that they are not.


Image  from Oleg Volk’s site

More on the Uk’s attempts to ban a banned item by demanding Criminals break just one more law

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Classically Liberal: The high cost of gun control.

Jim over at the Classically Liberal blog is taking on my pet cause of beating up the UK re their society being ordered for the convenience of the criminal classes ( not just the elected ones)

Recently there were several murders in London as the result of gun violence. And the BBC’s web site ran some information on gun crimes in England and Wales. And the truth is that gun violence has escalated dramatically. Look at this chart that they ran today.

You can see how dramatically gun crime escalated in England in recent years. Yet, I distinctly remember that not that long they imposed what amounted to a total ban on private possession of firearms. I did a check at the London Telegraph and found that one columnist wrote a column in 2003 about what he called “the Government’s ‘total ban’ five years ago”. That would be 1998.

Ah yes  I recall both bans , the laughable compensation offered for many rare guns and the prediction that this would solve nothing since in the two cases  Hungerford and Dunblane both criminals were  found, at their respective inquiries ,to have been known to police and that laws in existence should have removed their firearms from them. Nothing new there, Mr State says you don’t need to protect yourself, we’ve got your back , yet it seems like they brought about the two worst civillian  “massacres” in the UK by failing to  follow their own “duty”  to protect the public.  Still  they have no guns, they have more gun crime it’s almost like the bumper stickers in Arizona are right:D

BBC How should society tackle gun crime? This question from the nation that banned handguns do you get it Democrats? it’s not a gun problem.

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BBC NEWS | Have Your Say | How should society tackle gun crime?

How’s that for cute? I couldn’t shoot pistols in the UK at the time I left they , apart from some blackpowder ones, had been banned. Only those with a need to shoot Brazilian electricians coming out of the tube can carry weapons and I couldn’t provide such a reason..thankfully. The UK’s too far gone to care about , they have all the cameras, all the bans on just about any viable weapon you can defend yourself. And now they have a gun problem…. it would be remiss of me not to bludgeon the point that criminals do not give a flying fuck for laws that ban possibly that may be why they are criminals? SO those seeking to further punish the victims of such by removing their defense when you know this is part of the evil that is the modern socialist nanny state 🙂