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And yet all some people see is the Matrix. OMG I’m commenting on testing again :D

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Three days into looking at Watir and I’m already reading testing blogs again. It’s an activity that I’m really good at when there’s not a 60/40 split e.g documentation is 60% The rest is testing. Amazing how many jobs have a role in their title that is actually performed less than the management of it I consider that more an American feature, not a bug?. Anyway here’s a nice look at testing that I think is applicable to a wider scope. This is what DARE and the war on drugs represent.This is TSA security theatre a creation of an unthinking system and then assuming that you’ve just nailed reality down to a grid. It’s the disease of all organizations designed to perpetuate the system that now makes the decisions above and beyond the reason they were created in the first place.

The trace matrix |

What I love about testing is what PMs and auditors hate. Now, I’m using big basic words like a child speaks with no shades of grey but that is how it feels and how I see the behaviors play out. PMs often want testing contained to a line item on a MS Project Plan but then nasty bugs show up with no regard to proximity of the ship date. Can’t we find all the bad bugs first? This question has amused me for years.