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Always fun to ask well Why?

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There you go, one Texan game of Russian roulette…..


just rants..

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I can’t cite the source yet but this one is too good to pass up. 4 men in a bar where arguing about whether they would be going to heaven or hell. One produced a shotgun and was going to find out, brief scuffle and oops, dead person and one wounded.

Trapped miners. Hey I was wrong, this happens so rarely that I’m almost breaking out the crystals and getting myself a power pyramid. I’m happy they are safe. I am not happy that the media bestows the appellation hero on anyone now that seems to live, or die, or in fact does anything out of the ordinary. As ever I’m totally pissed at this being seen as further proof that prayer works, geez if this fucks would get a little creative and think to ask IN ADVANCE to avoid being trapped under a pile of rocks maybe this could all be avoided? Maybe we could get a team of prayer warriors to work out just how many people praying for how long could save an area how large it would not only lead to a new branch of “deiomatics ” but if found to be a renewable source of energy we could even power cars., Anyone that has owned a Ford Ranger has likely invoked some higher power* to get the fucker to start on a warm day ..

Also why was the last occasion the “Busch” twins decided to try and get a drink so poorly publicized? heck it escaped me until I heard a comedian ( the oh so talented thunderbird model Greg Proops) rip into them. Advert time. You can get a year of Proop dogs’ abuse at the world at Anyone that likes audio books will love this site. Put it this way It’s about a quarter of the price than buying on cassette or CD.

Oh referals under haltse would not hurt 😉

*note in my case the higher power was a repair shop in GA.

I’m blue da de doh, lad deh la, what ever

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So I just met Pepsi blue, looks just like antifreeze, tastes just like it too, though Austrian wine could give it a fine run for its money. So good idea to thin out the stupid kids? Maybe it’s a way to boost sales of methylated spirits? Today was a very lazy Sunday filled with Day of Defeat. I am going to start posting my 3 ways to take over the world soon.


37… Clerks

Filed under blog blogging reference, Uncategorized so I assume that since I wasn’t informed of this that no one I know has seen this. if they have and forget to mention it …well let’s say that just ruffles my fur.

Another weekend in the frying pan. The place where it’s hard not to get involved in consumerism when you have an AC habit to feed. Plans for today, Feed Cakey, she just shed and is on the lookout for the next meal. Make holes in paper remotely , and probably go watch 90 mins of dick and fart jokes , no not visiting friends 🙂 , going to see Austin Powers. Reviews have pointed out the puerile and sophomoric nature of the jokes… Well Duh!!!


A kraken good story?

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I love this kind of thing. The only problem is trying to find a 60 gallon bucket of marinara sauce. On a related note I managed to see a giant octopus laying eggs recently not your everyday occurrence. I’m a sucker for these things.



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Today was fun , Had a Canadian berating me on the grounds that I target shoot. His view is that people can break into your house and take the objects you work for unhindered after all that’s what insurance is for. Why don’t I just pay the thief before hand, you know a bit like the guild system in the Discworld series. Spent the rest of the day so far taking objectivism 101 , well ok maybe a little higher. Personally all the times I’ve given people money, assisted them and so on has uniformly turned out l like a flan in a centrifuge. This was on those occasions what everyone would say is the “good” or “right” thing to do. in short if you want to keep friends do not l give them any money you are unwilling to lose.


Feeling pleased

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Yes at long last I have managed to breakthrough a personal barrier. Mr Cz and I have been engaged in a psychological war now for at least 3 months. Today though:) I showed the little fucker whose boss. 10 yards, using cheap ammo all the shots made it into the 8 or better, Actually one 8 , five tens and 4 nines.. Does happy dance. Followed up with another few magazines and all in all today was a good day lead directiing, changed the Bug’s oil then came home.

That for me is productive:)


Video Baptists

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This may be deja vu for some of you , I wrote this a while back for another site and in the last year I have to say that customer service in the US has not improved in fact I have still to have a month free of some issue that doesn’t require majpr phone time. Even worse the fucking reps I talk to in person in well fargo give me info I act on, they gave me no choice really, they state that no charges due for service.. Well they are wrong seemingly and I had to pay and take the abuse of their specially bred snot buckets that I dedicate the below to.

I am getting heartily pissed off with the VDU class of service people. I.e. those too dangerous to let near a PC ( or even an Apple). Still they saw the lovely glow and effect on the complexion of IT staff and demanded they too have them. IT gave them a dumb terminal. Woo-hoo. Now the jury is out regarding the effects,if any, of EM radiation emanating from the VDU screen but I submit to you anecdotal evidence that they are capable of scrambling the mind of those that work near them,

No matter what appears on this screen is ,to the operator, 100% gospel, fixed, inerrant, reeking of verisimilitude and other good stuff. There usually is no local court of appeal ( Head office being the Supreme court in this particular circuit) Seriously all we need is one good hack with a nice tasteful ascil message
Kill yourself now!

Exhibit A:
So the video tape I get dressed at 23:50 to drive back to the shop. Go in and place on counter before store closes 23:58 shows up next visit as a late charge.
Exhibit B:
Even better Papa John’s I order 2 pizzas over the net, I get to shop only one pizza was made. They insist that I called in and only asked for one. They continued this line of reasoning despite the screendump I had of my order. They also expressed surprise at me ordering online and didn’t think I could do that. You would think the traffic level of memo’s in the fast food industry are not too excessive for those on the pepperoni placement duty. Unless of course it has to be based on scheduling their reading around the readers of the group being on shift.

So if you think the all knowing oracle of the monochrome monitor is a worth adversary , it is nothing! really totally insignificant in the scheme of bureaucracy in relation to the clerks ultimate weapon.. A print out of the screen from a 9 pin dot matrix on fan fold paper, that is indisputable… if it’s the kind with the green bars you’re fucked. Accept your account details and balance and go home. I had debates that they wouldn’t discuss my account until I reveived their print out as seemingly I couldn’t comprehend them over charging-me without the paper in my hand.

Irony? Well about the only people that really seem to use terminals in public are the people in parts departments where the idiot is usually on the other side of the screen.

to all the fans of airport security

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“Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.”
—-German Proverb

Farewell to arms, er balls :)

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Squeaks all,

This fluffball is Packet, one of my friends adorable little kitty that today was hacked. Yep his dns tables (Dinky Nut Sac) has been pulled from the router and he can ping no more. He’s now TCP/IP ( testicles can’t point/Into Pussy) Making Chaos once more the Sys admin that us males fear ….


Who let the bugs out?

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Why do we seem to have the worlds worst system? ……..

An answer.

I’m going to tell you something unpleasant. Customer Service is a large part of the reason bugs continue to exist. True, they do not originate in with you but, after a product is released they live in your house and eat your food. You have a few options:

1) Do nothing and watch while they drink your beer.
2) Handle each one on a case by case basis, while three more come through the door.
3) Escalate the bugs each and every time they show up, until all bugs of that type are eliminated.

Now, I can take the rather sparse information you have given me to Development. As it happens I did. Imagine the conversation:

Oracle – “Lo, the citizens say we have a bug!”
Dev – “Oh my this is terrible news! What is it?”
Oracle – “It is a heretofore unknown bug of great dimension and venom . . . but none can say where exactly it is that you may know it for yourselves.”
Dev – “This is unbelievable! In fact, I do not believe it. Bring me proof or I shall slay you where you stand!”

Well, it did not go exactly like this, but you get the picture. So, as this is not a bug that I have encountered I would like proof of it. Anyone who has encountered this bug please send cases of it to X, your TL, or myself.

Thank you.

Something to be cute

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Western Screech owl

Western Screech owl, cool eh:)

Deus ex Machina

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Well I managed to have a fun issue today, I was listening to cd, using outlook to do a mail when I started getting random junk, noises like MM ah, uh in my headphones. System started severe go slow, 88% was being hogged by the sapisvr. The voice rec had switched on ( unaided ) and seemingly was dragging the text from trying to dictate the CD , it was Bjork so good luck on that mr XP.

And it’s a known bug, er feature Ms kbase Q315765



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The Gannet

The Gannet, Sula bassanus Yes today we have an animal I admire. I’m not really a great bird fan, breasts are cool though, but I digress. This mobile Air to fish missile is not only stunning in design but in execution. Imagine driving near a Taco bell and feeling peckish, but you run your car through the wall, catapult through the window to end up with a gordita in your mouth, catch the car on the other side, physics is on holiday, and then go about your way.

That is one meal for the Gannet.