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Windows breaks again.. “fix” for latest

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Security Now! Notes for Episode #20

Worryingly I am a tech news source for my more pc avoidant friends , oh they have computer shaped objects, that’s as far as it goes.

If you have windows you probably need this sooner, rather than later.

Comedy Central becomes a joke

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“South Park” Parked by Complaints – Dec 29, 2005 – E! Online News

K in the absence of an official Comedy Central note on where the episode is hiding it does look like the network caved in to a group of people with invisible friends that didn’t like things they said about their mother (church)

Oddly they still found it ok, and ridiculously easy,to abuse scientologists. The people that claim to be offended are not your audience and it makes no sense to give a flying singing Christmas turd what they think. I hope the fcc does illegally , arguably the entire agency is illegal given the 1st amendment *, impose it’s will on closed “broadcast” methods, after all if they claim they are the public airwaves then sticking the same parts of the EM spectrum down a tube shouldn’t be too hard a sell to those already rendered impotent by their phospherent wet nurse.

We need to be children in order for “Father” state to look after us, the irony being , that we sound like whiny children when being asked to be treated like adults just like the Catholic league

sinus hell

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K this is just ridiculous, the pressure on the front of my eyes/nose is getting frustrating. While I can move around and function at a maintenance level thinking is not working out too well.

Part of the new security system arrived today, linux embedded 4 camera server, will email, im and do some other neat tricks when any of the vid inputs detects motion.. Cheap too, maybe too cheap? will find out when we flickr our first vandal:D

Tracking survey.

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There’s one thing about the dumbest observation I saw on CNN today The other was that Mitch Hedburg didn’t die from “natural causes” sure..

Ultimately there’s two ways to die, everything else is just commentary … – Canada blames U.S. for gun violence – Dec 27, 2005

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You have to wonder what mental giant blames the perceived lack of laws in one country ( USA) for people acting illegally in their own ( Canada) – Canadian ’swingers’ cheer ruling on sex clubs – Dec 26, 2005

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Is it worrying that adults being allowed to share their bodies with whom they chose be seen as news?

Free humour generator ( posts from fundie forums)

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You won’t see this hosted by Cosby anytime soon

Fundies say the dumbest things
What we have here is a lot of unbaited, unforced idiocy that should make anyone slightly worried that 50% or so of the US population ascribe to views similar to these

Pick your own favourites..

Christianity is reason and logic, reason and logic are threats to the Atheistic world view. Christianity = threat to Atheism...”

“”The paintings that “portay” him as black are nothing more than idols worshipped by the black panthers. Graven Images!! The white paintings came first….they date back to when he was alive. A man named Simon Blensmore found them at the dead sea or something.”

The Passsion ( and hubris) of the 2 hour podcast

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There’s a science fiction story, by Arthur C Clarke or Asimov, yeah I start off on a vagueness that I assure you will only increase.. I’d give up reading now and go play with whatever Santa brought you.

The gist of the story is re the origin of the 10 commandments and relating their brevity to the available media of the day. Stone tablets take a while after all. Note that the later the religion the more detailed and ridiculous they seem to be. cough Hubbard. Anyway that brings me to podcasts.

Can we please have some introduction of reality re the running time? Unless you’re covering a debate / question and answer session then over 30 minutes is pushing it for the vast majority of material out there. Really take the extra 90 mins of show time and spend it learning to remove gaps, mis-cues and on researching a home made pop shield.

News? not the good type. | Pope appeals for Mid-East peace

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BBC NEWS | Europe | Pope appeals for Mid-East peace

HANG ON THAT’S NEWS? What is new… about this? Every year I have been alive the Pope of the day has wandered, sometimes pushed, out onto the balcony, mentioned that , ‘hey look they Holiest place in our religion has been in turmoil for 2000 years wouldn’t it be neat if we could all just love the Lord and be excellent to each other ?”

1 billion people thinking nice happy thoughts towards a common point on Earth has so far achieved…


So once more what’s the definition of insanity.. No it’s not believing that some man in the sky wants you to be happy here on earth and grant you eternal life for not breaking his dietry,artistic or social mores , good damn guess though.

It’s repeating the same act over and over again and expecting it to work.

Bah, Humbug – The horrors of December in a one-party state. By Christopher Hitchens

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Bah, Humbug – The horrors of December in a one-party state. By Christopher Hitchens

Yeah I’m a foot soldier in the “war on Christmas’ your Fox news channel told you about.

If voting changed anything they’d abolish it.

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Wired News: Diebold Hack Hints at Wider Flaws

More info here: This is one of my favourite arguments to get into with the socially active. How do they explain “democratic” states that ordered systems without specifying a paper trail,adequate security or allowing the systems to be examined?

Tis a puzzle.

The Devil is in the details.

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“The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away and think this to be normal is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective tends to be.” Dougas Adams.

Well after a week of medium illness we headed out to a Solstice party containing many people from the Libertarian / Atheist group and friends of the host.

So party games:
Define god, using agreed upon terms with the theists. ( mental twister) always a fun one, usually by the time it’s concluding there’s no time left advance further. God = X X being the number of people using the term god to represent anything from the laws of the universe as currently understood to the old heavenly father whose your best pal and just wants to be loved.

Bait the lawyer:
That by making the state work to prove their clients guilt using up the resources available to them doesn’t advance the cause of freedom: It’s mainly theoritical in the end. The idea that the state would say, wow, we have x people in jail now thanks to the attorney’s stipulating that yeah those pills the client had are really ecstacy , so should we reduce our budget.. Or… put more people away for consensual crimes?

Making the state efficient is not a goal I’d want to see realised. If you need a reason check out this book IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America\'s Most Powerful Corporation

Just how much tax will one nation take before its pitchforks in the city square? All depends on how distracted we are, we’re very very distracted.

Away to cough up a lung ….

Public Displays of nuttiness

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I know I have a PDA but seemingly I am not so PDA friendly were the crypto wife is involved, you know I am dropping that term because of that. It’s doing her and us a diservice.

Not that I don’t think that it’s a good one: Crypto. Def: not openly avowed or declared I.e we’ve not asked permission from the state to sanction our relationship, validate our existence or decide that we’re less valid than same sex couples for the same kind of tax breaks/ benefits .. Oh the latter they already do. Yes seemingly many companies/ states will extend benefits to same sex couples that cohabit that they refuse to pass on to those in long term relationships. The libertarian part of me is ticked that there are those public benefits anyway.

Anway the reason I don’t wish to use it further is that people look like a goldfish being asked to sign a credit card agreement, the phrase crypto , they wonder in fascist? Is she wearing her little fascist panties in the Tori sense of the phrase?

Regardless it seems to have the wrong connotation with the general public. Frankly I’m just going to use the term wife from now on. Symbols are for the symbol minded,.. you all win on this one. – Student asked to change out of kilt seeks dress code change

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I’ve always been amused by Americans and their desire to remain hyphenated as a way of appearing more interesting.

Ive been accused ,twice, of faking my accent / background as a means to trick women into parting with their, er parts. Why anyone would claim to be from that godforsaken rock without hope of decent Mexican food is beyond me.

Do I need to drag out the Trainspotting quotes?

Still people that may have had an uncle stop by for an hour at the Airport in Edinburgh seem keen to regale me with tales of their Scottish heritage and wish to hear only good things of how things are “back home” We need to tie ourselves to part of a larger group that the most tenous reasons for most people will suffice. We’ll I’m tired of dealing with a bunch of anchors.

Gan awa an boil yer heid.

Still the story is amusing while people will bend over backward to accommodate any sartorial suggestion by a man/women in the sky/ground or multi armed god with PMS it’s not so cool for clans, oops there I am being insensitive again.

I think I need a new category.. It’s called: Reasons why our kid will not be educated by the state. Will work on truncating that.

You have got to be Cali fuck in kidding me. The Nanny state gets uppity.

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Ah one of the most amusing signs that Eris and her operatives have penetrated the Californian Department of Motor Vehicles. Not going to spoil the joy of discovery by reading this piece but I would love to see the same kind of letters being sent out for other “crimes” Then again in CA I once got a ticket for a metal trellis coming loose of the back of a truck and hitting me.. yep my car was not as mobile as the offender BUT officer Jackboot thought it irrelevant. That I should have been driving my car in a safe manner that somehow would have prevented this still amuses me:D

Anyway.. enjoy

Carly Milne • Blog • “Well, Mr. Anderson, we were able to retrieve your test results from the computer. And as I suppose you already know, you failed. God giveth. And the DMV taketh away. We can make your life a living hell.”