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No Cash For Condemners: Bank strikes a blow against Kelo

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Reason: No Cash For Condemners: Bank strikes a blow against Kelo

Ah yes, sometimes there’s hope ūüôā I love this story A bank , and a pretty large one at that, has went Rand on the looter’s asses.

Tam 4: The Amazing meeting 2006 Las Vegas.

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K, So over the next few days I am either going to write my thoughts about the conference I attended in Las Vegas, The Amazing meeting. This meeting, number four ,was created by the James Randi Education foundation and was first held in Ft Lauderdale in 2000 and had about 120 participants, this year there were 800.That’s a lot of doubt. Anyway here’s what JREF does. In short they promote critical thinking, e.g reality based.
I’ll just go through the speakers / programs one by one and link to the relevant sites.¬† I’m pretty positive re the conference, though not ecstatically so in the manner that many account of the convention you may read,¬† then again I’m one morose sob:)¬† I’ll do the parts on Vegas separately since it’s certainly a character in the show too. I”m pretty close to just shoving this onto audio.

So stay tuned:  The amazing bleating of Haltse will start soon.

State of which union?

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Ok twenty minutes in and this President has forgotten which country he was elected to head. Somehow the rest of the world takes precedence, the rule of law is cool for Iraq but when it comes to extra judicial wiretaps that’s not going to happen here.

The energy policy is interesting though but I am convinced that it’s wrong. Why? ok here’s why. They want to give money to people solving the problem of fuel dependence by specific means. You want to build a hydrogen car.. here have money, oh you have a better system, cheaper, and uses less resources … mm No , that’s not that “hydrogenny” is it? Sorry not interested.
Science WTF does this Bozo know about science he honestly believes that there’s a controversy with regards to evolution outwith a few creationist nuts and then has the balls to put a US public education on similar footing with the rest of the world, er no, not going to happen. Then he announces a ban on research , on faith based grounds, to prevent many lines of biological inquiry. Nice…

He likes Lincoln.. not exactly an ringing endorsement of freedom is it?

yeah you need religion to be moral..

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Friends described Mendez as a caring mother.  I described her friends as  fucking idiots  though the quote must have been lost on the wire.
How many atheists have heard no god telling them to not kill their kids?

Is there room in the prison / mental ward for these people?¬†¬†¬† I hate this story, I hate that I was told about it,¬† really I don’t need to think about dead kids, it pisses me off greatly but¬† rather than my usual¬†¬† raging against the dying light¬† which isn’t that popular in the US to begin with. They, the population,¬† see it more as a race to the white light. ¬† Why save? why commit to sensible renewable energy or an economic system that doesn’t destroy the next 3 generations ability to grow at the expense of the seniors, a vast proportion of them hoarding the majority of the wealth in the USA yet demanding we pay for their meds. ( not that there’s anything wrong with wealth)
Most are planning not to be around to pick up the check. ¬† Take Reagan’s¬†¬† minister for the environment, James Watt, “I do not know how many future generations we can count on before the Lord returns.”¬†¬† We’re still living with some of that bozo’s decisions.

Dobhran’s love at first bite

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Driving the spoon

The day that real food hit him. He’s so far decided that yes,¬† Yes YES¬† food is a good thing. Over the three days we’ve been away he’s manipulating small objects¬† with far more precision than¬† last week. Though we’ve entered the era of¬† “sticky”¬†¬† no more nice new furniture, clothes or fragile art that’s within say… 2 miles of his presence.

We¬† went to the range prior to retrieving him today. I’m glad to report, happy ne ecstatic to report that the CZ97 is one accurate brick.

state rapped for luxury vehicles

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BBC NEWS | Africa | Kenya rapped for luxury vehicles

Ah yes, well it happens here in the US too it’s just not as obvious, or , it’s just not noticed.

The amazing one and er us ( Tam4 las vegas)

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The amazing one and  er  us
The amazing one and er us,
originally uploaded by haltse.

We’re back from Vegas. I have a hell of a lot to write over the coming days re The Amazing Meeting ( ) , Vegas and why I am amazed that smart people, far in excess of my limited powers of cognitiion, can contradict themselves in about ten minutes.

Here’s my short argument: Who builds all the shit that Nasa “pays for?” It’s private industries that they contract with, that’s really my case that space exploration wouldn’t necessarily cease without their involvement. Yet all those with complaints against the gov and their application of science fail to see a correalation from taking the “king’s shilling” and freedom of inquiry.

I suck at gambling:

Oh and if one more person brings up roads as being the sole purview of the states….

Future American lawyers to be proud of.

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insomnia: Future American lawyers to be proud of.

A little ray of hope in an otherwise, “it must be legal , cos I did it”¬† kind of week. nearly all the criminals I know, I mean real criminals, not the elected ones that get others to carry out their thievery, have the same outlook. Strange world:

$120 million radio system ailing

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$120 million radio system ailing

Requirements anyone? I can not see ANY business making such a huge screwup and remaining viable as a business. Then again they can’t force you to pay for their mistake at the¬† barrel of a gun..

In short 2 years after install the latest and greatest radio system needs a 50 million dollar facelift. Or  $150 from every tax payer in Phoenix.

Americans among least saving people

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Americans among least saving people – Jan. 25, 2006

This is what happens when you have people that think they are saved versus those that take an interest in their own lives.¬† There’s nothing stopping me getting a¬† 48″ tv, bike, quad and an RV other than.. oh yeah debt..¬† (then again¬† if the system looks like it will totally collapse¬† get as much credit as you can, you get real material they get¬† fiat currency it’s just the timing that’s the bitch )


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I’ve been unable to shake a feeling , of the rocky horror variety,¬† of unamiable dread.¬† I’m not the only one uneasy , or maybe it’s just flu;) , but something large seems to be in the offing

Speakeasy cuisine / diners flock to unlicensed restaurants

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Speakeasy cuisine / Guided by word-of-mouth, diners flock to unlicensed restaurants for good food at bargain-basement prices

“You take your chances that you won’t get sick if you eat food from a facility that’s unlicensed,” said Susan Strong, a retail food program specialist for the state. While restaurants are inspected by local health departments

This I love, the two times in my life I have been made seriously ill by food, ooo yep both inspected by the state, both still in business with no damage.

Coincidence? Ford .. Fire On Rear Damage? Fired Off ReDundant

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Given that I’ve had a Ford Ranger,that cost money to repair over a two year period, where they were later succesfully sued in CA re the defect¬† and I received nothing other than a really bad attitude to this company. So they make an unsafe car, yet doesn’t¬† the Gov have regulations to prevent this very thing?¬† didn’t work out too well did it?

Hopefully the market’s solution will be harsh:D

Campaign to seize US judge’s home

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BBC NEWS | Americas | Campaign to seize US judge’s home

Do you ever get the feeling that the word activist is often used in a pejorative manner? Is this a code word to make the inactivists, the sheeple, happy about their lack of caring re what they support ? I find it weird that advancing an opinion that the state shouldn’t be allowed to take , by force, private property to increase it’s ability to use that force on others labels you as an activist.

No it labels you as being awake.

The Spudgun Technology Center –

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The Spudgun Technology Center – Your Source for Spudgun Parts, information, and more!

Somedays I wish I was back home at the scrapyard..¬†¬† Acetylene dreams fueling more dangerous contraptions that made¬† our “hey let’s drive at each other without safety gear and crash”¬† seem like childsplay ( which it was)