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Creationists,in their own words.(because I can’t make up this stuff)

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Their Own Version of a Big Bang – Los Angeles Times

Before I get all smug and lambast the foolish Yanks for they know not what they say I have to sadly report that a similar question when asked of people in the UK  came up with equally startling numbers.  <50% of the people polled in the UK think that evolution , which I was not taught in biology in the UK btw,is the best explanation for where we are today.

Where we are at today?  Can anyone say  Dark Ages the sequel?  Yep reality can be voted on by the time their non scientific bullshit has came round to kick them squarely in the ass the dissenters will have been long murdered for questioning the infinite love and wisdom of their invisible friends..  I’m in a dark mood today I can’t see how reason is going to get us out of this

Maybe it’s time to take the motor and go “home”?

Unlimited dvds*

Filed under Bad CS, Culture-internet, General, media – Netflix’s best customers penalized – Feb 10, 2006 So what is it with Netflix, they noticed Google were “doing no evil” so they thought they would take up the slack?  For this free market thing to work  I think  there’s  meant to be  no  fraud on  either side of the transaction.  OK  buried in the TOC now you can see a fairly “harmless” statement that frequent renters may encounter more delays,   tautology , of course the more you rent the more you are likely to encounter a delay,  from the article it looks like   it’s not MAY it’s WILL suffer delays.
Netflix has a great service, they really don’t need to pull this obsfuscation, just  give us a number,  if we like it we stay, if not we go.  What the hell are you scared off?  If  having unlimited sells x more units is it worth it to supply those people taking advantage?  Most hosting companies think it is, most health clubs think it is and most ISP’s  think it is..  None of these have  resources to fulfill all their users at once and rely on a % of their customers never / rarely using it.  So either tell us  you mean 20= unlimited;) or just  let a few people go.  ( also a stupid move)

Democracy ? Sucks when crap like this is legal:D

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National Libertarian Party

Note, this is not law, it’s just a proposal.
Bored? then read the bill but in essence.. These “Democrats” you know, one of the wings of the Washington war party, are trying to prevent any third party from ever being able to run against them , well ok it’s more subtle than that but.. the practical effects of this bill are, if you’re not in office now, you’re not getting into office.

One shouldn’t link alcohol and guns ( don’t blame me blame ATF)

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Last orders please

Story from the “home” country , I’m still between nations at present , some kind of peripatetic internal exile, though I likely will change that soon.   One of the shocks that I experienced after moving to the states can be described with a lyric from  Soul Asylum “Trying to do the right thing play it straight the right thing changes from state to state”  Just trying to buy  alcohol was restricted by some of the strangest laws ,that  not only depended on the location , but the time and date.  County by County, some places sold both  beer and real alcohol, some  just the latter, the rules changed  to the point where  I was glad to move to California after three years in Georgia ( I was even happier to move to AZ )

Anyway  I’m sure they had the “best ” intentions in deciding that I would drink more responsibly if I bought them in two stores rather than one. I’m sure the people in the UK that opposed the lifting of  11pm most nights as the last orders ( for public houses, private clubs have other rules) had those interests in mind when the spent the publics money  trying to prevent  adults from deciding when and where they drink.   Than again they has aleady spent a lot of the money earned from the taxation, licencing and outright appeals to greed ( lottery) to convince people that England is a country that one could enjoy while sober.

So not only did the conventional wisdom not occur, e.g people drunk 24-7 causing fights and accidents,  but the inverse  a 20% annual reduction in violent crime relating to drink. Are they refunding the cash? er no.

A similar situation occured in  AZ 10 years past  We were sold back our right to carry concealed weapons. Oddly the   same mindset prevailed in here where “professional” commentators  let lose  with a vision of  streets awash with blood and people casually using guns as hammers, bottle openers and bullets as toothpicks failed to materialise. These same people  are still at, but now they have made some friends.  And I mean manufactured. Whether it’s by fortuitous happenstance or Machavellian planning 😉 is that the people you would think are in favour of the Second amendment are more in favour of a second income. What happens is when you create a privileged class (interesting eytmology on that word) , which in this case is the instructors  teaching the course required to buy your rights back.  Anyone want to hazard a guess which way  the majority of these lean  when the need for these courses appear:D

Short Skirt , bomb jacket?

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Jonah Goldberg on Cartoon Jihad on National Review Online

Think of it this way.  Short skirts don’t turn  reasonable man into a rapist in the same way that  cartoons don’t turn reasonable men into murderers.

And in my stupid question of the day.. If no one is allowed to represent the prophet in image form how can anyone tell that it’s offensive:)

Open the “I need a job bay door Hal” Deutsch resigns from NASA!

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Bad Astronomy Blog » Blog Archive » Deutsch resigns from NASA!

Follow up on the Nasa / Big Bang post from the other day.

The nice man ( Deutsch)  that seemed so against facts that his resume didn’t actually need to contain any.. his degree was, like his friends, invisible.   Sadly he resigned before somone could blow him out of an airlock.  Kudos to all those instrumental in removing that pillock from his position.

Hell I can’t keep up with this.Which handbasket do I get in?

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Secular Web: Atheism, Agnosticism, Naturalism, Skepticism and Secularism

should you feel the need to research any of the broadly fantastical and outrageous claims I make ( the  subject kinda demands that treatment)  the above link is rather handy. I would also suggest taking a wander over to Slate to read  Christopher Hitchens article for his take on the cartoons that have lead to several deaths and some trashed embassies.
In the last 10 minutes I have found three mutually eclusive religions that all promise eternal pointy spikes up the bum with a temperature  to match that of Phoenix in August. All of them argue that  “oh that bit about the doom , gloom and destruction of those that don’t love our imaginary friend,  it’s being taken out of context.. see in our language/ interpretation  kill, slay  or murder really means convert by peaceful means.

Credo… why don’t  you fade away?

Hark at this “Nas” hole: If it’s not god, it’s a theory.

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Bad Astronomy Blog » Blog Archive » Outrage at attacks on NASA science

This is more than a science issue, it is a religious issue. And I would hate to think that young people would only be getting one-half of this debate from NASA.” George Deutsch ( Nas-hole)”

Phil Plait, of Bad Astronomy fame,  brings to light with this post   a situation which would be hiliarious if Heller was  writing the book. A  24 year old journalism major is  attemplting to decide the published  output of Nasa’s scientists based on how politically correct it is to those with invisible friends.
One of the comments echoes a quote from Feynmann, incidentally from the Challenger inquiry which is another case of wish fulfillment versus listening to those they employ to know better.

“For a sucessful technology reality must take precedence over public relations,for nature cannot be fooled”

The public however.. 😀

Telecom companies let NSA spy on phone calls

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Telecom companies let NSA spy on phone calls

There we go that’s what is meant by Fascism, it’s not a left or a right thing.

Searching no evil:

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Googlocracy, by L. Neil Smith

It’s nice to see a company break it’s self proclaimed   “do no evil” a ridiculous standard that has rightly came back to bite them on the rear. Given the subjective nature of evil in business I’m siding with the article the most interesting part of which is their  calling our attention to Google’s status with the state ( US) and the liability they avoid by doing so.

Google is helping the Chinese government keep the Chinese people oppressed.Oh, yeah. What about the argument that Google is private property? Well no, it isn’t. It’s a corporation, which means that it’s simply a bunch of guys who sought to achieve certain powers and immunities by applying for them to the State. As such, Google is a creature of the State—Google is the State itself—and it deserves zero special consideration.

When Google expresses its willingness to give up limited liability—a legal arrangement under which owners of a corporation aren’t held personally responsible for wrongs the corporation may commit—then we’ll be talking about private property, and the rights associated with it.

Not before.

Google is helping the Chinese government keep the Chinese people oppressed.

Sharply annoyed the Sunday catch up moan.

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Well today sucked , Erin is not well, that’s an understatement:(  There’s nothing I can do for her other than not annoy her. Dobhran’s at the grandparents who’ve kindly kept him the last few days  while this evil stomach acid ran rampant. I miss the little guy, ok I miss all the good bits 🙂

To add to it all my $150 custom knife is missing, it fell from it’s supposedly secure sheath and, well, let’s just say that trying to find anything that has a non reflective black coating is frustrating. Anyway the company have so far responsed quickly to my comments so I will see where that goes, it’s not 100% their fault  but I get ticked when things fail during their expected use.
So that makes for  2x  S&W  and a CKRT M16  lost in 4 years plus the new one? Yes they all have a tanto point, why?  I always have something that can punch a car door  and cut readily through seatbelts , always had:)
The main reason I loose them is that some places mandate that  tools are forbidden based on their demonstrably incorrect assertion that criminals obey signs, and I take them on and off accordingly ( cos I am both law abiding and b a moron for doing so )  till I lose them transferring from one car to another or  house to car / inverse.
Oddly enough they don’t remove lighters from smoker’s you never know what they will set on fire:P I’m still  rather upset with the old society I left, they were so paranoid about people defending themselves from attack  that the police stopped me to ask why I had a 5d cell maglite, this was at night,  and I guess those two never did reach detective:) – Rolling Stones -not- super annuated pussies

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Seemingly you can’t “make a dead man come” on the half time show . I was mistaken the lyrics had been excised by ABC to which I am royally pissed at. My ill-considered response was fornicate that six foot rat with Walts Frozen ( abc censored) until he screams higher than Aaron Neville on helium.

Also this may be be good gig for people into magic, prestidigitation , since it looks like NFL cheerleaders only exist from the waist up, so looks like there’s a bit of restoration to be done.

Ad’s I liked and can recall

Fed-ex , Ameriquest and the Bud “magic fridge and the young clydesdale. V for Vendetta looks fun and since the original was created by Alan Moore, of Watchmen fame, looks like it could be fun.

Get a Cloo(ney) Growing pains ER sucks in the valley.

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The valley should get a Cloo (ney) ER waiting times
42  the answer to life, the universe and , oh wait life’s in need of attention..

K, another night at the ER, same result 7.3 hours wait to resolve a situation that either should arguable have been resolved the night prior. Without getting into too much detail they prescribed a med that has a negative effect on the condition diagnosed.  I’m thoroughly unimpressed by the level of care prior to being seen if you have excruiciating pain there’s no attempt to resolve it .. If something is that bad 7 hours after entry that you need an iv and a shot shortly after they get to you … Yeah most of this is frustration but It’s thoroughly depressing that  private medicine is so far behind the curve in the Valley. Another hospital in the same chain closed down it’s Er for three hours

Banner Baywood CEO Don Evans said he stands by his decision to temporarily shut the ER doors, but hopes meetings with other Banner hospital executives will result in a more synchronized system. The Banner Health chain has nearly 1,300 hospital beds in the East Valley.

“We didn’t have the beds, nor did we have the treatment areas within the emergency room,” Evans said. “We were in a position of putting (patients) at risk”

Delightful, it’s not the one off, over two nights , that they would like us to believe it’s a complete lack of foresight re the growth of this region and the ancilliary services  such as sewage, disposal and a stable power supply are not that far behind.    So  take your 40 year long bets.

The desert will reclaim Phoenix or Vegas first ?

Religion stops a thinking mind ( part zillion )

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BBC NEWS | UK | Tories condemn Muslim protesters

Seemingly it’s an offence in the UK to call publically for the death of another… unless.. You are doing it in the name of god , or one of his franchisees. So given that I’m into neat solutions, and often they seem evasive or unrealistic, given that I fail to address the existing situation that has arisen. E.g. states run education or the welfare state which suggests that this should never have arisen it’s outwith my purview. So wwhd?

Well I’m currently suffering from system shock re the Tam4 meeting and my incorrect assumption that if there was a location on earth where the god meme would not be following along too closely it would be in fabulous Las Vegas. From my other blog

The most shocking thing to me ( apart from how badly the internet access sucked at what’s ostensible a science geek fest ) was just how unskeptical many of the attendees were. Seriously the number of hands raise heaven wards when asked ” can you be a skeptic and believe in (a) god” suggests that for about 20% of the audience that seemingly you can. This debate is now raging over on the forums and I’m surprised by the level of compartmentalisation at people that will openly guffaw at astrologers, dowsers and the like yet “don’t feel comfortable” when a Hitchens or Dawkins applies the same standard to their happy fuzzy,It’s seriously fuzzy , their definition of a deity seems to be deistic , not theistic, and in so amorphous that they may as well just call it Tao and get over it

So the cure? Well it’s not education , most of the people at Tam are seriously smart in many areas of their lives, politics not being one of them;) yet still there’s something that prevents them from being able to give up nothing as mentioned above. Damn that last line reads badly. Oh I forgot the cure? Ha ha ha there is none sorry to waste your time.

Really icky day (s)

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Last night was just great. The fully socialized medicine experience ride is now running at Banner Thunderbird hospital in Glendale, AZ. Ticket price? Our employers monthly fee and a $50 ER payment to sit for 7 and a half hours prior to being seen. These wait times are in excess of anywhere I lived in the UK and it was “FREE” over there. Anyway I had to miss a day from work re an inability to stay alert / attempt to look after kid . Erin sadly was ill and now has a new diagnosis which has pretty wide ranging implications for her diet , and by extension, mine.

Still not written up Tam4, but have been watching the DVD’s from Tam3 which keeps the mind ticking over, that is , until I try to explain it. What I do need, and I think this would be a really kick ass projects for the LDS to get involved with since they are into databases in a big way is a register of belief accompanied by a definition. Given that the 1st 2-3 hours of any inquiry into an alledged creator of the ‘verse is trying to have the other party define what their god is, what it can do and what would lead them to that conclusion. Usually they are left forming it on the spot. It would save much wailing and gnashing of teeth if a registry existed where I could obtain this info without going through the pain of several hours to realise that they don’t have a clue on what some consider a fairly important question.
So to kick it off

Haltse : To my experience there is no personifiable deity that created the universe. This negates sin, heaven and hell, brayer ( not a typo see the boomer bible for more) and no I have not been touched by a noodly appendage.