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Dulce Et Decorum Est

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Dulce Et Decorum Est

My friend, you would not tell with such high zest
To children ardent for some desperate glory,
The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est
Pro patria mori.
Obviously  Fox news didn’t get that 90 year old memo. Seemingly true freedom comes from being enslaved by the state as a hired killer.
The contrarian weekend was started with a muted event on Erin’s  family side.  Muted since I was on my best behaviour.  I didn’t go off on the religious one within three sentences, nor on the teacher  ( state naturually ) and I since I can’t discuss work at present in public or discuss American Idol or tv in general and don’t follow sports  it was easier to remain quiet  or just tell people how great our son is. The latter point is rather easy since he’s more adorable than a trunk full of chipmunks.  I think this is why people have children there’s certainly an illusion of  .
Mario Sunshine has been taking up too much time, I “should” be programming, configuring or likewise advancing the cause of the Otterman Empire but my general disatisfaction  at the amount of crap in the world makes me reluctant to become a gateway to such a thing.
WW O D  what would otter do?
Well I think  nap, swim and beat the brains our of crustaceans ..   Rockfish anyone:)

Six of one, half a dozen of the other . media roundup.

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Six of One – The Prisoner – Patrick McGoohan – Home Page

What do I want? Enter tain ment, entertainment ..entertainment..

(American TV says…) You won’t get it..

Number 1 seemingly means being able to sing to acceptable karaoke level for the snack fed , beer addicted mutts that buy the large packets of spicy triangular snack food. American Idol has been brought up to me via several sources this week. It’s like there’s some kind of media echo chamber or something;) but the idea that more people voted for this “election” outnumbered the turn out for the real election is seen as somehow worrying . The Prisoner, it’s celebrating it’s 40th anniversary, has an episode rather nicely outlining this problem with an electorate of cabbages. In short democracy doesn’t work. On that happy topic I’ve been listening to a new podcast  Freedomain Radio with topics  that range from philosophy to psychology to economics to art to how to achieve real freedom in the modern world. The latter part is rather interesting and his counselling so far seems to be very heavily weighted towards not engaging the general public in this arena and working on our own freedom ( whatever that phrase means to you ) rather than pull anyone else along. In “Uncle Al’s” words   “the slaves shall serve”
On the silly side 80’s “shot com” Sledge Hammer!,   the message.. Guns can be very dangerous, but , if used creatively can be a wonderful source of entertainment.  Two seasons of parodying Dirty Harry, buddy movies and just about any other cultural group inhabiting the mid 80’s. “Trust Me, I know what I’m saying” this is a very well put together set.
Next up..

Dominion tank Police  ( series 1  and 2 )

Boy those fashion police are cracking down. Iraqis shot ‘for wearing shorts’

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BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iraqis shot ‘for wearing shorts’

Another sad piece of journalism. Ooo it was militants. Not religiously motivated  at all.  I’m sure that the omission that the  Sharia law is behind this is an accident.I mean we wouldn’t want to think that those that talk to invisible men are capable of making such illogical and stupid mistakes based purely on fashion grounds?

To paraphrase Marvin a day after towel day…

What a  depressingly stupid planet. – Study finds no marijuana-lung cancer link – May 24, 2006

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They had expected to find that a history of heavy marijuana use, like cigarette smoking, would increase the risk of cancer.

That’s nice, it even disproved a lot of the crap the unconstitutional and morally bankrupt ONDCP spout when they’d like a little more funding.   Spot the joke?  yeah little 🙂  4.2 bilions dollars in a decade and the meth menace ( alledged) is  larger than ever, more people are in a jail and prices by all accounts have not changed. Gold may not be as good as pot for inflationary purposes:
Even if MJ causes cancer, brain damage or even shitty choices in home decor it’s none of the states business.  Ah so if you don’t own yourself…

Intelligence Czar Can Waive SEC Rules-

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Intelligence Czar Can Waive SEC Rules

So want to gamble on defence contracters with no SEC oversight? Maybe this = massive potential for fraud and insider dealing..

Oh wait  free market is only the brand:) – Lawyer: 3 kids tossed in bay as sacrifice – May 24, 2006

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Painfully sick story.  The framework in which we allow those with reality issues to call that “god”   voice in their head something other than a damn good reason to get help is possibly the most worrying aspect of this.  Many of the godspoken  claim pron is a casual factor in crime and no matter how tenuous the link we should err on the side of caution and ban it. I can’t recall the last murder where Jenna Jameson told em to do it, well  maybe that wasn’t the right choice of words:)

Sleepless hollow?

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There’s nothing like ending the week on a low note than managing to sink further into the mire Monday morning Dobh was insanly clingly all weekend resulting in crying the moment I stepped out the room, or even outwith his playpen, for the bulk of both days he barely slept. Nor did I.

Consumer Report: The Magic Gas Pill. Sadly it doesn’t magically improve “reporting”

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Consumer Report: The Magic Gas Pill

Here’s an egregious piece of psuedo reporting from an Alabama tv station. Let’s ask both side and maybe you can draw your own conclusions.  Er there is no balance..  The product is a fraud being perpertrated on a credulous population , the kind of people  most psuedo reporters claim to  fight for. Failed to mention the owner has already been investigated for prior consumer scams and in general it’s unforgivable for a known fraud to be given a “you decide” feel.   Reporting both sides of this story is the lazy way out  , does the public a disservice, and to suggest that there’s anything other than objective reality here with regards to fuel efficiency is enough to  make me sing

Show me the way to the next whiskey bar..

Butler Shaffer Archives : Have some libertarian thought ..

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Butler Shaffer Archives

Now that it’s unlikely that anyone with an opinion that differs from the eternal “right” of the  Republicrats to hold office has escaped the notice of the crap alledged against the Feds with the help of their friends at ATT

Yep TIA never went away just had an image change.. or was that waiting for people to get dumber? Rumour is that this has already happened.

Anyway for your reading pleasure a collection of writing  that if you still have doubts after reading it  about who owns you then it’s time to enjoy that  2nd mortgage while you still can 😉

Dead dog sex man faces jail= Gwar not available for comment

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Dead dog sex man faces jail |
Kuch’s lawyer, Kathryn Fehrman, argued that Michigan’s statute on sodomy and bestiality is vague and does not outlaw sex with a dead dog.

Firstly this is a spoof story but if it was real there would be just as much damage as related in the story: i.e NONE.