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Two C’s in a K’ how those that manufacture consent regard their audience.

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Two Cunts in a Kitchen – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Some days I am glad I didn’t use my advertising/media degree ( Ok like you can ūüėČ ) for evil. After the kind of week I have had¬† ,speaking in tongues, it’s about the only thing that’s keeping me off Hicks’ remonstration to the profession to¬† kill themselves.

By the way, if anyone here is in advertising or marketing, kill yourself. No, this is not a joke: kill yourself . . . I know what the marketing people are thinking now too: ‘Oh. He’s going for that anti-marketing dollar. That’s a good market.’ Oh man, I am not doing that, you fucking evil scumbags.”

I’m getting tired of being sold to and the fundamental lack of respect epitomised in the phrase above hasn’t gone away it’s just been new and improved:)

Priest: Buffett is ‘Dr. Mengele of philanthropists’

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The merger of Gates and Buffett may spell doom for the families of the developing world,” said the Rev. Thomas Euteneuer, a Roman Catholic priest who is president of Human Life International.

Proving that to be truly evil you really need to be religious. While the comment speaks for itself I have to say that pricks like this guy are more responsible for the woes of the “third world” (where’s the second? is that the stage the US is going to go through..soon:) than the capitalists he’s likening to one of the most unpleasant pieces of pond scum known to history. Anyway if you really REALLY believe that abortion is murder and you’re willing to sit by and allow it to happen I’d not find it hard to pick the monster between Buffet and the Priest. Oo Oo quote time

I would like, and this would be the last and most ardent of my wishes, I would like the last of the kings to be strangled by the guts of the last priest“” Amen to that

Another item were I am late to the party Guitar Hero –

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Get ready to ROCK!!! with Guitar Hero – The Official site of Guitar Hero for the PlayStation¬ģ2

I have never claimed to be able to play the guitar, bass in particular, though I do own one. I’m now wondering why the time to improve the scores on guitar hero are not as enjoyable with the real instrument. I need a hybrid:) Game that can take the feed back from the notes played on a real fretboard.

Gamewise I live 2 years in the past.¬† Day of defeat,¬† Grand theft auto 2 , mario sunshine¬† etc all¬† purchased long after the dust has settled for 1/4 their original price , at least 1/4 ūüôā Until Erin introduced a plastic controller to the ps2 shaped¬† like a guitar, 5 buttons¬† for notes, strumming, a whammy bar and a near little senser that detects when the thing is vertical.¬†¬†¬† It’s like Klax with sound. Notes stream towards you , hold down the matching notes on the fret and as they pass¬† strum the guitar.
Time passes.
Ok this rocks,¬† I’d never play dance dance revolution which would seem to be “the geh”¬† but give me 36″ of plastic to hide behind and it all seems ok..the Anna Nicole effect to prance about. Sadly Erin is way better than I am presently.. damn¬† .

Don’t Tread on Me: Gadsden Flag History

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Don’t Tread on Me: Gadsden Flag History

When it comes to symbolizing freedom and the spirit of ’76, I do think there’s a better American flag. With all due respect to the stars and stripes, I prefer the yellow Gadsden flag with the coiled rattlesnake and the defiant Don’t Tread on Me motto.The meaning of Old Glory can get mixed up with the rights and wrongs of the perpetually new-and-improved government. The meaning of “Don’t Tread on Me” is unmistakable

I love reptiles, I have a few around the house, Cakey the snake which I swapped my ex a reclining chair for. Don’t you just love people that buy animals then refuse to take responsibility for them, a motif that made it to the marriage;) After the hoopla has passed from the “fear is your only god on the radio types” regarding¬† another attempt to turn the US flag into a sacred object failing.Yet¬† another measure to placate the symbol minded from any of the real issues that are present. One has to wonder where a nation of people so uncomfortable with their place in the world will look next. And that’s what worries me. Franklin’s note on why the rattlesnake should be representative of American ideals is unlikely to ever be realised due to an overly religious population that has serpent issues.

Mm, too late I was going to expand on the argument about which side started the fight;)

Kalashnikov backs weapons control by foxes. Henhouse votes to appease.

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BBC NEWS | Americas | Kalashnikov backs weapons control

“It is not the designers who must ultimately take responsibility for where guns end up – it is governments who must control their production and export
Mikhail Kalashnikov”

Excusing his communist upbringing but, WTF , the Soviet system of government killed way more people with his tools than any tin pot dictator. (usually in the furtherance of imposing their own state , you know the kind that has somehow the moral obligation to control the production of arms mentioned in the quote:) )

Students locked inside school – The Boston Globe

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Students locked inside school – The Boston Globe

We are still in the middle of a 10-day investigation because we want to make sure this family has all the support they need,” Monteiro said.

In short Email containing pretty innocuous terms is sent to a school. School nazi decides that it’s threatening , locks down school¬† and has the state check out the family using the¬† ominious quote replicated above.¬† So¬† Dobhran¬† that’s why you can’t go to school like the normal people;)

Jon Stewart, Enemy of Democracy? wrong way round to ask the question

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Jon Stewart, Enemy of Democracy?

Seemingly the voters, those that haven’t learned yet;) ,¬† get upset if you don’t join them in their illusion of inclusion. With no choice between the two main parties¬† a statement guaranteed to piss off both sides of the¬† Washington War party , is it really fair to blame the voters for the candidates they get?¬† After all if they sucked , you wouldn’t vote for them. Wouldn’t that be¬† more responsible than picking from the evil of two lessers¬† and giving your approval¬† to what essentially are two groups that believe that¬† it’s their right, backed up with a lot of guns, to dictate whom you should marry, how you should school your kid and whom you have to pay nearly a half of your earnings to.

To test for a “Daily Effect,” Baumgartner and Morris showed video clips of coverage of the 2004 presidential candidates to one group of college students and campaign coverage from “The CBS Evening News” to another group. Then they measured the students’ attitudes toward politics, President Bush and the Democratic presidential nominee, Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass.).

To quote Bill Hicks,¬† “gee How fucking scientific”

Musician’s Friend , the kind of friend that steals stuff from your house.

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Musician’s Friend

I made the mistake of ordering an item from this company about a month ago. Item had 5 day max shipping. When tracking the item it never moved from stage 1, sitting at the Fed EX depot.¬† Musician’s friend¬† wouldn’t do anything for another 8 days while there was an investigation, then they blew off that date and eventually¬† I had the money refunded. I was charged a fee for this process.¬† They charged me money for Non receipt of an item.
During this time. They refused to escalate my issue, didn’t inform me that they would charge me for non receipt of the item and¬† displayed an tenacity if parroting their policies without addressing my questions in relation to them.¬† In short they say if it gets to the shipping center their obligation has been met, well I don’t buy things from their shipping center ūüôā¬† I used to buy them from them though that’s a lesson I’ve learned.¬† More as their explanation for witholding money comes in.

Blah. Somedays Menckens black flag seems like the way to go.

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Oh this one was frustrating as hell.  The kind of day were objective reality takes a vacation.  The kind of day where you can be castigated for not strapping people to a chair,   real horrorshow like, and forcing  into their gullivers the thing , THAT THING  I sent you. I am so going to get a safari jacket and hat and start to dye myself purple   Peter Potamus  style.
Some insane bitch came accross the suicide lane at us today ( car brakes work, ¬† no one was shot no matter HOW deserving she was.¬† Came home to a snafu with the insurance they’d taken it upon themselves to cancel it ¬† ,narrow narrow escape.

the Wombat Car Company/ Change of plan

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Assembly Outline of a Wombat Rebody Kit from the Wombat Car Company

I’ve been posting little.¬† Rather busy at work, tired at home and frankly¬† beginning to question the non existence of the supernatural given that there are some people that are perfect assholes and I’m not sure how evolution can explain them away.

Anyway the sports car project is something that is being changed to the link. Why? Well simply put it’s not what I thought was being bought, and rather hard to work that out prior to getting the thing to bits. On the bright side there are people that are interested in paying the same amount we paid to come get it.

At long last a Smith 625 followed me home. It was advertised as new in box though there’s way too much powder residue on the thing for that to be the case, still it’s a brick outhouse , pretty large and for once has a grip¬† Erin likes. So range time:D

Christians and Nazi’s together at last ( ok least in this post)

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Some items of interest from my feed based diet.

Sploid: America loves Nazis Sometimes there’s not an Ominous Parallel but a straight frigging line.

Dark ages¬† the sequel Abilard lets off a little steam on those that burn history¬† are…

The type of article¬† on market anarchism that’s removing my transitional minarchist leanings into something as yet undefined.

Sadly most of the day was taken up with work   which is a good thing:)

Boo – hoo. Maybe tipping Baristas will make them spend money on unhealthful cigarettes?

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“The Starbucks 15″¬Ě: Baristas Concerned About Nutrition at Coffee Chain | Starbucks Union

Oh my, I knew it was bad working in Starbucks but.. being forced to eat free food and drink? Shocking. How can these peopel in call conscious continue to work in a place they claim damages theirs and their customer’s health¬† I’d be ashamed.. ūüôā Then again by charging $4 for coffee and $2 for a small cake they remove one’s ability to buy loads of junk food

Gun control,knife control now glass control where does it end?

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BBC NEWS | Scotland | Glasgow and West | U-turn on Glasgow pub glass ban

One day they will work out when there’s nothing left but the body to use as a weapon , and that their attempts at shoe control fail, maybe they can realise that the answer does not rest with the objects used by the violent?

book jacket –

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Ah it finally struck me that a great metaphor for management is comparing it to a book jacket.

Pools DMI and real

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weekend hell update.¬† Bought a shuttle case this weekend.¬† I’ve had no luck with pc’s in the last year . Prior to that everything I built loaded and installed¬† worked, stayed working. XP¬† is completely¬† annoying.¬† Oddly¬† enough once we got over 2.4ghz the matching of¬† “standard”¬† cpu, board and memory to something that actually works turned into a crap shoot ( or maybe I shoot shoot myself for the crap motherboards, I’m probalby not blameless there. )¬† Anyway¬† Fry’s had a 200gb drive sata 150 for $75¬† it had to follow me home. I’ve downloaded XP x 3 ,¬† burnt it times 6¬† verified the damn things checksum¬†¬† so¬† it looks like the cd rom has finally died, the most unreliable frigging component on the machine.¬† My theory is that with the POS floppy now out of favour there had to be a component that required a service call.
Another theory is that you no longer get what you pay for.  My old drives, 1x 2x 4x 8x  never died  during the life of the machines  after a certain point Memorex, iomega, sony,panasonic were no longer worth shelling out extra for   since the cheap ass oem brown box specials fail in about the same time but their saving grace is the renewal cost.
And now for the other pool. The money pit, the festering lagoon¬†¬† had the filter¬† disassembled ( smell was¬† not the most amusing)¬† grids¬† removed,¬† cleaned, dried, cleaned and then reassembled ( partially I can’t find any O-ring grease¬† in the house)

One of the ways I try to make myself less useless¬† ( perception thing that I could easily remedy by talking to people like the one at¬† Lowe’s today . This woman insists people with a scanner can read the mag strips on the back of cards¬† while they are in your pocket. ) is to fix items that would result in a call to some flake appearing , in the most Zappaesque manner¬† , and charging us lots of money to leave us marginally better off.¬† Hence the up to the elbows in sludge rather than enjoying my kids 1st attempt at buildng the leaning tower of pooza.