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Seattle Jewish center shootings – not related to terrorism , of course.

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Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels described Friday’s shooting as “a crime of hate.””There’s no place for that in the city of Seattle,” he said. “This was a purposeful hateful act, as far as we know, by an individual acting alone.”

Unless this twat wrote the Koran, built all the mosques in the US  and  is faking a lot of heads towards Mecca on any given day I’d contend that he’s not acting in a vacuum , apart from that of reason anyway.

A shooting at the El Al  Lax terminal  a couple of years back was also not terrorism but seemingly acting alone has a new meaning now.  Acting in the framework of millions of like minded believers is an isolation that I’m having a hard time recognising for loner status.

Bangladesh’s acid attack problem.We need more chemistry control…

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BBC NEWS | South Asia | Bangladesh’s acid attack problem

Do you get it now?  It’s not the weapon used but the intent?   I thought I was fairly able to turn any tradgedy into humour.. Forcing a 1 month old baby to drink acid ?

I’m stumped. I wish there were a practical way to fly to that country and see just how worn down my fists could become beating the life from such a cowardly piece of shit. Miserable fucking planet, bring on the vogons.

Murdering the Group, Saving Individuals you know, for the children.

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Murdering the Group, Saving Individuals

This came up recently on a post in PHX news which I rarely frequent due to the rabid nature of both sides of the Washington war party. Some jack hole used Andrea yates,she of filicide fame,  as an example from which to bash athiests… Yes somehow  a woman believing that  her children are damned and can be saved in the eyes of a god by killing them is  the fault of  non believers.. Obviously I had an answer for such asshattery but damn that’s depressing that more than half of those polled believe that without their “gawd” that morality is impossible. A population filled with “thinkers” like that results in an over developed sense of ego re ones place on the planet…

If people surrender their moral independence to some “morally-superior” collective (or, more accurately, some madman claiming to speak for such a non-existent entity), then of course violence is the inevitable result. Irrational and collectivist moral absolutes are the fundamental WMDs of our species. Believing you are part of the “master race” because you’re Jewish, or the “chosen of Allah” because you’re Muslim, opens the path to blood, tears, flames and graves. Such delusions are both false and absolutist–the most deadly combination. Irrational moral ideals which must be enforced always end up murdering the innocent and the not-so-innocent en masse.

The writer, Stefan Molyneux also does some good work over at though  you will need to clear out a load of time if you want to go through the archives.  He’s hardcore libertarian in unflinching terms which make his recommendation to people ,that have not started thinking along freedom lines , a matter for debate  which  most people will not welcome.  Still it’s something to do while waiting for the fall to cool things off:)

Guardian Unlimited Boiled alive. And yet I chose to live in Phoenix.. Mad dogs and ,er scotsman out in the midday sun.

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Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Boiled alive

Kinda redundant since I live in PHX but you’ld be amazed how many people don’t get it that 118 degrees and no water + exposure = crappy death. Anyway the point of bringing this up was just how easy it is to rile a popluation up over something new while ongoing acceptable methods of death are happily allowed to continue. Case in point, Firearms kill less children than swimming pools from accidental deaths but the comfort level with pools is seemingly way higher than it is with guns which is a shame since dead = dead no matter how you get there. So bird flu versus boring medical deaths, yep more people die monthly in the US re medical mistakes than WHO have attributed to bird flu on the WHOLE planet.

The surprise at the heat was matched only by shock at the scale of the human casualties it caused: more than 2,000 people died in Britain, 7,000 in Germany, 4,000 in Spain and 1,000 in Italy. The largest casualties were in France, where almost 15,000 perished in the first three weeks of August, more than 19 times the global death toll from the Sars epidemic earlier that year.

Amazing how many people worry about the next big thing when all the old killers seem to get a pass seemingly the democratic oath taken here is “do no thinking”

Israel engages in zombie survival drills after reports of the U.N.dead

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Seemingly reports of the U.N.dead in the middle east are coming in.I’m rather glad we have this book in the bathroom.

The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead

ABA: Bush violating Constitution . Sky is blue and Phoenix is hot in the summer

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Anyway enough about the obvious. I’ve been too busy  with my “bread and circuses” this past week to write, record much or generally even stay  awake during sex, which I have to say is pissing off the people in the HOV lane.  I’m still reading a book, mentioned an article or two back. “The Irony of Democracy” it’s depressing;)
And have just finished , after a long hiatus, Get Back in the Box: Innovation from the Inside Out which  I was a big fan of until the end which I am probably misinterpreting given that any time I hear the word collective ( and not in connection with a chopper) it makes me a sad panda.  Anyway voluntary collobaration is a no brainer and using the term collective just sets it up for nuts like me to misinterpret it along socialist lines , too late for that will sleep on it. Still it’s worth reading since those brave enough, and in conventional US terms, it will be brave people that stop this “walled city” crap and get back to the true innovation rather than changing the symbol set for existing products ( design by form factor ) and pretending that we’re actually getting somewhere.

Clerks 2 . Not a real review though I am typing in black and white

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Clerks 2

Much as I love Kevin Smith movies,once  a prerequisite for dating me, and had been looking forward to this to the point of saving a baby sitting day for, it was his “Cars”   let’s not get into Jersey Girl it’s just not my kind of movie , watching that painfully confirmed that to be the case.  So “the passion of the clerks”  was likely the funniest movie running this weekend, maybe the only that doesn’t just allude to bestiality , er animal erotica,  but shows it.  That sets up many uncomfy questions for couples re “honey the dog wants to join in”   er not that discussion, I mean the  age old discussion about the reality, validity of “romantic” love, ie the kind that posits one person for each person  and most often I find that it’s correct, for about a week  with most women:D  Ever had a chat with a  person re their latest “the one” and  he’s number 3 in a month?    Not worth it. If you enjoy Smiths work this is neither a  sell out or a triumphant return and worth seeing, we didn’t see as much as we’d like the Harkin’s theater we were at didn’t believe in focus  and we ended up getting a refund, my first in a long time but dammit theatres  have 2 things over the house, big screen and big sound to get these basics wrong on ANY one showing is a big mistake.
Then there’s the podcast thing. – Hooters chairman found dead in home – Jul 16, 2006

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Rumor is that Hooter’s guy is going to heaven but only for the wings.

Bush caught off-guard in chat with Blair – Jul 17, 2006

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Blowing the shit out of people gets you good reviews saying it however..

America wake the FUDGE up!

Food, though only “healthful” food for no thought. The bully is not always in the playground

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Heat is on packed lunches – Sunday Times – Times Online

No matter how much antipathy the US masses have to the concept of freedom , other than the Pavlovian responses ingrained by state schooling , it’s an antipathy that would seem to protect us more from the horrors of democracy than is apparent at first glance. I’ll be stumbling through this idea over the coming days and weeks. My home country has totally lost it , as evidenced by this article, in relation to “who owns you”. Teachers and the admin staff believe they have the duty to prevent children from eating a Mars bar. If the schools do not wish to supply “bad” nutrition , and it never stopped the fuckers when I was at school , then they don’t need to. Sadly they have decided that a healthful choice means that their food only has merit and private attempts to feed your children are just not on and you will be called to explain yourself to the school for Snicke(r)ing at their rules . Oh it’s starting to look like government all over isn’t it?

After all it’s far easier force feeding your overpriced items when you have a monopoly on the approved calories list than educating the public ,a job over the last 40 or so years the education establishment has failed, into making a choice in their best interests. Denigrating food brought in from the outside and preventing pupils leaving at lunch has nothing at all to do with their trying to increase revenue?

Parents who do persist with the Tupperware shouldn’t be surprised if they are quizzed on its contents. In Greenwich, where Oliver’s eating revolution has finally taken hold, children tell tales to teacher about suspect snacks.

David Ashley, Kommandant ( headmaster We don’t call them principles in the UK since apparently they possess none) of Greenslade primary, says that pupils who bring in packed lunches “are allowed chocolate on a biscuit but not a Mars bar”. If such sweeties are spotted, parents are called in for a quiet word.

At Charlton Manor primary, the head , Herr Tim Baker, says: “Children get stickers for healthy boxes . . . If a child brings in a chocolate bar, we take it out of the lunchbox and give it back to the parent at the end of the day.” Pupils give each other away, he confides: “They say, ‘Miss, he’s got sweets in his box’.”

Nice training for a lifetime of state worship a new division of the junior pies, er spies.

Fresh blow to Reid as violent crime rises (armed crime too which for a country without legal handgun ownership is odd eh;) )

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The Observer | UK News | Fresh blow to Reid as violent crime rises

His cabinet colleague Hilary Armstrong will also announce proposals to target babies and toddlers under two in the war on antisocial behaviour, identifying children in problem families who could grow up to get into trouble.

Is this a little too close to a minor(ity) report for the liking? How would you like to be indexed by the state as a future problem before you are even out of nappies (diapers to “youse” yanks) . A country that has no legal ownership of modern handguns, unless you want to shoot the odd Brazilian for , er  being there, has an increasing  number of crimes involving firearms… odd that.  It’s like criminals don’t obey laws or something..

Another day in the oven. Apple Store, pool parts and yet another 2-10 home warranty sucks story

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Another heated day in the valley. Started out the day with some optimism with regards to getting the swimming pool to function correctly. Been in the house three years and only had one season out of it. To date the Pool motor, the filter and the multiport valve have failed. I have, in theory and you’ll find out why I say this soon, a home warranty. Over the last 3 years I have called them out re the pool on several occasions. Sadly I ended up fighting them for months over their refusal to fix a motor ( eventually won that one) Well today the multiport stopped working. It’s a valve that lets you direct the flow of water between the pool. This had failed nearly 2 years ago and the pool guy , the professionals;). reassembled it minus 4 parts which removed a mechanism that prevents the gasket from being killed .. the reason they repaired it last time was for this very reason.. morons.

So I called the warranty co. They told me that the pool was no longer under warranty. In April they called me to renew I had house and pool coverage. They renewed me on the house only , how very nice for them,how very convenient to just FORGET to renew the part of the insurance that’s cost them the most money. They then proceeded to escalate to a supervisor line, no one picked up, went to voice mail which 10 hours later they have not returned. 2-10 warranty co seems to have an issue with ethics. To top it off neither of the large pool chains Paddock or Leslies have the parts. So I have to wait for them, yet again, and then fix it myself.
116 degrees that was the sensor on the baby carriage about 2 minutes after arriving at that Chandler fasion(victim) mall. Wow the new look for this season is jailbait. Anyway regardless of the protective dirty looks at all around him the guy whose wife, or girlfriend, has a “Sin sold here inquire within” plastered on her shirt clearly can’t read or he’d work out why we’re oogling her breasts, I mean I noticed the other men doing it. I’d never, never…

So the point of going down there was to see the Apple store, look at the machines and see how much a video editor would realistically cost. Rather unimpressed by the whole affair. Given that most of the serious apps need serious memory and Apple continues to put in miserly amounts 512mb for your all round machine that they tout as a video editing, podcasting and a few other tasks are mentioned on the base level machines. Seems that Final cut would like a 1gb, actually it would prefer 2gb. Editor looked well featured transitions and effects that a Quantel harry box ( insanely expensive ) couldn’t do 20 years ago yet  when looking down the wrong end of a $2k purchase I’m really trying to see if Vegas or Final cut will do my bidding… then again .. why not get both;)   The store was sterile  prolly more on that in audio form soon.

A complete idiots guide to newage ( rhymes with sewage) Oops I’m being redundant

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Sheri Rosenthal  Toltec Shaminism for idiots.

Aren’t we being a little redundant there:D  What’s next  Christ for Cretins ( actually that’s called the Baptists, sorry Mr Roger Williams )   Jainism for jerks or Hinduism for Hitler? Anyway I didn’t even put the affiliate link on that link since  I’d hate to profit from this . ( ie if I thought any of the readers of this blog   believed in such trash I’d get very depressed and possibly  run over a  newt.

51% is not a mandate : Further proof that statists are morons and the kind of world they create.

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51% is not a mandate : :

Sadly the t shirt is not large enough to carry a note: “Unless it’s our 51% then in which case democracy rocks” Do you really care if the boot on your foot is worn on the left or the right foot? For one it’s not even close to 51%. 51% of those that did vote over those eligible to vote but didn’t. Yep democracy = 30% or less of the population deciding that the way you live, marry, eat and buy can be justified by an apparent numerical supremacy, backed up by guns. Symbol minded shirts for the symbol minded.
Anyway an interesting segue into a movie we watched last night the tragically sad anime Grave of the Fireflies (Collector\'s Edition) Grave of the Fireflies that follows the short lives of a brother and sister during the firebombing and surrender of Japan. It’s brutal and beautiful and manages to demonstrate everything that I fear, and I’ll admit it’s fear ,of the state. How a population will fight for a cause while betraying the ideals they wish to uphold which you may notice as “bombing for freedom” or saving people from a life of addiction by rendering them unemployable and the incarcerating them all stems from a desire to rule over ones fellow man, it’s never worked long term to date and unless a genetically modifed and placid population is created a la Huxley it’s never going to work.

House votes yes on Net-gambling crackdown ( It was never your money to begin with)

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House votes yes on Net-gambling crackdown | CNET

Net gambling “is a scourge on our society,” said Rep. Bob Goodlatte, a Virginia Republican who’s tried for the better part of a decade to enact legislation that combats Net gambling.

The above quote comes from a man that represents a state with a lottery, like most of the do gooding, mm let’s try not to make this ad hominem, like most of the statist fucks that are on an “moral” crusade about gambling. Sorry I really did try but the hypocritical hyperbole and bullshit emanating from these people including that of AZ senator  Kyl whose  “click the mouse and lose the house”  statement would be laughable if this state wasn’t awash in money stolen from what are called sovereign nations when it suits us.   So think of the children, hell try thinking first and then work your way up to children.
Lets make it clear that it’s not gambling that’s the problem it’s people that believe they have the right to tell you the manner of the life you lead. This is incompatible with a free society and since we’re in the USA  there’s no cognitive dissonance there. So your credit cards won’t let you gamble, maybe  you can’t purchase pron or sex toys online next, after all little Tyler may have a credit card. Maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to buy wine from another state because it, oh wait that’s already a law in several state .. ok  maybe you can’t purchase cigarettes to .. crap that’s a law too and it’s for the children ..   Get the picture only approved uses of the money the gov allows you to have.If you think that’s an incorrect statement and  I’ll happily come visit you in jail after a few years of withholding taxes or your grave if you made the mistake of defending yourself against unannounced visiters kicking down your door.

Do you like those odds?