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These are the idiots that “teach” the constitution

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“The district’s decision to move forward is not disrespectful to the First Amendment or the rights of students,” she said. “This is an important question about how the First Amendment applies to pro-drug messages in an educational setting.”

There is no question. SHALL MAKE NO (FUCKING) LAW seems to be the answer.  Dear kids, that part about the founding basis of the nation, er, you didn’t take that seriously? I mean that’s  like a fairy tale we tell people to sell flags on sticks and the odd ribbon decal..   People free from search,  speech  and can bear arms  what are you  nuts,  it would never work out.

“It makes it a little harder when teachers and principals in their daily duties might be subject to a damages lawsuit and be held personally liable,” Hagen said.”

Aw ,  tis a shame that the very personal responsibility they preach is not welcomed.:)

Yannone: Let’s nuke England, shall we?

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Yannone: Let’s nuke England, shall we?

Hear the man out   If nuke’s could improve anything  it’s the chance to have some British food that’s not boiled:

Public transit. The most efficient way to move money from A to B. We’re on a road to nowhere.

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Longest Valley bus route ties Ajo, Gila Bend, Phoenix

The Arizona Department of Transportation has started a study of rural transit needs statewide, bolstered by the fact that Route 685 carried 371 people last month, a more than tenfold increase from April 2005. That was the first full month after the route was restored. It had been discontinued in 2000 after funding dried up.

Do the math   371 people ( that’s not different people btw though the article wants to make it sound like this is a neat thing it’s about  5 a day,  4 journeys a day   and 5 days a week with an annual budget of over $400k.  You are having money forcibly removed from your paycheck to provide a service more expensive than buying a cheap car for all these people, insuring them and giving them gas AND giving them $7 for each journey. It certainly takes a state to fork things up in the road that much.
cue the bleeding brain…

It would really be a blessing, and I don’t mind spending some of my tax money for something that’s needed,” she said. “There’s no way these elderly people could afford to drive themselves, even if they were physically able.”

Let’s make a deal.. you pay me to commute from Payson, where we’d rather live, since to me it’s very much needed. Actually, let’s not make that deal.  There’s no way people can afford to drive themselves  because ,er,could that be  because  some officious pricks thought that the money they could have used to provide for their own wellbeing was better spent on other “needs”?

Determinism – another Franks you very much mental mindfuck

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Determinism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Narrator: ( you know the guy with no fucking neck)

There are those that say that free will is an illusion and that it’s but a figment of the mind possesing a complete picture of the universe  it is perceiving.
We “have” to have this or a god would be kinda #1 bastard of the ‘verse .( should one exist) to condemn people to the role of actors where the part you are studying for is baby with a hole in heart #2 or rape victim. Most godheads claim free will is a must for the very reason it’s kinda horrible to think that we’re mechanical animals truly damned by  a very unoriginal sin , poor craftsmanship, to star in the soap opera that’s planet Earth. ( I’m rather undecided about the theories advanced by the other participants since it falls into my “no practical use” category.
So this was a topic around the campfire this weekend which included such joys as primate penis size, sperm competition, women that have fought off all the shackles of their faith apart from their model of how men/women should form relationships and whether a Doctor that refuses to inform rape victims of mitigating treatment to prevent pregnancy  can be counted as a Doctor and not some  Doctor like object.. kinda like a Taxi Driver that will get you to the airport but only  by using right turns.

More on the no practical use. Even if determinism  , of the seemingly fatalistic kind, was 100% true    what action can one take?  More dangerously ,should it be a total pile of horseshit,  what harm would the  inaction do to a person convinced by this argument?   Later, I’m determined to get some rest.

catch 22-

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I can’t describe my day

Heller would sue me for copyright.  I’m still reeling from an interaction with one of the people on my top 5 list of nice/sane people at the company turning out to have been placed in the wrong compartment in my head. Someday’s it’s hard to function in this land of myth and honey.

Planet? Schmanet ,,,Janet! Pluto.. hoisted by its own petard

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pluto, how ironic,
“death” to a “planet” leaving
just a goofy rock

Isn’t defining things fun?  See how ephemeral most of this shit is?

Dobh walks .. he beat 11 months by a few day.

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Today was rather trying, very trying. Thankfully the day was made brighter by Dobhran walking unsupported and controlled for 5-6 steps.. Yes the vid is dark but ,duh, so’s the house. It will be improved upon:)Rant about adults , in size only, acting like babies may follow. – Study: Hybrid cars will pay for themselves over time ..wrong tax payers are forced to assist.

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DETROIT (Reuters) — Some hybrid cars will make up for their premium cost because of higher gas prices and tax credits from the U.S. government

Credits from WHOM? Jesus it’s not the U.S gov it’s everybody that pays taxes driver or not. To say that a hybrid , costing 10k more than a suitable alternative ( yeah cheap Kia) but still, has to make up 10k plus in fuel savings over its life. ( most break even points at today’s price’s come in at $40k a year. If you don’t have a long commute or gas goes to $8 a gallon most of the hybrids touted wont break, have higher servicing costs. Current diesels, way cleaner than their forebears, already do 50mpg. No tax breaks,less complex and longer lasting engines yet.. yet. seemingly they have a sucky lobbyist group.:D

Minorities dominant in Phoenix– Shitty newspaper of record still in majority.

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Minorities dominant in Phoenix

So you’re a minority when you outnumber .. er WTF.. I mean YAY  now we can repeal all the special programs and tax giveaways that we’re been told are required to assist minorities be all they can be..

Can’t be that far off?


0pinion columns ( like this one) are like assholes Here’s both at once.No matter how egregious gov knows best.

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If you’re going to buy in bulk, buy cereal, not cell phones – 08/20/06 – The Detroit News Online

But if the feds say that certain behavior or purchases or actions are worthy of reporting, then they should be reported. If you’ve got nothing to hide, ultimately you’ll be fine.

I love the line, the confidence.  Ok I got an ad hominem into the title but for the rest of the wordstream I hope to express my disgust with the ideas.  I’m not sure that cockface (oh that didn’t last long did it) here gets that having weapons pulled on you ,  having to spend your own resources and traumatising a family that’s probably aware that you can be locked up   , no trial for half a decade , of a legal process based on something that would appear to be a bad Kafka play.

So when will the state’s  curiousity be satiated? Do you think that once they have all the people they’ld like to watch  under surveilance that ,if they had anything left in the budget  ,it would stop there?

9/11 Detainee Released After Nearly Five Years, no charge.

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9/11 Detainee Released After Nearly Five Years – AOL News

In Brooklyn, he was locked down – minus his shoes – 24 hours a day between FBI interrogations. When he continued to deny any involvement in the attacks, agents threatened to send him back to Algeria. As a deserter, he was certain he would be tortured.”That was all my thinking all of the time – they were signing my execution warrant,” he said.

Prison guards, he said, dispensed humiliation in steady doses – rapping on his cell door every half hour to interrupt his sleep, stepping on his leg shackles hard enough to scar his ankles, locking him in an outdoor exercise cage despite freezing temperatures, conducting arbitrary strip searches.

Once again… you have nothing to fear unless you have something to hide.. Can you still say that you’re happy to believe in that ?

The veiled accusations and vehement denials would continue for nearly five years — despite official findings in 2001 that he had no terrorist links and in 2003 that authorities had violated his rights by colluding to keep him in custody.

Res ipsa loquitur…

Weird day.. death threats from passing strangers

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Erin was not so well today so left work to go lie in a darkened room. Some nice person parked a pickup in the middle of the road, rang the bell, then started a stream of abuse about wanting his money and would come back to kill us with his friends if the people in the house didn’t open up.. er nice incentive.

Guess which option she took? Not opening the door. We don’t owe anyone money barring house and auto loans and my projects aren’t behind at work. So camera is at the ready ,hammer down time for a quiet evening.. I hope.

chemistry on a plane?

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Mass murder in the skies: was the plot feasible? [printer-friendly] | The Register

After a few hours – assuming, by some miracle, that the fumes haven’t overcome you or alerted passengers or the flight crew to your activities – you’ll have a quantity of TATP with which to carry out your mission. Now all you need to do is dry it for an hour or two.

Binary explosives , while we’re still waiting to hear from the UK re the  alledged plot to bring down the planes the language coming from the gov is rather amusing and  until they show up with  people possessing passports ( useful for getting aboard a plane so I hear,  and a working method on how to create a practical device  it would all seem a little .. unbelievable?
I may just as well intend to build a teleporter to remove all the gold from fort knox, oh and a time machine to go back to when there really was enough to  make such an endeavour worthwhile.

We’re napping

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Not a lot of posts recently there’s been nothing new, surprising or anything worth whining about, oh wait.. there was I was just too busy trying to read up on ways to make programs suck less as well as come to grips  with video editing software ( vegas) audio software ( protools) and  how to compress things in a  neat loving way to make the  Ipods of this world happy

Cooked x2 curry  standard and a chicken tikka masala  both ok ,   lacking , well I have a quandary   to make them  palatable to Erin I have to reduce the  heat to a point were it’s not so much fun for me ,  coupled with a diet which  makes it unlikely that it’s ever going to be eaten so it’s time to go full force on the vindaloo again.

Kid is still “A dobh i ble” he’s spent most of the day on the couch with me while I try to read a book with the odd break to let out a loud squawk or change diapers (  both on his end I assure you)  I continue to maintain my status at Hold’em  , treading water,  though Erin’s already  tournament friendly and has  won   more than she’s lost ( booo:P )

A nation of laws .. One a day for nine years and a rising crime rate

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Independent Online Edition > UK Politics

Do we need master Lau to tell us why?

Tao easy…  Ha ha Britains shall never ever ever shall be slaves…   You may want to rethink that song Lizzie it looks like they are.