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I’m so late to this party.. Police arrest man for filming them on security cam.

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Police reported that Gannon “has a history of being verbally abusive” toward police, and that after his arrest, he remarked that the officers “were a bunch of corrupt (expletives).”

That’s after his arrest for having security cameras in HIS OWN HOME after the police came in warrantless and refused to leave. The resultant footage he tried to use to complain.. so they arrested him.

Now the good news they dropped these bullshit charges but  one has to question why it’s illegal to surveil your own house, essentially making it illegal to tape criminals , like the officer involved refusing to leave when asked.

Gannon disputed that he was rude to police, saying he simply asked them repeatedly to leave and used vulgarity only when they ignored his request.

“I told them get the eff out of my house,” Gannon said, adding, “I don’t see how me saying ‘Goodnight, gentlemen’ about 40 times is rude.”
“All I did is file a complaint, and I end up going to jail . . . They put my family through hell,”

The idea that the police deserve unrequited respect is continually referenced by the “good guys”  even when they are acting in what appears to be an illegal manner.  They certainly deserve it when  there’s you and they have the guns.  Interesting that this was the  choice of location for the Free State project.. well looks like someone has their work cut out for them.

Small arms missing in Iraq but it’s ok it’s the Gov that lost them.

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Thousands of weapons missing, report says – Lisa Myers & the NBC Investigative Unit –

Only trained professionals can safely handle arms  you may have heard that on many occasions. the prior video was included since it illustrates the hubris  that those that with power often display, sadly being hoisted  by your own pitard doesn’t have the same ring as  being shot by your Glock  but it’s a nice illustration of the larger issue.  To lose track of weapons in a civil war (can I call it that yet) seems to be slightly more than casual carelessness it’s almost like.. hubris;)

Home Depot : The resolution.

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From my post the other day detailing our woes at the hands of Home Depot I have semi good news to report. Polite inquiry as to what they would do about it led to the items being delivered around midday. No charge. It’s an “ok” solution but given the hassle we were put to , and eating out charges;), it’s hardly restoring us to were we would have been had it been done right, the first time.

Then I just had to annoy Fry’s food and grocery:D More on that in a bit.

Frys Grocery : For your protection we’ll assume you are a criminal

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From Haltse’s “Tilting at windmills” The what gets on my goatee series.

Erin bought the demon drink from Fry’s the other night, ok it was wine which may have us on a list of French sympathisers , and I am , I am sorry they’re  French.. ooo that’s not fair  but I digress and I needed a pun, the wine was New Zealand and  no one hates them .. Ok Scottish rugby fans do but that doesn’t matter.

Anyway usually they card you, maybe for the ego boost  woman to woman of being mistaken for under 21, maybe because  intelligence is not highly prized in the checkout line and dammit a policy is a policy.

They not only wanted the licence, they wanted to write the number down and then have you sign it.  Curious, I wonder if they had heard of ID theft and the best way to find out is to call them on it.  Well after  two to three abortive attempts to find the correct person I settled on voicemail  and received a call back later in the day. 

So they are doing this to prevent fraud.  Somehow their customers like the security theatre and they believe it helps.  This customer doesn’t. Having questioned them prior on  why I had to wait 10 minutes for them to unlock the condom cabinet  ( DAMMIT I’m Horny now)  since they can’t possibly have those out in the open and basically they are happy with  treating everyone as a criminal. This is where I am told that  I should be reasonable .. Fuck that. When other businesses in town can sell  direct from the shelf without a paperwork dance that’s were I shop.  I’m just highlighting the reasons why Henry’s and Sprouts see a lot more of us these days.

They seemingly are placed in a safe after the shift, go to accounts , and  are stored, never to be opened unless there’s a dispute. I don’t think my grocery store needs to keep my driving licence  on file just to do business with them. 

Whose line is this anyway? The World’s worst…

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Frank Zappa.. Flakes excerpt. Seems like it was the day when they all came out of the woodwork. ( see preceding Home Depot story and Erin’s post )

We are millions ‘n’ millions
We’re coming to get you
We’re protected by unions
So don’t let it upset you
Can’t escape the conclusion
It’s probably God’s Will
That civilization
Will grind to a standstill

So in other events today.

The world’s worst catering

with a speech by a politician as dry as our climate

and all the rest is protected but maybe you can call me Al?

All alone alone
There were incidents and accidents
There were hints and allegations

Home Depot – Appalling customer (no) service

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Why can’t we pay money to any company and expect anything approaching human service.  There will be a longer post  but here’s the facts as we understand them. 

Erin paid Home Depot to have

Countertop Supply Incorporated

221 S 9th Ave

Make a counter which we had to pick up  ( they won’t deliver unless you pay to install it).   So far so good.

They have money
We have old sink

Countertop supply call. It’s ready. We call back and verify this. We’ll pick it up Friday  (today) and arranged to hire a truck to haul it back. Thursday night we pull out the old top and sink.

They have money
We have no sink

Today Erin drives to Countertop supply who are closed ALL day for inventory. A small , yet vital bit of info, that THEY SHOULD HAVE FUCKING told her about when we called to confirm the pick up.

They have the money
we have no sink
we are out $90 on a rental

And we’re the ones to blame. The act of paying Home Depot is an admission of stupidity that the staff use to defend their “couldn’t give a shit”  attitudes. That’s harsh. They do give a shit.About what  I’m curious to find out.

 Home Depot we ordered it through , I’m sure they would be interested in the behaviour of their suppliers.  Er no , they hung up on Erin. Went into the store  and in short 

“you didn’t pay for delivery/install   it’s your fault” 

Not only was the person she had arranged to see not available but the substitute was unable to address the problem. 

We are out a functional kitchen for the weekend, since we both work during the week we may have to put the old one back)

We have several thousand dollars of improvements to make prior to selling the house, guess, can you just guess which company boned themselves ?   I can’t stress this strongly enough  that companies using third parties can’t hide behind  the defense “it’s not our problem” 

So they have the money
we have no sink
we are out $90
and Home Depot  well  they basically  hang up, don’t keep appointments and believe they have no responsibility  other than to be rude. Tomorrow I’m going to ask them about that.

Lesson… never  remove ANY home system you rely on until the new parts are in your hand.

Maybe drunk people shouldn’t make legislation

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BBC NEWS | Health | Hewitt asks for alcohol tax rise

Tax on alcohol should rise to reduce binge drinking among teenagers, Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt has said.

Yep it stopped teen smokers.

Stops people from getting money for illegal drugs

It increases taxes “for the children”  by er punishing everyone to solve a problem that is ALREADY Illegal.This is akin to taxing KY jelly because  pederast priests like to bugger boys  , you know , for the children.

Florida serial killer died singing a hymn:

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Florida serial killer died singing a hymn –

“I didn’t appreciate his song,” Hoyt said. “I didn’t understand how he could sit there, after the horrendous crimes he committed, and talk about the angels watching over him.”

Try this one on.. “With God all things are possible”

Seemingly the BBC is a better educator than the US

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Mention one Russian novel in a college educated group and.. crickets chirp. It’s getting too big, the infosphere. My ignorance increases daily and I’m not even in the astronomy field. K I get that pop culture is so broad that connections are hard to make though I would have thought books at least would have been immune to this, after all no one is writing 19th C literature any more. I am so outta touch with my age group I should be an automatic shoe in for Judge:)

Given that our experiment to kill Direct tv will be enacted soon Erin’s practicing by watching episodes of Jericho on CBS. It has a survivalist theme which rather interests us both ( that we live in one of the worst places to live without water/power and stocked food is an oddity I admit)


Trying day. The kind where playing the game of Simon as a child prepared me for


yes we’ll do it.

yes we’ll do it. in which order?

yes we’ll do it. in which order and when for?

yes we’ll do it in which order and when for if you could stand on your head in a bucket of fish guts while singing “my old man’s a dustman” with an Albanian accent and a swordfish stuffed up your jacksy …

That was not the worst thing that happened to me today. Not nearly as bad as people  pointing out typos.

Australian cleric in dress furore. More from the religion of peace

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BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Australian cleric in dress furore

Australia’s most senior Muslim cleric has been accused of saying that some women are attracting sexual assault by the way they dress.

Senior?  How does one get to be “holier than thou?”   Can he  see more invisible shit than the rest of the muslim world?  Does he have  unerring accuracy at pointing towards Mecca with a 1.5″ degree max error  ( offset for true north vs magnetic)  can he detect  1oz pork per million parts tofu..  This should be a contest  just not one sponsored by Gillette…

The Voting Ritual by Butler Shaffer

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The Voting Ritual by Butler Shaffer

For the same reason that Major League Baseball is benefited by the World Series whether the Cardinals or the Tigers win it, the political establishment is served by the outcome of the elections it runs, no matter who the candidate is. We recognize and accept baseball as a game and, since we are generally not required to support it, there is no problem with it. But we have been too well-conditioned in the political mindset to be willing to look at this system and see it for the vicious and involuntary game that it has always been; a game over which we delude ourselves into believing we control with our ballots. After all, as Emma Goldman reminded us, “if voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”

This is always the heresy that seems to worry more people than my atheistic world view, I mean  even the “godless liberals aka  Democrats  have faith in the  the two wolves.  Baa…. baaa..   Take a look at Mr Shaffer’s  article and if you’re still full of voter cheer try doing it quietly, in an enclosed space where no verifiable record exists.

Oh look what the zeitgeist has tossed out.

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Now the answer to the statement “if you don’t love it, leave it”  has an ISBN number

Then again I suggest that everyone leaves their homeland. ( not as part of an invading army that doesn’t count) 

Lying bastards and the lies they tell. RANT Follows ( Anti gun people)

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Least this piece has a name on it but sadly the sources for the figures they tout are unexplained, albeit referenced ( for a change )

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – It’s an American way of death. More than 30,000 people die from gunshot wounds every year, through murder, suicide and accidents.

Half of those are suicide ( I think you can see that halving a problem by definition isn’t in the interests of those that are paid to solve a problem)


“AK-47 assault rifle”  really  that’s not what the rest of the world calls a semi auto, but then again  these guys would call a Nissan Maxima a high powered car ( they look kinda similar.


“covered topics ranging from metal detectors and school bullies to the value of religious beliefs and good communication between parents and schools.”

Amusing, a nation that has the highest adherence to religious observance outside of a theocracy still thinks that there’s a saving grace in  putting on the “ghost shirt”   of religion. This point is too stupid to refute apart from noting that prison population has a higher number of religious folk than does the general population ( that they have a lower IQ on average should  of course be “quietly” pushed to the side.

“How is it even possible to have a discussion about preventing school shootings without talking about guns?”

The  guns themselves are not violent.  My collection is responsible for less deaths than a certain Senator’s car.   Why not question schools?  Guns were around and an integral part of school life for the rural people( me included)  yet there were no shootings, stabbings or drive by fruitings  just the usual hateful bullying and abuse that in retrospect I should have taken out the whole school over:P

The fact that most of our lethal violence involves firearms lends credence to the hypothesis that the prevalence of guns is a prime reason.”

Fails to notice that overall  murder rates have fallen, fallen dramatically in states that allow concealed weapons, oops inconvenient “fact”  As to most of the violence?   While guns certainly are the  single most used weapon ( and come on if you want to kill someone you’re going to avail yourself of the tool, it’s not the tool that possesses the murderous intent though ( getting it people  ? inanimate objects   require an interaction process to  kill  )  Wander over here.  Note the incredible rarity of school deaths  in relation to gang deaths.   Then again  more kids die during sports, or heading to or from school  ( we really should question why we need those schools again  they seem to be a casual factor in school shootings)  Then they will ban edged weapons , then sticks, then  ensure everyone wears cotton mittens..  etc ..

Successful lobbying has led to a string of NRA of victories over its gun control adversaries. In 2004, Congress allowed a ban on assault weapons — such as the AK47 used in the Missouri school shooting — to lapse.

Er Bullshit. The AK’s we’re always legal  as an assault weapon during the ban. The ban on certain types of cosmetic features   however may have resulted in the AK semi auto having tighter controls. ( Machine guns are legal in the USA, just taxed heavily and you have a lot of paperwork to go through)

In a nutshell.  My law abiding family is  NO danger to yours. That you would remove the ability to defend them just because you are unwilling to is one of the  most pathetic examples of people that “love their fellow man”  The contempt I have for those that would deny natural rights ( I can’t say god given ) is limitless.  It’s easy  , really easy, don’t want a gun? Don’t buy one .

You can learn more here


People putting their brains into neutral over the net.

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As an economist, ( dilletante x23 I suck. I go for what’s apparently the simplest method of telling what people want and that’s praxeology.Part of , or nearly the whole damn thing, Austrian economics that is based on human action, i.e what people do. Remember I may have this totally wrong , e.g like the people that misconstrue a key as being the one thing that makes the car go. In short forget what people say they want, look at what they do. To dredge up a joke

Two economists walked past a Porsche showroom. One of them pointed at a shiny car in the window and said, “I want that.” “Obviously not,” the other replied.

The same logic doesn’t appear to be in favour when it comes to social programs at the local ,state and federal level. If people want them so badly why does there need to be a gun held to their heads to pony up the money ? Anyway that’s a sidetrack to what my main point is going to be. Internet neutrality. There’s a large class of people in America, to be honest it’s most of you , that believe that any valuable service should be regulated so that “the people” can enjoy it, cheaply or in extreme cases for free e.g. the city that operates free Wifi. There are those that believe that people living in the country should have the same infrastructure available as within the city and that the cost for such should be shared amongst all users in short your right to a choice is their choice of what is “right” Much hilarity has been made about Senator Stevens’ analogy to the internet as a series of tubes , which is pretty close to pipe ( Tom Robbins has said there’s no such thing as a synonym ) a phrase that’s come in for much derision from the same people that often use the latter in terms of capacity. So there’s the word we’re looking for Capacity, an acknowledgement that the resource , as currently designed, is finite. For those of you under the illusion that all traffic has equal value and merit consider

  1. Sending x-rays to Doctors in Australia
  2. Some fat kid goofing to star wars.

Would this not be an obvious where paying for quality of service would take precedence over everything for everyone mentality? The big worry stems from a war of word between the carriers and the uber succesful service providers whom for ease of argument I’m calling Google. Google makes money, lots of it, the carriers make money selling access to Google, and to the end user but not enough, not enough in relation to the business they are enabling.

So where’s the neutrality issue? Well the idea is that the internet is a public infrastructure that must carry all content equally is being touted .e.g Thanks for investing all this money but we now get to say how it’s used ( If most of these carriers weren’t involved in monopolies protected by the state I could almost feel sorry for them) Carriers say:We’ll charge QOS for the people we love($) and what’s left over you can have thus leading to a multi tiered internet Smart people, possible one of those at work, mentioned that we have this in practice already and no one is going nuts,ok those that claim there is a digital divide do,over it. You pay modem, cable, business cable, T1 , OC class and up through the pipes dependent on your need to shove data around sounds like a tier to me.  A tier that’s not that neutral and based totally on available resources and the price you pay. I”m cynical but not so cynical to believe that dissenting opinions will not make it out of this model intact. Ultimately regulation from the state could kill it to this feared stage but while it’s  faking a free market that’s farther off than the  immediate doom and gloom scenarios touted. ( Hope to append this ….)

Is someone missing the point? Since when was interacting with your customers extreme?

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Extreme marketing – this car made just for you –

I’m going to take issue with most of this article. I’m not a fan of marketing as much as I am of advertising to me there’s a big difference. One’s reductive and the other’s creative. This “piece” of news should just have “Ford approves this message” (or sponsored) It’s not extreme, it looks incredibly like business as usual.My problem with this;where’s the innovation?
While most of the “science” that surrounds it in this article could be dismissed as listening to people ( though it’s nice to finally see a practical use for an anthropology degree) . I am a fan of what Paco Underhill’s group (“Call of the mall“, and “Why we buy“) produces in terms of research with how people react with physical spaces and how that moderates their decisions to purchase but is this innovation for the customer?

Yes you can argue that the customer is fulfilled on some level by removing every possible barrier standing between them and a credit card bill that could choke an elephant but is this seems more like efficiency than innovation ) Ah so back to the auto makers. Are they really stuck in reactive mode? Identify what people want , then give them it? Still very much .. We supply , you consume. Maybe this rocks the mall but it’s not even pebbling the web.

I’ve been trying to think of innovation by customer as the main generator of product features and coming up blank at that succeeding in the long term. It exists as the exception rather than the rule. Over many companies / products the method of “software by simile” e.g “why can’t you make it more like..” follows me around.
Customer, there’s the phrase that fixes the relationship for many, “you’re the customer” while we like you and all, we -really- like your money, maybe we’re moving too fast, too soon? No no It’s not you, it’s us. Fear of intimacy aside , and avoiding metaphors of “business as war” which only leads to “war as a sport” and then “sports as a metaphor for life” ( cue Yoda , let him babble for 45 secs, kick Yoda out ) And then I run out of steam. This started out , as most things do, as a whack at just how obvious “they” are yet the disdain we’re held in and I was trying to shoe horn in where the intersection of doing business the “old way” versus what we may have access to now if only we werent stuck trying to maintain the relationship of One to many. Communication is only possible between equals Hagbard Celine (before you rip on me for quoting fictional characters people do it with god all the time:P ) is one of Celine’s laws and the rest seem to be closer to the truth than anyone trying to sell your happiness due to the current location of fermented milk and whether or not you currently possess proof of ownership. If you own the latter book, I seriously hope , it’s just to prop up an unstable chair.