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On The Border (of being) “Mexican Food” Tatum blvd Phoenix

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On The Border Mexican Food Restaurant Grill Margaritas

It saddens me to say that this isn’t the worst Mexican restaurant we’ve eaten at, that’s on Oahu near Waikiki beach, but it’s close.  Damn it we had to drive by Arriba’s to get to this place.   I had a chimichanga that was a little anemic, though what there was of the filling was ok,  beans  tasteless, rice looked the part but as spicy as your average UK meal involving boiled meat and root vegetables. Erin’s Fajita salad was similarly lack luster  with  all the appearance of being tasty yet   bland chicken. Usually, unless there’s an attempt at “chefing” as opposed to cooking  I’ll order a basic dish ( I don’t shoot the chef though  and trust me these guys are safe from Agent Sands)  for the first time out  and if the beans/rice suck.. no return.
It feels like aliens, space ones, are running the place and learned cooking from pictures.  It’s certainly a mistake we won’t be repeating.

History out out out , revision in. The new immigration test

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Questions and Answers for New Pilot Naturalization Exam
From the BBC

The US government has unveiled a new citizenship test for immigrants which will focus on the concepts of democracy rather than on historical facts.

However, immigrant rights groups have rejected the new test, describing it as an anti-immigrant measure.

Both sides, obviously  annoy me.  The test questions are contradictory and seem rather revisionist. They  of course have the balls to ask “what two rights are only for American Citizens” er What the god damn golly gosh fuck are they on.  ALL MEN.. got it ALL regardless from where they hail have these inherent, I think the word is  inalienable rights and to state that the constitution gave us

Questions like this really would make one proud to be an American there seems to be a lot of glory for the state and it’s current officers, policies and include the following gems.
66. What is the current minimum wage in the U.S.? ( socialist)
67. When must all males register for the Selective Service?

83. When is the last day you can send in federal income tax forms?

107. Name one of the things that Abraham Lincoln did  ( funniest answer is lead the U.S in the Civil war, I shit you not they have that on the site)plus  the usual crap re him freeing anyone.

It’s not anti immigrant by any stretch of the imagination it’s  not exactly pro America , rather pro the US gov , and no it’s not the same thing.

ASU Tuition going up but low-income students get full ride

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Tuition going up but low-income students get full ride

Arizona Socialist University.

There’s something wrong with this picture that the people that pay taxes, pay more more the services their taxes deliver than those that contribute nothing other than allowing socialist pukes to feel good about using other people’s money to assuage their guilt.

“This important step will allow us to serve a far greater number of students and provide the vital support necessary to ensure a brighter collective future for Arizona,” ASU President Michael M. Crow said. “We ( meaning we use the police power of the state to forcibly fund our expansion) have made a commitment to Arizonans who have a dream and the desire to realize their full capacity and potential through education.

Seemingly people reaching their full potential = paying them. I have a better idea,though not as libertarian as I’d like but if we have to give away money let’s get something in return. For all those people that attend and pass have their loans wiped out. Can we stop pretending that this isn’t a socialist country .. I’ll be quiet when you all just admit it:D

Hurt the feelings bad… kill the mind , meh!

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some slap dash comments for my 2.3 readers.

Cop’s break in to a house on a “drug tip”  against a 92 year old  kill her.

A comedy actor says “nigger” a few too many times in a comedy club

NY police shoot  one guy multi times  outside a strip club

Guess which one has caused more outrage?

Here’s the problem for me I really don’t know what occurred in the cop shootings, and often can see both sides,  but  where I can criticize them is for their even being  there in the first place.
Who cares about  vice in a strip club or about people that wish to purchase drugs ? What’s more dangerous to you? Odd when protecting people means killing them?  Helleresque even.   These “Accidents”  are not going to go away as long as the police are asked to be societies baby sitters, social workers and increasingly  as lifestyle police.   There’s a difference between a peace officer and a law enforcement officer. Sadly we have too few of the latter and way too many of the former.
New York’s mayor said he is “deeply disturbed”

About what exactly.. too obvious?  Given Bloomberg’s hatred of guns I wonder how he can reconcile that it’s not “democracy” that holds him in place but the obedience of those he looks likely to shaft in the public eye.  He cant see why anyone would fire x number of rounds. Then again he’s on record questioning why anyone would want to own/ use a gun.  People with their own bodyguards tend to have that “Rosie” outlook.

Going back to the offense taken at the word nigger. TV news is happy enough to show it while motherfucker is being bleeped and asterisked out the transcripts so .. er how offensive is this really about as offensive as the groveling apologies after words.

Online video ‘eroding TV viewing’ l We like to watch, when we like to watch.

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BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Online video ‘eroding TV viewing’

Yes it’s a UK study, but so am I , a study in  cholesterol and black pudding abuse, but I’m sure it’s the same case over here.  We just ditched Direct TV to pay for, a new tv , that’s quite a fun explanation to give them while canceling btw:), which we’re feeding from the web and Netflix.  $42 a month for a crappy picture from a digital service, there were more artifacts on screen than your average Indian burial ground, and a very uninspiring line up.   So bye bye piss poor anthropomorphic “documentaries”  bye bye nanny state fuck filter and  most of all….  I may never see Nancy Grace again…  Damn I’d pay $42 for that:P

Shut your pie holes, THE TSA in yet another half baked enterprise

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There was , and I regret never coming up with the thought myself, a day or so into the liquids on a mother fucking plane scare where observant people noticed that items that are “dangerous when combined” were all being tossed into the same bin.  Ok that’s  pretty obvious but unless you think about it  could be a wee bit subtle..

This one takes the cake, ok it takes the pie. Seemingly American pies are being fucked with, more so than the “degenerate” culture that  spawned one good line, 4 nice breasts and  x too many sequels.   Here’s the story from the press via the

Cleveland’s Hopkin International Airport considers pie filling a dangerous gel/liquid and TSA employees seized at least a dozen of the baked goods last week before Thanksgiving.

The pies were donated to the airport’s USO lounge, which caters to traveling soldiers.

Does that make it a little clearer about what’s going on?    This is pure fucking  state at it’s best,  we’ve just removed all the obsfucation of income tax, fees,licences and the myriad other  tributes one needs to pay to get along and are left with a lesson in obedience that is sadly as American as , er, apple pie.

Oh dear this mobile web thing isn’t working too well

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I’ve been using a Motorola Q these last few weeks and I have to say I find the experience  to be an inverse square law for usefulness. I.e the  potential of the devices is far less applicable in practice. What you think you can  do with them ends up taking far more time  ie  each step takes you x2 longer than doing the same thing on a phone, next step x 2 that  until you are faced with a 4 step task that would take you 20 minutes to figure out.    These are great forwarding devices if you are in a position to have other people carry out the task you need, nearly useless if you have to do it yourself.  Until we get a device that combines say a projected laser keyboard, or decent speech recognition these things are just going to be under utilized. ( unless we can get these things freed  up from the carriers:)

The only good thing so far. The few sites that have mobile features are actually more pleasant to use.  I don’t need to wade through extraneous material to buy an item or locate the account info I need. I’m guessing a few sites will get a shock when they start touting ” x number hit our mobile sites” and then go look at the user agents and realize that it’s  people surfing from their desktop.

Post-Modern Prosecutions by William L. Anderson. ( Justice, Alice,in Wonderland,Style)

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Post-Modern Prosecutions by William L. Anderson

One hopes that if this case comes to trial, that the judge will recognize the dishonesty of Nifong’s charges, or that a jury will understand that absurdities are absurdities. I say “hope,” because right now, the post-modernists are winning battle after battle. It is one thing when post-modern nonsense dominates a history or English class; it is quite another when it becomes the bedrock of modern law.

I suppose this kind of thing would be important if there weren’t so many other things to keep up with like comedians outbursts and how people will fight each other to obtain a kids toy. Taxation has been noted as possessing the power to destroy. A narrower, but far more damaging for those caught up in it, situation exists with the power of prosecution.

There’s some really detailed material , and pretty good discussion occurring over at “Durham in Wonderland” and no I had my title prior to seeing that site;) It’s really sad how many “educators” decided to censure the accused publicly for atavistic reasons based on the sad notion that social justice equals “someone has to pay” for the sins of the “father.”

Weekend update. Willcox, TV, IKEA

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So I stayed in on “Black Friday” at least till 930am or so. My parents had bought Dobhie a bed for his xmas and this was secured, loaded and later constructed, by Erin, in the same day.  

I then went to see my friend Jennifer ,first time in near four years,  who “lives” in bumblefuck Arizona, though I think it’s called Willcox on the maps. The bar crowd were straight out of “The station agent (told you I’d remember the movie + many a “you ain’t from around these here parts” moments.  They have no cider, curious unnamed  “well drinks” which may stand for  Well it kinda resembles rum and the cook goes off at 9pm, that is the microwave doesn’t have an operator at that time:D  I didn’t go for the scenery though, it’s hard to catch up at karaoke but the meal at 2am  wasn’t that bad , hell it beats that shitty  Mexican place in Waikiki and    I just  wish it wasn’t  3 hours to drive there. One amusing thing if you’re on drugs,  coming up to strangers to tell em , that you’re not.. well weird:)   Sadly another case of a body that  no matter how much you want to look away  it’s trainwreck time and I had a front row seat.  

Today after driving home went out and  as part of the plan to stop paying for Direct TV ,  a flat panel followed me home, so  we can now PIP a computer view in the living  as well as  finally seeing the DVD’s closer to the way “nature” intended.

As “bad” as it is here. Scotland’s sucking so hard I barely want to go on a visit.

Filed under General, rants, state gone wild News – Scotland – Business outcry as MSPs vote to keep large shops closed at Christmas and New Year

Story in full LARGE shops will be banned from opening on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day after MSPs last night ignored an outcry from business and tourism leaders, who described the plan as “legislation gone mad”.

Yep the full force of Gov will be used to stop consenting adults from agreeing to be paid for a job on “Jesus'” This follows on  from a recent story were East Lothian councilors wish to close fast food eateries after 9pm for the health of their constituents.  They bemoaned that  they’ve taken money from people to give them sports facilities but they’re not being used.. (duh!)  so  maybe preventing rampant fish supper eating will be the cure? No it won’t be, the sports centers are not open at nine.. Most amusingly these arseholes look like they could do with time inside the buildings they’ve decided the public need. There’s really no end to what the people that won’t leave you alone meet those that want to be left alone.

My Aunt, ardent socialist type council worker , has just left. I’m sure it was hard on her being around two libertarian types , her dislike of capitalism was salved by the constant buying of high end electronics and clothing that’s 30% the price it is back home.. One has to wonder why:D   On  the health issue above I ventured that  councilors bringing up public education as a reason for the crappy diet need to realise that they have possessed a state monopoly on education for over sixty years yet none of the people “think right” and may eat things that are bad for them, drink,smoke , take too much E, fuck too many of the wrong people and on the whole not behave in  a manner that makes running a national health system cheap:D

Hybrids. The phone type not the alien race I’m building in my basement. Also the megapixel arms race vindication:D

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Podcasters seem to be making the resellers of  telephone hybrids very happy indeed. I’ve spent several weeks trying to get a regular price on an item that until  a year ago was rather likely to shoot straight through the auction with 0 bids.    Basically a hybrid lets my talk on my mic and the person I am connected with hears the entire show, IE I send them all the sound going on at once, but  all I return from them is their voice . It’s also known as “mix minus”  ie the output of the mixer  minus their voice, if their  voice was present it would  become part of the total mix  and delay enough to annoy the caller.  I think I must be ill I didn’t buy a firewire mixer when I had the chance.. waiting to see what the sales on Friday bring.

At long last I have the inkling of an upcoming show but it’s a practice that is rarely found in AZ and a lot of phone interviews are going to be necessary.

I’m losing enthusiasm for the mobile web  and until the carriers grow the fuck up we’re going to be stuck with “stupid web tricks”  tied to  content  owned by the networks partners rather than developing anything universal.


In, the  I told you so section:

People can’t readily distinguish between an image taken at 13mp 8mp or 5 .. If you read the article in isolation that’s what you would likely come away with.  Ah but we all get to pile in and ask about the test, the assumptions and the results are being vigorously debated in a manner that politics rarely is.. Kinda shows you just how little import the latter has 🙂

This is the neatest little thing.

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It’s the better widget mousetrap, a mobile desktop that’s truly mobile.It’s not a site for afficianados of the remade UK slot car.. (Sorry  Heather,Bill and Robert)

I’ve been setting it up with all the services, it really does seem to address ALL the services I have. Yes there’s limitations but  I’m not going to bring them up while I’m happily playing.  All my feeds they belong to me in 😀  

Over the last week I’ve gone back to Flock started using this to organize all my work / non work related items and just the time I save on Craigslist seeing the previews of the pictured items . I think I may get  evangelical about this..

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Police kill man reaching for gun in Metrocenter food court

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Police kill man reaching for gun in Metrocenter food court

Police shot and killed a man Monday evening in the Metrocenter mall food court when he reached for a handgun in the waistband of his pants after he had been told by police to remain still, officials said.

And they  hassle us about carrying legally in the mall because this  type of thing NEVER happens.

Murder on the Roads by Nathan McKaskle :Ok more like highway robbery

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Murder on the Roads by Nathan McKaskle

As the Times sarcastically asks, “But remember, it’s all about ‘safety,’ right?” The article goes on to cite a study by the Federal Highway Administration in which statistics were collected from seven jurisdictions using red-light cameras. These jurisdictions did experience an average 23.2% reduction in right-angle crashes; however, they also experienced an average 17.4% increase in rear-end collisions. Three of the jurisdictions actually experienced a net increase in number of crashes.

It’s a good post to read for those of us “road warriors” e/g  those that engage people about smaller government only to be  asked, no not to think about the children, I’ll leave that to the clergy,  but “what about the roads?”

The name’s, Blonde, who gives a rats arse if he’s blonde?

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>>> Spoilers.   

Ah Mr Craig, 

Thank you for returning that effete English wanker back into something that licenced to kill  rather than licenced to cut hair.  While the movie “Casino Royale” has surprisingly little cheese, I’m going to call the 180 in a  fuel truck cheesy to near Mission Impossible standards , there’s maybe just a tiny bit too much bread left over but  MMMM that is a tasty  burger.

Apart from being a tad overlong  it suffers from people that mistake a camera man with parkinsons and rapid editing for fight choreography.  Hot cars, Hot women and average weapons I’m not convinced he’d be touting a p99 Walther but  it’s used nicely  (if just a tad WTF , I’ve really tried to blow up gas cylinders with a bullet  ( S’ok have a scrapyard and it was “safe” and didn’t succeed I’m relatively sure 9mm or a .40 would t cut it)

Hell it kicks arse where the others couldn’t reach ass , or in Dalton’s case bottom: )



So what else?  well there’s a really cute pic