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Resolve this.. Why is this one going to succeed were all the others have failed?

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Don’t even try.  If a date , time or consistently incrementing number is your impetus for taking action in the self improvement line  at least make it ” stop following stupid cultural traditions”  and you’ll know better by next year.

Apart from that.  I wouldn’t mind owning a gym with 2 year contracts about now:D

How iFILM see executions as a public entertainment.

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Upfront. I don’t agree with the state enforcing a death penalty but I’m rather happy to hear any stories where a convenience store clerk shoots robbers. The Saddam in a noose shot I can live with , not sure he could, the exhortations to watch video of it from unlikely sources is another thing. I was on Ifilm and in the comedy/ parody section and after my clip ended, Silent Star Wars and up popped hey would you like to see one of these .

Yep they are selling execution as an entertainment , sponsored by Quizno’s too which is pointless since he wasn’t electrocuted ..mmm mmm toasty… I digress. It’s such a boneheaded move to parade state sanctioned murder as a recommendation , sure have it online for those that want to see, stick it in the news section just don’t fucking recommend it in comedy lest you be mistaken for arsewipes of the highest caliber.

Ok onto the contrarian pissed otter part. Saddam was the head of the state that killed people which they say is wrong so we’re going to use the same power of the state to kill him.. Interesting that he was hung for the deaths of about the same number of people that a certain TX governor sanctioned using the power of the state as an excuse too. Isn’t relativism cool?:)

DWI Checkpoint-stopped and harrassed – More joy from the JBT’s

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DWI Checkpoint-stopped and harrassed – Google Video

From the “
you have nothing to fear” category via the Classically Liberal blog    further evidence that personal tech can be your friend. While the side of the road is not the place to argue rights with those that have little conception, or indeed love for them, it’s good that there are those willing to risk their safety to bring back these snippets. I only post this because “it never happens” and clearly  anyone it did happen ( assuming it did of course)  then they’d have brought it about themselves by provoking the police by say .. driving?

Argh a MALL!! oh no Lane Bryant..

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Today we took the morning off from partying , oh wait , that was a dream. Anyway after we surfaced it looked like commerce was unavoidable and the Mall at Arrowhead was the chosen destination , needed a car seat for Dobh, Erin needed more clothing on the grounds that  she’s been steadily shedding pounds and sizes these past few months.   This lead to the unenviable position of her being nowhere near the largest women in the story but I was the largest  guy.  I have no idea how these poor stick figures of men survive  snoo snoo 🙂  Anyway it felt like rather than a cigarette extinguisher there should have  been a can for  half eaten doughnuts, or fried chicken legs or just something that could get across the enormity of the problem  but  seriously  you think there would be fucking leftovers?   I know people that live in glass houses shouldn’t sunbathe naked  but  my neighbours can look away..  yet oddly they don’t?

Anyway coming up  Homeopathy, Homosexuals and the priests that love em….

Mr Kessler did your brains get gifted to science? Naked theft proposed in Wisconsin on unredeemed gift cards.

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JS Online: NewsWatch
And also here

Legislator eyes unused gift card value

Madison – Rep. Fred Kessler (D-Milwaukee) said today that the value of unused gift cards should go to the state treasury – not to the merchant – and that change will be part of a bill he’ll introduce in the legislative session starting in January.

Is it that far a leap to think of other items that may have been intended yet not used ..  You know being taxed on  looking at new car models might just work.You may have thought about buying one but your not doing so “deprives” the state of revenues.   Anyway this  tool of the Washington He wants to expire them forcibly , regardless of merchant/ taxpayer’s wishes and then retain 80% of the value to make schools ( the ones he wants the kids to go to, not those chosen by the parents  and roads nicer. If people wanted them don’t you think they would vote for tax increases to have these wonderful new services?  Next up bills to keep all change from vending machines, the unused parts of phone cards.. and you were going to finish that soda weren’t you ?

The company you keep from the company that keeps you?

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I am  trying to find a level of contempt to aim at the people that made  a minor social promise yet  to a person failed to either turn up or make a call to say they wouldn’t be coming.  Erin’s co workers had verbally said that they’d  wander by the New Years   Guitar HeRo 2 / Poker  fest.Much drink of the hard kind , much cleaning of the annoying kind and quite a bit of food was bought based on these assurances. 

There’s an ASS in assurances and that’s what they treated her like.  So the house is cleaner, we have more drink but what we don’t have  is a group of shallow assholes

Looks like we win.

Time to read: Randomness. more whacks at "social" anything.

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The Paying for TV lifestyle is going well. There’s been enough on Adult Swim, You Tube and various vidcasts to keep me amused for 2 days ..:) The wireless keyboard/mouse work pretty well and I’ve found that Opera is the most useful browser for my long distance viewing with friendlier and more consistent zoom settings than IE or FF.

I’m still trying to get through “The Fatal Shore” it’s not that I don’t like the book it’s just that so many pages a night prior to sleep doesn’t work as well.

Just bought “Calculated Chaos” Calculated Chaos by Butler Shaffer and Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom” The Road to Serfdom Fiftieth Anniversary Edition because feeling something is obvious doesn’t equal the ability to convince others who have been “taught” by the state 🙂

Social Media, ah the joys of traversing this increasingly self aggrandizing movement which seems to be missing the point or more likely “this” point is missing the movement:D

In one corner: Those that are tired of the coercive, manipulative tactics and outright falsehoods perpetrated, partly through regulatory constrictions and partly through choice , of old media and seek to create an alternative to the wilderness of smoke and mirrors that one could argue that MSM seems to promote and then….

And then are those that want to sell to these people.It may be better to start a split between social media and social marketing. What a minute I thought I was close to being an anarcho capitalist.,.. yeah well I’m 50% there I just need to work on the latter.. so why would should I give a rat’s patoot about what the marketing maniacs may monetize? Mainly it’s the self serving bullshit. I saw/ see cluetrain as a very obvious set of ideas, just repeated x 3-4 on each point but hey , ink’s free on the web:D, but ultimately I am not sure it’s considered a “how to” guide to fake a connection in the bid to sell more crap 😀 None of the people I’ve met in marketing have been remotely convincing that they really are helping us rather then helping their message and how it should be framed… The people actually walking the walk the owners and producers of companies “that get it” don’t need an interstitial tier .

Shame that middle tier is working so hard on making themselves relevant .

One thumb , cut off, stuck way into the cranium of the morons that remade this

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 The Hitcher (2007)

“Our” man Rutger Hauer, apart from being a little Batty on occasion  ( wouldn’t you be if you had the lesser of the two Buffys? ) once did a small, and it’s pretty small based on how many people I’ve met that know it  The Hitcher.   One of the better suspense/ horror movies that  relied mainly on the imagination rather than the CGI toolbox.  Doesn’t look like the  trailer has taken that route,  it’s time for show and tell.  It’s not a classic , more so to me than others since it was one of the first movies that managed to get an amoral character ( Ok conventionally he’s getting up there with evil)  and not have it explained in terms of why ?  there’s no happy ending and when it comes down to it there was nothing that needed to appear in a sequel  or now a remake.

Can we get a law preventing anyone remaking Repoman? 😀

The War On Toddlerism ( show me were the bad state fucked with you )

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The War On Toddlerism

Post from Info wars that highlights many of the incidents I’ve blogged in the last year. Zero tolerance = Zero thought and give the  lackeys that joyfully enforce the rules have a problem in that area it’s best that they just get everything in black and white.  It’s not  the nutballs with the mad religion that’s doing this to us, er, I mean it’s not THOSE ones it’s “OUR” ones.  Nearly everyone of these stories as  two or three quotes  from the epsilon parking lot claiming that it’s good that the kid was  suspended, handcuffed  or tased    in many cases  for acting like a kid.   The US population is incredibly dismissive of innocence as a defense and it starts earlier and earlier.

Wearing thin

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December has been a month of yuck healthwise for all in the house. Kid’s been to the DR more times for ad hoc visits than ever and sadly has taken the term inconsolable to heart. 

1am Mon

1am Tues, Erin stayed with him, neither slept well

Wed: To daycare, he  choked  phlegm, puked and  fevered re being sick  and so I have my little one back again.  This time I’m taking my vacation days which have been stacking up to nurse the little forker  into a happier mood.. hopefully:)


To work , yeah I’m not working but…;) ,  at home I bought a rf keyboard/ mouse  connecters to the flatpanel and will likely  get that working tonight. 40″ desktop with a PIP showing TV/ dvd  how  f’ing cool is that… Very is the answer.   In other news.. I’m tired. 

2007 news let’s organize it to make more sense

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Religion should be placed in the entertainment section.

Politics in Sport and Sport is now lifestyle.  

But let’s get all  sewage, er newage and start with me.  You know you can’t change your world .. just your reaction to it.  I hate that phrase yet.. I’ve used it myself and to any of you that had to suffer from such I apologise ..slightly.   Tis utter bollocks  people have regularly changed the world by refusing to look at what’s there  , calling it fate and proceeding to do the same bone headed shit over and over again.

Then again I think that Grendel got a raw deal:)     Tonight watched the rather excellent Gladiator which  I have to say I’m glad we waited for the  large screen to take in the spectacle that Ridley Scott laid on for us.  It touches on so many things that’s apparently lacking from  the prepackaged life, so neatly delt with in Trainspotting, as well as being the poster on my wall in the UK where  fact and fiction merged and the weirdness started, but that in all honesty no sane person would really want.  

 Death annoys me, doesn’t become me, and this is why I am so pissed at the film… While you never see when and why he gives his loyalty over to the original empire he’s pretty ok with hacking up the families of other countries in Rome’s name , the same functionaries that  slide into his role though  after his fall from grace we’re meant to maybe see as somewhat less noble?  I admit it I’m no fucking fun when it comes to movies anymore.

I digress

 2k7 I plan to start rubbing salt on my head so my hair will get thirsty and pop out for a drink.  

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Sure.

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Firstly my happy joy at finding a  gift from Erin that was unexpected and needed:) I know see my virtual life on a widescreen monitor which  looks like it can replace the need for two screens especially for music / vid editing. It did take some installing though .  Had to research my card, how to get it to work in a non native resolution and various other bits of fun that may have had many returning the panel to the store.   It’s amazing how good this looks when set up properly yet  I feel sorry for those that just want to plug in a monitor.. 

Tequila bottle 🙂 yum more Patron Anejo to bring in the new year with.

And the child Dobhran?  Well he’s still not into it. He was amused by the trainset, a little, and proceeded to do a Beecher act on it, and most of the day he was teething in a way that was frustrating for him and all around.

Haiku time

The Godfather soul

 brother number one has left

I don’t feel so good

The “news” paper is filled with more stories of supernatural bullshit than is good for one,  people mistaking stains for the virgin Mary and this retrogressive asswipe  suggesting

it was shameful that in “this age of plenty and unbridled consumerism” many remained deaf to the “heart-rending cry” of those dying of hunger, thirst, disease, poverty, war and terrorism.

Gee, and I don’t need to be the head of a worldwide religion to know that. Sadly mr pontification doesn’t  just how far the technology that saddens him as allowed more people than ever to lead relatively freer lives.    So where’s the faith based aircraft, the  prayer activated pesticide or the  hail mary antibiotic? That’s all well and nice but his Poopiness the Hole would like to skip over that and pray for shit to work. 


Credo… why don’t you fade away?

Seasons greetings from Dobhran and his keepers

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How Scrooge was twisted into the bleak house of public opinion

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Butler Shaffer writing at Lew  has taken on Scrooge as a client back in 2004. This is one Christmas story that takes the collectivist goodwill and excorriates it for the pious crap it is.  Scrooge Shrugged would be an interesting look at the topic since  , as you will find, Ebeneezer really is the only “doer”  of the piece  everyone else is waiting around to have things  done for and to them.

What is the bill of particulars with which my client is charged? Pay close attention to Mr. Dickens’ allegations. His case comes down to just two points: [1] my client has managed to become very rich, and, [2] he insists on keeping his money for himself. That’s it! That is the essence of his alleged wrongdoing.

I have criminal tendencies in that direction myself. 

Saturday Shennanigans and Shooting

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Range Day:

Today Smith family Wesson took out the 686, 625 and the Sw11  which  are 2 wheelguns and an auto. or one 357 and  two 45’s .   I shoot ok  but nowhere near as well as I can.  Then off to the motorcycle showrooms.  BMW  which is next to Scottsdale gun club and Ducati/Triumph which are across the same lot.

K I think BMW and me have parted ways back in the 80’s  I really miss the “flying brick”  k100  of the  80’s to mid 90’s  and since then they’ve really catared to a market other than myself.   Still  Erin fits on a 650  without a problem but she’s also used to large fat tempramental objects ( like me)  having owned a  Honda silverwing.  Anyway in this case being pointed to the Ducati 695 which fits my idea of a fun bike  <8k  V twin a like though they’ve taken to calling it a L twin and aircooled to simplify things further. It’s still 3 k more than a klr650  though which   is good for forest trails and the odd bit of X -country..   Oh well I can dream since I live in Phoenix land  of the mad driver.  I can’t recall one weekend where Erin and myself have been in a lane going straight  where some phone-tard started to pull into our lane.

what else?  I am having fun trying to rebuild a mental model based on the belief that corporations are a rational set of instructions for making money.

Capote:  Damn fine film even if it were  90 mins of Capote going to the shops  the performance by Philip Seymour Hoffman  would have made it interesting. ,which cemented Capote as one of the centuries  best American writers ,  As to the subject of the film and the book,crime and punishment  I really have to get into why a man that loves guns and knives  is against the death penalty and why I usually would avoid  movies with that as the theme. No “dead man walking  or the Green Mile for me” 

Tis not the season for that..