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Like I didn’t already do that;)Love it or leave it Scotland the bigotted

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There have been times after I left Scotland to come to the USA when I encountered opinions relating to immigration that were so distasteful, racist and unsupported by facts , feelings seemed to be a “suitable” replacement , that it was fun to poke fun at my newly adopted country predicated on the mistaken belief that the majority ( and I may be being unfair here since to hold this message board to be a fair representation of Scottish political thinking is doing a disservice to both ) of people don’t hold those views which after my last visit home and to Ireland  suggest I’m wrong. 

So I think I have covered the objection ” if you don’t like it leave” and you can add in “We’re glad you left too “, if it helps  (comment 101, the worst comment in the world?, from Dougie) 

 It’s amazing how many seem to be concerned with “them” taking jobs, houses, services etc yet the though about  whether it’s ethical / moral  to even provide them in the first place. ( rehab ?  You  are going to  argue that removing money  from the taxpaying population to pay for another’s  choice to harm themselves  is ,oh I forgot you’re socialists it   makes perfect sense, which is why I left the place. 

Most of the people around me wanted to do nothing but exist with some money ( maybe even working to get it)  to get rat -arsed  at the weekend,rinse, repeat and to do otherwise was seen as , apart  from  my immediate  family , suspicious.

On the whole I contend  that most migrants are not here to  take anything from you other than your pride and maybe that’s what hurts the most    decades of taking care of people has left many of those that  won’t attend to their needs   requiring   assistance from those that can  regardless of their origin. 


From a reply to this thread

Heat and brain= dumber me than usual

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 So tired that my word factory was failing at work.

  Not sure if it’s heat,  food, hydration or what but to go all lisa on you  I”m losing my perspicacity 🙂

Amazing for once the drug “warriors” are held to account Atlanta Police charged with murder

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I wish they had pointed out that this wasn’t a drug raid, for that the occur there would need to be drugs. The charges do tell a more realistic story though. I’m glad one of them will fight the charges  since  I’m really interested in their justification

Atlanta police officers charged in killing of woman, 88 –

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — Three Atlanta, Georgia, police officers were indicted Thursday — two on felony murder charges — in the shooting death of an elderly woman during a botched drug raid on Thanksgiving eve.

The police argue self defense, er  no  you can’t instigate an action   ,e.g kicking down a house door late at night, and then  absolve yourself in this manner.  

Tuttle, Buttle  it looks like Brazil made it through the silvered side of the art  /life mirror.  All those in favour of such routine enforcement of victim less crimes well,  if  mistakes have to happen,  I hope it’s in your house. 

Too few peace officers
Too much law enforcement. 

Today’s disquieting thought. Get your Weimar clocks running..

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Anyone arguing it’s not possible needs to go look at the civil war, it can happen, it has happened and it can happen again.

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited

“The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands … is the definition of tyranny,” wrote James Madison. We still have the choice to stop going down this road; we can stand our ground and fight for our nation, and take up the banner the founders asked us to carry.

Sigilization in t shirt form , let’s be careful out there Goatse shirt fans.

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Today’s bit of unintended weirdness from the Universe was a man in a Goatse shirt awaiting an appointment for a colonscopy.

I just hope the people ordering from T shirt hell know what they are getting themselves into.

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock – Mine’s dead at 5 years and it didn’t go out quietly.

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My alarm woke me up this morning.  That’s not exactly a statement that’s interesting , surprising or makes you want to read further so I suppose I should add more detail . My alarm woke me up at 220am  , was set for 525 ,  and not with the alleged super loud tone  it can produce  but the sound of a relay unable to decide which direction to go in life and rapidly clicking like a preteen with headphones playing at their xbox.

 I would tell you the exact time of death  but for reasons that should be obvious   I had no clock.

So ends the most expensive alarm clock I have ever purchased and the ONLY  one that has died on me. The tone generated by this thing, along with the flashing light, wasn’t so much an awakening  it was rude.   I hate alarm clocks , all of you,  you’re bastards  the idea that we still have to arrange ourselves  into work patterns based on  last centuries needs pisses me off but seems unavoidable the lower, or higher up the chain you get.  

Link to Sonic Boom Alarm Clock – loud alarm clock with optional bed vibrator and lamp flasher

I’m not taking care of business. I hate DIY

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I even hate watching OPDIT ( other people doing it themselves)  My intelligence just doesn’t grasp the physical world in the way it can handle the abstract when it comes to house repairs involving construction other than plumbing or electrics  or a few other things that  have the resemblance of  home automation / security . 

 Also the week at work  was stressful and the one day we have to rest is the one day we’re doing the new door on the front of the house.  Anyway  apart from that.

We saw  Grindhouse which   was exactly the kind of movie that was  fitting for the week:)  Tis very good and I may pop out a review in a bit.   now for more diy   wiring the alarm system back into the door.

Campus killer’s purchases apparently within gun laws – CNN apparently not into telling truth. Why Too much non crime is a bad thing.

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Campus killer’s purchases apparently within gun laws

Source: Campus killer’s purchases apparently within gun laws –

I’ve written CNN many times over the years re their disregard for facts when it comes to the legal carrying, description and misuse of firearms they consistently  get it wrong to the point that  it’s not an accident.   Here’s a post   and comment series that’s quite interesting. Firstly  it’s a crime to lie on the form 4473 which you must fill out when buying a firearm , new or used, from a licensed dealer.   Then again so is homicide,  see just how useful our paper tigers are?  

 I think we’ve created so much  “crime” in the US that doesn’t rely on the need for there to be a  victim, or damages incurred that   resources are expended on controlling those that ordinarily would be of no inconvenience to the general population but are used to  demonstrate who’s in charge”   A good post on this  can be found here .  As much as I like annoying objectivists   the originator  Rand had some  great things to say on this subject  one of the most famous from  Atlas Shrugged being,

“Did you really think that we want those laws to be observed?”, said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against — then you’ll know that this is not the age for beautiful gestures. We’re after power and we mean it. You fellows were pikers, but we know the real trick, and you’d better get wise to it. There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power that any government has is to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted — and you create a nation of law-breakers — and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Rearden, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”


Put it this way  the local  Sheriff charges  about $70 to  book and  $130 a day to house  those arrested by other departments  for most crimes that result in  fines or action that cost way less than  the  system to arrest, process , try , pay for juries / judges  and the people then enforce the judgements.  The above quote seems rather ominous now?

I’m not sure I’m getting value for money  when there’s no one aggrieved. I don’t buy that  a victimless crime is a precursor to  serious crimes either.  Everyone at some time has HAD to speed  or was caught unaware  by a change in conditions yet we can avoid shoplifting, assault and fraud since  it’s in most people’s interests to not harm others , who wants to live in a world where you have to guard your  family , food, water  etc every minute of every day ?  ( You still should be ready to   but it’s thankfully not needed in most countries that have reached the Civ stage of telephone system:) note I don’t include  guarding against the state that’s another thing altogether )  

A chroma keyed massacre. Project away. Vlogging a dead horse.

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 Ok so it may be a departure to comment on this from work ( Yes I actually crossposted this for a change) but when it directly wanders into the area I have a great deal of interesting in  Vlogging and Social media  the asinine statements by the talking heads ( they may ask  themselves  how did we get here? )  to camera commenting on the generation and presentation of  media  was some of the most unintentionally hilarious TV I have seen in a long time.   Questions like,  who worked the camera   were asked even though   it’s obvious that  a shelf, a tripod and  wait a minute the clue that he leans to the camera to stop recording MAY just indicate what’s going on.  Don’t even get me started on what they are getting wrong re firearms and the surrounding laws. 


Ok leaving MSM and wandering back to the MSB ( main stream blogosphere) I’ve seen a few entries, best summed up by this one, that  such a link is even considered between a technology and this event seems to be clutching at straws or

I said we hadn’t foreseen this use of the technology because, as utopians, we tend to look for the good stuff. I liked to think I had a balanced view, and could see where bloggers weren’t doing good, but I hadn’t seriously considered our tools used to further such a bad cause. 

What’s next? Isn’t it obvious — the latest and greatest stuff, Ustream, Twitter and mass murder. When you see a suicide bomber with a camera strapped to his or her head, you’ll know that the bad has caught up with the good.  


Source: Cho-TV, day 2 (Scripting News)

I can’t think that this would ever be a reasonable way to think and live your life trying to work out .  What cause is being advanced here that   couldn’t be leveled at the station  covering Oswald’s murder by Jack Ruby?  Maybe Zapruder was a nascent vlogger ?   Could  bic  and moleskine  wouldn’t be complicit in had  he been more into  good penmanship?  Were the murderers of Daniel Pearl vlogging?   Hopefully my argument ad absurdum is bugging you as much as it did for me to type it.

 I don’t buy this red herring  which is  reflected in my title   which ,I hope ,shows that   way too many groups are taking the foreground events and contextualizing , ne compositing it,  to fit  their own interests, agendas or regular subject matter. ( like I’m doing 😉 )  

To date  it doesn’t appear that  the murderer posted it to the myriad of  video sites,  blogs, a personal webpage of did anything other than use OLD methods  ( relatively in the case of Quicktime)   to MAIL  material.  Gee   let’s go after Franklin now for touting the post office not knowing the evil it could be used for….   His methods were akin to a PR agency which  may tell Bill Hicks fans more than they need to know

You can get anything you want at the media restaurant , apart from perspective..

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While the MSM  lays siege to Virginia Tech  and the surrounding environs  I’m not even going to get into the speculation  re motivation, mental well being or why the Boomtown rats get an honorable mention.  

Normally the NEWS business is a weird contrast with “OLDS” as in anniversaries   are big for them , 1 year ago , 5 years ago   a decade etc where they can dredge up the past  yet neatly they are  also avoiding the present. 

And now is where I make myself the usual unpopular fart in the spacesuit comments. Firstly this is not the largest  massacre in US history and a quick search  can show this up,  even if you want to restrict it to firearms as the predominant  means  you would be wrong there too.  Note  the majority occurred before ANY pet cause about  media and video game violence, godlessness ( most you will find were facilitated by a “healthful” dose of religiosity)  that the ghouls are touting  presently   given the chance to stick their bromides on any media surface they will stick to.

This level of violence when perpetrated  within the US is news,  when enacted by the weapons we pay to be used  overseas it’s  , well it’s a noble effort  to which our children can aspire to.   business as usual in Iraq today , 170 dead ,  120 in one car bombing which isn’t even enough to move the  local news. 

  Cognitive dissonance leads to odd behaviors, toss in a love of the psychotropic stunting of the population for profit and we have here a problem so large that  the most dangerous cure   is thinking that there’s really a cure that can be applied globally.  

Given that so many of the “power(less to stop this) that be” are at pains to  point out that there’s NO way they could have foreseen, no one could have guessed  so that’s them off the hook?  Bollocks it is. Knowing that they couldn’t protect people they still removed the ability to defend yourselves on their grounds because feeling safe is important, being safe is someone else’s department.  I just read that of those that died at the school only  2 of them did so before the cops arrived.   There is no duty to protect the public , the Supreme court has held that to be the case several times.  So who does that leave responsible for their safety… MIRROR ANYONE?

Thing is people did foresee, they didn’t guess they used logic to point out that guaranteeing a safe zone greatly increases the success rate of carrying out such an atrocity.  It’s not a hardware problem….

Prius can’t pass Georgia emissions test – No to hybrids, inbreds pass.

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Another story were the initial outrage of how asinine the state can be is quickly surpassed by the comments of those that clearly grew up in a locked garage with a lot of CO in the room. I see this as not being about the environment in any way other than reducing people’s impact on the such by removing their resources from them so they consume less ( but then again I’m cynical)

Prius can’t pass Georgia emissions test – Autoblog
Well, sorta. It’s more like the Prius refuses to take the test. When the Prius is set to idle at 2,500 rpm on the tester, it does what it’s supposed to do. It shuts off the engine to save fuel. Georgia’s pre-hybrid equipment issues a failing grade because of an incomplete test.

So people love their masters, so much so that it’s Toyota’s fault . I wonder if they would be happy with them regulating all cars to max speed based on the gps of where the car is.. I mean we can’t possibly in all good conscience make cars that fail fully observe the local regulatory climate?

Virginia Tech- My Brief take on why dial 911 and die wasn’t only a great title.

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Virginia Tech security questioned – Massacre at Virginia Tech –
“We obviously can’t have an armed guard in front of every classroom every day of the year,” he said.

Knowing that when the college forbid legal carrying of firearms people couldn’t protect themselves . Shame they proudly touted their no guns on campus policy last year as this image By Oleg Volk points out. Yes it’s shocking but necessary to point out that those people in charge of your safety see this as a one way street. Don’t kid yourself that Brady , VPC etc haven’t already started to use this for their ends.

Weekend thoughts, round up and the new heresy

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It’s upgrade time at the house. Over the weekend Erin’s pc  “Grew” a new brain and mine found a new video card which I bought about 3 days before Erin  changed hers and I could have had the old one…

For free..

So  Erin joined the  Dual core club emasculating my  silicon dick by about   , well let’s just say a lot.   This is  computer war:)  

 Took ourselves out to Glendale blues and jazz festival for a couple of hours on Saturday which was quite pleasant in all respects other than the quality of the food.  I know that $8 for one of the most uninspired BBQ sandwiches  from a company  that made it’s own sauce and basically did a worse job than going to Fry’s and buying  a bun, shredded BBQ pork and ANY  sauce that you could get your hands on 🙁    One of the kettle corn venders made a half assed job of making it and  well you get the picture.  Gov enforced monopolies  ( least in this time/space) don’t promote quality.

Now if any of you have ever looked at the permit process , the multi permits , to get to be a vender at such an event  you have to wonder that  all this control and regulation doesn’t result in  something enjoyable. 

Sunday  I looked after the little one which was  cute and not too fraught with flying food, breaking cups or tantrums:)   From either person..    

One of the better articles I read this weekend.  My main take away from it is the certainty of climatologist’s that can’t accurately predict  a few weeks, let alone decades,  is interesting.     Sadly this is yet another  area you have to either devote all your time to ( like rebutting 911 conspiracy / moon hoaxers)  to even get a handle on it.     The planet seems to have been  doing this for far longer than we have, it’s cute to  take the anthropogenic  

In short there’s far more urgent items that are going to kill us a lot more quickly so while we’re throwing money at an issue that should it exist , and be caused by us , will occur after we’ve ingested one more evil cow.. 

Next up .. Imus in the, well at home not doing much.   This was such a non event that I didn’t bother blogging , podding or otherwise referencing it other than on comments to some blogs.     The same week the Duke non rapists, non criminals finally were released from a corrupt justice system ( it’s not just one guy it takes a village to be that vile)  Al Sharpton was  castigating  Imus for an insensitive remark   , ultimately leading to Imus’ dismissal , yet  Al’s comments on the Duke case when it broke are far more damaging than  “hurt” feelings   

So it goes,  

If such theft is allowed it’s now in my interest to be a thief.

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 This is such an evil, yes EVIL , that I am so incredibly pissed just contemplating how any representative of the people  can come our in favour of robbing my family at gunpoint to pay for the mistakes of others.  So when they made a profit of their speculation did we get a reduction in our taxes  from it?  HA HA fricking HA. 

On Wednesday, Congressional Democrats led by Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) advocated steering hundreds of millions of dollars into nonprofits to help the growing number of homeowners who are having trouble paying their mortgage.

Source: Subprime bailouts would get costly – Apr. 13, 2007

Chuck , as in off a bridge , Schumer really seems to be behind more half assed ides than the genetic engineer in SouthPark.

He has to be smoking something. State rep calls for baking soda controls to curb drug manufacture.

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It looks like they don’t need drugs in St Louis if the proposed legislation to reduce people’s access to baking soda  is anything to go by. Yes I checked to make sure this wasn’t an Onion story he’s real and seemingly has the thought process of a distended stoat’s rectum when it comes to the war on some drugs.

STLtoday – News – St. Louis City / County

The sponsor of the baking soda bill, Rep. Talibdin El-Amin, D-St. Louis, said the same approach was needed for baking soda because crack cocaine is often produced by dissolving powdered cocaine in a mixture of water and baking soda. Advertisement
“We have crack cocaine running rampant in our neighborhoods,” he said. “Don’t get me wrong, meth needs to be tackled. But anything that calls attention and brings the crack cocaine problem to the forefront is a positive step.

No sorry  “ANYTHING” is not a positive step it’s a regressive and idiotic one and obfuscates more useful solutions than having the clip board holders with guns from checking baking soda logs and then visiting people based on the patterns you know they’ll find , they may have to look really hard but  given enough time and stupidity you can convince yourself of anything. ( This proposed legislation being a handy example)  Now think about how scary this can get when you have 100’s of local reps all “doing good” by thinking up ways in which they can “help” us and you get an idea of why the USA is in the mess it’s in.

Seemingly people want to escape from the vision his ilk have created for them.Rather than be slightly humbled that people chose self annihilation  over decades of failure politicians still think they can make it all go away when their going away would be one hell of a start.