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Are the “Stepford” talkshow hosts so scared of Ron Paul that they will pull the Nazi card?

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 Just returned for a quick trip to lunch were the regrets of forgetting my MP3 player were brought into sharp relief by listening to some talk radio.    A caller was asked if his support of Ron Paul meant that he enjoyed April the 20th which younger readers is not  a pro marijuana celebration  but the birth date  of Hitler.

The Rationale being that  Paul has written articles that appear in publications that have far more extreme views than I believe him to hold  ergo he is a  white supremacist and  crypto facist. ( which is a hell of a stretch given that Guiliani is running at least on the latter point. )   Given that Paul voted against  detainment without end,  snooping without boundaries,  war without end  then these talking asses playing the Hitler card  so soon means that the trained attack poodles are worried or are as stupid as their mustaches make them look.

LOLPRESIDENT!!! Fark’s in ur exeqewtiv branch spreadn seditionz

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The McCain one is priceless.

All Animals are equal , some are gayer than others. A rather inconsistent Aussie philosophy.

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From  Winston Smith news agency.

A gay pub in the city of Melbourne has won the right
to ban heterosexuals – the first time such legislation has been passed
in Australia.

First of all I don’t believe the pub itself is gay, ok it has strong men  barreling through the tradesman’s entrance,  but here’s the worst kind of law you can possibly enact. After years, decades , training the public to be tolerant  and ensuring  that private prejudices aren’t allowed to be displayed in the public square  here comes the state to enforce the natural  right for a small group  that they’ve removed from the general population.

Australia’s equal opportunity laws prevent discrimination based on race, religion or sexuality but not  intelligence so I can call the State of Victoria ( named after an old Queen ..coincidence? )  ‘king tards that should be hounded off the continent and made to return to England. 

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Australian pub bars heterosexuals

Drop the N letter . ever not funny? Never not funny has a line up change.

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Been a long run.  My favorite  entertainment podcast  “Never not funny” has  had a change in lineup which  has  , and I know it’s  unfair maybe to judge the first show after the affair as being representative of where it’s going , eviscerated the joy the show held for me.  Oddly enough the dynamic I enjoyed the most  that from the dearly departed Mike Schmidt  and Jimmy Pardo  whose ironic  bumper sticker now seems sadly prescient. I needed the real world  “crunchiness”  of Mike  juxtaposed against the   Hollywood “phony”   with a straight man  thrown in to really  show how good those two were.. Sigh…   

I think a lesson  from Episode 59 should be   in the immortal ( not yet anyway) words of Stephen Lynch “I’d never say cunt to an audience”

Still I recommend  you buy the CD compiled from the first 20 shows /it rocks.


With god all babies are toastable? Texas mother blames devilled baby on infernal forces.

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I hate this story, I was even pissed off at Erin for telling me about it but it won’t go away.   Oh the headlines?  Well I like people to get upset and angry as I am   yet oddly enough it’s not at the people involved , Moi ces’t lightning rod ( we know how much god hated those things too.

Woman: Blame devil for infant in microwave –

A woman blames the devil, and not her husband, for severely burning their infant daughter in a microwave, a Texas television station reported.

Eva Marie Mauldin said Satan compelled her 19-year-old husband, Joshua Royce Mauldin, to microwave their daughter May 10 because the devil disapproved of Joshua’s efforts to become a preacher.

And the mother wants the kid back. I just hope the devil’s next set of instructions to the “innocent” preacher wannabe  are welding her birth canal closed.

Weak end and recording fun ( yeah finally I’m producing podcasts)

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Ok  let me first dispense with the maladies.  After a shot at the Dr’s and a  pill ( singulair) and a nose spray  to free up my nose I woke up SORE the day after to which I attributed to Erin 🙂 Sadly that wasn’t the case and over the next few days  nearly every muscle when  resistance is applied to it hurts.  Couldn’t open dishwasher,  get in a couple  of doors in the house  lift  coffee pot without both hands etc.. Less than happy.. Thankfully I am getting my grip back. 

Losing my grip.  Nearly did that last night.   I was helping out a friend that has a book coming out   record a podcast / vidcast. So I thought . The c0-author brought along a camera person that has no camera, no back up and  eschewed my  rather much better 3ccdDV  to shoot on D8, I shit you  not. ( i’ve nothing against d8 other than I don’t have a fucking deck to import it with)   Using onboard sound. That was enough fun  but NO   he had a vision!   Handheld camera for the hour, compressors HATE hand held , did I mention my cam as OIS?, and then ran out of the only tape.  

Sometimes you know the most interesting thing is the subject matter and not those creating it 🙂    For my part I mic’ed up the two people with lavalier mics and  used the Zoom h4 to record and what a nice job it did too. The Zoom is a pain in the ass in the field , I had everything set up , then boom battery warning came on,  replaced those but all the settings had defaulted.Anyway a separate article on that follows. Hands are once again tired.

This is priceless. We really have to take the phrase liberal back from these bleeding hearts

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With regards to the amnesty  comprehensive immigration plan  I continued to be amused.  This plan  penalizes new legal immigrants,  provides a benefit for those   “proving” their  presence in the country prior to Jan 2007.

Quote of the day:   er WTF you have to be kidding me that the term opportunity has been  divorced from unskilled. – Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News

Liberals say the bill is unfair because it limits opportunities for unskilled workers.

Kicking a man when he’s 6ft down: ( soon) Hitchen’s proving that it’s not only the dead that are consistent:)

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 After watching him make Al Sharpton look as asinine as ever, I’d say he won the debate but  I’m not sure Sharpton was debating and in the end looked kinda useless as the spokesperson for an almighty.

Jerry Falwell, faith-based fraud. – By Christopher Hitchens – Slate Magazine

“The discovery of the carcass of Jerry Falwell on the floor of an obscure office in Virginia has almost zero significance, except perhaps for two categories of the species labeled “credulous idiot.”

Fal’s well that ends well..

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Seemingly the people that were all over Imus for his inane and ignorant remarks  can not wait to fall over the fallen over Jerry Falwell.  Seemingly being an outrageously intolerant  bigot  is ok  if it’s heartfelt and lip service is paid to the “offended”

That being said  I had a weird day. Work, oh my I never talk about work,   was the best of times, and the worst of times  in the reverse order.  The upside is that something that I’ve wanted to do for well over a year will come to pass though it was an odd route to get there.    So two major things this year have gone my way though it’s  really Emperor’s clothes  when all is said and done.  I never learned to shut up:D   Now stage three. To make all error messages  relate to the Monty Python films.I’m totally  serious I want my programs to  allow me to select a personality and then  be as obsequious or insouciant as I can handle..

I do beg your humble pardon sir  but, and I’m sure it’s my error, would you mind providing me with your username and password again as I appear to have lost them.  Dickens to Dickhead 

idiot! Can’t you recall your password?

Tomorrow night at the Paper Heart in Phoenix  Ms Lili Von Schtupp and her puppies will be entertaining us with her burlesque act. This is a suggestion you should go:)

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I told you the UK was a depressing place. Then again maybe the cameras smile at you when altered.

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Comment is free: A Prozac nation?

A survey has revealed that the number of prescriptions for antidepressants is at a record high in Britain, despite official warnings that many patients may not need them.

Parent’s are outraged? Hardly I don’t see anyone reported as assaulting these morons.. Teaches fake school shooting.

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One has to wonder at the sickness afflicting these people to inflict terror on children that would  result in arrest and, likely  jail time, should one of their pupils have produced a fictional account.   Shame the parents  couldn’t call up the people involved, tell them a loved one was murdered and…  l 

How funny would that be?  On the bright side  I hope some parents reevaluate the suitability of the state  for their children’s  wellbeing. 

BBC NEWS | Americas | US teachers stage mock gun attack

Teachers at a US school have been criticised after staging a fake gun attack during a class trip, telling children it was not a drill.

Fondue, Mothers. ongoing fun

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It’s a tough time presently there’s so many things  half baked that being baked alongside the process ( by the temperature raise)  doesn’t lead to an abundance of happiness.  On the nice news Erin made it to thirty without  too much wailing an gnashing though  we  did a little of the latter at “The Melting Pot”  which is a fondue restaurant    or as I have termed it “nachos on a stick for the monied class”   It’s pretty nice and while we didn’t dress excessively nice  we at least made an effort which  the  people to the side  managed to through in sharp relief by not even making business casual ( unless drug dealing is a business)  All in all I enjoyed it and  it  was certainly a different    I’m glad that we waited ( ok I waited)  to go there since as a normal  meal it would be annoying  as an event it’s far better and  pretty much  once, maybe twice , a year is the max attendance.

The house is wearing us down,   job schedules are wearing us down and  now  according to the fucking morons in Pennsylvania have   a guide to terrorist spotting  which suggests that a belief in the original  idea of America   is tantamount to terrorist activity  I wonder what’s next?  They are at pains to point out that you’re only a terrorist if you have committed a crime yet being  allied to  the groups they later mention is er a  , go on  guess 🙂 ,  well  anyone that’s played the roleplaying game Paranoia   knows that feeling..

In many cases, terrorists have tried to address
their issues legally. But they become frustrated over the slowness of
the legal
the lack of change. They often feel their cause has been ignored or treated

Er , sure, yeah  legal system  I can just see Osama  filing to have the US remove its  forces  from Saudi Arabia having any success.  This is such simplistic and insulting propaganda  that sets up so many areas  of life that “the terrorists” have started using  I mean gosh we  found out they are using  email, and  websites and  telephones   why , we’d have to regulate all those and  get permission.. of fuck the last part we’re doing it already. Lists of crimes from graffiti upwards ( I kid you not it’s in there) have been compiled in a manner that makes it look like a shopping list for future state goons to claim “terrorism” thus evading the already thin protections that were in the 4th, 5th and 1st amendments.  

So where do we look for terrorists they seem to be everywhere why .. they could even be in your local police department. News that the   Durham Police department have received a shiny new  white coat of paint  regarding their handling of the Duke lacrosse, non rape, non kidnapping non event and also here did not come as a great surprise but seemingly they are willing to state  that pursuing the incarceration of people  whose innocence they have evidence of is part of normal police work.  Want to argue that it’s just a few bad apples or maybe we should start looking into  a  few bad orchards?



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No action, no surprise getting away with murder in the UK.

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BBC NEWS | UK | 11 Menezes police face no action

11 Menezes police face no action

Hitchens and Dobbs : one of them is talking sense:D

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You Tube. Not at all reserved for football to the nuts or clips  from Family Guy.

The Clive James Show On slate. Some Aussie Philosophy not related to hair products yet oddly related to torturing "toasters"

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Nearly all the famous Australians , or those known to  the average American,  are the stereotypical  outdoor  bloke’s bloke personified by Steve Irwin and  “acted” by Paul Hogan  but there’s  Murdoch, Robert Hughes ,Germaine Greer and Clive James  that if they are not out trying  to buy all the words in the world then they’re trying to create them.

Most people have no clue that “Uncle” Rupert  until he  became a naturalized US citizen  hails from the largest island most people can’t find on a map;)   and the other three are  pretty obscure  , least I can’t say I’ve found another person that’s  heard / read of all three. 

So while happily trawling through Slate I noticed a “Clive James”  show link and .. oo  content for the next week or two has appeared. He wears many hats running the gamut from serious critic to hanging around on the corner of  CRT and remote  and has put ,what I  named the “Due South”  affect ,( drama/ comedy re a Mountie and a US cop that had jokes, had violence and fell over sooner than it should have) into the following.  

America doesn’t really like two labels on the can: Humor and seriousness, for example, are two separate things, and there’s room for each in the supermarket, but the idea that there could be a can with those two labels on it is inimical to the culture.

Sadly  I come with a whole magnetic set of labels that so endears me to the people here  that in many respects resemble adults 😉    Anyway his new  show online is The Clive James Show and maybe you should start on the Terry Gilliam  interview since it  segues neatly into what follows.

What’s this about the Toasters?    Well this article here from James relates to  torture as depicted in the media, something  that’s been bugging me lately since the appearance of such in movies and TV shows  seems  to be increasing and in most cases not in a  ” this isn’t who we want to be manner” it’s leaving it up to the viewer’s digression..  Lovely   seemingly we can  preach on the joys of every ISM  being evil while presenting  an ends justifying the means..  There’s a post following re how the new Battlestar Galactica  has  been handling this..