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Religion and heat don’t go together too well- hey Hitch what ruins everything?

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Can we just get it over with? Hearing voices in your head and acting on them without your book would be psychotic, that’s a pretty slim volume for us to hang the rest of reality on. I’m really curious as to why the mother’s not been charged  it has to be one hell of a story…  Nuts is nuts but the longer we give these defects a  framework were they think their  delusions are normal the worse it’ll be for all in the end.

Man dies after exorcism attempt on 3-year-old

Police reportedly found Ronald Marquez, 48, of Phoenix, shirtless and choking his granddaughter early Saturday as her 19-year-old mother, naked and bloody, looked on. The bloodied girl was gasping and screaming as her mother chanted and held a religious picture of some kind, police said.

General bits and pieces.

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Usually I wouldn’t bring up anything related to local news that only effects those involved , I’ve never been a fan of the devaluation of the term tragedy which should involve a personal failing or trait leading to the demise of you or the things you were trying to save  but hey language evolves  but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.  What’s interesting is the  idea that a person committing a crime is  culpable for the fate of those that  profit from the coverage of such crimes.  It’s also an unpopular idea which is why I’m interested in it and had I the recall to pull the part from Chuang Tsu’s  story about the robber and the emperor there’s be a good point about  pursuit  of good/ bad  artificially shortening life  ( given the way work’s been going I can certainly testify to that)

A guy called  Jones steals a car  and two of the choppers following the chase collide.

2 news copters collide over Phoenix; 4 killed

The home was then surrounded by police. Shortly after 3 p.m., Jones
surrendered to police without incident.
When asked if Jones could be held criminally liable for the deaths of
the men on the two aircraft, Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris said
forcefully, β€œYes.”

I’m curious as to how they are going to achieve this and how many steps removed you have to be to escape justice.  Next time a car crashes on the road can we charge the  driver for causing a rubber necker to rear ends another car?  


Today I took the bike out  for my first spin.  I’m 80% ok with it but it just isn’t as smooth or comfy as the last one I had  plus I picked the shittiest day to drive it re  101 traffic being crawl for 10 miles which is no fun on any bike.  The Speedo is grossly inaccurate ,laughably so and it’s a know fault on them  which is odd, how hard that bit to get right?   Anyway it brakes well, don’t ask how I know this, are  very good and it was a Scion XB that changed lanes, changed back then came to a  stop that proved this..

Still feeling off, icky throat, sore head and  today was the first day in a few  that I  woke without the equivalent of a hangover ( even though no drink)  

It’s getting late for scribbling and scratching… It’s another trip to the playground of the broken heart.

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Damn I am so wrecked   Stayed up to 7am  after launch, kid to Daycare,  2 hours shitty sleep, work, then  buzzing,  breathing and generally more things  on the negative side of stress than I am good at dealing with.  

Did I get rest.. er no.  Am I even allowed to be ill, actually no , this is becoming a big problem.

Shoot me with your bowie arrow..

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We’ve got five years, stuck on my eyes
Five years, what a surprise
We’ve got five years, my brain hurts a lot
Five years, that’s all we’ve got

Seemingly I’m in an Inverse  Bowie lyric …


Tao day job:

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  Today I am checking out my Taoist leanings, at least on the philosophical side, with regards to events being “good” or “bad”   the only way to know pretty much with anything in a career is to wait until you’ve retired  or for absolute certainty die.  Having said that  it may be time for a little Ouroboros worship.


Now would anyone like to point me towards a Suzuki VX800 ,BMW K or XBR500

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We’ve gone bi. Now this will require some new gear, leather,straps and things affixed to our heads that make it hard to swallow, least that’s Erin’s excuse.My modular retractable helmet ( told you it’s better not to be circumcised ) doesn’t have that limitation.

I mean bi wheeled.

Why the confusion? Well if you pay to wear protective gear and submit yourself to the AZ sun two days in a row you’re pretty much heading towards masochism but at least happy news . Erin and myself both passed our motorcycle license and can wander off to our DOT and get a little M added to the ticket which says we can have fun while leaning at odd angles..

Dirk Gently hits the Radio : Radio 4 in the UK.

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Now this is a happy bit of news. I believe , sans electronic Monk , that this will make me happy πŸ™‚ In October

BBC Radio 4 – Comedy – Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Wells Fuckup ( fargo). Their security system just cost me money. Fraud , my ass .

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Another  fun time with Wells Fuckyou  that have decided that my card was being used fraudulently and  canceled a transaction that was time limited  with a special offer.    Seemingly  it’s suspicious  to order items to be delivered to your home  fucking address that’s been your address for over three years.   I tried to buy a watch  from Japan, they squashed it and I found out from the store, not the fuckers that charge $30 late fees or  remove your cards from service when they claimed they would stay active  till the replacement got there.  So this was a special sale that I can’t get the price on now.  They of course  are SOOO sorry for the inconvenience   but what can you do, security  etc. Of course they  misdirected my call to complain and the phone system dumped me. Called back.  Still sooooo sorry but  there’s nothing the can do to promise me that their card is viable for use overseas ( like when I go on Vacation, I have to tell the bank where I’m going?  BULL and Shit..  These people are gone, Amex is going to replace em all.)

What I can do is call them incompetent assholes that have cost me money. AGAIN.   They won’t exchange my UK currency, changed my  bonus points to another account without telling me and geez  I get it  You want me to leave.. well Give me a month to move it all and that’s done and DONE

Passively annoying? Help I’m transforming into a yank

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 I used to think Americans really made up this behaviour called passive aggressive and  frankly was  on the side of claiming it was an overused term that really didn’t add up to much other than the narcissism of the affected person believing everything happened as a sleight of challenge to them…

HELP I’m turning into Youse guys!!!!

My day .. You are welcome to it.

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It’s like  breaking into an ER with a splinter in your finger  and beating out the guy with head injuries

All pinky, no brains,

Hey  what do you feel like doing tonight? 

Same thing we do every night try to release something.

Accountability in public office Chinese “take out” their “FDA” Head

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All we do is subject our official to is public ridicule and a cozy life in the private sector after a quiet period. China seem to take corruption just a tad more seriously.  Oddly enough it’s better here, more democratic, e.g you bribe more people;)

China executes former food and drug safety chief

BEIJING – China executed the former head of its food and drug watchdog on Tuesday for approving untested medicine in exchange for cash, the strongest signal yet from Beijing that it is serious about tackling its product safety crisis.

Dreamliners no longer an adult diaper..:D Boeing “unveils” the next generation of mid range airliners.

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Here’s the kinda of news I love a new large aircraft that takes what was now, and made it very much then. I’m pretty sure I’ll put up with the TSA  to get on one of these things:)   Wouldn’t it be nice to conquer the world through tech, rather than with it?

They have a nice  corp vlog (ish) over here

BBC NEWS | Business | Boeing unveils Dreamliner plane

I join the long list of amatuers. Cop busts 70 year old for grass ( the lawn arm of the law)

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After seeing two very different movies on the effect of wishing the world was other than it is,  both had the same tragic ending, dead kids I was quite down,  people often say it’s unimaginable to think about their offspring dying but sadly I have a very good imagination  and  damn I’m down this week.

 I had at work today re what I enjoy about blogging it turns out it’s the headlines  nearly all the puns and jokes I’m proud of are  stuck in the titles which suggests that most of the time I’d be better off twittering a link.

That’s not going to happen there’s still the mediocre part of me that will keep on doing this till every copy of “the cult of the amateur” ends up in a Fahrenheit 451 scenario and   the personification of the book immolated while bagpipe music  is heard nearby.

Little angry there:) Then  these gems come up so it’s back to my vigil in a wilderness of mirrors and another misguided attempt by the lawn arm of the law…

Daily Herald – Orem woman arrested, injured in lawn dispute

Perry said she learned a lesson as well.

“Be kinder. Be gentler. If the policeman tells you to stand on your head, do it,” she said.

What a nice lesson.  Actually it’s sadly a necessary and sane lesson , one that my lawyer friend is very keen on people following.  Being right , and  injured, isn’t much good and the time to address such ass hattery is after the fact. Challenging a law enforcement officer is  akin to coating your private parts in honey and wandering into a Bear’s den  shouting HONEY! I’m home   it’s not going to turn out well.

Taser’s aren’t just for Xmas they’re  for  8-80   and while I’ve changed my mind on the devices considerably I’m still worried about the operators behind them than the relative risks of being shot. Phoenix New times which is about the only investigative writing I’ve seen worth a crap in the Valley has a good series on them  and  like most technology there are good and bad uses for it. When it goes bad… it’s   “Why the fuck aren’t people out in the streets bad?”  then I look out our County sherrif ( Joe  Arpaio ) and realized that  if the FCC allowed it   we’d have prisoner’s being  abused for entertainment  on our local news channel. Ok  let me get this in proportion it’s not the one  cop that held the taser down for 84 seconds is nowhere near as scary as the support system that claimed that he was not wrong  in doing so.


What passes as news… It’s hot in the desert in July ..

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 I’ve been at this Phoenix summer thing now for five years.  Five years of people on the radio, in local papers and the occasional news tv clip suggesting that  

It’s hot
Drinking water is good

When I lived in Scotland the news  didn’t remind us not to go out without wearing clothes it just seems that there’s 60 degrees more stupid here

Dr Dr can’t you see I’m burning burning. Scots terrorists prove my point about how f’ing cold it is.

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I’ve heard a couple of people express surprise that DR’s in the UK are the ones involved in the recent , and thankfully Mickey Mouse, attempts to blow up bombs in London and drive a SUV into Glasgow Airport ( Jesus people learn to pronounce it. Glass go , not Glasg ow there’s no ow) It’s quite simple. They can afford enough fuel at $7.80 a US gallon to keep it going.

British terrorists conspired in bombs plot – security officials | Terror threat to Britain | Guardian Unlimited Seven of the eight people arrested so far are foreign-born nationals, including an Iraqi doctor trained in Baghdad, a Jordanian neurosurgeon, an Indian medic, and a Lebanese man.

So what should we do well the “new” Prime Minister and his gov seem to think that a quiet quiet catchy monkey approach works best. Seemingly you have to explain to people why it’s in their interests to not blow shit up. The UK sucks, but just leave , I did.