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Butte-heads Florence student suspended for sketching guns

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They don’t know art, but they know what they don’t like. Welcome to magical thinking  state education style.  Voodoo safety for the brain dead enacted by adults, ok  people that have the same height and weight as adults, that are a product of the same system.  Can we please put the thought crime away?   

The eighth-grader at Florence’s Walker Butte K-8 school was suspended for three days on Friday for drawing images of a gun.

Our tax money of course provides an apologist for such actions

Cline said the cartoon content warranted suspension “because it is the intent of the district to provide a safe environment in which to learn.”

Intent maybe  but execution?  oops I bet using that word will have LEO at my door for making threats since they clearly have NO ability to distinguish the map from the territory.

Florence student suspended for sketching guns

A rose by any other name… still has thorns by any other name too

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Randall would be useful about now.

There’s a scene in Clerks where Dante is arguing with Randall that title dictates action where it’s proven , most effectively by Randall, that by drinking water and then spraying it onto a customer was possible even though they were clerks.  Sounds like my days the tag cloud for which would include Sisyphean,marginalized, overwhelmed,bemused ….


Stupid day to drive the bike 112 out,  motor hotter than the hell I’m in and a position that literally takes  horsepower to a sad joke being that it’s about as wide as a friggin’ horse , the mean streak, and it’s frustrating that 95% of the bike is so good totally fucked up by  ergonomics that was  the original reason I dismissed cruisers as useful motorcycles…   One more go,  will change the pegs, maybe  even try  running boards  otherwise it’s back to mid weight v-twins with a shaft drive ( oh fuck there’s no one making a non cruiser in that  configuration anymore:( )

Earth:  I belong here?

Wind: An ill one blows at home

Spirit:  Not drinking  so I can’t use that excuse.

Why’s this not on basic cable. Splode TV

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At last . You Tube with more emphasis on projectiles emerging from the tubes. It’s educational too🙂

Videos of guns, bombs, explosions, and bullets |

B-day blog. It Posts, random fluff..

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Today the meanie, myself and  Erin ( you didn’t think I called her the former did you?) took the bike’s out for bagels and brooming down to South Mountain to navigate some single lane roads with delightful drop offs.  The  fat ass ( the bike, not me ) acquitted itself well and the  speedo seems to be stuck at 80 for some reason.    I still am not sure if this is the bike for me.  I have this  love hate relationship with it that’s  partly based on how happy the bike’s appearance makes others feel. Seriously there’s something weird about the image that the Meanie projects versus it’s capabilities of my other bike,an SV65O which can rape it’s ass in everything apart from shit eating grin factor, that non riders get.  

Dobhie is so cute that he’s bordering on illegal.

It’s my birthday, no don’t worry  few others cared either, and we had a nice lunch thanks to Erin’s parents at Pappadeaux’s  where I can  get my boudin on , a rare event in Cajun eateries in Phoenix which are rare in themselves , and to be fair most are crap.   Food and service was as usual slower than advertised but generally excellent.    And then  settle down to have a  nice game of C and C 3. Kane better win this time:)

She’s a brick and I’m taking your eye out. LEGO as a WMD

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Seemingly I was not the only one with a misspent childhood.  With access to guns, a scrapyard , welding gear and about any dangerous farmyard tool that have caught the unwary  over the years I still wanted to make my toys more , well, interesting.  So it’s with great joy that I  find that there’s a book coming out devoted to the art of the plastic projectile launcher.    I managed to get an  2  x 12  to stick into drywall using rubber bands x 3 and a massively and in retrospect  a wasteful  design that was more likely to me having a face full of bricks than forward motion.  How long till the TSA bans blocks;)

Boing Boing: Forbidden Lego: dangerous Lego projects!

Forbidden Lego, a new book from No Starch Press, is a compendium of recipes for building anti-social Lego projects — looks like good, eye-removing fun.

Chandler school appears to be run by hoplophobic and unaccountable knuckleheads. Yet another ZERO intelligence policy.

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Chandler boy suspended for sketching gun |

Soon the ability to spell gun will be double plus bad and lead to your removal from the flock.  An inanimate object rendered in 2d is now considered reason to remove a child with no apparent discipline issues ( even by these totalitarian jack offs standards)  is enough to remove you from school for five days. Five days of  missing such insightful comments and analysis such as this  seems more like a reward than punishment.

Chandler district spokesman Terry Locke said the school is not allowed
to discuss students’ discipline records. However, he said the sketch
was “absolutely considered a threat,” and threatening words or pictures
are punished.

I absolutely consider this spokesman’s words a threat  to common sense and my blood pressure. I wish the punishment is for the school district to be  sued , lose the money to pay for such  apologists> Which won’t happen pr slime will always be around to say the loss was a victory.Since when did the head staff of school’s need a mediator to make clear and concise explanations of their  actions public?  Damn I hope no one  tries to render Caesar’s  downfall in art class or it’s off the Sherrif Joe’s for re education…

It speaks for itself that they don’t speak for themselves, not even one on one , or with those concerned…lovely ,today’s lesson?  arrogance.

Paula Mosteller said she has been unable to reach the school’s principal, Karen Martin, or the vice principal, Dave Constance, since Monday to talk about the suspension. Martin and Constance did not return several phone calls to the school for comment.

This was so not what I ever thought I would end up buying.

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I’m not a cruiser person  yet found Kawasaki’s  Mean Streak a 1600cc ( roughly)  V twin compelling enough to buy a used version.

I’ll get some real pics up soon. Tomorrow is a rest day,  fix car,  register bike ,cook  and play with kid. There’s nothing planned that involves any kind of speed at all.

Sexualizing car parts : assault on a battery

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This exchange just took place when I was discussing my Aerio’s battery taking a dirt nap.


The lead in was that it’s either the serpentine, the alternor or the  battery as the likely candidate. It leads to musing on the problems of being a motor that turns the ” wrong way”

me: just a friggin  motor that’s confused about it’s orientation

dz: poor motor, good pt! lol

me: I think mine’s  bi postal

but i didn’t want to pry

dz lol!!!

me: it leads

dz : leave it it’s privacy!

me: an ALTERNATE lifestyle!!!!

dz : LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There be dragons

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Good evening

Several years ago I tried a program called Dragon naturally speaking it frustrated the hell out of me.  That was back in version 4 now we are off to 9.5 and so far I can see major improvement has been noticed even when using a cheap microphone that came free with a package. So I will know launch boldly into our Saturday’s tasks.

Morning was breakfast breakfast was good.  Started off the day with the car not starting.  The battery was flatter than an uncorrected teenage pop singer.  At least I got a  jump this morning.[ We headed out for the mountain town of Prescott where the temperatures are rumored in fact, and indeed were to  be found at are at least 10 deg  cooler than a furnace we left called Phoenix. Prescott was running a crafts fair essentially turning over the center of their town in an attempt become Sedona light. Naturally no trip to Prescott would be complete without a visit to JG  guns, sadly all of the other people in attendance had the same idea and trying to even get a look at the cases was rather difficult, frustrating and not helped by the presence of our child who is yet to appreciate the joy of firearms.

While wandering around the streets of this fair we were assailed accosted even, by people with free pizza samples. Good samples we found ourselves 10 minutes later at the restaurant giving away those free samples and apart from myself trying to decorate the place with my soda was a really good meal.

The whole purpose of this enterprise originally it was to take Dobhran somewhere cooler so that he could play outside, maybe even see a lake or at the very least give the cats a break in their very exciting life of dodging his projectiles, ministrations and general feline unfriendly behavior.  He slept.  Yep 80 plus miles out of the way and he slept. The rest of the day was spent going to a dealer for products ( Buell)  that they didn’t actually stock yet had considerable amount of signage and advertising to the contrary. Apparently they don’t sell much of these items which may possibly have something to do with the fact that they couldn’t even pull one out off their asses should somebody turn up with the appropriate funding to do so.

On the whole I didn’t need to correct many of the general words when writing this post by the salad is yet and still fairly on trying;) 

Today’s irony ?

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People with failed mortgages  committing suicide with a gun they bought on credit.


Even more scary is the Democrats blaming lenders for loaning money in some kind  of laissez faire conspiracy. Should such conditions exist in the US I’d be quite happy but the state regulates these morons. E.g  it’s been floated that a fund to prevent poor people losing their homes  be set up by  stealing from those that  bought within their means ( I can “afford”  way way more home than we have) but chose instead to get something sane.     I could afford more if near  50% of my income didn’t go on

Fed tax, ssa, medicare,state,local, home rates, gas tax, sales tax, tax on my cell phone, broadband , house phone, water, power  , registration for car,  permits for business , new licence , etc  can you sport Laissez faire in this mess?    Seemingly the Joplins are in charge,  they get freedom when there’s nothing left to lose, we are further enslaved until we reach the breaking point and join the morass:( 

There’s a great case for earning less money  here. 🙂 

I think I need a review ultimatum.. Bourne’s visual tourettes is no substitute for putting on a show.

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Hell’s donkey’s.

It’s not Run Jason Run since thankfully it’s linear and there’s no need to relive it another two times( unless you had the misfortune to see the prequels)

The first above 90% review on Rotten Tomatoes that I disagree with. That this is called intelligent thriller would seem to suggest a population too stupid to not keep voting for wars ( that would mean by voting either side) oh wait I’d better stop.:D