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Goodnight Burbank .. Good morning Abigail’s X-rated Teen diary

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I’m hoping the title’s enough to draw you in.  Tired of  scripted manipulation of your emotions passed off as real?  Check out this heartbreaking condition Abigail is dealing with and I hope to hell soon that there’s a cure 🙂

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Aerio SX rear brake shoe replacement ( Aerio 1 Haltse 0)

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Well this weekend is turning into a phase that hits me every  few months “modern life is  rubbish”. While it’s a ridiculous notion I’m frustrated by the  annoying manner in which cars are “hacked” together to make even basic servicing difficult.  E.g The Suzuki Aerio’s rear brakes.

This is the first car I’ve owned where I couldn’t  maintain, repair or replace the braking system  for example we just replaced the trucks master cylinder and servo( and it still stops) so a consumable part  wasn’t going to give me too much hassle?

Firstly if the brakes were a revelation in extreme stoppiness and the handbrake didn’t need constant adjustment  I’d  be less likely to whine but… these are basic drums yet with more springs,pins  and clips  holding them together  than I’ve ever encountered on a small car.Given that we only have the one car presently ( legal to drive one anyway)  I gave up and  since the wear was about 50%  have deferred that for another 20k miles.

Mime legend Marcel Marceau dies –
Marceau, who revived the art of mime and brought poetry to silence, has
died, his former assistant said Sunday. He was 84

The moment of silence could take a bit of hashing out but we’ll bring you updates ..really. 😉

Because idiots love company . Scottsdale jerks need a knee somewhere it would cause a reaction.

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Firstly I should state that I’m a biker and anything that makes those caged birds think I’d be in favor of…but the disease is not worse than this cure.  Think about how insane the DUI laws and their application are here to the point that people are willing to buy into the idea that  roadblocks are effective when annually they catch more people… oddly  police looking for people driving impaired have a much higher success rate in detection..e.g do you want effective enforcement or do you want PR about enforcement?  Seemingly  the latter is what keeps you all feeling nice and safe  because  being seen to be doing something is all that matters…


Scottsdale follows Phoenix’s lead on text-messaging

Another Valley city is following Phoenix’s lead and considering a ban on text-messaging while driving.

Scottsdale’s Transportation Commission will consider urging the Scottsdale City Council to ban text-messaging while driving.

Texting-while-driving ban passed in Phoenix (Seemingly more laws are better than enforcing existing ones)

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Let’s take a look at the quality of thought possessed by our alleged servants in the Phoenix city council this gem about the recent ban on “texting while driving”, despite an existing law against distracted driving and yet another state one making its way through.

“We’re legislating common sense,” Councilman Doug Lingner said.”

Then why does it need a law?

Cynical point 1:

This law is “needed” since the money goes to Phoenix while enforcing a general law on distracted driving wouldn’t be as advantageous financially, I mean the people just.. oh wait I mean 3.9% of the eligible voters of Phoenix just inflicted another tax rise to pay for 500 additional police which one hopes will catch most of those “do gooders” with a nice fine 😉 Secondly I don’t for a second believe that those additional officers will ever see the street and the money will go to something shiny that no one uses.

Cynical point 2:

As usual those super humans that have state jobs , like those that enforce the new law ,are… EXEMPT… in the state version. The same reason most of us have to prove we’re not on drugs while state legislators do not , what a lovely country you lost.

Texting-while-driving ban passed

Cynical point 3:

There is no way an officer can tell if you are engaging in legal ( dialing the phone) versus illegal activity and this law is merely a pretext to  allow the police to pull over anyone to start their “fishing expedition” 

Note that the newspaper of record doesn’t tell you the bill’s name or contents in either case.

Food on the coast and thereabouts ( San Diego trip part 2)

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Okay onto the eating. Firstly, please let me make clear that the presence of the toddler seriously affects where you dine. Here’s a hint, if there are crayons and a placemat. You’re not in a fine dining establishment I would insert a joke about the south and going to Applebee’s for special events but that wouldn’t be fair. One could easily level the same criticism at people in Scottsdale, visiting the cheesecake factory, oops I just did:)

It’s behind a cut since it’s pretty DRY sorry , just too tired

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Who says Commies are not cool? Can we has nootralty?

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Here is an interesting problem with podcasting, and many other forms of social media.  One might almost call it a beggar’s banquet when you consider that we’re a very large party with millions of people who’ve all chipped in their contributions yet somehow the waiters are not getting a tip.Even worse than that the bill is short.

Bandwidth is “expensive” roughly $90 a terabyte give or take a few bucks depending on how large a user of it that you are .There aren’t many services that for a nominal fee will allow you to consume “infinite” resources hedged against the vast majority off their users using a minimal amount but that’s where the net has ended up ( at least the marketing of it has done so)

Ergo it should be obvious that the vast majority are subsidizing the top of the pyramid yet by an “amazing”  coincidence those are the ones  agitating for such noble and egalitarian causes such as net neutrality you know that’s were the evil corporations limit access based on the idea that if they do not recuperate the cost of providing the service then that service and indeed the company will no longer exist.

Which is a victory for whom exactly?

Nearly every business has already built in the costs associated with the percentage of bad customers, internal theft and things that just go wrong but somehow that’s meant to fall to the whims of people that are basically saying give me a free  pass or we won’t give you business ( I’d agree to that)   sadly they are saying give us a free pass or we’ll force you to do so… lovely.

I have never been a fan of the term net neutrality and feel that it’s all too often used to obfuscate the issues that occur at carrier or network level where the network owners prevent rival services from even connecting or being allowed to exist against the terms and conditions that they wish to sell their access on

San Diego getaway: Sea World ( concentration park) immigration check points and other wonderful things by the sea shore

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Random jumble of thoughts from the weekend.

Erin and myself spent the last few days in San Diego, California.  While ostensibly for my birthday, which was in August, it was a family vacation.  Our aim was to take our progeny Dobhran to meet the Pacific Ocean as well as take in the Sea world park.  The journey to California was mostly uneventful and relatively close to the posted speed limit.  One thing that was annoying, an immigration checkpoint, an internal border checkpoint  the kind much beloved in every other country that’s not the USA ( if you’ve watched the movies from the ww2 and cold war era a point that was made quite clear) Had the same on the way back though this time with drug sniffing dogs..   thanks I like my family  being treated like suspects  it reminds me of the visit to Sea World,  Search the backpacks and then make you go through a scanner and provide a biometric from your fingerprint , er WTF  we just gave them over $100 for the privilege of entering their park and this is how they treat their guests.

Usual libertarian excuse follows.

They are perfectly within their rights to do so  just as we are to not attend. Sadly that would have  required a degree of respect from their side showing this to be the case prior to taking the money.  

I did write Sea world asking them how long they retained the information from the scans and what was stored with them alongside the general question of why they feel the need to do this.  It will be interesting to see if I even get a reply.

I also think the sea world has quite literally jumped the shark in terms of being anything other than an entertainment than educational establishment.  It seems that the trend in aquariums and zoos in general is to tell you   fairly little about the animal themselves and provide explicit detail on how  man is fucking up the planet I’m not sure that’s the correct way to go about this. Honestly, if people have a better understanding of ecology and to quote to Dirk gently.  “The fundamental interconnectedness of all things” we wouldn’t need a bully pulpit to tell us about our failings.  When we could be concentrating on the animal’s success in getting this far.

Hotels and parking

Erin found a hotel using Priceline which got us a good deal for the class of establishment.  We were staying in one major failing, however Priceline  fails to take into account the ancillary charges, such as parking, which was billed at over $16 a day.  Paying for parking in San Diego sucks, oh wait I’m assuming you found some to park in, but we did find a nice little loophole. By parking at the mall, close to a Ben & Jerry’s store, we could go eat in the gas light district and then return for the car several hours later and validate our parking by buying something from Ben & Jerry’s. Technically this is getting free parking, but that is not as cool as getting free ice cream. 

Next up.

The Food and the sea.

The trip to Baghdad on a meanie (that’s AZ Baghdad)

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One of the amusing things about Americans

is their belief that geography is a strong point of theirs as long as you’re restricted to world superpowers of which they consider the number to be one.  And guess who is considered to be a superpower?  Last week Erin, myself and a group of motorcyclists took a drive up to Baghdad , the one in Arizona, in a bid to better understand how our motorcycles perform while obeying all posted speed limits.

This being my first time out on the cruiser outside of the city or the freeway system and it was quite interesting to have more than one corner going in one direction slowly.  It is also interesting to see how much one forgets over a decade  and what used to be a no brainer, e.g  act don’t think  is now sadly being retarded by ego trying to keep itself in one collected place…  Oddly that the nearer death we are the more we think there’s to lose and thus try to avoid it further..  Ok the fat ass, I mean Meanstreak really does brake , steer and pull out of hilly twisty corners way better than something that size should be able to, it’s not the most comfy thing to date but we did about 300 miles that day and woke up without new aches the day after but I am getting ahead of ourselves  here.

There really is a café in Baghdad.

Talk about your captive audiences.  One of the things that Erin and myself have often talked about is running a small café  e.g  a breakfast and lunch establishment in a small remote town and then coming up with a rather interesting menu that would not be expected in such a location.  The miners café in Baghdad does not require much through a review  other than to say that the food did not make us sick.  And it’s amazing what you can buy at Sam’s Club when you have a catering business. In other words, this was the kind of meal being phoned in by people who would probably rather be doing things other than serving meals.  Yet, looking around the town I was puzzled by what that could possibly be. Seriously, and proving that many true word is spoken in jest.  The best part about Baghdad is the road in which by happy coincidence is also the road out.

All in all it was fun riding with the group for the first time and we will do it again if we can trick someone into looking after our wonderful child

One of those things

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I’d never made an animated gif before from video and the last “Ask a Ninja”   provided an excellent test.


it inspired me, with some nagging  on Erin’s behalf to commemorate  this classic moment with an animated Gif 



  Now if only he can take on some of the contestants on “are you smarter than a Fox news host, er Fifth grader”  in a similar manner.. now that would be freakin’ sweet.

Hey teacher , and your Doctor friends, leave us kids alone.

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…reposted from my work blog.. 

Attention , Attention  let’s take a walk off Huxley’s island and hang out in the  Delta parking lot while we peruse the news from today’s feelies.

It’s odd that in the interest of homogeneity any deviation to the plan is not seen as indicative of the plan’s viability.  Usually within an institution this means continue   acting the same way  as the remit that lead to your creation suggests. Regardless of what new facts and information appear view everything as a threat to your traditional role.  ( which for public education aren’t that long established) 

This quote doesn’t look at the positive aspects for such behavior  , just how it affects the status quo.

Hence, children who watch a lot of television may become less tolerant of slower-paced and more mundane tasks, such as school work,” he wrote.

Who really has the problem the children or the schools?  It shouldn’t be too hard to notice that visually we don’t see the same as our forebears, think in the same manner or remotely have the same life experiences so why is what we’re going right now, RIGHT  for later?  The work related part?  This is akin to blaming your customers for not using your application “properly”  

Attention problems linked to early TV viewing – Kids & Parenting –

CCTV Swann could use a new song. Two cameras tried both crap for different reasons.

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I’ve bought two camera’s from your Swann and here’s why I will be purchasing no more( and taking one of the new ones back)

Firstly the Maxi day/ night. Love it , the image is great and one of the best < $100 camera’s i’ve seen. Sadly it comes with a mount that is poorly designed, can’t hold the camera’s weight and after two or three retightens fails totally , so the camera came fell from horizontal to vertical and cracked the lens, lovely , just lovely. Made a mount for it myself which oddly enough works.

I’m not the only one seeing this Amazon reviewers have the same issue

Secondly the outdoor cam (wireless) completely useless ,another unbelievably crappy mount, though at least this one stays in place. Video quality the same as an X10 wireless ( e.g awful) and there’s a scan line every second moving across the whole frame.

I’ve installed alarms, satellite systems, pc network, mobile radios etc and without doubt these consumer level brackets are pure shite of the softest and stinkiest proportions.  Swann.. you are the weakest bracket.. goodbye.

Taco Bell: Round 2 …. failed… Rancid oil, incorrect order….

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Well after outlining the rules for my fast food TV show here  tonight was a  real round two classic sending our Taco Bell employee home with nothing…

The order  Taco Bell 2660 W ThunderBird

  • 1 potato and beef burrito ( correct)
  • 1 large Dr Pepper ( correct)
  • 1 Quesadilla meal  steak ( wrong they gave us chicken)
  • empanada ( correct)
  • and  Cinni twists the latter for the kid and ,.. they’d been cooked in rancid oil.

So two items are wrong, one inconvenient and the other a disgusting fuck up on their part .. Yet I looked up their inspection ratings and on the whole they’ve been good, in relation to most places, really good.   Still not good enough to win $1000 

The divx mindset and circuit city loss prevention. Another case of stupid businesses attacking their customers.

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It’s that old DIVX mindset ( a competing lower quality  DVD system that nearly took out Circuit City due to their stunning hubris) is alive and well.  In short treating your customer’s as thieves is not going to be a winning strategy where we have the choice.  More on that in a moment.

I’ve written on this,   before  since it’s been one of the most annoying  dissonances I have between being in the USA where the idea of freedom is more appreciated than , holy fuck! we didn’t mean you to actuallyuse it!!!  and often I decline the offer to have my purchases made in line of sight from the checkout to the door  re examined..

Here’s another  fun account from one guy that is the new  “man bites dog”  e.g   “cops arrest the person being victimized”


Me: “Is there a problem?”
Joe: “I need to examine your bag and receipt before letting you leave this parking lot.”
Me: “I paid for the contents in this bag. Are you accusing me of stealing?”
Joe: “I’m not accusing you of anything, but I’m allowed by law to look through your bag when you leave.”
Me: “Which law states that? Name the law that gives you the right to examine my bag when I leave a Circuit City.”

Except that the law doesn’t.    He calls the police to have the store staff allow them to leave , legally, and is arrested for failing to  obey what looks like another , I don’t want to say illegal request since the cop can ask him to do anything, request to produce a driving licence etc.. when he’s not  driving. but you don’t need to. That’s what the law seems to state, doesn’t matter for all practical purposes the law = $45k a year law enforcers ( not peace officers ) at the application end.

In short the fiction that we’re better than the “commies” unt “nazis” because you don’t need papers to move around is just that  fictional. Have you tried to even  get in to a social security office these days?   With a kid, which they search, you they search plus you can’t have your phone,  mp3 player, drinks, food or other items your baby may need to be amused. This hostility towards “customers”  isn’t unrelated to the people that , after years of training at school to be good citizens,  are willing to  jump through any hoop demanded by those with a badge, be it federal, state or now a nametag asking you to inquire about their 0% for 18  months offer.

Either design the stores so that there’s no way out  or  , and since you really hate us going over to a Soviet model may be better,  just let us check boxes on forms we fill out on the way round your store,  we pay for it, you hand it over.

There’s nothing but display  this way you’ll see that most of your shrinkage is from your staff, and your staff’s friends. 

Onto the larger point the depressingly  large number of people decrying his actions.Why ? Other than point them out to be the complacent slugs they are what harm is he causing?   Less than the good I suspect that will come out of this. 

Ok on the customer choice part.  CC is a bad example  you can get around it, easily the town that sends  their cops out to arrest the law abiding (least seems that way to me) a much bigger question and one that most people don’t want to examine. It’s just SOOOO much easier , and reassuring to their ability to sleep, to blame it not on the activist than to come to the conclusion of just how little freedom they really have. 

A new game show, sport for fat people or just an idea whose time has come.

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 Having keep myself abreast of the degeneration of games shows into games with degenerates I would  like to state that for the record I’m not only smarter than a 5th grader  ( sorry Ender but you’re fictional, failing that there’s the old adage of  might making right but that’s another story.  ( no seriously, democracy = Might makes right with better record keeping)

I want to take my frustration out on the employees of the fast food world, their managers, their managers and the people that eat at them ( oops I’m shooting myself here)

There’s going to be five levels.   

Contestants must work for a chain restaurant that’s considered fast food.
The chains have to be large enough to cover several states.

The premise?   People being offered a way out of their  “McJobs” while relying on their fellows competence to get them there. Yes you order food, you go to a fast food location at lunchtime and hope they get the order right. Maybe by the million you fly the person to a random outlet so there’s no collusion likely ( It’s a million bucks after all) 

Start off with  $5 which if the order you make is completed correctly  you win $500
$10  wins you $1000
$25 wins you $25000
$50 wins you $100000
$100 wins  you the million 

I was thinking of  having outs like “call the manager”, or “supersize me” but.. dammit I want them to get an inkling of how frustrating it is to order   20 times in a month between us as a couple  yet 3/4 of the time have  a sub $10 order be incorrect, missing elements or  my favorite  another cars order. 

This can be done only once, no repeats which is more than can be said for the food.  

One of my life rules .. never eat food that costs less than the medication it would take to correct.

You find the Freudian link between the consumers of ” Washlet” and the way it’s being sold here. (

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The ad copy is priceless,  anecdotes amazing , the euphemisms embiggening  your ego and  the technology? Well , first, we need a man to describe that part, more like a laptop he says.. besides wasn’t the first ibook  based on a toilet seat?   

So you buy a toilet that washes, pampers and cares for you butt! you have to leave the house how will your fwagile wittle mind stand up to that ? They’ve got you covered here too.

Go check out happiness for your bum