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You just lost a 2.9 millions for your anti homosexual agenda how gay is that?

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While I would have preferred a more violent d’enouement against this poster child for religion but it’s still kinda funny.

: Kansas church liable in Marine funeral protest | U.S. | Reuters

BALTIMORE (Reuters) – A jury on Wednesday ordered an anti-gay Kansas church to pay $2.9 million in compensatory damages to relatives of a U.S. Marine after church members cheered his death at his funeral.

Ok are we still in doubt that safety is a concern ? Mesa Traffics in more light bullshit.

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Aren’t the state meant to stop thieves not be them? Naked aggression against it’s citizens is not only worthy of a press conference for a nice little lap dog that has decided to use a pejorative “lead footed” rather than to really investigate why these predators bullshit was believed first time around. Councilman Rawles can’t possibly believe that the message here is anything other than the state promising to inflict fiscal violence on the people that he allegedly represents. Odd that he opposes such when it’s enacted in a foreign land but is A’ok with it back home. .. . DUI is nearly as extreme as it’s going to get, speeding will be the next Dui .. then what?

Mesa beefs up photo-enforcement agreement |

Mesa is changing the agreement with its photo enforcement contractor in an effort to catch more lead-footed drivers and recover more money from the program.

You need a Reason.TV to watch this? Drew Carey asks what’s the right price to pay for transportation?

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Drew Carey kicks off a series of videos at Reason TV by taking on LA’s largest intractable issue.. Gridlock. – Videos > Gridlock

It’s odd when it’s a Federal issue to stop illegal immigration but a state one to aid and abet.

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Does it seem that citizen’s have to pass more stringent tests to get around ,and into, their country than do the uninvited guests?  So far  giving up 45-50% of my income to stay here’s been beneficial and arguably worth the cost, I’m still here after all.  Sorry I’ve  been asked to prove my  id / status more times than it’s amusing  when I was legally here to get a license. The   SSA and  Birth records office in Phoenix were both incredibly  unhelpful and the staff in the former  hostile   when trying to get dobh a cert since the SSA number wasn’t received  we couldn’t get a cert, well without the cert  couldn’t get a birth cert..  I can’t wait to see this played out on a nationwide scale … 

It’s a good time to  be in Fiddle and kerosene sales  I bet.

Homeland Security, New York agree on new driver’s licenses –

“I don’t endorse giving licenses to people who are not here legally, but federal law does allow states to make that choice,” Chertoff said.

CNN goes Woo woo nuts. Seemingly there’s no news in the realty market but reality, that escapes them too.

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Another  day of entertaining the (m)asses. The more “woo woo” a society gets in removing rational thought the closer it is to destruction.

 “Legitimate ghost hunters”

What’s next?   Honest politicians?

Does your house have ghosts? –

Check qualifications

Once you’ve found an investigator you’re comfortable with, ask him how long he’s been involved in paranormal research, and about his past investigations — especially those involving private residences. If he claims to be some sort of “doctor,” ask what kind of doctor he is. Find out if he’s affiliated with a research group or a national organization, such as the American Ghost Society. Being affiliated with a group with a good reputation can help you make a better decision about allowing him into your home. You can also call the organization and request additional information….After all, anyone can launch a Web site, but the quality of the material on it speaks volumes about who’s behind it.

Yep  CNN anyone can have a website. 

I love timing

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 Fun day,   took the Meanie to work ( that’s a 1600 V twin Kawasaki that’s really not nearly as mean as they make out)   and since it was  one of the  Employee appreciation days  ,  we break around midday to  either go bowling, movie, eat and sometimes two out of the three. Today was bowling and while  the the team I was with had a great first round we dumped the second set.    Usually after these  events people wander home early , or on time if you start at 0700,  so I took a trip to see a BMW F800s that was for sale  and to get a trade in price for one. Walk in the door,  my boss is standing there  with…  the very bike I’d came to see already in the bag so no F800 for me.  I was also looking for trousers since tending to Creddy’s  road rash has made me appreciate non sucky gear even more than previously.

I am  selling the  Meanie,  it’s a great  short distance  bike, you know  cruising 40-50 miles, stop , drink, yap,  repeat   but it’s not me. It’s stable , really stable at speed , sounds amazing and tis so shiny that la gazza ladra is after it. 

 I’m   stuck in two camps  I love speed and I love comfort  and on the whole prefer to leave the chain behind and go  shaft  which most of my bikes have had.   I’ve had a chain  come off and whip round just missing leg and one  come off when cornering on a roundabout and lock the rear wheel  (since I’ve since had a kid the accident didn’t do any perm damage. The 1st   i can attribute to  poor maintenance ( hey I was  12)  the second  was just dumb luck ( bad type)  so here we have the F800 which appears to fulfill my  long distance, speedy and stoppy sensations and not cost an arm and a leg plus they had an offer in OCT for low finance for the very model that they won’t have in for a bit. Still I’ll get to see “my” bike at work 

BMW Motorcycles: Bikes: F 800 S

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necessarily reflect the views of Go Software, Inc.

I was so sure it was a typo .. Decrees seemed to more historically accurate..

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This is news?   Isn’t the Pope meant to be against violence and the headline is about as revelatory as say  nurses care for people. Crap that’s a bad example since most nurses that I’ve encountered have been hiding behind their choice of paying the rent as somehow being morally superior to others  but that’s a massive post  not at all brought on by Erin’s  recent  trauma trip and the staff’s propensity to ignore any info  provided, follow up on any action they said they would on the first request and kept her in the dark nearly all the time re her options.  Anyway  a man in a dress thinks there’s a problem with intolerance then proceeds to state that  in effect theirs is the true religion is amusing. 

BBC NEWS | Europe | Pope decries ‘religious’ violence

Pope Benedict XVI has urged world religious leaders not to allow God’s name to be used to justify violence.

“Religions must never become vehicles for hatred,” the Pope told the leaders attending a peace summit in Naples.

Hey Looks like we’ve got us a reader here…

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Wow,   This is sobering.   Anyone that cared to look at the actions of the Maricopa Sheriff over the past years  probably has questions. That’s cool  just keep them to yourself….

Phoenix – News – Breathtaking Abuse of the Constitution

In a breathtaking abuse of the United States Constitution, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, and their increasingly unhinged cat’s paw, special prosecutor Dennis Wilenchik, used the grand jury to subpoena “all documents related to articles and other content published by Phoenix New Times newspaper in print and on the Phoenix New Times website, regarding Sheriff Joe Arpaio from January 1, 2004 to the present.”

Every note, tape, and record ……

No that doesn’t mean I’ll be at work on Sunday.. There’s your sign

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Following up from the  Helmet pics    I’ve posted  video of what the bike looks like over on .   Erin has  three broken bones in her foot, they’ve  gotten her toe back in place (  yeah that’s with protective gear)  and  she’s  seemingly  well enough to be abused by her superviser..  more on that later.  The police left us with some incomplete notes,  wouldn’t take Erin’s statement and  cited her for a completely  unknowable offense for a guy that didn’t see what happened and it seems that  bikes for this guy = party to ticket .   


Then there’s the lawyers..  oh gawd bring them on.

It hit me that  people bemoan the number of lawyers in existence but rarely the circumstances that spawned them. Given the  fucking la la land that most people drive around in  ( I’m so going to  check to see if that woman’s phone was in use  when she crossed the lane)  plus  the cavalier and offhanded nature that Law Enforcers exhibit  to people in genuine distress it’s not wonder there’s so many. 

 The behaviour is so far from the platitudes that adorn their cars.  Seriously  , just have ” Because ? We can!”   own it, live up to it , sure you’ll be annoying, but  at least you won’t be hypocrits.

Wearing helmets .. a good idea.. SV650 sadly didn’t have it’s own.

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I’m just back from the hospital were Erin  is recovering after  loosing an argument with a mini van.


left  side scorpion

 Apart from  a couple of broken bones in her foot ( they think, nice that guesses from the Dr)  she’s rashed up a bit  and over the next few days more details, pics of the bike ( what’s left of it)  and thoughts about clothing manufacturers   will follow.  I’ll be taking the laptop in for her tomorrow and since I have insurance, impound lots and the like to deal with I’m taking a rare personal day ..

Helmet, came off.  It fit her properly, was tightened in fact the strap is still on it  but still the thing came off. It took damage to both sides, rear and  cracked right through.   Gloves good,  Jacket  total loss since they cut it off her but it really sucked in protection terms  and I’d like to find out if all mesh jackets behave this poorly or just this brand.

There’s a point to  “all gear ,  every trip”  and the chances of taking 3 blows to the head with no helmet and living?  That’s for you think about .

Kindergarten state: Governer Schwarzenegger signs handgun microstamping bill legislating the impractical for the joy of appearing to do something.

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There has to be some special level of heck for people that carry out the worst kind of    “good Samaritan”  act  where it looks like they are helping the guy that’s  on the ground up but what you didn’t see  was them beat him up in the first place.  These are the people that D.A.R.E to spend money forcibly removed from you to educate the kids you’re too stupid to teach.. and given that you allow this charade to continue  one has to admire their ability to read the public’s need for daddy to make it all better.  

 Kindergarten state.

The bill requires all new  semi-auto pistols to mark the cases ejected from them to the degree that they can identify the pistol from the casing.  The bad news is that it won’t have any effect. The police are exempt, odd that, why would such a trivial, non invasive and even better for your guns long term reliability be deleterious to good policing?   Oh because if people steal the gun the police are worried that it was traced back to them which given the number of pistols, rifles and other assorted toys lost by US law enforcement  ,that’s one branch.   You can  remove the identifying marks easily, cheaply and  who cares if it’s illegal when the gun was going to be used in a crime anyway?   Nope the idea here is to remove as many suppliers from the market as possible and I can only hope that the manufacturers do a Barret and refuse to supply the state agencies with the weapons they seem to have a need for that far outweighs that of their titular masters ( ok I kid but it still sounds good) 
Some reasonable objections

Criminals could collect cartridges from firing ranges and strew them at crime scenes, implicating innocent citizens,

 Sen. Dennis Hollingsworth, R-Temecula.   Well that’s one problem,  that  the reliability of the method, even  when working properly, isn’t sufficiently developed to pass legislation on is another.BBA ( Big Bahstud Ahnuld) must just have been ignorant of the findings of the study  that the state commissioned… Sucker, crap, we’re the suckers.

Schwarzenegger signs handgun “microstamp” bill

“While I appreciate and understand that this technology is not without limitations, I am signing this bill to provide law enforcement with an additional tool for solving crimes committed with semi-automatic handguns in California,” Schwarzenegger said in a statement.

The hockey brawl of the decade.. Slow motion aggro.

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You know I never did write up my first outing to the Coyotes game. I must have liked it because we’re going back this Thursday night and considering seeing the local league play as well as the occasional national league. One of the more surreal moments within the event was between one of the periods some very jnr players took to the ice. The change of pace from 200lbs men covering the court in seconds vs toddlers chasing the puck was XXX to their O.J’s wild bronco ride.. Anyway this is fricking hilarious .
Pee Wee Hockey Brawl – Watch more free videosPee Wee Hockey Brawl Video

Hail Eris, now please can you stop fucking up my day?

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One of the best fountains of wisdom…


If it weren’t for lawyers, I think we could have invented a universal symbolic representation of reality.

My day was of low quality. 

We’re nearly there. Reivers of Reality is about to be launched.

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We’ve talked about it,  threatened it  and I’ve been living with the peer embarrassment of assisting many people get their podcasts up and running  yet not having a regular outlet of my own.

The good news is Creddy is now interested in following through with a  2-3 times a week < 20  min show  “Reivers of reality”  which is not a misspelling and a deliberately  arcane choice.   Reivers are  from the area of the Scottish borders from which I originate and are raiders, pirates, rustlers and a few other   less savory behaviors which I assure you we don’t partake in.    Why now?     Basically there’s not enough exposure for our world view. Even in  groups that are meant to  have a reality  based outlook the ability to  go of gods in the  form of the State and the man upstairs seems to be sorely lacking.     Oh and we need friends too as well as stocking up on the enemies list.  🙂

So expect a few shaky weeks until we get used to this …

Headline story on CNN, Give me a personal break here… Using the power of the state to force fairness in mediocrity

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My personal day wasn’t fun  but I’m not suing people over the fact that Coyotes tickets are $100 for good ones, that I can’t see Tori for $5.23. I can’t get over it Adults want the state to enforce  fixed price entertainment for their kids.. Fuck that .  The only people forcing the issue here are a bunch of people that have failed to realize that their  child’s development is not irrevocably  damaged by  failing to see a concert.. that being the case the kids in New Zealand would be total fucking basket cases

What next?   Not enough tickets on sale so do we force the performers to do extra nights?  If not , why not , those heartless bastards are disappointing the children.   The problem can  be solved  by the brokers , the artists, the fans by not  buying them and countless other solutions that adults  should be able to work out without making  Nanny make it all better.

Fans must pay $350 to $2,000 to brokers to get the $63 tickets

Er no..  they must not.. unless it’s worth it to them.. OH and who shall save us from these evil gougers?  The state! the people that hold you to ransom to pay whatever they  deem necessary to own a house, a car,  pay for  fuel to get to work, license to be allowed to practice your trade and hundreds of other non negotiable fees backed up by violence..   I’m sorry these are not the people to look towards for the moral high ground. 

Brokers snatch joy from Hannah Montana fans –