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A quick neologism for these times when people will believe anything .

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New word from me:

Psycnic : Someone that sees the future and knowing that it was going to suck anyway

AZ Democrats are so concerned about my money that they’ll waste mine to tell me about it.

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It’s a shame that the do not call list isn’t applicable at a state level.  It’s a shame that politicians and those acting on behalf of this  group of looters in suits are exempt anyway. 

To reiterate  I am not a democrat, a republican nor libertarian  any more so this isn’t partisan.

Today the AZ Democrats decided that their propaganda  outweighs my financial interest in not hearing from them. In short they behave like they know what’s best for you and you can  damn well pay for it.   Which is kinda neat given the subject matter.

I pay for my voip system per minute , ergo sending me a message  that I have to pay to retrieve is incurring a loss. Yes it’s a small loss but in the context of these economically illiterate assholes ( that would be the democrats)   telling me how much they care about the  little guy  is the last straw. ( you know the camel? he says hi how’s the wife and kids?)   Oh god yes won’t someone PLEASE think of the children?

They decided to call our phone to let us know that Mr Shaddeg is a mean wittle man and that I need to  lock up my kid’s candy jar asap.

“Not only has John Shadegg voted again and again to deny health care to
needy children, now he’s opposed to giving families a tax rebate to
jump start the economy,” Bittner said. “He’s completely blind to the
needs of Arizonans, and this country.”

OMG there’s 35 republicans with brains  ? Damn that’s shocking.   Frankly it doesn’t matter we’re scroomed ( screwed and doomed) either way.   Keep it up folks   Gold at 1000 soon:D

Arizona Democratic Party

Turning into y for yawndetta.

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Just in case I don’t pass approval  with this one. Here’s the reply to the last comment which has yet to be approved.

I don’t use drugs. ( I’m just not opposed to those that do) Strike 1:
I was “attacking” your incorrect ideas  and not the person holding
them.   I’m very much anti state.All the woes you try to lay at my
feet are caused by them. Yeah  I’m sorry I made such  a mess in the inner city.

I’m not even from the USA  your  presumption of privilege based on
some atavistic fantasy of my family lording it over the poor  is your
second strike.

Lastly I’m an anarcho capitalist. If you must hate me  at least do it
for the right reasons.

So rather than being pleasant and discussing ideas lets talk about
your claim to love mankind and help them when you can’t even take an
obvious case like Anton-wilson  and apply   his philosophy correctly,
regardless of wether you agreed with it or not.

Thank you, I can  do without you, and your friends, modeling society
for me when you can’t apparently control your anger at the world
without attacking a commenter on your blog that holds a contrary

You have no idea which non profits I assist, no idea which causes I
lend technical assistance to  and no basis in reality for your claims
that I am oblivious to severe structural issues within my adopted
nation.  We just don’t agree on remedy that’s all.

That’s the problem with  collective solutions you can’t see
individuals and  have decided to take me for that which I am not.   A
key lesson that RAW had to offer and one which is never going to take
with someone stuck in the Fnords  of  gender, race  or  perceived

Good Times and Bad Times in Lost America: An interesting tidbit about Robert Anton Wilson—he despised democracy

Oh damn it looks like I have gone and made a friend:) Socialist calls me out as a white priviliged stoner!

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It’s been a while since a comment  of mine made somebody’s  day.  Hell it made such an impression that  I got my very on post: Seemingly the best way to deal with individuals is to lump them into one group you can dismiss as  “them”   My “themness” is based on my colour , income and advocacy for individual rights in the form of allowing people to  control what they put into their body. Oddly many of the same people that hate the latter idea are way too happy when it’s regulating things that come out of a body. I digress.  Where I think he’s wrong is that it’s statism that’s the enemy regardless on how you get their  by vote or by violence.  ( Really the first is a thin proxy for the latter)  It’s the collective, the large group the kind of people that have  left thoughts from thoughts that should have been left back in the 20th C. The Century that more people died at the hands of the state, any state  than  any time prior. 

Good Times and Bad Times in Lost America

Here’s an interesting interchange between a commenter and myself coming from the post where I pointed out that Robert Anton Wilson very clearly denounced democracy as having caused more casualties than Nazism and Stalinism combined.

Pulling out does have benefits. Gov. Napolitano abstains from throwing good money after “bad”

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It’s nice to see that effectiveness is now being used as a measure of spending.  I’m almost all ready to praise the Governor but  it’s really qualified.   Why now? I can’t think of a case where abstinence only education has been effective. So why piss away money  when we could supposedly afford this rather than take a stand now that the state has a rather large budget shortfall?  I can only hope that the war on some drugs gets the same kind of review.

Napolitano: Abstinence funds were not worth it

For years, the only thing some Arizona teens have been taught about sex is that they shouldn’t be having it.

Gov. Janet Napolitano said this week that the abstinence-only message just isn’t good enough.

Once you think black, as in votes, you can’t go back to treating people as individuals. Cnn Again.

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Updated: added link to apology.

It’s been a week since I saw an apology on CNN’s site with regards to their hinting at the black women would be conflicted in the Democratic primary because.

  • Obama is black
  • Hillary is a woman

Yep to the mainstream media outward physical appearance is your sole basis for picking the person you believe will steal from you less.

Or more realistically steals in the manner you would do so yourself if you had the balls to do it without hiding within the mob. ( called taxation people )

Anyway let’s see how sincere CNN were with their apology. Look at today’s headline story.

Sen. Barack Obama is facing a crucial test of support within the
Democratic Party, as polls opened Saturday in a race in which more than
half the voters are expected to be African-American.

And yeah so what? Is democracy really that bankrupt? Are black women so homogenized that gender and race define their thought process ? Yes on the former and no on the latter. The only people suffering from groupthink seems to be MSM outlets that are getting away with magical thinking in lieu of reporting.


I bet those guys think that the weather maps they show actually creates the weather.

Obama’s legitimacy on line in South Carolina –

love it or leave it? You guys are not making this easy. To think one can go to jail for stealing $1200 but stealing billions is lauded

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Ok on the face of it I am totally fucking spitting at this. 

I earn more than 75k, have my  tax bill  in front of me for the year.  Seemingly rebates are not for me, I’m not middle class , I’m rich..   Er bull fucking shit.   My real income is  well  under 75k by the time It’s taxed  Federally, locally, state, on my phone, my gas my .well you know the list.  The only nice thing is that I hope these policies fail so  miserably that my counter measures to the $ going foom are increased  many fold . 

Taxpayers would get checks under economic stimulus plan –

Those who earn up to $75,000 individually or up to $150,000 as a couple will be eligible for the payments, said Republican and Democratic sources familiar with the tentative deal.

Another bitty post. Mlk day and Hockey

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This was a long weekend due to  MLK day.   I’d love to  pick up that hot potato but frankly you can pick your own version of the man. I’m just convinced that we should not be so happy as to call this equality by any stretch of the imagination.    This country is so far away from  treating people by the content of their character but instead attempts to treat them based on atavistic ass hattery, having the right combination of chromosomes , which invisible friend they have and a myriad of seemingly hardwired behaviors  that have people acting as  a walk on part in their own life.  ( Notice we often talk about the lessons we need to learn? )

Here’s a view that may seem over simplistic but seems to fit most of my experiences with groups .Welcome to the monkey sphere.

Onto something happy.   Today was a matinée  ice hockey game.   Dobh was in attendance and was  being wickedly cute, and  while a bit difficult he took a three hour trip pretty well. He howls  along to each score for the home team. He had a lot of opportunity today🙂    This is the first time in  over a decade  I’ve made a point of watching a sport that wasn’t a national event such as Wimbledon or the Super bowl. The fan attire fits me nicely, there’s a level of skill immediately apparent that I can’t discern in baseball and I don’t even want to get into professional  football. I live in Phoenix for fucks sake 😉   Even though I never had a sporting background. I still had to play  rugby, soccer and hockey at school , I lived in the country with one non driving parent. It wasn’t that big a deal we could only afford one car.( you tell the kid’s that today and they won’t believe you </python>
 so it wasn’t really an option. 

Next post:
Boy do the American’s know how to put on a show,

Phoenix Coyotes – The Official Web Site

Randomness and mental scatterings.

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I’m wondering if any guide to influencing people is effective if they’ve already gained many years experience of you. I’m wondering if you start pushing their influence and compliance buttons how well they spot it? Do we really have to play the game of crafting onion requests to have people agree to the what looks like a concession but hey, that’s what we wanted you to think anyway. Maybe that’s why APS keep asking for insane increases to make us all happy when instead of screwing us they use lube first.

So here I am reading in parallel Tom Robbins Still Life with the  woodpecker( 5th time round, a book on influence the psychology of persuasion by Robert Cialdini , a book on how organizations are inherently evil,Calculated  chaos by Butler Shaffer and have just finished The invisibles book, kissing Mr Quimper, by Grant Morrison. Is it any I wonder how I can’t finish a sentence around people without trailing off?

It’s hard to rein in new applications of information in the short term which sadly is about the only timespan most American’s work on. They miss the here and now because they are so fucking anxious for it to arrive that they miss it going by. ADD makes perfect sense here I think Rushkoff’s take on this being an adaptive strategy to the messages hitting you daily is closer to the truth than would be convenient for those making a living from the effects of it.

Ok since this is a dump post.

People that haven’t read Violent Acres are missing out.

Penn Jillette has started vlogging over at rather than link directly check out the header on the referring blog is worthy of your consideration.

And this defense of liberty by yeah I say this for humor value “Canadian” since freedom to me isn’t border related but cultural. Via Ernunnos but then every damn blog I read the day after;) This would have been awesome had it been a scripted show. That it’s reality , Alberta a Canadian one ,made my Sunday. We’re talking about beating out Summer Glau kicking ass in the Sarah Connor chronicles too. I’m watching hockey, getting intellectual stimulation from Canadians, other than Bear Naked Ladies ,and listening to a CBC series called how to think about science. I’m stuck in the land of the hot dog between a rock hard tortilla and a Tim Horton’s place.

Everybody seems to be down with some kind of sickness. Media

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Take a look at yet another day living on the planet.  I ‘m not sure if it’s my sensitivity to all these stories involving violence within families  appearing of late or that there’s been an escalation.  Regardless  I don’t like the way the AP and others parroting their feed have turned the 18 year olds behavior into an alleged rape and the vigilantes into “fact”. 

Taking the law into your own hands. I love that line it’s bullshit.  Yes you can  but you have to live with the consequences.   I’m pretty sure that if the  18 year old’s guilt  is provable that  a Texas jury  might just help ensure his continued anal expansion is on the cards.

Not a smart step family.
The mother, er you can’t see that  assisting this alleged rapist get out of jail may upset the father.
As to the idiot teen accepting a lift from the father of the child he raped, oh allegedly,  WTF is that about he deserved worse just for thinking “we’re cool right? ”

The Associated Press: Cops: Man Sodomized Stepson in Revenge

A father sodomized his 18-year-old stepson to avenge the teenager’s alleged rape of the man’s 8-year-old daughter, police said.

It’s time to renew my displeasure.

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Great ,

Do we have a psychotic stalking the family? Even with the express knowledge, and public acknowledgment that they are aware, that we expressly forbid them to use our yard as their market place we are littered once again withing a short period of them , or someone purporting to be the company , left on the blog.


I do hope so since the depravity of a mind  that would enact such pettiness is worrying It’s worrying enough seek injunctive relief if my next attempt to settle this like adults doesn’t work. 

A:  I don’t want you dropping literature on my property
B:  We’ll stop that right away.

On the bright side they have given me a really neat business idea.


Otterly handsome…..

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Otterly handsome.....

Otterly handsome…..,
originally uploaded by hvhe1.

Nothing cheers me up like a cute otter during the work day.

Self service? Or servicing another’s self. I’m puzzled about this mandatory Voluntary thing Mr Obama.

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I’m puzzled the name of the plan is Universal Voluntary Public Service yet…. it’s looks pretty mandatory to me.

Barack Obama’s Plan for Universal Voluntary Public Service

“Your own story and the American story are not
separate — they are shared. And they will both be
enriched if we stand up together, and answer a
new call to service to meet the challenges of our
new century … I won’t just ask for your vote as
a candidate; I will ask for your service and your
active citizenship when I am president of the
United States. This will not be a call issued in
one speech or program; this will be a cause of
my presidency.”

Seemingly it’s never reached the minds of those that our paying these leeches 40-50% of our income is already  using our ass to cover the checks of how they think society should be run.  I’d gladly give 100 hours, 200 hour, shit even 500 hours to help out the community in areas that interest me ( I can  talk to kids all day about otters at the Zoo)  but there’s a problem.That’s  the time I have to work to pay for admission to the American story. So   I’m sorry that your  fire, police, medicare,education , roads, scholarships, stadiums, hotels and  recreational areas aren’t enough for you but  I can’t consider myself guilty of not making a contribution.  Hell I’d gladly pay for a couple of my less fortunate friends to have a better life,  no kidding. 10k each to these two people would seriously improve their conditions and I’d still be getting a bargain.

Barack Obama | Change We Can Believe In | Service

It used to be called childhood. Now it’s a movement:) Introduce some controlled danger to your young ones.

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That these items are considered dangerous is a sad indictment of the USA. I grew up on a farm.with guns, chainsaws, poison, tractors and animals that can take out a five year old, That’s before you consider  Scottish winters and food. 🙂  Anyway it’s entertaining and hopefully it inspires a family to build a potato gun this weekend:)

No solicitations sign led to no sale sign.

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I was going to order  no solicitation signs from this company, just to make it REALLY obvious to a company or two  nearby  that persist in dropping crap on the drive despite it being against the city ordinance to do so.  Screw the city part  it’s my property and they have zero right to foist the task of cleaning up their shit on me because they are too cheap to use traditional media or too stupid to work out Adsense or Craigslist.

While looking around the site after adding the no solicitations ones to the cart I came across their no weapons signs.  Given the former I appreciate private businesses owning their own property and being able to refuse anyone , or anyone plus and object they disapprove. When I see one I  don’t frequent that business. I love such clear and unambiguous signs and respect their wishes ,not because I legally have to, but because it’s their property and their desire.  Only  Frys electronics has escaped this ban to date because it’s sadly the only place in Phoenix I can find these parts on the same day.

So I sent them a polite letter. ( excerpt)

With regards to the concealed carry signs I find their assertions that  people are safer because of this and that people with a concealed weapons  permit( ccw) are an inherent danger do not reflect my experience nor that of the 37 or so states that have allowed concealed carry.Incidents involving legal ccw possessors are so low, on all crimes,that suggesting otherwise is an oversight or something else?  I don’t wish  you to change your messages  just providing information on why my family will be sourcing these signs from another company.

No shouting, no swearing just info to a company on why it lost a sale that it never knew about until now. It’s worth trying with any company. Your success rate may be low   I’ve only had one success but that’s one more than  not trying.
No Weapons Signs & No Gun Signs – Most Affordable Security Notice Signs