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This is the kind of thing that “Dear Abby” didn’t cover: Otters eating kittens.

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Over at Yahoo Answers there are people that have the need to ask questions such as

Will an adult otter eat 10 week old kittens.?

It’s not someone looking for a cheap, but adorable,way to feed otters but the replies are great. So if the idea of kitten consumption offends I’d steer clear of this.

weekend. the dearth of posts continues.

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Been a tired few weeks.   Resentment of the "is what it is"  crowd  has been diverted to more constructive pursuits,  napping.

   I’ve had this before ,  played this scene before,  and the manner that two societies deal with a condition, that on the surface seems contrary to their myths about how to behave, is worryingly the same.  

Organizations  are formed to achieve a goal which is quickly superceded   by the need to keep on being an organization over and above  the need to  carry out the reason they were formed.   

Here’s a Fish lyric from his battle  with a record company that kinda sums up my "quiet" period.

You swear contradictions
your tedious monologues, wielding authority,
Demanding subservience, demanding
I make your sense.
Demanding speaking in tongues.

res ipsa loquitur

Some news: Another general post.

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I sold the GPZ1100 tonight. This was one of the bikes from my semi youth that I wanted to own , ok I REALLY wanted a ZZR1100 which was the Hayabusa of its day and is still faster 0-60 than a Scot asked to pay for dinner. Odd sale too. The new owner hasn’t ridden in a long while and I tried lightly suggesting that this is not the ideal bike to reacquaint yourself with cycling in dense traffic like Phoenix. So I hope he really took the info to heart about the training and waiting to get legal prior to taking it out since it was a pretty nice bike prior to sale. Hell the only reason I am passing it along is garage space and the small issue of having another amazing bike to ride:)

Other news? At last I joined the iPod crowd with… an old micro:) Audio books are back in my life without having to rip them from Audible to play on my own system( Hopefully Amazon solve that BS soon I would like to listen to what I paid for on my own choice of hardware, not theirs. First up is “Altered Carbon” which is sci fi and is so far rather good. I have this interest in how prevailing morality , hah!, will be affected when death can be sidestepped , identity tied to a body is fleeting and we stop relying on idiots to keep us safe.

German media / people prove Americans don’t monopolize the stupid headline

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A polar bear eats fish and people are surprised?   Dummkopfs!

Now if the polar bear   braided the hair of a little girl,Changed from Coke to Pepsi or  migrated to the woods and then used a porta potty that may be news.  Otherwise I think there’s a few more items that should be placed in that enclosure for the bear to play with:D

The Frankfurter Allgemeine news website reports that Knut “senselessly murdered the carp”, fishing them out, playing with them and then leaving the remains.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Shock at polar bear’s carp kill

Unintended consequences: public smoking bans shift death to sooner rather than later

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People in bars , be they smokers or non smokers , are there because they have chosen to be. That’s insufficient reason to allow them to make that choice they are adults after all. Many localities have stepped in to prevent such choice because.. well because they think they have a right to do so. Practically they do. With enough guns and clipboards you can claim about anything you like.

like it will save lives

“Preventing smoking in public places is a proven public health intervention that saves lives,” Vigil said.

Very rarely do we get a chance where a single vote can save lives,” Curran said.

Here’s a plausible reason for suggesting that it’s not as much saving lives as choosing who gets to die, e.g unintended consequences to someone’s desire to save lives.

“The increased miles driven by drivers who
wish to smoke and drink offsets any reduction in driving from
smokers choosing to stay home after a ban, resulting in increased
alcohol-related accidents,” the study says.

Top Stories

A national study to be released by the Journal of Public Economics found an increase of fatal accidents involving alcohol after communities prohibited smoking, compared to arrests in communities without a ban.

Seatbelts save lives? It all depends on whose lives you want to save.

Statistical evidence indicates that seat belts save the lives of many
drivers and front-seat passengers. But a recent survey of automobile
accidents in Britain suggests that drivers who wear seat belts may
represent a new menace to pedestrians and bicyclists.

I’d rather the people engaged in the primary behaviour assume the risk of doing so , smoke, crash or take your liver out in your own time. Seems better than paying for the privilege of being nannied to death.